Can Jewelry Be Carried in Hand Luggage?

Hand luggage needs thought put into it as travelers are limited on space. On the other hand, it is also the one piece of luggage they will able to keep their eye on. It is a good idea to pack valuables in your hand luggage as this is less likely to be lost in transit and you can keep your bag close to you. However, it is important your valuables and jewelry, in particular, remain protected during the journey.

You certainly may carry artificial and valuable jewelry in check-in luggage on international flights and domestic flights. In fact, you may carry any jewelry in check-in luggage or carry-on luggage on an international flight or on a domestic flight, just be sure the jewelry is not stolen or illegally obtained. You may also need to declare it at the arrival airport. Nevertheless, it is still a better idea to carry them with you in hand luggage.

If you are traveling with valuable items such as jewelry, please keep those items with you at all times and do not put them in checked baggage
. You should always pack jewelry in your carry-on bag in order to prevent theft. Basically, anything valuable or fragile, which includes jewelry and electronics, should go in your hand luggage so it does not get damaged or unfortunately stolen.

You should always carry anything of value in your carry-on or with you. Jewelry, electronics, your cash, credit cards and whatever comes your mind as valuable that you can carry. Keep in mind that never ever put items you would hate to lose in your checked bags, put them in your hand luggage.

Valuable items such as cameras, a huge amount of money or jewelry should always be carried in your hand luggage or on your person. Any valuable items carried in your checked-in baggage would not be covered by your travel insurance if they were lost, stolen or damaged. So, there is no need to take that kind of risk.

While traveling by plane especially, passengers can feel free to pack clothing, books, magazines and small personal electronics on board an airplane. Taking accessories, jewelry and shoes on the plane are permitted. On the other hand, passengers should beware of metal detectors at the airport when packing. If it is necessary, they may have to show their valuable items to security.

You may carry costume jewelry in either check-in luggage or carry-on luggage on international flights and domestic flights. But for more expensive jewelry and other valuables that you have, it is highly recommended that you carry them in your carry-on luggage for safety reasons.

Jewelry is allowed in hand luggage. It is even recommended to put jewelry in hand luggage rather than in checked luggage, as it is generally safer to bring valuables in your carry-on bag rather than in checked baggage. Because of the fact that checked baggage sometimes can get lost along the way or arrives with a delay. Transport in checked baggage also carries a higher risk of something being stolen. So it will be better if you put your valuable things such as jewelry in hand luggage.

Having valuables in your hand luggage instead of sending them along in your suitcase, which means carrying them in your checked baggage, simply makes more sense. At least everyone agrees on that for once. If you do have different concerns about what you can bring in hand luggage, you might also want to check out the airplane services. It depends on which airlines you use for flight, however more or less they follow the same rules about carrying jewelry.

Most of the time there is no quantity limit for jewelry. However, let’s say that if you exceed the permitted allowances, you will have to pay customs duties. These prices change according to import regulations of the travel countries.

Also, there is another point. Do you think that you have to remove jewelry such as earrings, collars, and bracelets from the security check and place them in one of the boxes? There is no need to do that actually. However, if you wear larger pieces of jewelry, you may be asked to do so by security personnel.

Besides valuable jewelry, maybe you are considering artificial jewelry is allowed in hand luggage or not. It does not matter whether you are traveling with art jewelry or real jewelry. So you can bring your art jewelry with you, both in your hand luggage, actually preferably, and in your checked baggage. Even in hand luggage, you should be careful and do not make for an easy target, not only in the aircraft.

It is not forbidden to bring jewelry in checked baggage, but in general, it is not a good idea to carry them in your checked baggage. Due to security reasons, it is better to put your valuable jewelry in your carry-on bag and take it with you. If you carry your jewelry in checked baggage, the airline will most likely not compensate you or will compensate you only to a limited extent in the event of loss or theft.

As a conclusion, we can say that if you are traveling, try to pack every jewelry in your carry-on bag. Because of the fact that checked bags have a much greater chance of getting lost. Also, you should keep in mind that you are taking a vacation to relax and have fun and to get away from your daily routine. So, try to keep your jewelry simple and inexpensive so it does not get in the way.

Jewelry is absolutely not restricted to carry on with you in your hand luggage. Restrictions can vary depends on the countries you travel through. Different destinations and different countries have different policies. Also, it depends on how much importance you give them. Besides those, there are some items that you are not allowed to take on your flight in your hand luggage. These items are definitely prohibited to take with you in your hand luggage.

  • Flammable liquids and solids
  • Oxidizers such as bleaching powders
  • Organic peroxides
  • Tear gas devices or any gas cylinders
  • Infectious substance
  • Wet-cell car batteries
  • Magnetrons
  • Instruments containing mercury
  • Instruments containing magnets
  • Fireworks
  • Toy/replica guns (metal or plastic)
  • Non-safety matches
  • Firelighters, lighter fuel, paints or thinners
  • Poisons, arsenic, cyanide or weed killer
  • Radioactive materials, acids, corrosives, alkalis or caustic soda
  • Creosote, quicklime or oiled paper
  • Vehicle fuel system parts which have contained fuel
  • Party poppers

How to Pack Jewelry for Your Hand Luggage for Travels?

Travel jewelry case: It is mostly suitable for people who travel a lot. If you travel frequently, it might make sense to invest in a travel case that is made specifically for jewelry. These jewelry cases are sometimes called travel jewelry organizers or jewelry rolls. There is no need to be a pricey one, but a good travel jewelry case will have compartments in order to keep your valuable jewelry items both organized and free from tangles and scratches.

Daily pill box: You know that there are seven-day pillboxes that are used in order to manage weekly pill doses. They are the perfect size for storing individual earrings, rings and even smaller bracelets and necklaces. By putting just one item or earring pair in a box, your jewelry stays tangle-free and organized. And since the boxes are connected, you can be sure that you have all your jewelry in one place. It is easier to carry. It is a good idea to carry in order to keep them safe. As a related trick, you can use old prescription pill bottles in order to pack individual jewelry items, then place all the bottles in a larger zip lock bag, or basically put them in your hand luggage.

Little plastic bags: Everyone has that kind of bag. You know those tiny, sealable plastic bags you often get with inexpensive jewelry. You can consider saving them in order to store your jewelry for travel. You can put one jewelry item in each bag in order to keep your earrings, rings, bracelets or necklaces organized and prevent tangling. Then, you can drop all the plastic bags into a larger zip lock bag for travel. If you do not have any tiny plastic bags on hand, it would be a good idea to check your local craft store. Or there is an even easier method, head no further than your kitchen pantry and pull out some snack-bag sized zip lock bags. And, again, still, it is a better idea to put them in your hand luggage.

Buttons: This trick always works in order to keep earring pairs together and untangled necklaces for travel and at home. If you have spare buttons, especially you have larger ones, you can pair your jewelry through the holes and seal the backs, one earing pair per button or one tiny chain per button. When you are packing for a travel, you can put the buttons you want to take in a small zip lock bag or wrap them in a small cloth for added protection. Then you can carry easily in your hand luggage.

Index cards: You can easily keep your earrings organized and easy to find buy using a safety pin to poke holes through an index card then inserting your jewelry and sealing the backs. Then you can wrap a cloth around the card. After that, you can pack it with the rest of your jewelry. Still, it would be a good idea that carries them in your hand luggage.

Small sealable snack cups: If you have small children in the house, you likely have an array of small, sealable plastic bowls or snack cups. As all of us know, these are a great size for storing individual chunkier necklaces, bracelets or earrings, or a collection of earring-pair buttons wrapped in a small cloth. This method makes easier to carry your jewelry in your hand luggage.

Straws: Via using this method, you can keep your necklace chains tangle-free by slipping one end through a drinking straw then closing the clasp. While doing that, you should use one chain per straw. Then you can put all the straw in a toothbrush holder in order to keep your jewelry safe and contained. It is going to be an easier and safer way to carry your jewelry in your hand luggage. If you have also a chunky necklace or two in the mix, then so you can follow the same process by using a toilet paper tube.

Problems with Traveling with Jewelry

There are many common problems that come with traveling with your valuable things which are jewelry. While it can be great to have your favorite pieces of jewelry with you for your once in a lifetime travel experience, there are few reasons that it can be particularly difficult. There are some main problems that everyone can face when traveling with jewelry.

You might lose important pieces of jewelry while traveling. This jewelry might have been very expensive or have sentimental value. You will be so upset when they lost, so it would be a great idea to keep them in your hand luggage.

If you want to carry them in your checked bag haphazardly, your necklaces, bracelets, chains and other types of jewelry may become disorganized and get tangled or knotted up. So, you may want to carry them in your hand luggage in order to check sometimes at least.

It can be difficult to keep track of your jewelry effectively when you are traveling, whether you are on the plane, in the hotel room, or beyond. So, it could be a good idea to keep them with you all the time with your handbag or hand luggage.

Do not think about to wear them while traveling. Because of the fact that wearing jewelry can attract the wrong kind of attention, especially if they do not like cheap, in the form of pickpockets and thieves. So again, it would be a better idea to keep them in your hand luggage with you.

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