Can Stolen Jewelry be Traced?

It is a horrific and obviously unwanted moment when your stomach lurches and you immediately start to sweat. That time where you realize something has been lost or, worse, stolen from you. It is always traumatic when a cherished piece of jewelry has gone missing, and in the case of theft is often heartbreaking. When you lose something or worse, have an item stolen, it is hard to know what to do next.

So do you just write it off to experience, claim on the insurance and move on? That could be one “solution” to do at least something. But there are other things that you can try to get your precious jewelry back. On the other hand, according to police jewelry without identification is difficult to trace back to an owner unless the owner has taken photographs or videos of it.

Let’s be honest, once a theft has occurred, unless you suspect someone, in particular, getting your jewelry back is not the likely outcome. It does happen though, so do not automatically give up hope. Searching yourself can also often be cathartic, as you will know you did everything you could. The last thing you need is a lifetime of wondering if your jewelry was in a pawn store window a few blocks away, all the time.

If you have had something stolen, then it can be understood exactly what you are going through. Particularly if this is something taken from your home, and by someone who you think might be a family member and that you trusted. The feeling of violation after having something taken you’re your home is horrible. Especially if you think it was family. And even if it was not family, but someone just broke into your home and stole a bunch of jewelry, the feelings do not get much better.

On the other hand, many pieces of jewelry in our world today include some sort of serial number or another. Aside from their original purpose of inventory, they do not seem like much importance to us. However, the inscription numbers found on some jewelry are quite different from those other numbers in that they play an extremely important role in the safety of your stone. Of then with a serial number is registered in the company’s own record system with the name and contact information of he who sent the stone in to be assessed.

Thanks to the wonderful technology we have today, jewelry can be marked in such a way that they can be returned to their owners in case they are lost. Moreover, if you have a serial number of your stones, it will be helpful to track down your jewelry. Just imagine, these small pieces of data, which are placed in jewels, help to be in any stolen state. In this way, jewelry is much easier to find. It is even a great way to eliminate the stolen situation in the first place. It can discourage thieves from this desire. And, let’s say it was stolen and sold, it is easy to find out who belongs by looking at the data in it. With developing technology, this process can be applied without damaging the stone.

In other respect, it is a kind of complicated issue. Because not all jewelry has serial numbers and not all diamonds have serial numbers. In the United States, only diamonds are allowed to engrave a serial number. Because, only diamonds are certificated and these numbers are as a part of certification and selling process belongs to the customer. 

Checklist for Stolen Jewelry

Apart from the fact that you lose jewelry, if this jewelry is a piece of emotional bond, it may be more challenging for you. Loss of an emotional piece of jewelry can be an emotionally disturbing experience, especially if you lost it through theft. There are some recommended measures to prevent this situation. It will be in your best interest to follow these steps to keep your precious jewels safer.

  1. Where did you see your jewelry at last? Do you remember the exact place? When was is? Try to narrow down your steps and possible locations. 
  2. Do you have all the documents about your jewelry? For example; jewelry appraisal certificate, grading certificates, receipts, photos, etc. 
  3. Report to the police. It is a very important step. You need to do it as soon as possible. Don’t forget to give every detail of your jewelry to the police and dot forget to take all detail of report. If it is possible, take a copy of the report. 
  4. Post your report on “stolen and lost notification” to make sure everyone can see. Post on your social media accounts. Don’t forget to put as much as possible details. 

Steps to Follow After Theft

Reporting the theft to the Police

Unfortunately, theft and burglary are a part of life, and although police do their best, it is not always easy to determine if an item being sold is stolen or not, but they really want to help. In order to get that help, before doing anything else, the first spot should be reporting the theft to the police. Crime reference is not only required for a condition of any insurance claim. At the same time, delaying reporting can allow your insurance company to take a closer look at the demand. Reporting to the police is also important from this point of view. Sometimes the police find a stack of items that are stolen in someone’s hands and can match them with the items found in your report. In this way, it can be understood whether it belongs to you. If they cannot find in the short run, you need to ask for a physical copy of that report. With this report, you can do your research by legally.

Let Your Insurance Company Know About the Theft

You should tell your insurance company about the theft. If a piece of jewelry is valuable, they have their own ways and methods to search for it. They start to do it immediately because it is not a wanted situation for them to pay money. Thus, they will put a serious effort and really struggle with it in order to help you.

If jewelry could not be found, then most home insurance policies have to provide some amount of money in terms of insurance coverage. It is a matter of fact that jewelry is considered a high-value feature that can be easily lost or stolen. Therefore, a certain amount is determined even if the jewelry is not the real value and insurance is covered on that amount.

Google Should Become Your Best Friend

There is no one other than yourself who knows the jewelry in detail. If you have a jewelry appraisal, even more, you know. It means that you have an excellent description of your jewelry. Most probably, in that appraisal certificate, there is a picture of your valuable jewelry. If there is not, you can find a picture of yourself while wearing that jewelry in order to be clear about what you are looking for. If a thief knows exactly what he is selling, he also knows that any explanation should be quite accurate to prevent it from apparently looking like a suspicious sale. You can use this situation to your advantage. You can start searching for these features on Google using all the information in the evaluation report. Start searching with multiple features at first and then narrow it down. Gradually reducing the words, continue your search. Even so, there is a good chance that your jewelry will go on sale somewhere, and where the internet will stop being your best friend.

Use Social Media

In today’s world, we cannot deny the help of social media. Post your theft report. Post your stolen jewelry. Post photos of your stolen jewelry. Post of details. The Internet is a huge world and you never know who knows who, who is a friend with who, who follows who… Use your social media accounts wisely in this case.  

Stolen 911

It is a kind of new useful and beneficial website that you can use in case of theft in today’s world. If you have some stolen piece of jewelry, you can make an internet fingerprint of your stolen jewelry and then share the information on Social Media. Stolen 911 is a public use. It is free to use. People can create a database for yourself. They can include everything they want such as stolen rings, watches, necklaces, bracelets, and anything valuable. It is easy to post photographs and documents in order to help pawnshops, law enforcement or anyone connect the stolen jewelry back to its rightful owner. The difference between Stolen 911 and other social media is that Stolen 911 has been established only for detecting stolen pieces of jewelry in order to be traced. They provide amazing service to the community. Their database is very easy to use. It is reachable by everyone and free. Another good thing is that the results are displayed immediately. 

Check Pawn Shops

Pawnshops are the business buying and selling goods. They supply their materials from the public. So, sometimes it is inevitable that they have stolen items as well. It is hard to understand whether the item is stolen or not. Assuming your jewelry was not publicly known and targeted for the theft, it is true that most thieves rarely operate anywhere outside their immediate locality. Because of that reason, you should check pawn shops, make local jewelers aware of the theft so they know if they are offered.  

Pawnshops have a legal duty in order to record the personal information of anybody they do business with, which can help police to catch the thief but, above all else, they have no legal claim on your jewelry. In some states and regions, pawnshops are working with law enforcement officials. It means that they use the same online system. When there is something new in a pawn shop, the owner has to put all the information into that system. If there is a strong similarity with any theft report, the police will understand that this is the item they are looking for. And, this system gives an advantage to police because they know everything on a regular basis without checking to go directly to the pawnshops. 

On the other hand, there are some tips that can help you if you want to do your research yourself. You can also go and ask the pawnshops directly whether they have bought a piece of stolen jewelry recently or not.

There are many different ways pawn shops can track stolen items. These methods usually depend on local jurisdiction in the region they are located in or in the state or they work in cooperation with them. Not all pawnshops around the country operate in the same way as their local jurisdictions, police agencies, sheriff offices, or other local law enforcement agencies in their territory. They work in a system that varies from region to region or from state to state.

Some pawn shops work very well with local law enforcement agencies. After the police department reports that a jewel has been stolen, they remain awake to search for possible store goods.

In some regions, even pawn shops help police. Of course, there is a good and highly important reason behind it. Because pawn shops do not want to buy and sell stolen goods, obviously. Because they know that selling in this way is of no use to them in the long run. If a piece of jewelry that is stolen is brought to them and they understand it, they immediately inform the police and want to show the people in their area how trustworthy business they are. In this case, pawnshops are very important because the thief directly goes to them to get cash money.

Pawnshops will use their own methods in order to track stolen jewelry or any stolen product to assist the police. This is not a very different service than what they actually do. They still continue to serve the people in the region. At this point, you should understand that pawnshops want to be a valuable and reliable business in their community, in the are they place in. To ensure this trust, hostages will do their best, and even more, to help police agencies find out who they have committed a crime or to track down those who will harm the communities they work with, work together and serve.

Tips to Protect Your Valuable Jewelry

With the increase in gold’s market value, necklaces, rings, bracelets, and other gold or non-gold jewelry has become more of a target for thieves. Prevention is the best medicine, and that is certainly the case when it comes to missing or stolen goods. On the other hand, there are some tips that you can use in order to protect them from theft.

  • Take pictures of jewelry and other valuables.
  • Keep detailed descriptions of your valuable jewelry, and inscribe them if possible.
  • If there is a serial number on the jewelry, record it and keep it in a safe place just in case.
  • Do not leave your valuable jewelry unattended.
  • Use memory tricks. For people who just cannot help misplacing things, try some extreme memory tricks in order to burn the last known location into your brain.
  • Get an anti-theft bag.
  • Always lock your home, and hide any valuables you keep in your car or bank in a safe.
  • Report stolen items to the police immediately when you realize.

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