10 Best Jewelry Collections

Jewelry collections change every year, even every season. If you are addicted to jewelry you have to keep up with that changes to be updated to the latest trends. However, keeping pace with the trends can be really expensive. Don’t be sorry, yet! There are all kinds of knock offs of various brands.

If something was popular in social media or in general imitations of it could not be able inevitable. The people who did these imitations slightly changes the designs and if you do not look closely you can not detect those changes. On the other hand, if you are genuinely into jewelry those changes make you uncomfortable.

I personally do not prefer to wear knock-off jewelry. Because I think that it is disrespectful to the designer. They try to create different items from everyone, and that has to be appreciated. However, if you do not have enough budget to buy real jewelry and want to wear it so badly you can sometimes choose to buy imitations. Still, I do not recommend it! (wink wink)

Let’s first start with new collections and trends of the year 2019. Who knows maybe you can find some pieces for your taste or you can do it their look-a-likes yourself at home. Please do not judge me to include precious items on that article. When I think about jewelry, all I imagine is the unique ones. Thus, I wanted to share them with you even if they are out of our price ranges.


Rings are the most basic but also the most beautiful accessories. Even one ring can change your appearance in a good way in a second. They are always a part of a stylish jewelry collection.  Every brand has lots of different ring styles and they all made of various materials such as gold, silver, steel or even glass. In the year 2019, the most stylish pieces of rings are joint rings. They are everywhere!

If you do not prefer to use jewelry in general, you can toss a few rings to your purse and voila! When you need a more stylish look, you can easily wear them. In addition, joint rings are really chic. They are suitable for every occasion. There are shiny, glamorous joint ring in collections of brands like Chanel, Wanderlust & Co., etc.


If you are a lazy person who does not like wearing on and off different kinds of jewelry, you can buy one plain necklace which is made of gold or silver and you can wear them once. If you choose a necklace made from a durable material, you even do not need to take it off while you are taking a shower.

In the year 2019, plain, basic models are really popular. You can wear two or three necklaces which are in different sizes overlapping. Also, you do not need to find different models to do that. Even your old necklaces work with this style. As I have mentioned before, same necklace, different sizes!

On the other hand, crafty items are also trending this year. Necklaces made by using fabric and various stones are preferred by bloggers and Instagrammers. Whether you choose durable materials or the new trends on necklaces, my advice is that you should buy some!


When it comes to earrings there is one timeless item, hoops! Whether the year is 2019 or 1919 hoops always saves you. If you want to look more gorgeous then you can go with huge hoops. If you should be more classy, little thick hoops cover your appearance.

Rather than timeless items, this year swing earrings are so trendy. They are made of different materials like necklaces. However, the most popular one is the tassel earrings. You can see them everywhere! Even from Gucci to AliExpress boutiques. They are easy to make at home, too! Just use some ropes and ta-da! You have some trendy earrings without paying any money.

Some people just love ear piercings, like me! I have pierced my ears more than five times in different places and earrings are really my area. Having more than one pierced holes in your ears gives you permission to use various earrings in various locations. If you are a slothful person like me, my advice to you is that find some earrings go with your everyday look, then change them only if necessary!


There are lots and lots of types of bracelets such as leather, gemstone, charm, link, beaded, friendship, stretch, etc. The most familiar one is friendship bracelets. Since from our childhood, we used them as a symbol of love and loyalty to our beloved friends. It is hard to find someone who has never used a friendship bracelet, right?

However, as time goes by, trends and our choices change. The most popular type of bracelets were friendship bracelets when we were a child. But now charm bracelets are more popular than them. Charm bracelets are customized mid-priced items. You can only buy a bracelet and wear it empty or you can design it in your own way.

There are lots of unique charms for various occasions like graduation, marriage, birthday, etc. In addition, charms are thoughtful gifts for the loved ones. You can show your interest to them. Also, there are designed charms for movies, serials or books which are generally limited editions.  


Even though the piercing seems like a marginal thing for some people in society, it is accepted more and more. Thus, it is started to use by lots of people of all ages. There is a various number of piercings like dermal, ear, nose, septum, brow, etc. One can not choose easily right?

If you are an addict, you can not stop yourself to get new piercings. You can buy lots of different items from sites like AliExpress and so on. The most used piercings, in general, are pointed and ball piercing tops. They go with everything and you do not have to change them every second because they are made of steel.

In the year 2019, like with other things, piercings are minimalist and plain. Some tiny gems or little arrows can give you the look you always wanted. In addition, you can be pierced your nose or ears side by side and buy some colorful piercings for a more fun look.

Various Brands’ New Trends

I have been talked about jewelry collections and trends in general by the type of the accessory. Maybe you want to know more about this year’s trends, right? Hence, I have selected some brands and look into their 2019 collections. Do you want to learn more and be the trendiest person of the year? Then, come on! I have some tips to give to you. Let’s start with customized jewelry.


I think that you have heard about Pandora before. It is a customized jewelry brand which allows you to keep your memories with you all the time thanks to its amazing charms! You can buy or be gifted from a loved one about a unique event in your life. Wherever you go you can carry them with you.

They have 3 types of bracelets, lather, gold, and silver. Charms are made of above-mentioned materials. In addition, there are some unique materials like Murano, cubic zirconia, etc. which are durable like silver and gold.

Also, sometimes they sell limited edition collections for Disney, etc. Other than bracelets, Pandora sells earrings, necklace, and rings, too! They have Toy Story limited edition collection this year addition to classical Disney. If you are a fan of The Lion King, you can buy some Simba and Mufasa charms, too!

Authentic 14K yellow gold bracelet PANDORA 550713

. https://www.amazon.com/Pandora-Sterling-Silver-Bangle-Bracelet/dp/B00D1D1FRU/ref=sr_1_7?dchild=1&keywords=Pandora+Jewelry&qid=1591614111&refinements=p_89%3APANDORA&rnid=2528832011&sr=8-7

Wanderlust & Co.

Wanderlust & Co. give you more than personalized jewelry. You can buy birthstone earring and necklaces, medallion coins or even hair clips! Yes, you read right. They have amazing hair clips which are the best and the newest trend of 2019. That tiny accessory can give you a dreamy look.

If you believe in horoscopes, Wanderlust also have zodiac collection which includes all types of jewelry from rings to necklaces, a whole set! You can buy a pair and try to remind your birthday to others maybe.

Wanderlust & Co. has beautiful gift boxes, too! All you need to do is to choose the size of your beloved ones for rings and that is all. They will send you a complimentary gift box and 6 different pieces per box.

Another alarming trend of this year is seashells. Wanderlust is following the trend and has a collection of different kinds of seashells which are covered with gold. If you are about to go on a vacation, you can buy a pair of them for the beach. They have a whole pair of ring, bracelet, and necklace in this collection, too.

Wanderlust + Co – Women’s Birthstone and Gold Pendant Necklace

. https://www.amazon.com/Wanderlust-Co-Birthstone-Necklace-Emerald/dp/B0825F23SY/ref=sr_1_1?__mk_es_US=%C3%85M%C3%85%C5%BD%C3%95%C3%91&dchild=1&keywords=Wanderlust+%26+Co.+jewelry&qid=1591614265&sr=8-1


These awesome crystals are made of natural minerals and quartz sand which gives the shining of the gem. Producing of the gems perfectly is highly difficult. The best raw materials are used for this job. Thus, the price is higher than the other brands.

You can find watches, bracelets, rings even phone cases in Swarovski. In addition, they have charms like Pandora to design your own jewelry with an extra! Their base bracelet can be transformed into a necklace and vice versa. You can buy one and get two on that price.

They have Remix Collection in this year which includes new charms, watches, and necklaces. The brand usually uses blue and pink in this collection. Also, materials like a pearl, rhodium are used.

The above-mentioned brands can be called as mid-priced jewelry. They are durable, customized however they are not high-end. If you are looking for some designer jewelry I can advise you some. Still, I warn you the brands in this part of the article are too expensive. Do not say me later that they can not be affordable!

Swarovski Crystal Jewelry Collection for Women (Amazon Exclusive)

. https://www.amazon.com/SWAROVSKI-Womens-Angelic-Necklace-Rhodium/dp/B0814YF8H6?ref_=ast_sto_dp

Tiffany & Co.

Every Audrey Hepburn fan knows about this brand. It is a really trendy brand since from the sixties. They are famous with their diamond rings at first. However, they now have a huge collection about them. Tiffany & Co. has not only women and men jewelry, but it also has home decor items.

If we focus on the jewelry and accessories, Tiffany & Co. has rare colorful diamond, Paloma Picasso, The Atlas, Natural Instinct, etc. collections. I can list the collections that they have until morning. So, my advice to you is that check their websites!

I warn you again about Tiffany & Co. The brand is highly expensive but if you are marrying or have a unique event in your life, it worths.  


Even though lots of us can not be able to pronounce Bvlgari correctly, some of us know that they are a big deal. They are mostly known with their perfumes and hotels however they also produce high-end jewelry and watches.

In watches, they collaborated with Mont Blanc and used quality materials. These watches are both in the dreams of women and men. Their most known women watch is Serpenti which looks like a snake.

Bvlgari also has a b.zero1 collection this year which is uniquely designed. In addition, high-end jewelry collections like the roman high jeweler and the Cinemagia collection can be visited for awesome pieces.

Donna Karan New York (DKNY)

When you heard about Donna Karan New York, the first thing appears in your mind is jeans and bags, right?  Even if they are not one of the major brands in jewelry production, they still have lots of cool items.

You can find designed pendants or watches for both women and men. In this year Donna Karan New York does not change its line and go on producing the classic items as other years. They do not design some different pieces.

Generally, their goods are the same as the already sold ones, with a plus; Donna Karan New York logo on them. No special collections are present until now but who knows? Maybe next season they surprise us and make a special collection.


You have to expose to Cartier’s love bracelets since 2015, don’t you? Everywhere is covered with their imitations and one or two real ones. Being a successful jewelry designer is like that. They want to imitate you because they have no better idea than yours.

Cartier is always a classical brand for jewelry. For the year 2019, they released Clash de Cartier, Cactus de Cartier, Trinity, etc. collections. All these collections have unique themes and pieces of jewelry. Until now my favorite collection is Clash de Cartier from the new ones. I have to add that even though they are everywhere, the love bracelets are still popular in 2019.


Who doesn’t love Coco Chanel? Maybe she is the classiest woman in fashion history. The brand is trying to cherish her legacy by designing extravagant collections. In this year there are eight different collections. Two of them are classified as high jewelry. Camelia 5 Allures and the Coromandel Legend collections which are made of diamonds.

The other six collections which are named as Camelia, Coco Crush, Ultra, Comete, Sous Le Signe Du Lion, Plume De Chanel, Ruban, and Baroque. All of these collections contains uniquely designed rings, bracelets, necklaces, and brooches. Camelia collection is the best in them in my opinion. They have unique designs rather than classical models in the other collections.

On the other hand, whatever Chanel designed and produced we are prone to love them, aren’t we? Even thinking about Coco’s strict characteristics gives us the trust of the brand.


Flies and bees everywhere! Attention people flies and bees! From necklaces to sneakers or bags, they are everywhere. Gucci knows how to dominate the market. They have red and green lines and some insects in all of their designs. They have a line and do not change it!

Their jewelry collections obey those rules, too. Gucci generally uses its brand logo as the main design. If the logo is not used then you can know that if there are some insects here is Gucci. There are lots of flies, bees and also lions in their jewelry designs, too. You can just buy a gold fly necklace with some red and green from Gucci.

In the year 2019, Gucci follows previous years footsteps as I have mentioned above. If you love timeless items which can be used any time, you can spare some of your money to buy some Gucci goodie goodies.  

Gucci Ybd223990001 – Heart earrings

. https://www.amazon.com/Gucci-Trademark-Heart-Earrings-Ybd223990001/dp/B00BCXVV8Y/ref=sr_1_5?dchild=1&keywords=gucci&qid=1591614701&refinements=p_89%3AGucci&s=apparel&sr=1-5


Like Dirty Heads said ‘’Medusa, Medusa, Medusa’’ as in Versace. You know when you see yellow gold and stripes with medusa, it is there! Versace has a collection named as Tresor De La Mer in this year which is inspired by sea and shells. As I have mentioned at the beginning of the article, nearly every brand has a collection with seashells in this year.

Furthermore, Tribute Medusa collection of Versace which contains only medusa items includes even hair clips.  Do you want to go out with some snakes of Medusa on your hair? The way that you need to follow is the one that goes to a Versace store!

In last years vintage items are really popular. Versace should follow the trends, right? They are one of the few brands who can proudly show their old works in these years. Like their products now, their vintage items are genuinely good. Thus, they have a new collection which is made of their vintage works. You can still have the chance to buy the necklaces you love which are produced even before you were born!

Versace Big Link Bracelet

. https://www.amazon.com/Versace-Big-Link-Bracelet-Gold/dp/B07GH28G62/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&qid=1591614870&refinements=p_89%3AVersace&s=apparel&sr=1-1

Men Jewelry

Don’t you think that I forgot men, do you? Even if men do not usually prefer to use jewelry there are others who love it so much. In my opinion, everyone is free to choose whatever she or he wants to do. Thus, if you are a man who loves his jewelry, this part is for you. Let’s start with the most preferred jewelry of men, earrings.

Even the ones that do not like jewelry so much have one or two earrings for different occasions. Generally, there are less possible alternatives compared to women but still, you can buy one diamond and one little hoop for you guys, can’t you? Watches are the babies of men, too, I guess. Nearly all of the men I have met at least have three or four watches and when they have the chance they buy more.  

On the other hand, if we go on with the latest trends in 2019 for men, chains are really popular. One basic t-shirt, black or white does not matter, one jean and sneakers are common and how can I say, cheesy. However, if you add chains to this combination, congratulations! You reach the latest trend.

Piercings are also timeless and the most unique jewelry a person can have. Because every piercing looks different on some others, it is not like bracelets or necklaces. Every curvature of the human body is different than the others thus this makes piercings special. I can advise you to go and get pierced guys! It was popular in the sixties, it is popular now and it will be in the future!

All in all, even the popular pieces of jewelry changes from time to time, there is classic jewelry made from materials like silver, gold or gems which are timeless. My biggest advice to you have some of those pieces and buy some of other ‘’trend’’ object from this year. Of course, do not lose yourself and try to buy every popular item from the collections of this year.

The final thing is that no matter of your gender you should buy some goodie goodies to match with your outfit to look more stylish. Even the most basic jewelry changes the whole outfit and gives you more neat appearance. Besides, think of the jewelry from the brands that I have tried to explain to you. How do they affect your look? I guess in a pretty good way!

Savaş Ateş

I like reading books. I like to read about jewelry too. After reading a lot of books about it, I have started to visit jewelry manufacturers and stores. It is my number 1 hobby.

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