Gold Jewellery vs Silver: What Is the Difference?

Gold and silver are two useful and quality metals used in many areas of life. Jewelry has been produced using gold and silver mines since their discovery. The gold mine is more valuable than the silver mine because it is rarer, but the silver mine was discovered later than the gold mine because it is located very deep and in certain areas. Silver, which has a white and metallic color, is used today by mixing with metals such as copper, zinc, or lead. This is because the silver is too soft (easily bent) and the raw state is too expensive. The silver used in jewelry is 925 carat. Gold jewelry has different carat values as well. So which one do you think the better? Gold jewelry or silver?

Gold jewelry includes necklaces, rings, earrings so does silver. The difference between them is their price difference. In today’s article, I will explain both gold jewelry and silver in terms of their properties and values. After reading the article, you can decide to choose the one you want. Yet, in my opinion, both of these valuable metals are used to make great jewelry. So whichever you choose, you won’t regret it. Let’s start!

About Gold Jewelry

Known as the oldest precious metal, gold is a durable and malleable mine with a history dating back to the depths of history. This precious metal has won the admiration of all people for centuries and has thus become used as a gem. Gold, which has not lost its value throughout history, has been used by civilizations for years. Gold, which was money in the form of sticks for the Egyptians in 3200 BC, became a piece of jewelry for Peruvians in 2000 BC. In 550 BC, it was produced as money by the order of Lydian King Krezos and stimulated trade.

Since the early ages, gold has attracted the attention of people with its ability to be found free in nature, its bright yellow color, and its easy processing. If we explain scientifically, gold is denoted by the AU symbol in chemistry. It has properties such as being bright yellow, resistant to acids, not reacting easily. Since gold is not affected by air and water, it is a substance that will never darken or become dull. Since gold is very soft in its pure state, it is also very easy to process and shape. Its bright yellow color and sparkle are one of its attractive features. For all these reasons, gold is considered to be the most precious metal throughout history and today. The purity of gold is expressed in jewelry as “carats” or “carat”. 24-carat gold refers to 100% pure gold, while 22 carat means 91.6% pure gold.

Gold has been used in a wide variety of fields throughout history. It is possible to come across statues, pots, and pans made of gold, and jewelry. Because it is easy to process; It has also been used in carved inlaid art types requiring fine and detailed craftsmanship, and materials such as wood and leather. Nowadays, gold is still the most popular jewelry and is one of the jewels whose popularity never goes out of fashion. It is now preferred by every segment of the society, young and old, as it is handcrafted and designed in much more modern styles and in accordance with today’s fashion. In addition, since gold has never lost its value, it has always been the first choice of those who want to invest with the term “under the pillow”.

Since there will be a loss of value in the handcrafted jewelry during the exchange, it is useful to choose this type of gold only as jewelry. For investment, you can prefer gold that we call ingot that never loses value. Nowadays, another issue that is changing about gold is that we can now make gold purchases only from jewelers and goldsmiths on the online jewelry sites that sell under the name of “online jewelry”. We should choose a reliable online jewelry site.

Properties of Gold Jewelry

According to the researches conducted in 2009, a total of 161,000 tons of gold has been extracted from mines throughout history. Today, gold is used in industrial areas such as decoration, medicine, dentistry, electrical/electronics, chemical industry, space industry, as well as jewelry. This rare metal is malleable, stronger in density, and weight ratio than other metals. Since it can be used in industrial areas and does not show distortion even when melted at high temperatures, it has never lost its value. The value of gold is based on its purity.

The unit of measure “carat” is used to describe the purity of gold in the world. Gold, which is 24 carats (carat), is 100% pure gold. If 8.4% of gold is completed with other metals, 22 carats of gold is obtained. Since the special state of gold is very soft, its setting and color are determined by mixing with additives (copper, silver, brass, etc.) in order to increase the durability of gold, to give color, and to appeal to different preferences.

It is possible to give four main colors to gold.

  • White gold
  • Yellow gold
  • Green gold
  • Red (pink) gold

Gold, which can be mixed with different metals and take on different colors, does not lose its value in these changes. In case the complementary metal is silver, copper, and zinc, the color called green gold is caught, while if the complementary metal is mainly copper, the red (pink) gold color is caught. Yellow gold is obtained by mixing copper and zinc or copper and silver with gold. White gold, on the other hand, is produced by the complementary use of various metals close to white. White color is obtained when gold is mixed with complementary metals such as nickel, zinc, copper, and manganese. At the end of this production, gold, which has an off-white color, reaches the desired full white color with rhodium plating.

In jewelry kept in closed areas for a long time, oxidation due to lack of oxygen is experienced. This situation causes a color change in your jewelry. You should keep your jewelry away from chemical substances such as bleach and acetone. Gold, which can be destroyed by chemicals, can also be damaged by simple chemical mixtures such as dishwashing detergent and hand cream. You should also remove your jewelry before starting your work that requires muscle power and entering pools containing chlorine. Your gold and similar precious jewelry can cause scratches and deformation if they touch each other. Accordingly, you need to store your jewelry in separate areas.

In fact, the term “variable” would not be wrong when it is used for gold prices. Because the gold market varies per gram based on 24 hours and does not have different prices locally. The USA comes to mind first when it comes to the gold market, which is closely followed by investors and business people, with sudden changes affecting all sectors. With the gold reserves in his hands, political developments and economic events in his country cause the value of gold to go up and down. Since its value is expressed in dollars, there are ups and downs with the change in the dollar. However, in times of war, when natural disasters are frequently experienced, when hunger and disease outbreaks increase, events that affect countries collectively also experience enormous changes.

About Silver Jewelry

Silver, one of the precious metals, is widely used today. Today, silver is a popular metal in jewelry work, making ornaments for spaces, industry, electrical systems, and many other areas. The fact that it reflects the light very well and that it is a soft and easily processed metal are the factors in choosing silver in this field. In addition to all these, the benefits of silver are quite high. The history of silver goes back thousands of years. It was found later than the gold and copper mine in the 3000s BC. Silver, which was used by the Egyptians, Chinese, and Persians in the period before Christ, was also widely used in the Ancient Greek period.

There is surprising information about silver in history. In the period of Julius Caesar (Roman Empire) in BC, silver was a well known and highly preferred mine. Silver was one of the most useful metals used in medicine at that time. Silver used in the treatment of burns, wounds, and cuts has also been used in eating and drinking equipment such as water containers, plates, forks, knives, and spoons. Silver, which has high healing power, also has the ability to remove bacteria. For this reason, silver water containers were used in that period, especially during the war periods, in order to keep the water clean and clean the water from bacteria. Silver was also used as a food and beverage equipment. It was thought that eating the food in silver containers was healthy and beneficial for digestion.

By the 14th century AD, silver saved the lives of millions of people. Silver was used against the plague and many people’s lives were saved. Of course, silver was not used in medicine as we know it today. Silver, which has undergone various processes, was transformed into small particles and used as a vaccine. Thanks to the blood circulation, the particles spread throughout the body and destroy the bacteria. The people, who knew that silver was a powerful source against bacteria, even used silver spoons in the feeding of babies at that time. It has also been observed in history that silver metal leaves were used instead of bandages. As with everything else, too much silver is harmful. At that time, people who used excessive amounts of silver had “argyria disease”. Silver benefits include:

  • Silver is the first known antibiotic substance.
  • Since silver has an antibacterial effect, silverware such as forks, spoons, knives, water containers are produced from silver.
  • Silver has an anti-microbial effect. Thanks to this effect, silver has been used in medicines used in burn treatment, where infection control is required.
  • The Romans treated wounds and cuts with small pieces of silver.
  • Silver is protective against radiation.
  • Silver and silver water have been used in diseases such as diabetes, psoriasis, eczema, foot odor, itching.
  • Silver ions are very effective in bone development.
  • Silver, which has a conductive feature, prevents static electricity very quickly and removes the body from stress.
  • Silver has been used to combat infections and colds.

In short, silver is a metal with many benefits. However, it should not be forgotten that it is not widely used in medicine today. It can be used as jewelry to take advantage of its effects. However, its use instead of medication, somehow uncontrolled intake of it into the body may have negative consequences. The information here does not replace consulting a doctor. People with a silver allergy should be more careful about this.

Properties of Silver Jewelry

The use of silver as jewelry has many benefits. After wearing silver, improvements are seen in mood energy levels, and balance. Silver jewelry also keeps the blood vessels elastic, showing this in the maintenance and repair of the skin in bone formation and healing. Positive energetic silvers stimulate the body’s natural conductivity, blood circulation, and balance body temperature. Keeps electromagnetic radiation away from the body. It increases self-confidence and encourages the person. Silver, which is not resistant to oxidation, darkens very quickly, oxidizes later than copper mine, but slightly faster than the gold mine.

The setting used in some countries for jewelry production varies between 950 (1st setting) and 800 (2nd setting). In addition, household items are downloaded up to 750 from time to time. As long as the copper content in silver does not exceed 50%, its color is white. The lower settings are usually plated products. For this reason, when buying silver products, it is recommended to check the settings and shop from reliable places. If you want to carry your precious stones on you, you can choose silver-mounted ones.

Silver is a metal that is easily oxidized and immediately darkens. The reason for this is sulfur and hydrogen sulfide. There are several methods for polishing silver. However, the methods you try to shine your jewelry at home can damage your silver. For this reason, it is more appropriate to polish it in silver workshops. In addition, various brightening products for silver are sold on the market. You can also shine your silver with these products. However, here are a few methods you can apply at home:

  • Washing with hot water and ammonia: After soaking in ammonia water for a few minutes, you can gently clean your silverware with a soft-tipped brush. If the jewelry is stony, the stone may be damaged. Be careful.
  • After soaking in carbonate and lemon water for a few minutes, you can wipe it with a clean cloth.
  • Erasing it with an eraser will make your silver shine.
  • To prevent your silver from darkening;
  • Keep away from detergent, soap, perfume, acetone, cologne.
  • Keep away from seawater,
  • It will darken faster when it comes into contact with sweat, especially in summer.
  • Protect your silver from scratches and bumps,
  • Wipe the silver polishing cloth frequently on your jewelry,
  • When not in use, keep it in a closed box away from light.
  • Avoid contact with oxygen.

925 carat is used in silver jewelry, which was used as a currency in the past. Silver settings are measured with a system of 1000. The purest silver is considered to be 1000. 925 sterling silver known as “Sterling Silver” is used in jewelry and jewelry making. 925 sterling silver consists of 92.5% silver + 7.5% copper. Household items made of silver such as forks and spoons are 90% silver + 10% copper.

Considerations When Buying Silver Jewelry

Silver is a valuable metal that has been used in many areas of daily life for centuries. Today, the most common usage area is jewelry and ornaments. Silver appeals to all segments of the society compared to other precious metals in terms of purchasing power, and also the brightness and elegance of silverware make the items produced from this precious metal a reason to choose. We have all used silver jewelry and items or received gifts, so do you know what should we pay attention to when buying silver, and how to understand real silver?

The most important thing to pay attention to when buying silver is the setting that must be placed on the silver item. While silver is being processed for a very soft mine groove like other pure metals, certain proportions of alloys (copper, alloy, etc.) are mixed into it to facilitate its use and processing, the substances mixed into it determine the setting of the silver. Silverware is produced in 800, 900, and 925 carats in general. These settings are determined as follows;

  • 800 sterling silver: 1 kilogram of silver means 800 grams of pure silver and 200 grams of alloy.
  • 900 sterling silver: 1 kilogram of silver means 900 grams of pure silver and 100 grams of alloy.
  • 925 sterling silver: 925 grams of 1 kilogram of silver means pure silver and 75 grams means alloy.

The setting in real silver must be strictly specified by the manufacturer. However, the misunderstanding of the setting does not prove that this item is real silver. Another question that silver producers and those who sell them often encounter “it will not tarnish, right?” is the question. Tarnish is inherent in silver, we must keep it away from humid environments and avoid contact with water to delay the tarnishing of silver. Another issue we should pay attention to while buying silver is its price. Factors affecting the price of the product; setting is the workmanship and grams, the first factor that affects the setting is the care and meticulousness in workmanship will increase the value of your silver product.

Determining whether the silver is genuine is a matter of expertise, so the surest way to prove it is that the brand or shop where you bought your silver item is registered with the chamber of commerce. The brand name registered with the setting will be stamped on the products of the manufacturer brand registered in the chamber of commerce. If there is no setting or stamp on the silver product you bought, you should definitely have it examined by a silver repairer to make sure it is genuine.

Gold Jewelry vs Silver as Investment Tools

Global markets continue their negative course, as macroeconomic data remain below expectations and continuing geopolitical risks increase recession concerns. Last week, weak growth figures from Europe, loss of momentum in industrial production in China, Brexit, and developments regarding the trade war led to a decrease in global risk appetite, while volatility in these markets increased, and precious metal prices such as gold and silver were moving. While the uncertainty in the global markets and the distrust of the system supported safe-haven purchases for precious metals such as gold and silver, an ounce of gold tested the $ 1530 levels that were predicted while trading at $ 1400 in previous analyzes.

While the demand for safe harbor stems from the fact that gold and silver protect their value in periods when the trust in paper or coins decreases, these precious metals are sometimes preferred for value storage and sometimes for investment purposes. While making precious metal investment decisions, investors in financial markets mostly look at the gold/silver ratio. This ratio shows us how many ounces of silver one ounce of gold can be bought. If gold is more popular than silver, the ratio is moving upwards, while the decrease in the ratio is considered to be a sign of increasing demand for silver. Silver generally tends to depreciate faster than other precious metals as precious metals weaken, while in the bull markets it is entering the process of gaining value more rapidly. From this point of view, it is possible to say that silver is sensitive to the developments in the market, so its beta coefficient is high.

When the gold/silver ratio increases or goes above 50, it means that silver is cheap. The rise in ounce gold prices is followed by the rise in silver prices. In the first stage, while ounce gold prices increase, then silver prices are also rising. There are many reasons to say that the uptrend in gold and silver will continue. As the US-China Trade War resumes, concerns about global growth remain lively. Central banks are increasing their gold reserves due to the fluctuations and increasing uncertainties in reserve money economies. Their reluctance to hold dollars due to sanctions risk, geopolitical risk, and trade war are among the most important reasons. According to some market analysts, ETF demand is among the developments that will support the upward movement of the gold price.

Last week, the US 10-Year Bond yields dropping below the 2-Year Bond yields are among the reasons that highlight the possibility of a global recession. Geopolitical uncertainties are also a risk factor for financial markets. The erosion of confidence in the monetary policies of the Central Banks and the decrease in confidence in paper money also support the prices of precious metals.

Apart from the negative picture in the global economy, the monetary policies to be followed by the FED and ECB will also be determinant in the prices of precious metals. While the interest rate cut is expected from the FED and ECB in September meetings, additional monetary incentives will cause new targets in precious metals. The combination of additional monetary incentives, negative interest rate environment, and even expansionary fiscal policies with global uncertainties will increase the demand for precious metals such as gold and silver.

In the process that started with the FED’s point of an interest rate cut in May, while silver rose by 21%, gold rose by 17%. We expect the demand for precious metals to continue due to interest rate cut cycles and global recession prospects, while prices are on an upward trend, while silver’s momentum will be higher. While the gold/silver ratio is at 88, silver will receive more demand from other precious metals, considering the market sensitivity, exceeding the 5-year average of $ 16 may be the target price of the 10-year average of $ 21 in the medium term. Possible withdrawals can be traced to $ 16.75 for 1 year and $ 16.25 for 5 years.

How to Invest in Gold and Silver

Silver can make a great contribution to the portfolio of investors, although there is not much chance given next to a safe harbor like gold. Those who invest in precious metals really enjoy the sense of confidence, stability, and profit that comes with owning a metal like silver. We can say that there are many options in front of you when it comes to investing in silver, and as with all investments, there are various risks besides the reward. Therefore, it is very important to consider the advantages of owning silver and your investment strategy when comparing your investment options. Let’s dive deep into the silver investment. As an investment, silver has similar purposes to gold. Although silver has industrial uses such as jewelry, its pricing is shaped primarily by supply and demand, then by investor speculation.

Precious metals such as gold and silver are often in demand during periods of uncertainty in currencies and economic problems. Silver is often used as a safe haven against monetary fluctuations or as a stockpile for cash during times of economic volatility and unrest. The silver market is much smaller compared to the gold market. This creates higher volatility in prices. Therefore, investing in silver is a risky choice for most investors. In order to hedge this risk, investing in relatively small amounts, such as 5% or less of the investor’s total portfolio, is more appropriate for diversity purposes. Some investors may also choose to buy precious metals such as gold, silver, platinum, or copper in physical form such as bullion. Others may prefer investment tools such as stocks, mutual funds, forex, ETF.

Much of the appeal of assets like silver is that it provides investors with an opportunity to trust and protect. So those who invest in precious metals don’t just focus on the numbers on the screen. There are several options for those looking to invest in silver. You can physically purchase commodities and find a safe way to store silver bullion. You can invest in silver-backed Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) that are traded in the market and offer higher liquidity. You can purchase silver futures contracts (VIOP). You can make silver buy/sell transactions in Forex markets. Generally, this is the most preferred form of investment.

Under normal circumstances, although investors are used to trading grams of gold and grams of silver in the spot market, trading in ounces can generally be made in the forex markets. Various locations in the world’s 1 / 1000th up to the forex market with opportunities to trade with leverage. This rate can be valid not only in parities but also in gold and silver transactions. However, more cautious investors can open as many gold and silver positions in the forex markets without using leverage.

Alternatively, you can buy stocks from a silver mining company. Investors who advocate investing in precious metals will say that these mines are safe. However, there are a few things they won’t say. Metal prices, including silver, can vary widely. In addition, high commission expenses often occur when investing in silver stocks. If your investment portfolio is diverse enough but you have invested too much in silver, you may be vulnerable to silver’s price fluctuations and miss out on other potential investment opportunities. However, investing in silver and/or gold is still safe enough because of the metal market all around the world, ie the demand for the metal will never end so the prices of silver and gold will not decrease that much even if the prices fall in general.

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