Are Jewelry Warranties Worth It: The Importance of Jewelry Certificates

The brand is a phenomenon that shows the origin of the product, gives quality assurance to consumers and means a guarantee. Regardless of the type of product or service, the products or services must have some features in order to create a brand and to maintain the power of the created brand. When it comes to jewelry, aesthetic appearance, design, quality, warranty, and reliability are very important features to create a brand and to keep this brand alive. However, the foremost is the guarantee of the jewelry, namely its certificate.

It can be quite difficult to distinguish genuine jewels from fake ones. At this point, brand, warranty, and certificate come into play. The certificate of the jewelry purchased must be required. For example, if we consider diamond certificates, jewelry with international GIA certificates and HRD certificates has an identification number for each piece of jewelry. With this identification number, it can be easily questioned whether the stone is fake or not. This means a life-long warranty.

What Is a Jewelry Certificate: A Lifetime Warranty

A jewelry certificate is a certificate in which the value of jewelry made from materials such as gold or diamonds is determined and all processing details are included. With this certificate, you can learn features such as diamond clarity, cut, carat, gram, and diamond color, which are especially valuable. Since the situation that changes the prices of gold jewelry in the market is related to the certificate, the degree of purity causes these numbers to differ from each other.

You can easily understand how much your own jewelry is valued, thanks to the certificate showing the color qualification, whether the jewelry is made with natural stones, and some policies and applications such as G-F-H-I. The conditions that increase the value of the product in the certificate are purity and of course weight. Carat, which is a measure of weight for precious stones, corresponds to 1/5 gram, that is, 200 milligrams. Among the precious stones, the value of the stone in the certificate of products such as diamond and gold is among the important issues that should be examined carefully.

The certification of gold jewelry is done because the color of the gold must be determined clearly. Some gold can be difficult to classify based on color. Therefore, the more yellowish the color of gold, the higher it should be in the class. The first preliminary examinations of gold are made by experts in the field and then other protocols are applied respectively.

Clarity is another important detail determining the certificate of gold and diamond jewelry. The clarity in making jewelry is a factor that changes the price and raises the certificate class, as it always makes the jewelry look more elegant and shiny. After these detailed examinations are made by gemologists, the clarity of the ring can be increased a little more in the hands of the master. Before the final certification process, the jeweler polishes the gold with some methods and the final clarity is processed into the certificate. Certificates that contain all these features can be an answer to the question of “What is the jewelry bill?”.

Certificates That Vary by Jeweler

Some jewelers can offer the product for sale with their own company certificate. In this case, all the necessary investigations are in the hands of the company and the certificate presented to you does not have an international value. Because gold is a factor that changes jewelry prices, jewelry of equivalent quality purchased from a corporate jewelry store may be more expensive than other jewelers. Because while corporate jewelry stores will offer an international certificate, other standard jewelry companies will only offer a company certificate.

When you buy jewelry with the company’s certificate, you must choose a jeweler you know or trust. Since there are some terms that prevent deception, especially in company certificates, it is not possible for you to understand without being an expert on the subject. For this reason, it gives you the confidence to know that the jeweler you will prefer is a corporate and well-known company.

Thanks to your certificate, you also have the opportunity to send your gold jewelry to the institution from which you purchased it for repair. For this reason, it is important to keep your jewelry certificate carefully so that you do not have any problems with repairs. The certificate given to you is usually kept in the gold jewelry box. If the certificate is not read, torn, or damaged, it is useful to store your gold jewelry in a moisture-proof area, as it will make repairs or second-hand sales difficult. If you have an international certificate, you can have your gold repaired wherever you want or sell it second-hand. However, if you have a company certificate, you can only have the jewelry repaired by the institution from which you purchased it, and you can sell it at any jeweler you want.

The certificate of the product you will buy from the jewelry stores or corporate stores you know and trust can be national or international, as it will be processed in accordance with the required protocols. The fact that jewelry has an international certificate is an indication that you will convert your jewelry into the currency of the country in the countries you visit. Some jewelry may be more expensive than others for just this reason. Since the jewelry certificates are certified, they cannot be sold without the necessary protocols.

The Importance of Certified Jewelery and Warranty

Men may find it difficult to choose solitaire rings for a marriage proposal to the woman they love. Although they receive support from the staff in the store they go to, the most important point that they can pay attention to is that the purchased part is certified. The fact that any of the diamonds or similar stones considered to be purchased is certified means that the value of the purchased product is protected.

In addition, the fact that the purchased product is certified will prevent you from paying more than its value for the precious stone. Having a certificate of diamonds or other precious stones means that the value and properties of the stone used are determined by independent institutions.

The sparkles of stones such as diamonds determine the value and quality of the product. There is a 4C rule that must be observed when buying diamonds. 4C stands for the English initials of the features. The 4C rule expresses the criteria of color, cut, clarity, and weight (carat). The 4C rule plays a major role in measuring the value of all other gemstones, especially diamonds. You must have a jewelry certificate to see if the features in the 4C rule are included in the stone you will buy.

The diamond certificate includes detailed information such as the properties, symmetry, and polish quality of the diamond in terms of 4C features. In addition, it is possible to see information such as the shape information of the stone, the cutting degree, the report number, and the certificate date of the stone. Purchasing diamonds or other precious stones with a certificate means that the shopping is safe.

Although many gemology institutes in the world issue certificates for diamonds and other precious stones, there are few institutes with international validity. Gemology Institute of America takes the lead as the internationally recognized stone science institute. This institute was established in 1931 and is a civil organization that has survived to the present day and is accepted as an authority in the world age.

The institute is recognized for using the 4C rule and awards GIA certification to gemstones such as diamonds. This certificate guarantees that the parts purchased can be sold anywhere in the world without deducting their value. Another internationally respected certificate is the HDR certificate. HDR Antwerp was created in Belgium in 1976 without any profit. Apart from these two certificates, EGL, IGI, and AGSL are other certificate types with international reputation and validity. A gemstone with any of these certificates means that it has the same quality and value all over the world.

Jewelery Certificates Specific to Diamonds

There are many issues that determine the quality of precious jewels that stand out with their sparkles such as diamonds. If the question of what to pay attention to when buying diamonds is in your mind, you can start by learning the 4C rule that determines the quality of precious stones. The 4C rule, which consists of cut, weight (carat), clarity, and color criteria, also plays an important role in determining the price of all precious stones, especially diamonds.

The more white the color of the diamond, the more valuable it is considered. The cleanliness of the interior increases the clarity and quality. Since diamonds, which can be found in nature in small pieces, can rarely be extracted in large carats, there is a direct proportion between the size of its carat and its price. The cut of a diamond directly affects its brilliance.

Deciding on the size of the diamond before purchasing it can make it easier for you to choose. Afterward, the budget you set aside for the diamond wedding ring, necklace, earring, or solitaire can help you choose a path. It is necessary to allocate serious budgets for diamonds with the highest cut, clarity, and color criteria. If you do not have a sufficient budget for a quality diamond, you may need to sacrifice some features.

The cut, which directly affects the brilliance of the diamond, is accepted as one of the most important quality standards. We recommend that you do not give up on a good cut, even if you compromise the diamond color and interior cleanliness. We said the 4C rule is very important for diamonds and other precious stones. So, how can you be sure if the stone you are going to buy has the mentioned properties or not? At this stage, the jewelry certificate, which acts as a kind of identity of the jewelry, comes into play.

What Information Does the Jewelry Certificate Contain?

The certificate, which is thought to be added to the 4C rule as +1 by many experts, helps those who are considering buying gemstones erase the questions in their minds. The question of what is a certificate can be answered as a quality certificate that explains in detail the real value of diamonds and other precious stones. While the diamond certificate contains the properties of the stone in terms of 4C criteria, it also includes features such as the polishing quality and symmetry of the stone in detail. Information such as the cutting degree, shape information, the date the stone was certified and the report number is among the information included in the certificate.

Diamond and jewelry certificates, issued by an independent stone science institute, serve as a report that experts in their fields produce as a result of their detailed examination of the stone with the help of various technical tools. If the size of the diamonds and precious stones on the jewelry is up to 0.3 carats, the certificates created by the manufacturers themselves are considered sufficient. If a gemstone over 0.3 carats is used in the accessory you are considering buying, you need to request an internationally valid certificate from the jeweler you purchased.

It is a known fact that the certificate protects the buyer in many issues. If you are asking what a diamond certification does, it can help you understand the importance of knowing that it will help you document its value while selling. Your certificate will continue to protect you when faced with any theft. The thieves, who cannot sell accessories made of diamonds and other precious stones because they do not have a certificate, get caught when the jewelers want to check the certificate. When you buy diamonds that are internationally certified, you are documenting that you have the diamond all over the world.

Although many gemology institutes around the world issue certificates for diamonds and other precious stones, there are few institutes with an international reputation. Gemology Institute of America is one of the most well-known science institutes. The institute, which is accepted as an authority in the field of precious stones, is a civil organization founded in 1931. The institute, known for putting forward the 4C rule used all over the world, gives GIA certification to the precious stones it examines. By purchasing GIA-certified diamonds, you can guarantee resale anywhere in the world without sacrificing its value.

HDR Antwerp, which has the world’s largest diamond testing laboratory, is one of the other organizations that offer internationally valid certificates. Established as a non-profit organization in Belgium in 1976, the institution guarantees the quality of the diamond with the HDR certificate it offers. The European Gemology Laboratory (EGL), the International Gemology Institute (IGI), and the American Gemology Association Laboratories (AGSL) are among other internationally respected institutions.

Are GIA and HRD Jewelery Certificates Same?

If you want to buy diamonds, you should make sure that it is certified. Certified products have some kind of guarantee. Before considering factors such as cutting, designing, and price of diamonds, attention should be paid to the fact that the diamond is certified. At this point, it should be noted that internationally certified ring varieties provide reliability. It is imperative that the aforementioned institutions do not earn any income from this audit.

It is a very important factor that factors such as diamond cut, carat, and clarity are examined by international independent institutions. It should be stated that these evaluations are accepted all over the world. Thanks to independent and impartial evaluations, it is possible to reach the real prices of diamonds. Certificate approval is required for the internationally certified ring. In this context, it is necessary to mention the GIA-certified ring.

GIA stands for Gemology Institute of America. It should be stated that the most reliable among these certified solitaires is GIA. It should be said that GIA has no financial gain at the point of selling diamonds. In other words, the GIA is an independent organization that does this job without financial gain and independent of any location.

It is known that all countries of the world accept the GIA certificate and evaluate it in its most important status. GIA; analyzes diamonds on many subjects. Analyzes are made on criteria such as cutting style, measurement, carat value, cutting degree, proportions, especially the date of the diamond. In addition, independent studies are carried out to reveal all blemishes, especially in clarity.

GIA-certified solitaire uses the most subjective scales available. In this context, it is essential to reiterate that the institution in question is highly reputable and reliable. It has not been easy for GIA to achieve this reputation. The success they have gained as a result of their work over the years and especially the proven experience in consistency reveals the importance of this institution.

When purchasing diamonds, it is of great importance to get certified. Seeing the certificate of the person who wants to buy diamonds causes him to be convinced in terms of quality and reliability. However, at the point of diamond analysis, it is more important to have GIA and HRD certificates, which are among the certified organizations that make the highest quality evaluation. In this context, it is of great importance to have GIA and HRD stamp on certified diamonds and solitaires.

In these evaluations, criteria such as color, clarity, carat, and cut of the diamond are taken into consideration. In addition, it is possible to examine the diamond in terms of length and width. It should be noted that experts and experienced professionals work in evaluating the features of diamonds.

Magnifying glass and microscopes are used to analyze diamonds. In addition, there are some quality differences between all the jewelry laboratories around the world. In other words, in order to have the highest quality and reliable certificate, GIA-certified solitaire rings should be preferred.

It should be noted that there are some differences between GIA and HRD certificates. GIA certification is generally accepted in the jewelry industry. This is because GIA only issues a stone certificate for diamonds. In addition, GIA uses one type of certificate. At this point, the choice of consumers who want to be 100% sure of the jewelry they will buy is always GIA certification.

What Is HDR From Jewelry Certificate Types?

HRD is one of the world’s leading diamond rating agencies and is a well-established Belgium-based institution. The institution issues 3 separate certificates that serve different purposes. The Diamond Certificate issued by the institution is the most comprehensive certificate that this institution will give to a diamond and is used by diamond merchants among themselves. This certificate examines the 4C rule (cut, color, clarity, carat) to the finest detail and qualifies it in its certificates.

Carat (Carat): It is a measure of the weight of the diamond. One carat is equal to 1/5 of a gram (200 milligrams). As the carat increases, the size of the stone increases. The actual status of the carat is indicated.
Color (Color): Diamonds are included in the color order from the letter D to the letter Z. In this color scale, absolute information is given to be explained with a single color. In this section, it is never written in double colors.
Clarity: The evaluation results described as (VS1-VS2), (SI1-SI2), and (P1-P2-P3) are used. It clearly qualifies the cleanliness and stains of the stone. In this way, it eliminates possible question marks about the stone.
Cut: It carefully examines the stone’s data such as ratio, symmetry, and polish quality, which are not so important by the buyer, to the finest detail and according to the ideal cutting standards Excellent (EX), Very good (VG), Good (G) and explain it as Poor (P).

The diamond certification process starts with the delivery of the diamond to the laboratory by the traders. In the HRD laboratory, they examine the diamond superficially in the light of all the above information; indicate the possible color and clarity of the stone as an imprecise prediction. When the diamond is sent to be certified later, they examine the color clarity and all other details again and reserves the right to change the decision.

The clarity degree of 95% of the products sold under the name of “HRD Preview” in the market is SI. Again, when 90% of this 95% rate is sent to qualify for the HRD diamond certificate, the next result will probably be SI2 or P1! Yes, how come the stone qualified as SI in the preview, we can hear you saying that P1 is removed from the certificate!

The SI clarity degree is divided into SI1-SI2-SI3. HRD, on the other hand, does not use this expression for stones with stained SI3 grade and does not include this result in its certificate. Therefore, if a diamond that received an SI in the preview falls below the SI2 criterion when the HRD diamond certificate is issued, it is naturally (SI3 option is skipped) and is graded directly as P1 (I1).

This service offered by HRD company is a very valuable service for professionals. The certification service is more costly than the preview, and the professionals give up the certification process for diamonds that do not get the desired result in the preview and save money. This commercial link established between the seller and the certificate company will benefit both parties.

As in every decision-making mechanism; What we use, why, and for what purpose is very important. You, as a consumer, do not have to know this professional information. In such matters open to abuse, our duty is to inform you and make your choice in the most correct way.

HRD Jewelry Report

A jewelry Certificate is a certificate issued as a result of evaluations made after a product has been turned into jewelry. Color, clarity, carat, and gold gram information are included in the certificate. In this certificate, the color characterization is usually stated to include two colors such as “H-I”. Because the product becomes a gem, there is a possibility that HRD gemologists may mistake the existing stone or gems. Stone can be seen and characterized as a higher or lower color.

To prevent this, a double color policy such as G-F, H-I is applied. For example, a single stone ring produced in yellow gold can be perceived as a G color, H color, or in a product produced as white gold, G color can be perceived as a stone F color.

After mentioning the subject of color, we will also have an important warning about clarity! As in the “Preview” evaluation, gemologists have to make a decision without looking at the stones in full detail. A stain hidden skillfully under the nail of the ring can increase the clarity of the stone by 1-2 degrees. When purchasing a product certified in this way, we recommend that you examine the stone in detail.

More Information About Jewelry Certificates and Warranty Process

First of all, we wanted to share with you some important information you need to know about diamond and jewelry certificates. These basics are the same all over the world. Diamond, which is one of the hardest and most valuable mines in the world, which is formed in millions of years, has now become an indispensable part of marriage proposals. In addition to this feature, diamond jewels have become a candidate to replace gold jewelry by entering our daily life.

Traditional wedding, engagement, and ceremony gifts have now left their place to jewelry with diamonds. Considering the money you will pay for the diamond products you will buy, the importance of the certificates given for these products increases. Diamond certificates are divided into two different categories.

  • International Diamond Certificate – Diamond Evaluation Report

In order to obtain an international diamond certificate, the diamond must be delivered to the authorized laboratory before jewelry is made. In many countries, an international diamond certificate is rarely given with products in retail sales. Such diamond certificates, which are provided with the special demands of the customers, have taken their place as the only diamond certificate accepted in the world.

For international diamond certificates, we can literally call the diamond check-up report. How is it prepared? The diamond is sent to the laboratory, all properties of the stone are examined with high technology and the necessary report is prepared. There are two important organizations that are accepted all over the world that can issue such certificates. These are GIA (Gemology Institute of America) and HRD (Hoge Raad Voor Diamant).

You can find information about all the details of the stone in the detailed diamond reports. These certificates are often used by diamond wholesalers when trading. In the certificate, apart from 4C (carat, cut, color, clarity) information, other important information that affects the value of the diamond is included.

With this category of certificates, you will also be able to buy the diamond jewelry you buy safely. Diamond stones sold with international diamond certificates are 20-30% more expensive. You can examine the certified diamond ring models with diamond stone reports on online stores.

  • Jewelry Certificates – Jewelry Report

Jewelry certificates are issued after the diamonds are manufactured as jewelry. For this reason, jewelry certificates do not contain all the details of the diamond. Jewelry certificates containing general information are issued by our companies.

Most countries make jewelry companies responsible for their certificates before the law. Each company has to write the correct information on the jewelry certificate it issues. For this reason, you can trust the jewelry certificates given by the companies. Some of the companies request that they send their products to organizations such as HRD and obtain a jewelry certificate.

HRD jewelry certificates do not include cutting features. However, cutting is one of the four very important features for you to understand the value of a diamond. In addition, HRD gives 4 important information such as color, clarity, carat, symmetry of the stone in two alternatives in the jewelry certificates it gives for diamond jewelry sold as multi-stone.

For this reason, even if the product you will buy is HRD or GIA jewelry certified, do not forget to get their own company certificates from the companies you have purchased. Important points to pay attention to in both certificates are the same. Let’s examine these important points.

While buying diamond jewelry, the consumers generally focus on the color properties of the stone. At this point, features such as cutting feature, clarity, polish of the stone, how it looks under blue light, which all are very important for diamonds, are ignored. Do not forget that when you buy a diamond ring whose cut is not good, whose polish is not good, and whose clarity is not good, it will never reflect the light and give a bright image, even if the color is high. Never give up on cutting. Always choose diamonds that have a very good cut. You can sacrifice some color and clarity according to your budget.

Pay special attention to the cut feature written on the certificate of the jewelry you have purchased. Observe how the stone reflects light on your finger. We wanted you to understand the subject in the paragraph clearly by giving an example. A solitaire ring may be an E-F color, but if this stone is not well cut and polished well, the HG color diamond ring with a good cut and good polish will look much brighter and more vivid and your finger will attract attention by reflecting the light much better.

Never forget that a diamond with high color and high value cannot be sold cheap. The sale prices of high-color diamond jewelry that you find at such affordable prices in the world diamond exchange are very low. This is because only the color of the diamonds is high. Other features that are very important for diamonds, cut, polish, fluorescence are unfortunately below normal values. Therefore, it is supplied at very low prices. For these reasons, you can buy at affordable prices. Also, such high-color affordable diamonds that don’t cut well appear much smaller than they should be. If a 0.30-carat diamond is badly cut, it will appear as a 0.23-carat diamond.

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