Comprehensive Information on Earrings: One of the First Jewelry Used by Mankind (Complete Guide)

The earring is a type of jewelry that is attached to the earlobe or to another part of the ear by piercing as a jewelry accessory product.

Although earrings are more common among women, they are one of the preferred accessories by men as well. Earrings were used extensively in history by many communities who lived in different civilizations at different times.

Earrings made of precious materials fall into the category of jewelry. They are usually used for aesthetic purposes. On the other hand, they are also used for religious or symbolic purposes from the past to the present day.

Earrings can be made of any material, including metal, plastic, glass, precious stones, beads, wood, bones and other materials. The beautiful jewelry we wear is one of the most striking signs of our style. Although everyone seems to follow fashion and dress the same as each other, there are some details that distinguish our styles. Earrings are one of the most important details. Colorful, sparkling, simple or very flashy model earrings actually have overtones from our aesthetic point of view as well as our lifestyle.

Earrings have been among the most widely used jewelry accessories both for men and women from the past to the present. With the growing jewelry sector, many minerals were processed to increase the variety of earrings and similar jewelry. Even though earrings are used mostly by men at early times, this trend decreased over time, and today women began to use earrings more frequently.

History of the Earrings

Ear piercing is one of the oldest known forms of body replacement and gives us the artistic and written references of cultures from all over the world. Even in prehistoric times, people tried to influence their opposite sex by wearing something in their ears as an ornament or a talisman. As in every cultural exchange, earrings are first found in Egyptians. Then it appeared in the Babylonians and Asian civilizations only as jewelry worn by men and indicating the rank in society. Scientific research shows that ear piercing is one of the oldest known forms of body change.

Gold, silver and bronze hoop earrings are common in Minoan civilization (2000ik1600 BC). The earliest evidence of men’s earrings can be seen in archaeological evidence from Persepolis in ancient Persia. Carved pictures of the soldiers of the Persian Empire were exhibited on some of the walls of the palace.

In his statements about Tutankhamun’s tomb, Howard Carter writes that Pharaoh’s ear holes were pierced, but that there were no earrings in the tomb. The grave mask ears were also pierced, but the holes were covered with gold discs. This shows that only children were wearing earrings in Egypt at that time. Earrings were fashioned in English palaces as well during the English Renaissance in the 1590s. For example, in a document published in England in 1577 by William Harrison, a pastor of England, “Some lustful palaces and gentlemen, in their ears, they wear gold rings, stones or pearl rings” is written.

Among the sailors, a pierced earlobe meant that the wearer had traveled the world or crossed the equator. Also, when sailors set sail to the obscurity of the ocean with wooden ships, no one could be confident that they could return to their home and family from these long voyages. In order to be prepared for the worst of what might happen, in the case if they were victims of an accident and their bodies were washed up onto a shore, they would wear gold earrings so that they would be recognized and be able to pay for their the funeral and burial expenses.

The practice of earrings was a tradition for Ainu men and women, but the Japanese government banned the Ainu men from wearing earrings in the late 19th century. Earrings were also widespread among the nomadic Turkish tribes.

In the late 1950s or early 1960s, the practice reappeared, but since there was not a large commercial market, most of the ear-piercing work was done at home. Young girls organized house parties for ear piercing. This event is described in the 1978 movie, Grease.

In the early 1970s, ear piercing was common among women, thus creating a wider market for the procedure. Stores around the country would organize ear-piercing activities supported by earrings manufacturers. In these activities, a nurse or another trained person would perform the procedure either by manually pushing a sharpened and sterilized initial earring from the ear loop or by using a modified ear piercing instrument designed by the doctors.

Earring Models

Choosing the right jewelry model is quite important because it reflects our style to other people. That is how people think of you, so it is very important that you create your style by paying attention to the jewelry you choose. Here, I have compiled all earring models for you.

  • Pendant Earring (Eardrop) Models: No matter how much the fashion changes, pendant earrings are somehow in our lives. Even the color, material, shape or stone changes, they somehow take their place again in our ears. Pendant earrings with many different materials such as tassel, stone, and feather, can be found nearly anywhere.

  • Hoop Earring Models: Hoop earrings, one of the most known earring models, are available in all styles with both simple, stony and beaded models. Metal hoop earring models are very useful in daily life. Especially gold earring models are extremely stylish and attractive.
  • Classic and Modern Pearl Earring Models: If you are looking for a classic earring, I can offer you pearl earrings. The pearl is not only preferred as a wedding jewel, but it is possible to see it in the daily life of the women. It is a style especially preferred by women in business life. Classic stone earrings can be an indispensable part of daily life and special nights.
  • Tasseled Earring Models: Tassel fashion, which is the trend of the past season, continues to be the trend with tasseled earring models. In 2019, the tasseled earring fashion seems to be completely reappeared, while at the same time it seems that the stone earrings will be used more heavily. One of the most important points to pay attention to when using this type of earrings is that you should not leave your hair completely open. You can make a light bun or you can tie your hair from the back. This will help you look more elegant and thin.

  • Stud Earrings Models: Multicolored stud earrings are quite common in these days. The metallic long slim bar that starts in the form of a chain and sometimes adorned with big colored crystal stones and beads creates an extraordinary and lively appearance. It is also a factor in showing the neck long. When we look at the present day, it continues to take its place as a kind of earring that is one of the indispensable jewelry of women.
  • Natural Stone Earring Models: Natural stones, which are one of the most special and beautiful gifts presented to us by nature, are frequently used because of their healing properties as well as their extremely aesthetic appearance. Minimal jewelry with natural stones stands out this season as in the past. It seems who love minimalist pieces and the elegance of those will be more than happy this season. It is well known that natural stones have been formed in the earth for a long time and that they are scientifically proven to attract the person by providing positive energy vibrations.
  • Figured Earring Models: Earrings models that attract attention as a complement to the dress are attractive details for women. Among the numerous models offered for different tastes and preferences, figurative earrings come to the forefront with their uniqueness. They can have sometimes a human silhouette, sometimes a butterfly and even a Santa Claus design. You can choose what you want among those figured earring models and draw attention with your unusual style.

  • Wooden Earrings Models: Recently, we have encountered the most preferred natural materials such as wood and bamboo earrings. These kinds of earrings, which are unlimited in color and design, take their place in our daily life in the most beautiful way, sometimes with a leaf motif and sometimes with geometric shapes. They stand out as a unique complement to sportswear.
  • Ear Cuff Models: Ear cuffs are the latest style of fashion trend. This type of earring that completely wraps the cartilage of the ear continues to be indispensable for the women who want to reflect their style. These earrings, which provide a small connection with the ear hole, will help you to show you more dynamic.
  • Ear Piercings: Unlimited use of accessories has become widespread day by day. One of the most important of these is ear piercings. Many demanding styles and models are available, especially for young people. Some models are very risky and painful, even though the use of ear piercings is rising every day.

Here are some of them;

  • Orbital Model: You must have two holes in your ear that matches with each other if you want to wear these earrings. This way, you can make an interesting style in your ear.

  • Antitragus Piercing: Antitragus is the name given to the cartilaginous protrusion of the outer ear. Antitragus piercing earrings are used as a type of piercing which is applied by piercing the outer ear canal and earlobe. It is said to be effective especially in the weight loss processes if it contacts with the acupuncture points by coincidence.
  • Daith Piercing: Daith piercing is a type of piercing earring attached to the holes in the cartilage tissue inside the ear. After a bit of a painful process, they stand as really stylish earrings. It is said that this type of earring is good for migraine pain due to coinciding with acupuncture points.
  • Conch (In-Ear) Piercing: A type of piercing earring made by piercing the ear canal through the cartilage (full inner part). Large, ball or closed rings can be applied successfully in this piercing method. Using flat and lithe jewelry will help the ear recover faster.

  • Industrial (via rook): It is the process of piercing 2 or more separate zones of the cartilage, connected with a rod earring. The area to be pierced must be well adjusted.
  • Tragus Model: This type of piercing is applied to the region where the cartilage fold is the hardest. This is the most trendy piercing earring model today.
  • Lobe Piercing: It is an earring type used for piercing the ear lobe part. It is a region that is less painful than cartilage and has a very short recovery period. We often encounter this type of piercing since it is the most preferred type.

What to Consider When Choosing Earrings?

Jewelry is indispensable for women. Earrings are one of the most important jewelry among basic jewel types. Although fashion is the one’s own choice, different earring models appear every season. The earrings, which are a complemental part of your clothes, are a must-have for your elegance. I’m happy to share the information that I think will help you at this point with you, our valuable readers. You should know that the shape, size, structure, and color of the earrings you buy actually reflect your style. I think that this choice will help you reveal your personality. So, what should we pay attention to when choosing earrings?

  • If you are in the business environment, you may prefer classic pearl earrings that are simpler, formalize your look and do not strain eyes.
  • If you are invited to a night event, you can choose a natural stone or zircon stone earring which is more luminous and in line with the clothes you wear.
  • If you have worn gold earrings, I recommend you to choose your other jewelry accordingly.
  • I recommend that women who prefer small bun or ponytail hairstyles should use bigger piece earrings that are more assertive.

  • If you choose a large earring with a shaky or flashy shape, leaving your neck open may make you look more pleasant and elegant. If you don’t want your neck to be open, I suggest you choose a small necklace.
  • Usually, you can combine stylish bracelets with flashy earrings.
  • If you are wearing jeans or linen with a sports shirt, I think the earrings that are shaky and ornamented with stones will complement your elegance.
  • Especially the hoop earrings with sports clothes can look more elegant.
  • If you are wearing a dark color dress, I would recommend you to choose light-colored earrings. The contrast of colors will produce a harmonious image.
  • Even if you want to wear sportswear, you can draw attention to your style with an earring you can wear. Small shaky or wooden earring models can provide a pleasant display.

  • If you have a petite appearance, it is a good idea to stay away from the large selection of earrings. Fine, not too long earrings or pendant, ball or hoop earrings may be more suitable for you.
  • Tall people are more fortunate about earrings. They can choose small earring models to balance the aspect ratio.
  • For women with large breasts, my suggestion is long pendant earrings
  • If you have a long face, you can use more drop shaped earrings. Hoop earrings will show your face more rounded.
  • For women who have a square face, I recommend choosing flower earrings, hoop earrings, or pendant earrings to soften their masculine structures a little bit.
  • I recommend that women with round faces stay away from the circle hoop earrings. Thin long pendant earrings and earrings having a ball inside will be more suitable for you.

  • If you have an oval face, I would say you’re more fortunate to choose earrings. There are many earrings to choose, especially flowering, tassels, heart-shaped earrings will be suitable for your face.
  • You can also choose earrings seasonally. I recommend you to choose natural earrings, metal earrings, wooden or tassel detail earrings, especially for winter. In addition, the colors of the earrings you have selected and the choice of material should be directly proportional to both your clothing and your physical structure. You can make the winter’s cold face softer with the earrings you have chosen.
  • In particular, I recommend you choose the earrings that match your skin color. People with clear skin should prefer colored beaded earrings such as white mineral and colored natural stone earrings.
  • I recommend that wheat-skinned women to make a choice of earrings with rose color. Especially earrings with a pink stone or yellow earrings will match your skin color. If the earring to be worn is selected correctly, you can easily ensure your face shape to be perceived as desired.

Earring Culture

At early ages, the gold rings which were very large in diameter were replaced by smaller hanging earrings in time. In the Babylonians and Asian civilizations, the earrings become jewelry that only men wear and that shows ranks within the society. As the art of gold embroidery evolves, earrings become more elegant. While the Greeks are using rattling gold earrings, the Romans put precious stones on the earrings. In the Middle Ages where freedom is limited, the earrings started not to be used but they reappear again with the Renaissance Period. In those times, women used to wear earrings on two ears, while men wear only on their left ears.

Men often preferred the earrings adorned with pearls. In the 18th century, diamonds came into fashion, while stones with reliefs went like a bomb in the 19th century, and earrings became outmoded. However, they soon became fashionable again in the 20th century with high-speed drilling tools and hygienic ear piercing facilities. Besides being ornamental, they also have some messages depending on where they are attached.

According to some scientists, in the process of human evolution, the ears of the first humans were too large and drooping to protect the ear canals. According to another view, the ear lobes were an organ of sexual attraction at the time of our ancestors. There are already many organs like appendicitis that were being used in the first humans and now are not used in our bodies. Our body is like a museum that reflects the history of human evolution.

In fact, since most of us do not know the history of the earrings, we think it is an accessory used by men after 2000 and it is not actually the fact that they are wearing earrings in many cultures and in many civilizations in history.

Is Wearing Earrings Harmful?

Earrings are among the most widely used accessory products for both men and women. I am going to present you the explanations made by the experts since you are curious about the issues such as what are the damages of wearing earrings.

According to a study in the UK, it was found that using earrings was a damaging condition in terms of body balance. Besides, it was also determined that there was a risk of a series of disorders that disrupt the general health. The earrings, which are the must-have accessory of the ladies, are now being valued by some gentlemen in our age. However, earrings seem to be a factor that may cause back pain, even causing damage to the nervous system.

However, those side effects are not limited to wearing earrings. Rings, necklaces, bracelets and other similar metal accessory products create negative effects within the body. Metal accessories cause a chain reaction in the body when they contact with the skin, and many muscle settings are negatively affected. The nervous system, which intends to eliminate the irregularities in the muscles, is quickly triggered, and after that, the muscles are subject to too much stress. There are crises and lumbar diseases associated with it. It’s really surprising that a tiny piece of metal may hurt that much.

One of the most dangerous effects of wearing earrings is the continuous emergence of all damages. In fact, the individual is not able to get rid of the problems he experienced because of wearing earrings or metal jewelry, after a while, the same problems recur. Avoid metal earrings and jewelry to prevent these chronic problems.

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