21 Elegant Jewelry Cabinet Choices

A jewelry cabinet is a multi-purposes furniture product. It is special storage in order to place your valuable accessories such as earrings, necklaces, bracelets, watches, brooches, sunglasses, and more. Normally, if you just laying them around a table, there will be a mess and those small strings will get tangled. However, if you have a cabinet, then you can solve such a problem. You can access those accessories at ease.

You can find small to large cabinets that keep earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and more organized. There are interior parts, drawers, compartments, and hooks. All these places help to keep your valuables without scratching and tangling. You can find them easily. Whether you have a few favorite pieces to protect or a large collection to house, there is a jewelry cabinet to fit your needs.

The jewelry cabinets are more useful. They are not as simple as jewelry boxes. They are larger, bigger, and have more places. They are more luxurious and more functional. They have more features. You can place the product in your bedroom or closet in order to decorate the room. Some of them have a mirror for you as well. So, you can check yourself up before going out.

They come in various styles and sizes, such as mirror, antique, and 360-degree. A mirror cabinet shows your jewelry from behind with a useful mirrored door inside. An antique cabinet is a more substantial, traditional piece of furniture with a beautifully aged finish. A 360-degree cabinet maximizes the space you have for your jewelry to store by using both the front and back.

If you are going to purchase a jewelry cabinet, there are several features of it you should consider. Firstly, there are different types of jewelry cabinets such as stand cabinets, wall mounting cabinets, and door mounting types. You have to know and choose what you like. Secondly, you have to think of the material and construction whether it is durable. Thirdly, it is mostly about the size, which means how much capacity it can handle the jewelry you have.

Mirror jewelry cabinets store your jewelry behind a hinged, reflective door that you can use to help you dress and put on your jewelry. They range in size from small, space-saving wall cabinets to large, freestanding versions with full-length mirrors. You may want to consider a mirror cabinet if you prefer to keep your collection out of sight or if you want the dual functionality of a cabinet and a mirror.

360-degree cabinet rotates at the base and uses both sides of the cabinet in order to maximize space. Many of them have mirrors on the front and shelves in the back for flexible storage solutions. They range in size from small dresser-top selections to large floor models. For a classic look, you may want to consider an antique-style jewelry cabinet. These boxy, tower-style armoires come in different finishes such as oak, cherry, and even leather. They are often painted, carved, or have decorative hardware that mimics older antique furniture.

Plaza Astoria Wall/ Door-Mount Jewelry Armoire

The one thing that makes it different than a lot of the other ones on Amazon is it’s a lot bigger. It has lots of storage places. You can easily double up necklaces without them getting tangled. It holds stud, lever back, hoop, and wire hook earrings. A small flat head screwdriver can be used gently pry it open. The magnets that hold the door shut work a little too well, so it may need a knob. There are 4 different colors available which are black, cherry, oak, and white.

The bracelet bars are awesome because there are 4 short ones rather than one or two long ones. The earring hooks are perfect for fish hooks but not compatible with European wire closures. That is easily solved by buying a few earring cards and hanging the earring cards. It has a medium size of 4.2 inches thick, 14 inches wide and 48 inches long. The interior design has several tiers where you can hang various accessories, and there is a small mirror that you can try the jewelry and see if it fits you. It can store 36 necklaces, 48 earrings, and 96 rings. The unit hangs perfectly behind your bedroom door so it doesn’t take up a ton of space as an armoire would.

SONGMICS 6 LEDs Mirror Jewelry Cabinet Armoire, Lockable Free Standing Jewelry Organizer

You will absolutely love this multi-functional mirror and jewelry cabinet! It is so beautiful and it arrives safe and well packed. Item is very nice looking and well-constructed. It is easy to put together. One thing though is you have to be conscientious of how you put your jewelry in because the door will not close properly if there are bulky items on the bangle bar or any bulky necklaces hanging. The LED light inside the cabinet is great and turns on when the door is opened. It has a lot of room for multiple types of jewelry.

This is a great choice in order to store your jewelry storage. You can sort them by color, style, or size in order to make it easy to choose one to go with your outfit. It doesn’t take too much to decide thanks to its full-length mirror. The lock it has is good to protect children from hazards, such as choking. But, on the other hand, it is not a theft-proof. So, if you have highly valuable jewelry, it is not a good idea to put them inside to protect. The dimensions and sizes are of it very accurate and enough.

It has a modern and luxurious design. It fits with your home decor easily. You can put anywhere in your house. Inside the cabinet, there are six LED lights that turn on and off automatically. So when you open the door, you will see your precious rings, earrings, necklaces clearly. Since it is self-standing, there is no complicated assembling. You can use it as a closet mirror. Plus, the box is swivel for you can set the right angle to your full height.

LANGRIA 6 LEDs Lockable Standing Jewelry Cabinet Full-Length Mirror Armoire and Storage Organizer with 2 Drawers

For the price, it is just fine. It has highly reasonable price. It seems very sturdy. It has a good mirror. It locks which is the best of all. There is extra hardware included. It is pretty simple to put together. If you need a jewelry cabinet look no further and buy this one – it is fabulous and impresses everyone that has seen it! This is a stylish jewelry organizer that helps to make your room neat. It is made of MDF board. It has a glass mirror outside and dual-sided storage. There are 12 pill top hooks, 2 pouches, 11 compartments, and 2 bottom drawers. You can store dozens of accessories and other small items as you wish. It also has automatic LED lights inside.

Herron Wall Jewelry Cabinet Armoire with Mirror, Door or Wall Mounted Jewelry Box to Store Jewelry for Women

For the price of this equipment, it is worth. The quality is good. It is very convenient to set up. Along with it being able to be set up on a wall or a door. Space is big and able to hold a lot of items. It is a perfect way to declutter and organize. It holds a lot of jewelry in all different ways- hooks, shelves, bars for earrings. The full-length mirror is a bonus.

It is a compact wall hanging jewelry cabinet. There are several color options. According to your home decor, you can choose one. This cabinet is made of premium MDF with a magnetized door clasp accessing to the hidden storage. It is a space-saving as it enables you to store and display plenty of accessories. For example, there is enough space for your necklaces with 29 hooks, rings with 48 holders, earrings with 78 holes, and 84 slots. 

AOOU Jewelry Organizer Jewelry Cabinet, Wall Mounted Jewelry Organizer with Mirror, Full-Length Mirror, Large Capacity Dressing Makeup Jewelry Mirror Jewelry Armoire

It is a very beautiful and very nice quality. LED lights are a nice touch. It has lots of storage for makeup, jewelry, and other cosmetics or toiletries. It has 2 mirrors, one is a full mirror on the exterior and the other is inside. It is huge and sturdy. It also comes with a lock so you can secure your valuable jewelry or hide special items you don’t want in the open. You are going to fall in love with this jewelry cabinet.

Introducing to the safest wall and door mounting jewelry cabinet, you will love it. This product provides a key lock so that you can protect your expensive and precious items there with ease. There is a mirror outside of the product. There are several slots for any kind of jewelry. Also, there are some shelves for small cosmetics and makeup products. The slot system makes it so easy to slide your earrings in and out of the organizer. You don’t even have to take the backs off. To add, there are two more drawers to use.

BTEXPERT Premium Wooden Jewelry Armoire Cabinet Floor Stand Organizer Storage Box Case Cheval Mirror Safety Lock

Chose this one because it has more hooks and earring slots than some of the others. The small drawers are great for earrings without a mate. The quality is very good and the customer service is top-notch. It arrives in perfect condition and is quick and simple to put together. It is a highly recommended product!

It is made of premium cherry wood. It means it is highly durable. Also, the MDF used as a material gives it an elegant look. It has a sturdy leg frame to support the whole weight. It enables you to swing the exterior mirror backward and forward so you can see your reflection at full length. It has a secure self-locked door so you don’t have to worry that someone steals your stuff.

Amoiu Mirrored Jewelry Cabinet Jewelry Armoire Door Hanging Cabinet with 15 LED Lights

Overall this has been a great purchase. The interior light is a nice touch, and the quality seems to be pretty good. It seems pretty solid and well-made. The LED light is great. Most importantly, there is a lot of space to store. The earring holders/hangers, however, are cheap plastic and not well placed. It’s super easy to put together and looks great hanging on your closet door. It is in a perfect size and very functional.

If you don’t need so many slots for your jewelry, this wall-mounted cabinet may be the perfect choice for you. If you live in a small space, this storage can help you. There are 33 necklace hooks, 52 earring holes, 56 slots for you to display. Besides, there are three shelves where you can put your daily make-up or hair products. Wonderfully, it has 15 LED lights lighting the jewelry.

GISSAR Jewelry Cabinet Jewelry Armoire Wall Door Mount Mirror Storage Locking Jewelry Organizer

Great jewelry case! The case is pretty easy to mount on the wall with a screwdriver. An outside full-length mirror is great for putting jewelry on or checking your whole outfit before leaving your room. Inside is roomy and well organized for lots of rings, earrings, bracelets, and necklaces of any length. The little shelves on the lower right are perfect for nail polish and perfume bottles too. There is a case lock to secure your valuable stuff. This is a very useful and good looking piece for anyone’s room or dressing area, male or female.

It fits on the wall behind the door or hangs on the door. It is a nice quality, has lots of options for different jewelry. It is a wall and door mounting type jewelry cabinet. It provides wide space and secures at the same time. For instance, it has a door lock installed for you can be at ease to display expensive accessories and keep your private nicely. For space, this cabinet is able to store necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets, watches, hair accessories, scarfs, and even cosmetics as it has extra shelves and drawers.

Hives & Honey Cheval Jewelry Cabinet with Standing Mirror Armoire Organizer with Pinboard and Jewelry Storage Walnut

It is a pretty good product for the money. This is a really nice and functional piece. It is really heavy and that made it somewhat difficult to assemble. It appears this is a nicer product than others due to it being real wood. The base is a little “iffy”. The cabinet itself gives a very good feeling. It is pretty well made. The mirror seems like it is in very good quality. It seems heavy. It has a very substantial mirror with a beautiful beveled edge.

It has a unique design from others. This is a walnut standing jewelry cabinet. Like a locker, it has a door accessing plenty of slots and compartments to store jewelry and hair accessories. For example, it has 26 earring hooks, 2 bracelet tiers, and 18 necklace hooks. However, the other side, there are no pockets, instead, you can insert photos, notes or papers. This jewelry cabinet has 3 tilting mirror angles in order to provide full-length reflection.

Nicetree Jewelry Cabinet with Full-Length Mirror

You have never known how amazing this jewelry cabinet. You will be very surprised when you have it. It can hold so many things. It can be a jewelry box, can be a dresser, or can be a full-length mirror. The compartments are very easy to use, if you have studs (earrings) then it would be harder to place, but it’s overall very easy to use. There are lots of room not just for jewelry, but also for make-up brushes, perfume, and other accessories.

A very nice mirror, and definitely will make you look better on the mirror, great for selfies, your body will look slimmer and taller. Feel like fall in love with it every morning. It has a nice design, and good material, not a bad smell, smooth open and close. It is a large mirror, able to picture your whole body. It has lots of storage space when you open the mirror, it fits all of your goodness, and also, most importantly, a lock with keys. Overall, a nicely designed mirror cabinet, the only con so far is if you have a body at home, just watch out, and then maybe knock it down.

SUPER DEAL Jewelry Armoire Lockable Jewelry Cabinet Wall/Door Mounted Jewelry Organizer with Full-Length Mirror and Drawers

Great piece. It comes in perfect condition. Easy to hang and mega storage space. Hung in five minutes. This has everything you need for all varieties of jewelry. Comes completely assembled. Great organizing tool. Necklaces overlap the hooks in the row below them which means the necklaces on the bottom row will hang below the door preventing it from closing. Also, you cannot put bangles on the bracelet holder because the door won’t close. Otherwise, it’s perfect.

TomCare Jewelry Organizer Jewelry Cabinet Free Standing Jewelry Armoire Lockable Tilt Angle Adjustable Jewelry Box with Full-Length Mirror & 2 Drawers Earring Organizer Jewelry Storage Holder

Great jewelry organizer. Love it! Holds many types of earrings, necklaces, bracelets and so on. There is a lot of storage space, especially for necklaces. It is easy to assemble unassisted. It is sturdy and well made for the price. Pretty easy to assemble, all parts are present. It is easy to put together (although you do need an extra set of hands to get it on the stand) but it is balanced/sturdy. The cabinet is packed great for shipment. Also, the full-length mirror is nice. It is highly recommended.

TomCare Jewelry Cabinet, Jewelry Armoire, Wall Door Mounted Jewelry Organizer, Lockable with Frameless Mirror, 2 Drawers Jewelry Box, Earring Organizer, Thickened Hanging Wall Mirror, Jewelry Storage

It is a large jewelry case. It is a great addition to any room with its elegant design. The material and lock are very good quality. The mirror and interior pars are good as well. It is so beautiful and it was so easy to put together. Lots of options to store different types of jewelry and small personal keepsakes. There are too many rooms inside for all your things.

There are 2 bottom drawers, 4 shelves, 24 hooks for necklaces, 1 rod for bracelets, 75 holes for earrings, 60 slots for earrings, and 6 storage compartments for rings. Also, there are 3 cups to organize and store your makeup tools. This product, overall, provides plenty of storage space. Thanks to all of them, your jewelry stays well organized.

From a stud to stud it is normally 16 inches. Screws directly into the studs, if you can find only one stud screw in one stud either side on the top. If there is no other stud on the wall you are going to put in a metal drywall screw in an anchor. And 2 inch L brackets on the bottom to support the weight. Make sure you are on a stud for one L bracket, and for the other side drywall metal screw in the anchor. And screws should be at least 2 inches.

SRIWATANA Jewelry Armoire Cabinet, Solid Wood Jewelry Organizer with Full-Length Mirror Wall/Door Mounted (Carbonized Black)

Every time you can find the jewelry that you want that day very fast. It helps you to classify and save space. You will have a very large space and you can put your jewelry and cosmetics in it. It provides a fairly large space to place many small cosmetic items, apart from storage for your jewelry. The cabinet has a mirror attached to the front side, which makes it with an extra bonus. It is a good thing that this cabinet has basically no footprint, which means it can save space of the room while still providing storage space for your any kind of beauty products and jewelry. The light works great for assisting in picking out the jewelry. The lock is needed when you want to keep the cabinet closed, and you need to use a key to open it.

There are 3 adjustable heights available when hanging the jewelry armoire over the door with hooks. It easily keeps your jewelry neatly organized. There are 5 slant shelves, 2 hanging rods, 22 hooks for necklaces and bracelets, 23 slots for rings, 52 holes for earrings, and also 5 compartments.

SONGMICS 360° Rotatable Jewelry Organizer Cabinet Armoire, Lockable, Higher Mirror

It is easy to install and the product is exactly as pictured and sturdy. There is an extra round base at the bottom which is very stable even when you rotate it. There is no tipping over when you open the door. You can place baskets on the shelves to hold cosmetics, perfume, lotions, and so on, and the full-length mirror is perfect for checking your overall look. Because of the shelves, the mirror is not adjustable but this has not presented a problem. It actually makes the unit more stable. The height of the mirror makes it possible to see yourself from head to toe without a problem.

It has an ultra-large capacity. It is taller than common cabinets you can find on the market. There are 90 slots for earrings, 30 holes, 30 hooks for necklaces and bracelets, 91 slots for rings, 5 compartments, 1 pocket, 2 scarf rods, and 3 additional shelves. With this jewelry cabinet, you can decorate your room while storing all your jewelry in an order. It has a higher full-length dressing mirror as well.

SONGMICS Jewelry Cabinet with LED Light Strip, Wall/Door Mounted Jewelry Armoire with Frameless Mirror and Touch Sensor, Plug-in Power

You will feel like you have something like a Hollywood superstar. It will bring your and your home decor’s beauty out. No more hunting down the lost earrings or untangling necklaces! You are going to pick the right jewelry easily. You won’t need to spend time just for choosing the right ones. It s a very convenient cabinet with 70 slots for rings, 24 hooks for bracelets and necklaces, and 48 holes. It gives you more space to keep your jewelry less tangling.

It is very beautiful and sturdy. There are lots of room inside for many accessories. The only annoyance is the light switch button in front is very large and stays on red when the unit is off. It only turns on when you plug it in and press the circle which will illuminate after plugging it in. It is so bright.

Best Choice Products Full Length LED Mirrored Jewelry Storage Organizer Cabinet w/Interior & Exterior Lights

It is very stable, solid, and fits perfectly in the corner. If you are looking for a mirror, this is definitely a perfect pick. It has a nice mirror with a good amount of length. It can store so much stuff inside the mirror from accessories to makeup. The LED’s on the outside of the mirror isn’t too bright but the ones inside are super bright! Great for everyday use!

This cabinet includes 4 shelves for makeup and other accessories, necklace and bracelet hooks, earring and ring holders, and makeup brush holders, with a hairdryer holder and large bottom drawer. It is crafted with a magnetic soft-close door clasp. There is a tilt-and-lock mechanism to help you achieve the perfect angle. While a durable, its engineered wood design allows for long-lasting use.

Giantex Mirrored Jewelry Cabinet Armoire with Mirror w/Resin Diamond Design Standing Storage Organizer Box with Full-Length Mirror, Earring Slots Holes, Necklace Hooks, Storage Shelves, Black

It is stylish, sturdy and the jewelry chest holds a lot. It is definitely worth the cost. It is a combination of a full-length mirror and a jewelry cabinet. It can be used as a mirror for you to dress. It can be used as a practical jewelry cabinet. You can store your daily wear jewelry. It gives you a clean and spacious space. On the other hand, its resin diamond design makes it exquisite and special. It is simple in shape and uses the MDF as a mainframe material. It is stable and durable for daily use. The surface is easy to clean.

This jewelry cabinet has 70 earring slots, 65 earring holes, 19 hooks, 60 ring slots, and 3 shelves for cosmetics, and so on. It is designed for practical storage purpose, 2 rows of shelves on the left cabinet have a certain spacing, so the long necklaces will be neatly placed.

Homfa Jewelry Cabinet Lockable Jewelry Armoire Mirror Organizer Storage Door Mounted

A well-constructed locking cabinet with a perfect mirror and mechanism. It has room to hang pendants and necklaces, bracelets and earrings too! The drawers are small yet can hold multiple items. The mirrored cabinet is easy to assemble and hang. It is so convenient and compact to hook on to a door. It keeps all your jewelry organized and when you need one it is super easy to find. This cabinet has made your life so much better and the mirror on the door of the cabinet is super useful.

The jewelry cabinet has a big capacity. It is with 2 drawers, 6 storage shelves, 75 earring slots, 40 earring holes, 31 necklace hooks, 70 slots for a ring and 1 handing rod. So you can put all of the jewelry in it. Save your space and keep everything in a seat. The mirror is special glass and the mirror’s silver layer chooses the best technology. It keeps the image clearly and really all the time. It has the lockable wall door, you can lock it when you go out. If you don’t want to lock, the door also keeps closed by the strong magnetic.

LANGRIA Mirror Jewelry Armoire Cabinet, Free Standing Jewelry Organizer with 10 LEDs, 5 Shelves, Additional Mirror Inside

Good quality, lots of space, easy to put together. The carved details at the top and the bottom make this jewelry mirror unique to most others, which added a nice aesthetic touch. The finish is really nice too. There is a ‘peg’ at about a 5-degree angle which provides easiness. There is also a wrench included making it easy to put them together. The battery-powered light located at the very top is a nice touch.

It holds plenty of space for all of your jewelry it has a spot for earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings really whatever you have and the best thing about it is that you can lock it all up so no one steals your valuable stuff. There are 70 earrings slots, 40 earrings holes, 36 hooks for necklaces and bracelets, 3 ring rolls, 1 pouch, 1 hanging rod, and 9 compartments. You can easily keep all your jewelry and makeup in place and in order.

Titan Mall Jewelry Organizer Standing Jewelry Armoire with Mirror 360 Rotating Jewelry Cabinet Full Length Mirror Wall Mounted Jewelry Organizer 2019 Upgrade

It has been the perfect solution to your growing jewelry collection. This product is awesome, so beautiful and the wood feels good and heavy. This product is solid so don’t fear this being knocked down. It comes with a lot of space you can put all your accessories in. The back is a plus because it can hold extra things. One of the best parts is that it comes with a lock and set of keys so nothing will go missing.

The design of the wall-mounted makes it possible to be placed anywhere. The makeup organizer can rotate in 360 degrees. There are 32 hooks for your necklaces and bracelets, 48 earring holes, and 90 earring slots. There are also spaces for your other accessories, makeup products, or more cosmetics. The full-length mirror offers a head-to-toe view of your outfit; with the help of real glass, you can collocate according to your performance.

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