Hip-Hop Jewelry: Why Is Jewelry Important for Rappers? (Recommended Products)

Wearing jewelry is a kind of their signs, people in the hip-hop world. It is the first thing they do in the morning, wearing big, enormous, and eye-catching jewelry. If we say that hip-hop jewelry is the most magnificent jewelry of the jewelry industry, we would not lie. These types of jewelry mostly preferred by people in the rap industry. They love wearing big and eye-catching jewelry in terms of size and shines. You can find jewelry in all kinds of models and shapes, from necklaces to earrings, crosses to special pieces, and even dental accessories. 

Although the sizes they prefer to vary depending on the type of jewelry they prefer, they usually consist of flashy and garish jewelry. Gold, silver, and usually diamonds are used too much.

Especially golden chains are among the most preferred jewelry in the world of hip-hop. The fact that it is made of gold is very important for them as it is an indication of wealth. This wealth is considered an indicator of their attitude. They think they are successful at what they do and deserve it as a product of their hard work. On the other hand, another meaning of wearing gold chains is that, unlike the first one, they see their wealth as a way to hide. They think it is a way to showcase their joy.

Bright and shiny chains are a way for them to shine in the crowd. The gold necklace is also a way of saying “I am brighter than you” in some way. “I am jewelry, I have a unique skill and I shine.” People wearing big gold necklaces are very cool in the world of Hip-hop. They use the word “bling-bling” to describe big gold chains. 

The gold chain expresses an attitude and behavior. The flashy stance of the gold chain actually integrates with the desires of the human being. That’s why the rappers place the gold chain in the foreground. Their desires are more important to them than anything else. And rap is a passion, a desire for them.

In short, to summarize, why do people love and want to wear gold necklaces so much in the world of hip-hop? Because, according to them, this is an indicator of success, not wealth. It is a way to say that they made efforts, they succeeded and they get their rights. And they somehow showed it to the world.

As with any jewelry type, you can find many models, designs, styles, colors, items, and stones in hip-hop jewelry. There are even types of jewelry models that you cannot think of. For example; dental accessories, huge belt buckles, shoe grills, and more. But it is a fact that they prefer more gold and shiny stones in their jewelry.

Hip-hop jewelry led to a new trend around the world. Beyond the trend, it has created a new line of business in the jewelry industry. Larger and bolder jewelry, new and interesting accessories have begun to form the main parts of this industry. The most passionate jewelers and designers have begun to take their place in this industry. It is an undeniable fact that they are a bit more expensive than everyday jewelry due to their large, interesting, and magnificent designs.

Additionally, due to the increasing prices, jewelers in this industry have begun to find innovative tools and different methods. They were forced into this situation. Increasing gold, platinum, and diamond prices have perhaps led to the development and more preference of this industry. Because the material used now is more affordable, it has started to be designed and sold at reasonable prices that can be bought by not only rappers but also any person who likes hip-hop jewelry.

The Top 10 Jewelers in Hip Hop

  1. Ben Baller/IF&CO
  2. Mr. Flawless
  3. Johnny Dang & Co.
  4. Avianne & Co.
  5. King Johnny
  6. GoldTeethGod
  7. King Ice
  8. Devin Diamonds of Beverly Hills
  9. Toronto Grillz
  10. Angel City Jewelers

Recommended Products

Charles Raymond Bling-ed Out Oblong Case Metal Men’s Watch w/Matching Bling-ed Out Bracelet Gift Set

It’s great a little bit too big but it shines! This may the best bling watch that you can find at this reasonable price. They are surprisingly very heavy products. They are surprisingly heavy. Maybe they are not, but they look like in high quality. It will be a good accessory if you want to look like a star. When you wear it, it will look like real gold and diamond on you. Due to its combination with a watch, it looks even richer. It comes with a box. And, also the box looks expensive. Overall it is a good set, maybe a bit less blingy than others, but the great quality overall.


Shiny Jewelers USA Mens Hip HOP ICED Out Angel Lion RED Ruby Onyx Blue Green Pendant 3 Chain Necklace

You can buy the necklace at a very affordable price. It is not made of real gold, silver or diamonds. It is not original. Be careful not to mix it with the original gold, silver, and diamonds. Still, it is highly recommended and preferred.


Charles Raymond Bling-ed Out It’s Lit! Hip Hop Watch & Jewelry Set w/Cuban Chain Bracelet, Kite Bling Earrings & Ring – GJM13

Of course, it seems to break easily. But it is a great gift for the money you pay for. It is very stylish and you want to wear all the pieces during the day. 


JINAO Jewelry Hip Hop Rapper’s 5mm 24″, 6mm 30″ Rope Chain 2 Necklace Set Gold Tone

You can find the same color as the original gold, although they are not original. It is possible to find gold necklaces in many different ways. The numbers are also different from each other and offer the option to choose the number you want. They can make special designs for you or make changes to existing designs.


L & L Nation Men’s Gold Plated HipHop Retro 11″Concord” & Plain Basketball Pendant 4mm 24″ Rope Chain

It comes as 2 chains and 2 pendants, a shoe and the basketball with a net. It is not that heavy and it will tarnish over time but you spray a clear coat of acrylic gloss on all fake gold. The quality of the items is good for the price and looks greats. 


Fashion 21 Hip Hop 80′ Unisex Rapper’s 8, 10, 12mm Hollow Rope Chain Necklace in Gold, Silver Tone

They don’t turn colors, they don’t fade, they don’t turn your neck green and they look fabulous. The pendant you want comes with the link chain. You can find chains in 3 different ways: 22 inches, 26 inches, and 30 inches. The colors that they have to look like real gold. It looks cool, very real, very natural, sophisticated, and very expensive.


NYUK Gold Chain for Men with Dollar Sign Pendant Necklace

The details of the necklace are great. It won’t cause a skin allergy even though you have been wearing it for a long time. It is packed with an elegant gift box designed by NYUK. They have a very nice reflecting feature. Under the light, it looks shinier. When you wear it under the sun or bright light, you will see how shiny it is. It looks really good and fancy in person. 


Arsimus Heavy 40-Inch Gold Rapper Chain Pimp Hip-Hop Necklace

The chain does not chain color or change the color of your skin. Great product. Even better is the price. Quality product. This gold chain has a retro vibe, gives the rap feeling of the 80s, and makes the wearer think of the past.


JIL Big Chunky Hip Hop Chain Necklace

This chain is great! It is plastic, not metal. That makes it great for the 80’s hip-hop party you will attend. It looks like it weighs a ton but is super light because it’s plastic. It is quite large and chunky so it exactly matched the look you are going for. One nice feature is that the links are adjustable so getting the right look should be easy. As far as quality goes the color and finish both looked fantastic. 


U7 Men Hip Hop Chunky Chain

While smaller chains are chosen for daily use, hip hop fans or rappers prefer larger and flashy chains. It is a perfect necklace for them and is often preferred. This chain is great and the stainless steel is smooth and does not give any cuts around the neck even when you sleep. It is a bit heavy but can easily get used to it. It is a plain stainless steel chain that is good on both dark and light colors unlike gold, which may suit only a few people depending on their skin tone. This is supposed to be nickel-free and it definitely seems so. Its wearability and quality make you happy. It is a very satisfying prıduct. Even though it is not, it looks like a very expensive and quality product. 


Jewel Town Men’s 18k Gold Plated 36″ Inches Hip Hop Cuban Curb Link Chain Necklace 10mm

It matches the chains that are already on the handbags that hold watches. Even though it is a very elegant bag, it may need a shoulder strap, then here is the solution. It is wide enough to not be a problem of digging into your shoulder. It works out very well, not too heavy but strong. It is pretty heavy as well, which adds a nice authentic touch. Definitely a good Cuban link chain especially for $9.99.  


Senteria Iced Out Cubic Zirconia Screw Back 18k Gold Plated Round Stud Earring For Men and Women Hypoallergenic Earring TwoTone Micropave Hip Hop Jewelry

Using the screw back design, these earrings are dead simple and quick to put screw-type earrings and they are not easy to fall off. The earrings came in a nice small box that makes it look ‘expensive’. They are a good size (not too big or too little). They look way more expensive than the cost. They are sparkly and beautiful. 


Angel3292 Clearance Deals! Men Fashion Big Square Hip Hop Full Micro Rhinestone Pave Iced Out Rings Jewelry Golden US 10


Fashion 21 Women’s Statement Queen Necklace, Bamboo Pierced Earring in Gold Tone

This is a sturdy set. Feels incredibly heavy. It is a piece of great jewelry for those who adopt 90’s style understanding. These pieces are cut out for them. Although the color of gold is not real, it looks as if it is real. It is a surprisingly beautiful product. The products are of very good quality. The product you will receive is the same as the product you see in the photo.


Pyramid Jewelers Men’s Iced Out Hip Hop Gold Tone CZ Miami Cuban Link Chain Choker Necklace

It has a perfect size and looks just like the picture. There are stones of any shape, size, and type you want. Your jewelry looks exactly like it should be. It is a quality product. It is made of heavy metal.


Shiny Jewelers USA Mens Iced Out Double New Cross Hip HOP Pendant Box Chain Necklace Set of 2

It is a very affordable necklace. Although it is a fake, its production quality is quite high, which makes the product very high quality.


Hanpabum Gold Plated Chunky Rope Chain Necklace and Large Hollow Casting Triangle Bamboo Hoop Earrings Set for Men Women Costume Jewelry Punk Hip Hop Rapper Style

They are in gold-tone jewelry. They are perfect for the ’80s, 90’s party accessory. Smooth and shiny appearance attracts the attention of others. Bamboo Hoop Earrings is Pincatch closure. It makes it easy to wear and remove. Necklace chains are shiny. It can also be used as costume jewelry. They are different and beautiful pieces. The parts are quite light. The earrings clasp in the back and are hollow making them not too heavy for ears. 


Jewel Town New Custom Fit 14k Gold Plated Hip Hop Teeth Grillz Caps Top & Bottom Grill Set

They are great for the effect at first, just don’t ever plan on wearing them for any length of time. After you want to take them off, you simply use your thumb (or Tongue) and they will come off very easily by pulling on the grill itself. They are held onto your teeth simply by warming up the wax and then form-fitting your own teeth. 


TOPGRILLZ 18K Gold Plated Fully Iced Out CZ Diamond Vampire Top and Bottom Face Grillz for Your Teeth with Extra Molding Bars

Dental accessories are an interesting accessory frequently used in the world of hip hop. It is a very eye-catching and highly preferred accessory for them. They can be personalized by wearing them together with other jewelry. It can be used in places like interesting parties, hip hop fashion, hip hop shows, interesting music concerts, festivals, etc. They are interesting but pleasant jewelry. You will have to get a lot of compliments from people about them. Easy to fit and maintain.  


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