About Savaş Ateş

Hello, I am the founder of the Good Jewelry Guide site. My first information about jewelry started to form with silver bracelets that my father bought when he was 10 years old. Then I started to visit stores and buy products about necklaces and bracelets. Then,  my knowledge and vision started to develop with my company owner selling silver jewelry on eBay while I was working as a part-time software developer during my university years.
I started to help my boss in all processes from product supply, taking pictures, uploading to the internet and shipping. In this way, I have developed myself very well about what kind of jewelry people like, what manufacturers do and how. In addition, it has improved in my environment in this area.

Our region was very close to jewelry and gold producers. It was also a great chance for my boss’s brother to sell jewelry boxes and my bosses to work together. Their fathers also had jewelry shops. After working with them for about 10 years, I decided to start my own business.

In this site, I will try to convey my knowledge and experience, what I have learned from people around me and their knowledge to you. In this sector, I want to contribute to making people look right, buy products at the right price and look stylish.

You can ask me your questions via my email address below.

sates52 -at- gmail.com

Other Projects

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