Can Jewelry Be in Carry-On Baggage?

You can take some of your possessions with you onto the plane in your carry-on luggage. If you are traveling for a short period of time, you may choose to use only a carry-on to avoid the checked bag fees charged by most airlines. Knowing what you can put in your bag helps you pack efficiently while ensuring that you do not break any airport security rules.

Jewelry is one of the items that you should take in carry on. It is allowed to be in a carry-on bag. It is even recommended to put your jewelry and your valuable items in a carry-on bag rather than in checked luggage, as it is generally safer to bring valuables in your carry-on bag rather than in checked baggage. 

After you leave your bag safe, you don’t know what will happen to it. Your bags can be thrown and your jewelry can be broken and entangled; or worse, someone can open your luggage and steal your jewelry. So always put your jewelry in your carrying bag. Obviously, it is a joke, because of the fact that wearing all of them during your flight would make the walkthrough security pretty complicated.

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) closely monitors the items that you can take on an airplane, so it means that it is highly important to review the list of prohibited items before you travel. If you pack smart and keep your suitcase free of prohibited items, you will speed through the security checkpoints and enjoy a hassle-free flight.

Passengers can feel free to pack clothing, books, magazines and small personal electronics, including laptops, onboard an airplane. You can take your jewelry in carrying on luggage. Taking accessories, jewelry and shoes on the plane are permitted; however, passengers should beware of metal detectors at the airport when packing.

You certainly may carry artificial and valuable jewelry in carry-on luggage on international flights and domestic flights. In fact, there is no problem with carrying any jewel in carrying luggage on an international flight or a domestic flight. You just need to make sure that your jewelry will not be stolen and is not obtained illegally. You may also need to declare it at the arrival airport. Nevertheless, it is still a better idea to carry them with you in hand luggage.

TSA and airline companies make arrangements that will not disturb other passengers. They allow you to take your personal belongings such as books, clothes and small electronics inside the plane unless you disturb others. But in some cases, they may have to make changes. For example, passengers wearing racist, sexist, or offensive clothes may be asked to change their clothes. It depends on the airport you will take off, the country you in and the country you travel in. You can take your pieces of jewelry and small electronics onboard. Nevertheless, i is important to keep in mind that you must pass through the airport scanners while wearing any of those.

In most cases, you do not need to remove your jewelry before going through security, according to the TSA policy. If you are wearing particularly bulky items, you might want to take them off, but smaller pieces such as wedding rings and earrings can usually stay on. If you give any alarms, the staff will work with you to identify the problem. They will help you to take them off.

Before passing through the metal detector, you can speed up the transition by removing your jewelry when it is near you. Removing your jewelry while passing through the TSA checkpoint is a waste of time. Not only is it so unnecessary, but you can also easily lose or forget your jewelry. So, carry-on luggage would be a great preference in case of loss or damage.

There is a high possibility that bulky or metallic jewelry are picked up by the metal detector. These items could be, for example, oversized necklaces, oversized pieces, or watches. But when you do take it off, try to find a safe spot for it in your carry-on bag in order to reduce the likelihood that it will be left in the bin accidentally.

You need to carry the valuables you take with you on your journey to keep them safe. During your flight, you may want such items to be in front of your eyes. In this way, you can travel without the risk of lost baggage that sometimes occurs. Other valuable items include jewelry, rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, pins or collectibles.

Having valuables in your carry-on baggage instead of sending them along in your suitcase, which means carrying them in your checked baggage, simply makes more sense. At least everyone agrees on that for once. If you do have different concerns about what you can bring in a carry-on, you might also want to check out the airplane services. It depends on which airlines you use for flight, however more or less they follow the same rules about carrying jewelry.

Even though most of the time there is no quantity limit for jewelry, let’s say that you exceed the permitted allowances. Then, you will have to pay customs duties. These prices vary according to import regulations of the travel countries.

Jewelry is absolutely not restricted to carry on with you, which means in a carry-on. Restrictions can vary depends on the countries you travel through. Different destinations and different countries have different policies. It depends on how much importance you give them as well. Besides those, there are some items that you are not allowed to take on your flight in your carry-on.

In conclusion, it can be said that if you are traveling, try to pack every jewelry in your carry-on bag. Because of the fact that checked bags have a much greater chance of getting lost or broken during flight. Also, you should keep in mind that you are taking a vacation to relax and have fun and to get away from your daily routine. So, try to keep your jewelry simple and inexpensive so it does not get in the way.

Metal Jewelry and Metal Items

When you walk- through metal detector, so items on you can be detected by it. These items could be metal rings, metal necklaces, metal bracelets, cufflinks, watches, and pins. If you cannot leave home without them, just stick them in your carry-on or checked bag before reaching the conveyor belt and then re-adorn yourself later.

Carrying knives also has certain standards. If the blade is less than 4 inches, you can carry metal and pointed scissors in your portable luggage. You should also wrap your sharp objects in the checked luggage in cases to reduce the risk of injury or damage to your other items. Even though you never are permitted to carry on sharp objects such as box cutters, ice picks, knives, meat cleavers or utility knives, you can pack each of these objects into your checked luggage.

Belts and Belt Buckles

Metal prongs, eyelets, and buckles on belts will also need to be removed. It means that if you cannot quickly take your belt off, it might be time to get some pants that actually fit.

Save The Bling for Later

It would be fine to take off any jewelry that might set off a metal detector before getting to the airport and put it in a bag in your carry-on luggage. When you pass through security, you don’t need to worry anymore. You can put the jewelry back on and leave it there. The same goes for hair barrettes.

Carry-on Allowance

The carry-on allowance varies based on what airline you are flying with, but as a general rule, you are allowed one bag plus one personal item. Do not forget to check the airline’s guidelines before departing for the airport because each airline has a different policy.

Tips for Traveling with Jewelry

The key to pack jewelry for travel is choosing versatile pieces that will work with the clothing you plan to bring, so you do not overpack pieces that you do not wind up wearing. Finding the right way to organize your jewelry so it does not get damaged or lost is also important. The right jewelry case definitely helps for this aim, but you can even use items from around the house to help keep all of your pieces tangle-free when it is time to travel.

  • You need to make a list. You may want to list all the jewelry you will take with you. Keep one copy with you and leave one copy at home. Also, take pictures or a video of your jewelry.
  • You may want to keep expensive or meaningful jewelry in carry-on bags. If you are traveling by plane, you are always better off packing your jewelry in a carry-on bag. However, if you are bringing items that are costly or have great meaning, it is even more important to keep them in your carry-on luggage. Carry-on bags are much less likely to get lost, so you do not have to worry about an heirloom necklace going missing.
  • You should carry it on. It is highly similar to the one above. It is important that never put your jewelry in checked baggage. Instead of doing that, wear it or stow it in your carry-on bag. If you wear it, you should take extra care by slipping a pendant inside a sweater or turning your ring so only the band shows.
  • You need to keep them with you. Put your jewelry in a favorite bag you will carry while traveling. Do not leave your jewelry in an unattended car or suitcase. When checking into your hotel or condo, do not hand your jewelry bag to the hotel staff. It would be better to carry them personally.
  • It is important to use the safe. Always store jewelry in the in-room safe when you are not wearing it.
  • Jewelry insurance is important. Jewelry insurance coverage allows you travel while knowing your jewelry is protected. Even though something happens, you will get something in the end.
  • You should try to pack light and take only the jewelry you will wear while traveling and at your destination. Do not take unnecessary and very expensive jewelry with you.

Packing Advice for Carry-On

Using straws: It is a brilliant way of traveling with necklaces, but only doable if you have access to straws. Loop one end of the necklace through the straw and fasten the clasp.

Small plastic bag: Use one bag per necklace. Drape the clasp out and seal the bag with a small section of the chain on the outside. You can use them for your rings as well.

Towel: Roll up a washcloth or hand towel and slide the bracelets over the rolled-up towel. Tuck the entire towel (with bracelets) into a plastic zip-lock bag in order to keep any bracelets from wandering off.

Buttons: Insert the earring through a buttonhole. One button per earring pair. Spare buttons can be used. You have clothes with those buttons probably. So, you do not need to buy something New. You can gather all your earring-buttons. You can store them in a soft pouch.

Cardboard: Use a stiff piece of cardboard. With a pen tip, punch holes in pairs into the cardboard. Insert earrings through the holes. You need to slide the entire cardboard. In order to use it as a safeguard against any earrings falling down, it is a good way.

Jewelry roll: It is a perfect way to bring a few pieces of jewelry on your trip. And, it is an even better way to keep it all organized.

Jewelry pouch: Slip your earrings on the button into this pouch, wind a necklace around the clasp, and you are good to go.

Plastic quart bag: While it is not high tech, the benefits are amazing. IT allows you to see all your jewelry at once. Due to its material, it is waterproof and durable. If the entire thing breaks, plastic bags are easily replaceable.

Jewelry box: Opt for a jewelry box to keep your jewelry organized and orderly on the road. Go for a small jewelry box so you are not tempted to bring every piece you own.

Pill case: You can use each pill compartment for a piece of jewelry. Using a pill case is nice, tidy, and ideal for traveling with minimal amounts of jewelry or delicate jewelry that likes a hardy spot to live.

LUXJA Travel Jewelry Organizer, Double Layer Jewelry Storage Carrying Case

There is a card in it for dangle earrings and the snaps and Velcro straps designed to keep your necklace chains from tangling. This case has lots and lots of zippered compartments to stash earrings and other baubles. It has adjustable partitions on the bottom zippered area. It is nice and soft so protect jewelry. And as an added bonus, it is small enough to fit in your carry on. Perfect for college jewelry box and good for travel. Compact and well organized. Good closure and quality. There are three different color options that you can choose which are black, gray, and purple.


Teamoy Jewelry Travel Organizer, Quilted Jewelry Roll Storage Bag for Necklace, Earrings, Bracelets, Rings, Brooches and More

This is very convenient for your travels in a carry-on. Quilted and velvet inner material offers great protection for jewelry. Magnetic snaps closure design easy access to close and open. The magic strap and bottom pockets keep necklaces in one place. 2 zipper flaps for all jewelry safe and keep away scratching. Easy to put in your handbag, luggage, backpack for traveling. Design for necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets, brooches keeping well organized, preventing jewelry from tangling. The best gift for mom, girlfriend, daughter, wife, friends on Christmas, Birthday, Anniversary, Valentine’s Day or some festivals. There are two different color options that you can choose which are purple and black.


Q-smile Travel Jewelry Case Jewelry Organizer Bag Double Layer Storage Carrying Pouch Holder for Necklaces, Earrings, Bracelets, Rings, Watch and More, Compact and Portable

This jewelry case helps you carry all types of jewelry in a safe and organized way. It is a cute must-have for travel! It has many compartments to hold various types of jewelry. It is small enough to fit in a handbag. They are available in plain black, khaki flower design, or the vibrant, trendy black flower design. This case is the ultimate solution for those traveling with lots of lovely jewelry and accessories. It has double-layer storage compartments, a carry handle and plenty of room for all of your jewelry.

It is made from high-quality, waterproof material, this case is durable and should last you for a fair few adventures. It is in a nice size. It is big enough for several pieces of jewelry but compact for travel. It has lots of zippered pockets for a safe stowaway, a small card to keep stud earrings, a ring holder and enough space for both small and large necklaces. Inside the case, you will find a magnetic ring bar, necklace snaps with magic holding straps, watch pillows, and earring straps. 


LE Papillion Small Jewelry Box Faux Leather Travel Jewelry Box Organizer | Elegant Outlook Display Storage Case with Large Mirror 

It is just the right size for travel. This has a good amount of space for jewelry for a couple of weeks of travel and sorts things nicely. It is an easy way to keep up with your jewelry in one place. It will be perfect for on the go but also works great for regular storage of jewelry at home. It is about as big as a small book, or a kindle. If you are trying to place your watches in it or larger pieces of jewelry -unfortunately you won’t be able to as it’s meant for smaller pieces but the style quality and color are on point. 

This box is super compact and incredibly lightweight, making it perfect for your stashing in your carry-on luggage when traveling. The box unzips to give you space to neatly store your rings, earrings, necklaces, and other small accessories.

It is elegantly styled while still being practical enough to have a variety of compartments, including a ring bar, dividers, elasticated pocket and even a mirror inside the lid. Choose from either the mini-sized or small box which comes in 4 different colors which are white, pink, sky blue, or black, with all offering soft beige velvet interiors. 


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