Best Jewelry Choices for 12 Horoscope Signs

Jewelry is the most beautiful gift you can give both to yourself and to your loved ones. However, choosing the right piece of jewelry to spoil yourself and to make a good impression may be difficult. Knowing the traits of your zodiac sign and making your choice accordingly may be a good start.

Choosing the best jewelry for your horoscope sign starts with knowing the traits of it. Each sign has its own specialties, which will help you match with the perfect jewelry. The type of stone, the shape of the piece, the materials used are important and has different impacts on people with different signs. You should consider the lucky materials and beautiful shapes for your sign while choosing the perfect gift for yourself.

Although everyone is not interested in horoscope signs as much as some of us who are obsessed, it is observable that they have a significant impact on people’s character traits. Therefore, the perfect jewelry to represent one’s self will be very successful when we choose them considering our signs. This leads us to the details which determine the traits and choices of each sign.

The traits and choices of signs may differ; however, it is a fact that all signs of us love jewelry. Whether we are open to express ourselves with our style choices or not, sometimes it is very nice to be seen and noticed. Moreover, some of us carry this to the next level and want to be noticed immediately.

Jewelry with constellations or symbols of our signs is very preferable for such demand. When wearing a piece with our sign on it, we feel connected to it and have the luxury to be understood easily. While some signs may do this to be open to the world, some do it to make a big impression. Here are some chic and unique suggestions to go with your sign.

What to Wear According to Your Horoscope


Aries people are known to be clever, self-confident adn ambitious. They like reflecting their boldness in every aspect of their lives.

Aries impress people around them with their high energy and likes to take the lead.  They are bold and impressive in every aspect of their lives, as well as with their styles. They like to show off and bring together bold pieces in a way that any other sign may be intimidated by.

They are also known by their mimics and gestures that impress people and showing off their jewelry as they speak. The best pieces for them are chain bracelets or classy small or medium rings. They can wear red stones such as corals or rubies happily. Also, mixing and matching gold and silver is a very good choice for them.

This charm bracelet is very suitable for an Aries to show their bold style. While stating that they are an Aries with the charm on the bracelet, they can complete their gestures with a jewelry piece on their wrists. The birthstone on the bracelet can keep their luck at the best.


 Taurus people are consistent and stable, also stubborn and pasionate about their interests.they can even be considered conservative.

They love luxury; adore everything with a high price tag and quality. Since their strong body part is the neck, their choices are generally necklaces. The pieces must look glorious and precious.

The jewelry pieces they wear must refer to their stability as Taurus is an Earth sign. As an addition to their stable nature, they like matching trendy jewelry with classic ones for a surprise element sometimes.

Their style generally consists of classic pieces with colors of Earth. Therefore, they like to make the impression with their trendy jewelry pieces. Jades and Emeralds look very good on them together with gold or silver, not both.

A necklace like this will refer to their classy and stable side while expressing that they are a proud Taurus. It comes with silver and gold options to match with different sets, as a Taurus never likes to mix things up.


Gemini are easy-going and flexible people, but definitely not low-key. They can see more than one perspective in any given situation.

With their lively and energetic nature, Gemini people look for uniqueness and variations in their jewelry choices. They prefer jewelry with different stones and styles.

Bracelets with various charms are perfect for them. Since they will want to customize the design of the piece, bracelets which give the opportunity to add more charms are perfect.

Necklaces that have branches and carry various stones are other nice choices. They prefer silver to go with many different styles and colors. Their lucky color is purple, which makes amethyst a perfect choice for jewelry.

A bracelet that has amethyst on it will be perfect for a Gemini. It is moving and has Gemini charms on it. This will make a Gemini very happy with its color, silver beads and charms.


Cancer likes to feel safe and never lets any situation make them feel uncomfortable. They are free spirits who protect connections well.

Emotional, modest and classy Cancer people don’t prefer variations in their jewelry choices. The pieces they choose should go with all outfits. They want to be classy and chic with a modest style.

Cancer is a water sign that values timelessness more than anything else. The pieces of their style should be in style forever. They prefer outfits and jewelry that will look good and fashionable in any occasion, rather than trendy.

Their emotional nature makes them care for the meaning of the jewelry more than its value. The jewelry may be a thin chain necklace with a small charm or round earrings. Emeralds and moonstones are preferable for them.

They value pendant necklaces and earrings since they represent time and colors that resemble water such as very light blue or green is suitable for them. These colors can be combined with gold or silver.

The pendant necklace with a crescent and in blue look perfect for them. They can show their sign in their favorite color. Also, the handmade leather bracelet will increase the value of the piece for them.


A Leo is probably the most optimistic and enjoyable person around you. with their big hearts, their energy is extraverted and amazing.

Leos are glorious leaders of the zodiac world. They want to be noticed with their energy, style, and jewelry. They like jewelry that is bold and can immediately impress people.

They prefer gold or copper over silver, and precious stones such as diamonds or rubies will satisfy them. They want to feel like royalty, therefore they would love jewelry that they can wear on their heads. Also, they like big, pendant earrings as much shiny as possible. Amber is another material they should consider to be impressive.

These big earrings will make a Leo happy, as they are noticeable as much as elegant. The color gold will impress people and support their leading position. Leo will feel very attractive wearing them.


Analytical thinking and their unique logic make Virgos the detail-oriented organizers of the Zodiac world. They value and think about humanity a lot.

Virgos like to keep their lives, surroundings, and style in order. They don’t like pieces that move a lot. For example, pendant earrings are not a good choice for them, unlike clamp bracelets that fit them perfectly.

Their meticulous, detail-oriented nature can also be seen in their jewelry choices. They prefer simple and delicate pieces such as pearls to display their simple, yet classy style. The cut, shape and the style of the piece are very important for them.

They cannot be seen in jewelry that has various stones or colors. They are very confident in their timeless, simple and well-made luxurious jewelry in gold or oxidized materials.

This simple, yet elegant bracelet will win the heart of a Virgo. The gold color and little hearts will make them feel good. Also, the adjustable bracelet will help them to fit the piece on their wrists as wanted.


Libras are extremely delicate and emotional. They love balance and do not let anything in their lives disturb it.

Libras constantly follow the trends and make their style choices accordingly. They have a high-end taste of aesthetics and lively energy. Their jewelry must be fashionable and trendy.

They easily get influenced by the latest vogue and adapt to it with their style. Thus, they have a wide range of various types of jewelry. They know what looks good on them immediately and can pull off a very stylish outfit with a trendy piece.

They are fond of silver and metallic jewelry. Necklaces with various lengths and charm bracelets are perfect for them.

These silver necklaces are very suitable for a Libra. They are in different types and can be adjusted lengthwise. Also, they can be combined with other necklaces easily.


Scorpios can understan human mind and intuitions very well. tehy are decisive peolie with a materialistic nature.

Scorpios like to keep their emotions for themselves. They don’t want to express their traits and emotions through their style. Therefore, they tend to choose jewelry with less detail and more plain shapes.

Their mysterious nature is rather elusive for other people; they like jewelry pieces that make a mystical impression. Additionally, they like to keep their style, as well as their life, on a balance. Little golden earrings with shapes like droplets or tiny spheres are perfect for them.

They prefer simple and small stones with their rings, too. Opal or topaz can be good choices.

The simplicity of this bracelet is perfect for a Scorpio. It has the constellation of the sign but with little stars. It reflects the mysterious natures of Scorpio people while offering a classy addition to their look.


The most optimistic people around you is Sagittarius. They have an intuition to see the good in anything and everything, which helps them spread the joy around.

Sagittarius people have a cheerful and optimistic nature.  They like to have fun and travel a lot, as well as making their style a fun way to express themselves. They like to experiment with new jewelry.

The memories of their jewelry pieces are more important than their value for them, especially if they are souvenirs from an adventure. They like to keep their outfits bold, therefore simplistic and plain jewelry is more suitable for them.

Sagittarius is an air sign; hence they have a thing for blue and its shades. Turquoise and sapphire are their best friends.

This pendant necklace will look very good on a Sagittarius. It has an adventurous look with shades of dark blue. It also represents the adventurous spirit of the sign.


Capricorn is the physical reflection of ambition supported with good planning. When they set a goal, nothing in this world can stop them.

Fidelity and ambition are the two words to define a Capricorn. They like to plan, work, plan again and work again. In their style, outfits and jewelry which are classic and timeless have the biggest part.

Their pragmatic nature makes them think of jewelry as both an accessory and a way for investment; they generally go for high-end, expensive pieces. As an Earth sign, they like every material related to earth. Such as leather bracelets or precious stones.

Garnet is their lucky gemstone and it can be paired with silver or metallic materials. They also like to match their jewelry; therefore, matching necklace-earring or bracelet-ring sets are suitable for them.

This set of a necklace and a bracelet has the leather touch a Capricorn needs. Also, it looks very earthy with its colors. Black leather makes this set timeless and suits nearly all styles.


Aquarius is a social butterfly who masters in communication. They can get along well with all sorts of people in all ages.

Aquarius people always have an inner personality they keep for themselves and they don’t easily open up to people. They are brave and openminded and love to be appreciated.

They like unique ideas and making a statement when they enter the room. If their jewelry pieces will not make the expected statement, they may not be present on them, either.

They look for practicality as well as good quality and fashion in their styles, therefore their jewelry. They like to use different materials and stones together. Garnet, amethyst or opal are very good choices for them.

Pendants, a combination of various charms on bracelets or necklaces are the perfect way to express their free-spirit. They also like to combine materials like yellow gold and silver.

This combination of gold and silver necklaces will catch the eye of an Aquarius. This set also makes the impression they are fond of. When paired with a bracelet with different stone charms, this style will satisfy an Aquarius really well.


Pisceans are shy and hard to understand at first. However, they are perfect best friends once you get closer to them. They have a natural ability for arts and crafts.

Pisces people are well-known with their dreamy and emotional nature. Additionally, they are elegant and calm. They are very consistent with their inner peace. However, they can easily be influenced by the people around them.

They can follow trends and easily get affected. Since their moods are constantly changing, their style choices also change with their emotions and the trend they want to follow next. This makes them a little undecisive; however, gives them a very large jewelry box.

They like to wear bracelets and anklets. Their stone choices must go from amethyst to bloodstone or aquamarine to sapphire to go with their changing fashion sense.

this silver anklet will go with nearly all styles a Pisces will choose to wear that day. It represents summer and dreamy natures of Pisceans. It is thin and elegant, giving the peaceful statement a Piscean need.

2019 Jewelry Trends for Zodiac Signs

The bracelets of 2019 jewelry trends are suitable for Aries sign. The bracelets are large, impressive and carry various patterns. Also, animal figures and metal details can be easily preferred by Aries. These bracelets not only match with energetic outfits of Aries but also, they will also be a very nice touch to their masculine style.  

Taurus, with their love of nature and Earth, will take the most earthy and natural from the new trends. They have a big heart for all shades of blue and green, and any other earth colors. Leaves are the main focus of 2019 jewelry trends, which will make Taurus very happy. They can complete any outfit with bracelets, earrings, rings, and necklaces with leaf symbols in various sizes.

In 2019 trends, Gemini is happy with the comeback of giant jewelry. The trends give Gemini the livelihood and statement of huge geometric earrings, long pendant earrings and heavy necklaces long necklaces with big stones. This giant jewelry trend will give the variety a Gemini is looking for. Also, it will provide the young and dynamic touch to a Gemini’s style. The surprise element of Gemini will be surprisingly satisfied with this trend.

Cancer’s love of vintage jewelry will be satisfied with the ancient jewelry trend in 2019. They will use this trend perfectly and beautifully as they adapt to all others. They have a very good imagination, which will help them combine vintage trend with stylish and modern outfits. Moreover, this trend will satisfy the need of timelessness for Cancer.

Glorious pendant earrings of 2019 will be the first choice of Leo with their eye-catching shine and long size. These earrings will be highly seen in 2019 trends. Leo will find their statement addition with these large pendants, which will make the impression they are looking for. The earrings with flower details, fringes, or big metal rounds will be perfect for Leos.

Virgo is fashionwise misfortunate this year. They will not be finding any minimalist jewelry they are fond of. The closest piece for a Virgo’s style is chain bracelets and necklaces. With huge, detailed, and fringy jewelry of 2019, Virgo will need to make an addition to their style or go with thin chains.

Elegant Libras will be very happy with metallic necklaces and chokers which will express the beauty of their necks. They like a chick and balanced style. These metallic necklaces can be combined with other chain necklaces or can be worn by themselves. These will be a very nice touch and a favorite for their charming style.

The mystical nature of Scorpios will be complete with single earrings. The earrings will make a nice touch to their statement outfit as pendants. They will go with different outfits as they come as long or small ones. Especially, long single earrings will go with low-neck outfits which reflect mysterious and attractive traits of the sign. They can also add on to their mystery by wearing their hair long.

Sagittarius will satisfy their needs for wearable souvenirs with ethnic jewelry trend of 2019. They will find patterns and materials from various cultures brought together by trends. This year will be their happiest year in terms of jewelry. They can carry signs and symbols from around the world with their best outfits.

Graceful Capricorns need to go slightly out of their traditional and modest jewelry styles and take a glance to the giant jewelry trend of this year. Their modesty will help them use this giant geometric jewelry trend with elegance. Of course, they will prefer to use one piece at a time, but this will support ‘less is more’ motto.  Big pendant earrings with wearing their hair down is a very suitable choice for Capricorns. Also, they will continue to choose gold.

Aquarius will make the statement with giant earrings trend. Also, they will fit two different earrings trend perfectly into their styles. Outgoing and pioneer Aquarius will complete the harmony with noncompatible earrings, for example, one long pendant and one screw earring. Because the most satisfying feeling of an Aquarius is being extraordinary.

Dreamy nature of Pisceans will have a hard time making a choice among 2019 jewelry trends. These glorious and huge pieces will not really match with their style. They can go with charm bracelets or necklaces. They definitely will find charms to express their romantic and boho-chic traits. They may want to mix different stones for their necklaces. Pisceans need to get creative to choose the best jewelry piece for them in 2019. Luckily, their intuitive senses will help them along the way.

What are the effects of lucky stones on signs?

Our signs are determined by the places of the sun and planets in the space, which represent our energy and certain traits. We are exposed to the effects and energy of cosmos starting from the second we were born. Our astrological projection on the sky shows our way in our lives.

Stones help us along the way by lighting the energy of a not-so-bright galaxy in our constellation. They also help to balance the energy of an extremely bright one. The most important function of the stones is to help with this balance and complete our inner peace.

Some stones repel each other while some like to go together. We also need to consider this while wearing one. We need to find out which ones are healthy for us so that we don’t damage the balance ourselves. With sufficient knowledge on this, stones play a very important role in our inner peace.

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