9 Ways of Wearing Jewelry with a Black Dress

“One is never over-dressed or underdressed with a Little Black Dress.”

― Karl Lagerfeld

The color black represents things that are hidden, secretive, mysterious and unknown. In psychology, it protects the person from emotional stress and puts a barrier between the external world and one’s self. Therefore, wearing black will hide all your insecurities and makes you look as powerful as ever.

Having been a fashion classic for decades, a black dress is designed to be elegant and simple. For this reason, it can go well with any occasion; from a party to a funeral. The lucky feature of wearing a black dress is also due to this simple nature: You can combine it with almost any piece of jewelry and accessories!

Depending on your choice of accessories, you can look either formal or informal. Though, we are sure that you will look beautiful no matter what! Down below, we have collected 9 main styles for you to decide.

1- Pearls

Who would not like to look like Audrey Hepburn on a normal day? As pearls were the statement pieces of jewelry of Audrey, who was known for her elegant and stylish look, we suggest you use pearls as a symbol of your vanity.

You can observe how Audrey combined her suede black dress with suede shoes and with a little purse accessorized by white and black stones. Just like her, you can look like a royal gem within the crowd with this combination of clothing and jewelry. Not to mention, anyone who manages to look even a little bit like Audrey Hepburn will exclusively get the eyes on her.

Likewise, you can find or create a pearl headband to increase your shine. If the fictional character Blair Waldorf -who is known for her fashion sense and designer clothes- found it right, we are obliged to follow.

PAVOI Handpicked Freshwater Cultured Pearl Necklace Strand – High Luster White 

These pearls are beautiful and really compliment the outfit you need them for. This necklace seems sturdier, the pearls are beautifully white, quite round and regularly shaped with only small imperfections. The pearls are so beautiful! They are all the same size and are all almost perfectly round. The sterling silver clasp is easy to open and close and it stays put. The pearl luster is bright and clear and the necklace looks more expensive than the price. 

At PAVOI, quality is a top priority and they pass this belief on to their pearl necklace. That’s why each pearl is meticulously hand-selected and matched from thousands of top-grade pearls, the best on the market. Their pearls feature a bright, rich luster with distinctive warmth. Each pearl is then hand strung on double knotted silk cord to ensure a strong and secure fit. 

With sizes ranging from 5 to 10mm, the company tailors to all of the clients’ needs. Women generally prefer 5-6 mm pearls. They give a delicate look. On the other hand, 7-8mm is the most recommended size to use. They are mostly for daily wear. 8.5mm or above is ideal if you want to make a statement with your jewelry. 


THE PEARL SOURCE 14K Gold Round Genuine White Triple Japanese Akoya Saltwater Cultured Pearl Necklace in 17-18-19″ Length for Women  

This is one of the most recommended and preferred pearl necklaces that you can find on Amazon. Pearls are graded based on their surface, luster, and shape. The pearls on this necklace are graded AA+ quality, which means it is a 90% blemish-free, a high luster, and perfectly round pearls.

This pearl necklace ranges between 5.5 to 6.0 mm, while the size in 7.0-7.5. All pearls are perfectly round. They have become stronger with silk thread. And, they are made with double-knotted. It comes standard with a beautiful 14K gold clasp, with the choice of either white or yellow gold. If you want you can choose the additional length to make it perfect on you. It completely depends on you. These pearls have shined the necks, ears, fingers, wrists, or even only as an accessory. The Akoya pearls from the salt waters of Japan have grown in the Pinctada fucata oyster. 

You can prefer to wear more or less for any occasion. It can be formal or daily wear. These elegant gemstones make the perfect gift for Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Hanukkah, Birthdays, June Birthstone, Engagement, Brides, Bridesmaids or Graduation for any woman, teen, children, adults, daughters, granddaughters, girlfriend, wife, fiancee or that special lady.


2- Gemstone Jewelry of Different Colors

I mentioned how lucky we are with the color black as it is so easy to combine with literally everything! Using coral, turquoise, velvet and other colors in your jewelry will make you look fresh, vivid, and it will pop up your whole style. If you pick the right color, you can also disambiguate the color of your eyes.

Here you can see how Megan Fox pulled it off with a big turquoise necklace. It might have made her outfit seem more casual, yet it did not. She chose to only add a statement necklace and went with süper small additional accessories, therefore she completed her look just fine.

As I mentioned earlier, you can also go for a coral stone necklace, however, this type could make you seem more casual and funky than formal. I might be wrong, but it looks somehow vulgar for an official event, yet, I guess it depends on who wears this combination.

RIAH FASHION Bohemian Multi-Layer Beaded Stacking Bracelets – Versatile Stretch Strand Sparkly Crystal Beads Statement Wrap Slip-on Cuff Bangle Set 

This bracelet might be a great idea to add your outfit as an elegant choice if you are wearing in black and want to change its mood. They do not look cheap at all, very pleased. It is really fun to mix and match with other bracelets as well. The material is resistant and the color is beautiful. 

You can find both classic staples and trendy items at the same time. You can wear them on any occasion. It will give you a shiny look. You can pair with your favorite cocktail dress for a fabulous look or with your everyday casual for effortlessly chic style. It is made of glass beads and you can wear one or layer them all for a Show-stopping statement. 


Another great color that goes well with black is pink. However, the shade of the pink must be soft rather than radiant, if you want to look chicer rather than looking chavette.

There is a great example of how the color pink goes magnificent with black when the right fittings are chosen. The use of glass pearl and pink crystal and the addition of glitter with the necklace made everything almost perfect. If you are attending a fancy cocktail, you can complete your look with a glass of pink gin and strawberries and enjoy being fabulous in the right way.

When it comes to harmony between black and yellow, there is not much to say. (You know how it is.) The color completes black in a funky way, yet with the right choice of jewelry, you do not have to give up on a formal look.

If the yellow gemstones look like crystals, you are on the right way. Instead, if you want to go for multi-strand, chunky necklaces, use them with a casual dress and in a casual event.

Another example could be pieces of jewelry with purple shiny gemstones. These can go great with formal occasions and increase your glamour by 200%!

Gem Stone King 20.00 Ct Oval & Round Purple Color Cubic Zirconias CZ Women’s Tennis Bracelet 7 Inch

This bracelet is beautiful and romantic all at once! It is a truly outstanding and contemporary piece at the same time. It is something that every jewelry collection should have. It fits any occasion due to its simple and elegant design. It brings an elegant and graceful look to any special occasion. It is really beautiful! The stones are nice and large and they are such a pretty color purple. The color is rich. The look (quality and value) is very good. The setting is really attractive and the clasp is sturdy. Definitely a great purchase. 


If you have decided to use these colors of jewelry, try to have them big enough to be seen in the crowd, but also not too big in order not to look indelicate. As it will be always said, going for the minimal look is almost always the best look you can create.

3- Black Onyx Jewelry

Onyx stone is said to bring energy, power, and self-control. It reduces stress, anxiety, and agitation, and eradicates the feeling of being in trouble and constant cautiousness. It is used to give an insight into what is ‘out there’ and to transform the memory of one’s roots and reality into activation.

If you want to look complete with the color black while wearing a stone that supposedly eradicates your stress and fears, black onyx jewelry will be suitable for you.

In the picture, another fictional character from Gossip girl used black onyx stones to complete her style. Having taken advantage of her low-necked dress, she used a longer and bigger necklace that is not killing the glamour of her dress. Unlike her, depending on the style of your dress, you can also go for minimal styling with these stones.

Amazon Collection Sterling Silver Cushion-Cut Checkerboard Created or Genuine Gemstone Pendant Necklace 

The stone and setting are perfectly fine for the cost; the silver is of acceptable quality and the stone is a pleasantly warm, clear smoky brown. The chain is dainty but does not seem flimsy or cheap. It is a classic and versatile gemstone pendant, ready for anything the day brings. Pendant necklace feature 6mm Onyx center stone. High polished Sterling Silver four-prong setting with an 18-inch box chain. The composition of gemstones shows how unique beauty has each piece.


4- Harmony of Black and Gold

Most people already acknowledge how black and gold go great together. No matter where you are from in the world, this information is cultivated in your memory.

There would be some black dresses you will be probably wearing, such as leather dresses, but it can look how great it went even with a dress that is so avant-garde. If you can find such headwear with your dress, you will look like a character right out of the Ancient Roman Times. You can also keep it simple like. You can choose also not to wear a necklace but a statement gold earring on the red carpet, for example.

So Pretty Dainty Layered Choker Necklaces Handmade Coin Tube Star Pearl Pendant Multilayer Adjustable Layering Chain Gold Necklaces Set for Women Girls

It is one of the Amazon’s choices that you can find as a golden accessory. It is really beautiful, good quality and amazing finish. These are super cute and minimalistic. You will love every detail of this necklace. For its price, it is really more than worth it. It does not look like it is cheaply done either.

When you purchase, you will get 3 necklaces in one order. They are of different sizes. You can be free to match your preferences, you can wear them together or separately. This little choker necklace is simple enough for layering with other necklaces in your collection. 


If your dress is already a statement itself, you can directly go for minimal gold jewelry and give yourself a gentle and beautiful look.

5- Harmony of Black and Silver

Just like black and gold combination, black and silver harmony is also commonly known by everyone. The power of silver is that it can light up the whole outlook and make one shinier and more radiant.

Here is a piece of unique jewelry combining silver with pearls to increase the overall glamour. However, let’s just focus on the silver combinations, shall we?

If you want to look royal, try to study someone who is truly living the royal life, right? Kate Middleton is being followed by the millions around the world, and her dressing style is chiefly loved by many fashion critics. Therefore, Kate Middleton knows what to wear and how to wear it. With her Alexander McQueen dress, she combined a necklace, bracelet, earrings and a ring that are mainly silver. By keeping them as minimal as possible, she brightened a statement dress even more without ruining it!

Amazon Collection Sterling Silver 12mm Italian Mesh Bracelet 

Very impressive and beautiful bracelet. Although it is thin, it definitely does not appear cheap or flimsy. The bracelet also settles nicely on your wrist when your arm is down at your side. This makes it very comfortable to wear on either wrist no matter if you are right or left-handed because it does not get in the way when typing or writing. Very lightweight too, so it is not heavy at all on the wrist. Very easy to type with too, lays flat so it is not too bulky to interfere with doing computer work. It is a very nice casual-to-dressy piece that can be worn anytime with jeans or evening dress. The price makes all this even better! It is made in Italy. 


6- Harmony of Black and Red

Black and red usually go great, that is true. However, it is wiser to use darker shades of red as vice-versa it may look vulgar and cheap for a formal occasion. Keep your red on for a bit of contrast, yet do not overuse this color as it has its own risks. A red dress goes great with black, however, a black dress needs less red when it comes to ornamentation.

In the example, I would go for a better dress and shoes, and would not use the red purse as it could be too much. However, it is all up to the person and I am not a fashion-genius. However, it represents a good choice of bracelet and earrings, just what I had in mind!

BriLove Women’s Wedding Bridal Austrian Crystal Teardrop Cluster Statement Necklace Dangle Earrings Set 

The set really looks more expensive in person. For the price, this necklace is beautiful! It matches your dress perfectly and is the perfect accent. It is adorned with selected Austrian Crystal, crafted with eco-friendly Zinc alloy, lead-free and nickel-free. It is designed to match the any kind of style and clothes. It is suitable for wedding, engagement, graduation, party, prom, daily wear and any event to be a beautiful goddess. 


7- Brooch

Brooch is a misunderstood jewelry. People think that it is mostly for elderlies. However, it is not true, ofcourse. You can still wear a brooch and do not look like you are having a style incompatible with your age. With flower brooches and other types of brooches, you may bring extra sparkle that is powerful and appealing enough to symbolize your character.

VVANT Crystal Brooch, Silver Pearl Brooch Pins, Wedding Party Jewelry Flower Brooch Pin for Women 

This brooch is a little gem of beauty. This Brooch meets your requirements. Excellent workmanship, easy to wear off. The brooch designs demonstrate a delicate feminine appeal. These silver crystal brooches are made of silver-plated brass, with clear crystals, which are bright and dazzling. Three layers of environment-friendly plating, anti-oxidation, not easy to fade. More impressive and stunning in person. Brooches inspired by verbena, charm simple fashion brooch pins. This brooch is sure to be a gift of surprise.  Brooch is also a good choice for engagement or wedding jewelry, which is endowed with special significance. Whether you attach it to an outfit or use it to spruce up an accessory such as a bag or scarf.


8- Diamonds

One of the most fascinating gems in the world today is diamonds. A diamond as a wedding ring is regarded as the ultimate sign of affection and devotion because of its compelling feature. Furthermore, because of their quality and shine, diamonds are regarded as magnificent. They entice people. They increase the beauty of the individual by adding shine on her, and they can be worn with numerous types of outfits. Even though they are mostly pricey, people will purchase them no matter what to add value to their stance.

Diamonds also go great with metallic accessories like a purse or a detail on the shoe. Apparently, there is nothing that a piece of a diamond cannot complement.

HH Bling Empire Unisex Iced Out Hip Hop Gold Artificial Diamond CZ Tennis Chain 16 18 20 24 30 Inches

These are made with amazing details and craftsmanship. You will understand when you have it. This CZ tennis chain is paved with hundreds of brilliant artificial diamonds and plated in shiny 14k real gold, which gave it the most bling and iced outlook and feels. This chain is the most popular men necklace style which could perfectly meet most of your clothing in all-purpose. Daily wear or wear at party, date, ceremony, anniversary, festival, special days, and so on. 


Amazon Collection 14k Gold Round-Cut Diamond Pendant Necklace (J-K Color, I2-I3 Clarity)

It is one of the most elegant but the most expensive diamond necklaces that you can find on Amazon. You can be sure of all stages of the creation of your diamond if you purchase from Amazon Collection. The result is a reliable product at a better price. It is highly expensive but worths it. The diamond is beautiful and you would have to look incredibly closely/be an expert to know that it may have inclusions. The chain is in a good length, but you can make it longer if you want. The classic solitaire pendant features a diamond nestled in a four-prong setting. It is made in the USA. 


9- Bohemian Jewelry and Casual Clothing

The black dress does not equal formality right away. There are a lot of casual dresses that people wear in their daily life. As it would look funny to add heavy pieces of jewelry on a daily dress, most people go for a chill, bohemian look.

Knitted necklaces have been pretty common recently. People mostly use these for a Hawaiian look in the spring or summer. If the necklace is wrapped up in different colors and stones, it looks even better. Likewise, in the Hawaiian look, turquoise stones are used widely in multiple finger rings. You can combine compatible knitted necklaces and rings to complete your outfit and your overall style.

Another possible combination is necklaces with big stones with a casual dress. If your black dress has colorful details, you can try to find pieces of jewelry whose colors are suitable for those details. Additionally, you can also have long, free chains, mostly in the color gold to complete your casual look.

Miraculous Garden Jewelry for Women Girls, Vintage Silver/Gold Ethnic Tribal Boho Necklace Turquoise Beads Bohemian Necklace 

The latest fashion bohemia style necklace at a great price. It will be your most proud choice. The unique and newest style of costume jewelry, aiming for a better match with your honor dressing and creating a special look and sense of beauty and elegance. The combination of the top quality colorful turquoise and crystal creates a special look. With the necklace, you are most charming anywhere. You can wear it with simple earrings and received compliments all day. It is not too heavy and it sits perfectly around your neckline. 

Vintage classic plated color and unique design long necklace will be a perfect touch to your outfit and clothes. Delicate and feminine design metal bohemia necklace is perfect for any occasion, casual to formal. It fits any outfit. Even for daily wear, it is a better choice.


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