My first meeting with Jewelry started when I bought various silver jewelry during my high school years. I started to deal with this issue in a serious manner just before my marriage. In Turkey,  buying jewelry and gold is regarded as a tradition before marriage. Various jewelry is purchased during wedding ceremonies and engagement processes. In addition, the wedding ring is an important part of this issue. Topics such as kinds of jewelry people get during my marriage,  models, prices, and productions started to interest me.


I began to travel located in Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar gold and jewelry shops. Then, when I questioned my friends around me, I learned those very close people are interested in this business in terms of production and sales. I went to visit my friends’ production sites, sales offices and started to learn about the details of the subject. I have seen that many people who are interested in these issues and do research do not know about these processes. When I bought jewelry, I saw that there were important deficiencies in the right price, beautiful design, quality product. Considering sharing the knowledge and experience I have gained on this subject with other people, I set up this site.