Can Jewelry Cleaning Cloths Be Washed?

A polishing cloth is an effective way to clean your precious jewelry. Without a need of taking your jewelry to the jeweler, you can clean it in your house by yourself. However, there is an important point you need to be careful. You should not wash them at all. Washing polishing cloth will remove the polishers. If you are worried that it is getting dirty, you do not need to. Because you can use the same polishing cloth over and over until it becomes black. After using many times, when it gets black, then it is time to get rid of that polishing clot and purchase the new one. It is strongly not recommended to wash polishing cloth.

Even though cleaning cloths take care of your little accessories and jewelry, they need care for themselves as well. If you have a dirty cleaning cloth, it will interfere with your cleaning, leave a gray residue, and make brilliant shine elusive. If you are planning to use a cleaning cloth or polishing cloth, there are some recommendations and suggestions in order to help you with how to take care of cloth itself.

How to Clean a Polishing Cloth

We have mentioned above that it is not recommended to wash polishing clothes. However, if you are not comfortable to use, how should you clean a polishing cloth?

Jewelry polishing cloths add shine to your jewelry due to the tarnish cleaning compounds contained in it. It is useful not to wash the jewelry polishing cloth as the polishing particles touch the fabric as soon as you touch your jewelry. Washing can damage the cleaning compounds contained in it and affect its cleaning ability. When you want to wash your jewelry polishing cloth, you should first check the label or packaging of the product. Many manufacturers agree that these fabrics can be used for a long time without being washed after they become dirty.

How to Take Care a Polishing Cloth

There are some basic suggestions to help you to prevent your polishing cloth from getting dirty easily and to prevent the change early. These can be using a cotton polishing cloth, folding, and unfolding while using it, giving importance to the storage, and disposal.

Choosing a cotton cloth, especially if it is 100% cotton, helps you to achieve the best cleaning results. You can choose pre-treated cloths because they are mostly cotton cloths. You can use them immediately after opening the package. They come ready-to-polish. If you apply polishing liquids and polishing foams with cotton cloths, you will get the best cleaning and shining results ever. In this case, you can wash your cotton cloth in order to clean liquid and foam. Otherwise, it is still not recommended to wash. Let’s say you wash the cloth itself, it means you wash away the cleaning compound as well. And it is not the case we want.

It is highly possible that after using cleaning cloth a couple of times, it becomes darker gray or, even worse, black. The dirt and tarnish will transfer from jewelry to cloth. You can fold the cloth and use different parts. You can repeat the same process again and again until you finish the cleaning. In order to get the best result, you can use the whole cloth by folding and unfolding it.

Another important point is the store in order to take care of your polishing cloth. These cloths mostly come in a package. These packages are suitable for storage. You can easily store them with those packages. It is not a problem to store in the package after using it to clean. As an alternative to those packages, a zip-lock plastic bag is been used as well. You can keep them in a drawer, shelf, or closet easily. While using a polishing cloth, even though it is not recommended, you need to launder the cloth after each use if you use liquid or foam with it.

Disposal is another way to take care of a polishing cloth. Cleaning and polishing cloths are not designed to use after becoming black. You need to throw them away after some point. Because of the fact that using a black cloth is not helpful and effective at all. And even worse, it can ruin your precious jewelry easily. It can leave residue, dirt, and dust, cause scratches and give harm. It is not a wise move to use it after it becomes black. You need to buy a new one.

Tarnished Cloth

It is inevitable that there will be dirt on the polishing cloth after cleaning your precious jewelry. It is just the tarnish after wiping away the dirt from your jewelry. This tarnish could be in different colors, for example, yellow, brown, and black (in most cases). Even in your heavily used and very old jewelry, your jewelry polishing cloth is still one of the most effective cleaning methods. With average home use, you can use the same cloth for about two years without the need for washing. You can also understand when to switch to a new jewelry polishing cloth. When small fabric balls begin to form on your cloth, you should change your cleaning cloth.

Pretreated Cloth Care

When you want to clean your jewelry, fold your cleaning cloth into quarter pieces, and use a small portion each time to polish your jewelry. A portion of your cleaning cloth will be dark gray or black at the end of each use. When this happens, re-fold your cleaning cloth and clean and polish your jewelry with a new piece of cleaning cloth. It is useful to store these cloths in their original packaging or in a resealable plastic bag. It will have a longer usage time.

Washable Polishing Cloth

Although most jewelry cleaning wipes are not washed, some commercially available cleaning cloths can be washed. However, these washable cloths should be used with silver polish liquid or paste. 100% cotton fabrics will be a good choice for this. It is useful to wash these cleaning cloths separately from your other laundry in order to get the best results and do not expose your other laundry to polishing chemicals.

In addition, you can clean your jewelry with various household materials in your cabinets without having to use chemical compounds. For best results, it is recommended to wash it in warm and soapy water before polishing your jewelry.

How can you keep your jewelry shiny?

A polishing cloth is the most effective way to clean your precious jewelry, mostly it is used for silver. It is not recommended to use liquid or paste polish to clean them. These products may clean the silver, but, ruin the jewelry itself. They only bleach the dirt, instead of removing the dirt. If you think that you need a tough cleaning method, then you may need to use a cleaning solution, one of the mild ones.

How long can you use the same polishing cloth?

You should not wash polishing cloth at all. Washing polishing cloth will remove the polishers. If you are worried that it is getting dirty, you do not need to. Because you can use the same polishing cloth over and over until it becomes black. After using many times, when it gets black, then it is time to get rid of that polishing clot and purchase the new one. It is strongly not recommended to wash polishing cloth.

This process takes more or less two years. It becomes black for about two years. It loses its effectiveness. It means that it cleans at some point, but, it doesn’t provide enough cleaning.

Is it recommended to use the polishing cloth on stones?

While cleaning your jewelry, it is not recommended to use polishing cloths on stones. You need to avoid using it on them. Especially these stones are soft stones, you should not even think about using it. Cleaning your stones with a polishing cloth will harm them. It is not recommended at all.

Is there a way to keep your jewelry from tarnishing?

Of course, there are some ways to keep your jewelry from tarnishing. Wearing them is one of the best ways to prevent them from tarnishing. Even though it is a natural chemical process, nobody wants to see their precious jewelry like that. If you do not wear your jewelry and store them for a long time, it is not a good idea. You will faster the tarnishing process in that way. So, if you want to store them, you need to clean them with polishing cloth first, then put in a plastic bag to prevent tarnishing.

Recommended Cleaning and Polishing Cloths You Can Find on Amazon 

Pengxiaomei 50 Pack Jewelry Cleaning Cloth, Polishing Cloth for Sterling Silver Gold Platinum

It is one of the best offers you can find on Amazon. It is highly recommended and preferred. There are two different color options available to choose from which are pink and blue. Besides silver, gold, and platinum jewelry, it is possible to use them on watches and glasses. With its cleaning compound, your jewelry becomes sparkly and shiny again. They come in individual packages and you can store them easily with their individual packages. Even though these are very small cloths, they provide amazing cleaning results. Overall, you will be very pleased and get shiny jewelry with this budget-friendly product. 

Peaknip 100% Cotton Cleaning and Polishing Cloth for Gold, Silver, Diamond, Platinum Jewelry, Precious Stones, Watches and Coins

Thanks to its cotton feature, it is one of the washable cleaning and polishing cloth you can find on Amazon. It works on gold, silver, platinum, diamond, and even gemstones. It cleans, polishes, and provides protection from tarnishing. There are 2 different layers in this cloth. One is for cleaning. The other is for polishing. You will be very satisfied at the end of the process. It keeps your jewelry from scratches. It doesn’t have non-toxic ingredients in it. The size is highly convenient. It can be easily folded and unfolded. In addition to washing, you can fold and unfold in order to take care of a cloth. Overall, it has an affordable price and amazing properties to make you very pleased with your purchase. 

Sunshine 5 Polishing Cloths Jewelry Cleaner Tube Silver Brass Gold Copper

There are 5 different polishing cloths in 5 different tubes in this set. It is very easy to use and easy to store. You do not need to wash them at all. After using them, you can store them in their tubes easily. After becoming black, you should replace it with the new one. Each cloth has a conventional size. You cannot wash them, but, you can use fold and unfold methods in order to take care of your polishing cloth. If you don’t know how to clean your jewelry, these cloths will become your best friend after your purchase. It is even recommended by the most well-known jewelers. 

Simple Shine. New Set of 3 Premium Jewelry Cleaning Cloths – Best Polishing Cloth Solution for Silver Gold & Platinum

It provides 2 steps for deep cleaning. One is for removing the dirt. The other one is for rubbing and polishing. They are larger and more durable than the other polishing cloths you can find on the market. You can clean silver, gold, platinum, palladium, brass, and copper easily with these cloths. It is possible to clean jewelry, watches, accessories, and even instruments. These cleaning and polishing cloths make a real difference. Overall, these are the ones you are looking for and you will get the results you want. 

Connoisseurs Gold Polishing Cloth 

They are extra-large cleaning and polishing clots. There are 2 steps for deep cleaning. As you can imagine, one is for cleaning and the other one is for polishing. It is good for more or less any kind of jewelry, however, they are most suitable for gold. You will be impressed by the results you get. These polishing and cleaning jewelry cloths are well worth the money you are going to spend on.

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