How Jewellers Calculate Silver Price?

Silver is a metal that has been used since ancient times. This mineral, which was discovered after gold and copper, was used in many areas after it was found. In many global cultures and religions, silver was used in traditional ceremonies and worn as jewelry on important occasions. Silver comes out of the mines. Most of these mines are located in China, Australia, America, Canada, Peru, South America, Mexico, Uzbekistan, and Indonesia, and most of the silver comes from these countries. The price of silver depends on generally supply and demand. So how do jewelers calculate the silver price?

Jewelers calculate the price of silver in ‘troy ounces’. A troy ounce is a traditional unit of weight for precious metals originating from the Middle Ages. Its name is thought to come from the Troyes region of France. Precious metals are mostly traded in the markets in ounces. 1 Ounce corresponds to 28.3495 grams. 1 ounce of silver is approximately 23 USD. The net amount of silver bars in Troy ounces varies according to their purity. When talking about the purity of the silver, the net amount of silver in every 1000 units is expressed.

Supply and demand determine the price of silver. However, there is not a single precious metal market and market where the price is formed. The most important of these is the London market, which I mentioned again, but each of the stock exchanges such as the Shanghai Stock Exchange and Dubai is a market in itself. For gold futures, it’s America. In this price confusion, the indicator price is explained in order to facilitate mutual transactions. The LBMA Gold indicator price is determined twice a day and silver once a day by auction method on the electronic platform of the company named ICE Benchmark services.

How Is Silver Price Calculated?

Besides precious metals such as gold and platinum, one of the mines that always takes its place among the most valuable investment instruments is the silver mine. In fact, although gold investment has a very popular place, silver investment is among the investments preferred by many people in recent years. Especially in 2020, silver investment started to increase with the effect of increasing silver ounce prices.

In determining silver prices, the same system is used as the calculation methods used for metals such as gold and platinum in the market. When looking at minerals such as diamonds and rubies in all markets in the world, the price is determined over 31.113 grams. Using this value in silver and gold mines, for example, 31.113 grams of silver is taken into account when calculating 1 ounce of silver.

During the calculations, silver is known in the whole world market thanks to a representation such as Ag or XAG, just like the Latin symbol used for gold. For example, a parity such as XAG/USD is used when pairing silver with the dollar. While the ounce account is generally used in the calculation of silver, the ounce account for gram silver is used in the calculations in terms of conversion to other exchange rates.

As mentioned, 1 ounce of silver is considered as 31.10 grams in the calculation, while the silver considered in the price calculations has a purity of 99.90%, that is, 999.0 degrees. Accordingly, in gram silver calculations, the price of gram silver also changes in changes in both the dollar and gold markets. If you don’t want to deal with calculating the silver price, you can also follow the silver price on live sites.

Although silver is generally evaluated in ounces in the market, gram silver calculation may also be required. Because, as it is known since gram gold is taken into consideration in gold investments in the market, the same calculation will have to be made for silver. Within the scope of this calculation, the silver value for 1 gram can be obtained by dividing the current 1 ounce value determined for silver by 31.10 grams. Because, as stated, 1 ounce = 31.10 grams is accepted.

In order to calculate the price of 1 gram of silver in a period when the silver equivalent of an ounce is US$ 45.00, the value 45 / 31.10 = 1.44 is obtained. This value is equivalent to the US dollar value for 1 gram of silver. A division operation such as (XAG/31,10) is used to calculate the gram silver value. If an ounce of silver value is to be calculated, this value is multiplied by 31.10 ounces again, and then the price of 1 ounce of silver is revealed. To give an example in this regard; If 1 gram of silver is worth $1.44, then 31.10 x 1.44 is calculated to calculate the price of 1 ounce of silver, resulting in a price of $45.00.

When making silver investments in investment markets or areas such as the forex market, 1 Lot of silver is traded. In this respect, 5000 ounces of silver is taken into account in the calculation of 1 Lot of silver. Since 30 grams are calculated for 1 ounce of silver in these markets, 1 Lot is accepted as 5000 ounces, so when 30 is multiplied, 150 kg of silver will appear.

Silver investments can be made with many different methods. You can make silver investments from banks, as well as from a jeweler-Silverman or forex market. Especially in the forex market, it is possible to trade with very suitable scissor ranges. For this reason, the forex market has recently started to be preferred by investors.

Ounce Silver And Gram Silver Calculation

Gold investment has been among the most popular investment instruments in the world for years. In addition, silver investments have been increasing in recent years. Especially in 2020, with the move initiated by the Reddit investor community, the increase in the silver ounce price above 30 dollars increased the interest of the investor. ONS is the unit of measurement used for gold and silver, seen in buying and selling transactions in international markets. The ounce calculation is used to calculate the dollar value of grams of silver.

While 1 ounce of gold is 31.03 grams, 1 ounce of silver corresponds to 31.10 grams. Silver is 99.90% (999.0%) pure, according to the 1-ounce unit, which is generally used in price calculations. The price of gram silver varies according to the activity in the dollar and gold markets. Both silver and gold are calculated at the dollar rate. Silver prices calculated over the current value of the dollar can be found in this way.

In order to calculate the price of 999 carats (99.90%) 1-ounce silver, the ounce value must be divided by 31.10. Likewise, in order to obtain the silver price in the forex market, it is calculated over the dollar price corresponding to 1 lot of silver. The silver mine denoted as XAG is currently equivalent to 27,419000 US dollars (USD). 1 gram of silver is obtained by dividing the current ounce value of silver by 31.10 grams. For example (27.4228 XAG/ 31.10 ONS) x 8.45 USD. In this case, 1 gram of silver corresponds to 8.45 USD.

The size of the transaction in the Forex market is expressed in lots and 1 Lot of silver is worth 5000 ounces. In lot transactions, 1 ounce of silver is calculated as 30 grams. Accordingly, 1 lot corresponds to 5000 ounces = 150 kg of silver. In order to convert the lot value to a dollar basis, it must first be calculated with the dollar exchange rate. If we calculate the silver value based on 30 dollars (30×5000), 1 Lot corresponds to 150,000 USD.

Factors Affecting Silver Prices

It is known that the precious commodity silver, which was discovered after gold and copper, was used by the Egyptians in 3100 BC and by the Chinese and Persians in 2500 BC, firstly as ornaments and then as currency. Nowadays, silver, which is among the most traded commodities in the financial markets, has been the favorite of investors in recent years.

Silver is an important metal used in many areas of industry, from electric cars to renewable energy. The price of silver, which is seen as the metal of the future due to the nature of its usage spectrum, experienced a serious decrease when industrial production decreased due to the effect of the pandemic. The industry showing signs of recovery around the world is an effective factor in the increase in silver prices. Another factor is the astronomical rise in gold prices.

Silver is among the unchanged instruments in the portfolios of highly volatile commodity traders. There is a very high correlation between silver and gold, which has recently been kept as a second currency in the reserves of central banks. Every factor that affects gold prices directly affects the price of silver. So, what are the factors affecting silver prices? Geopolitical risks, interest rates, inflation, and central bank statements can be listed as the main factors affecting silver prices.

In addition to these, silver is a commodity with high demand in the industry and is directly affected by the changes in the global economy. There is an inverse correlation between silver and the dollar. For this reason, every movement of the dollar can also affect the price of silver. We can explain this with an example. E.g; If the dollar appreciates, silver prices usually fall, and if the dollar loses value, silver appreciates.

Silver prices have increased astronomically since March. If the industry can recover quickly from the pandemic, silver prices are expected to rise by October. Silver has a 60% range of uses, from computers to solar panels, as a raw material for advanced technology. Gold is only 10%. Therefore, silver is a strategic mineral. Also, as in 2001 and 2002, the markets confirmed the forecasts and precious metal prices started to rise again.

Silver hit a seven-year high in August, driven by the weakness of the dollar and lower bonds. In the USA, the incentive support provided by the Central Bank and the government due to the effects of the pandemic is 5 times more than in the 2008 crisis! The liquidity provided at that time fueled the jet increase in the silver and gold markets.

Investors also follow the Fed’s interest rate regulations closely. Interest rate cuts generally create a positive increase in silver and gold prices. Because when interest rates fall, the gain from precious metals becomes more profitable for investors. The weakening of the dollar against precious metals is also a factor that facilitates investors’ access to precious metals such as gold and silver.

The rise in silver prices, secondly, is due to gold prices. Investors are paying attention to the gold/silver ratio. This ratio simply shows how much gold can be bought with how much silver. The ratio of the gold price to silver price is accepted as 60/1 on average. With the rapid appreciation of gold in the last period, this rate went up to 92/1, but it started to decrease again.

This is good news for those who expect the price of silver to increase. If the rate is below the average level; Investors can buy silver by selling gold. Because, at an above-average rate; gold is considered more expensive than it should be, and silver is considered cheaper. The Gold/Silver ratio had seen 17/1 as its lowest level in history. Investors are now making calculations of converting the gold to silver and buying more and cheaper gold as the rate drops.

In the global financial market Forex, you can buy and sell silver online 24 hours a day, 5 days a week. Wherever you are in the world, it is possible to invest in silver from anywhere! In order to be able to do all these, you must have a proper understanding of the way the market works. You can learn about Forex by participating in free Forex training organized by brokerage houses. In addition to the training, you can improve yourself by watching videos on the internet. You can also test yourself with virtual money by using a demo account and gaining experience.

If you want to make successful investments, you must research, gain experience, avoid greed and be patient. E.g; Investing in silver commodities without knowing the factors affecting silver prices and without following the market may mislead you. We see that successful investors act with the investment strategy they have created by taking advantage of the comments of the experts, without giving up their market follow-up. If you want to be among the successful investors, you can evaluate your savings by investing in silver with the right strategy.

Silver Prices Within the Scope of Investment

Silver is a white metal that darkens over time and has a soft structure. It is not found in a free state in the natural environment and is made usable by beating. The increase in the prices of horses has increased investors’ orientation to silver, and it has become a preferred investment tool especially for users who want to increase their portfolios with commodities.

A silver ounce is a unit of measure used in determining the prices of silver traded in international markets. 1 Ounce of silver is 31.10 grams. The price of silver, which is traded in international markets and seen in buying and selling transactions, is the price of 1 ounce of silver. Gram silver is a precious metal that is marketed by refineries in the form of ingots like gram gold. 31.10 grams of silver weighs 1 ounce and is 999.0 (99.90%) pure. Gram silver price changes according to the activity in the gold and dollar markets.

Gram silver can be purchased from banks or investment institutions. In order to buy gram silver from banks, a silver account must be opened first. Since silver is mostly preferred by large-scale investors, not every bank has a silver account. The minimum transaction limit for silver purchased from banks is 1 gram of silver. People who have a silver account can transfer money to themselves or to other people’s silver accounts. Banks generally do not charge an account maintenance fee from individually opened silver accounts.

Silver participation account is one of the products offered by banks serving as participation banking to their customers. It is the type of account that provides both the profit share from the silver deposited on a gram basis and the maturity intervals determined by the account holders, and the benefit from the profit obtained with the increase in silver. Financial silver is called AG in the periodic table of the elements. Silver is traded under the name XAG/USD in Forex markets. Silver is traded in the Forex markets on an ounce basis in USD.

Investors who wish can buy and sell silver in Euro currency on InvestAZ trading platforms with the symbol XAG/EUR. Investors trading in the Forex market can buy and sell silver. People who do not have any silver in their hands can also follow silver prices and benefit from potential returns thanks to the Forex market. In addition to the fact that silver investment is made more in the industrial sector, some banks and companies also invest in silver.

Silver is usually offered by investors in brokerage firms with a contract size of 5000 Ounces. Well; Assuming that 1 Lot silver is 5000 ounces, 1 Ounce silver is 31.10 grams, and the price of silver is 30 dollars, the investor who takes a 1 Lot silver ounce position will have a position of 5000$30 = $150000. What happens if the price of silver falls from the price the investor bought? Assuming the silver price is $29; You have a position of 5000$29 = 145000. In this case, 1 dollar change for each 1 Lot of silver will correspond to $5000.

Silver can be bought and followed from the silver accounts of banks. Silver in dollars can be taken from bank accounts. Silver prices can be followed through the Central Bank. Thanks to the Forex account to be opened, silver prices can be followed and trading transactions can be carried out. Silver can be bought online as well as physically. However, under normal circumstances, there may be little opportunity for profit in silver transactions that are physically traded.

Gold prices rise with the effect of decreasing confidence in currencies due to political and economic crises in a country. There is a directly proportional relationship between silver and gold. Gold prices rise as investors tend to accumulate gold due to insecurity. Therefore, the rise of gold causes the price of silver to rise. As with gold accounts, silver accounts also have a state guarantee under the authority of the savings deposit insurance fund. Insurance coverage is set at $150,000 for each silver account in different banks.

With the increase in exchange rates in recent years, users find it more logical to invest in foreign currency. Since the annual average increase in exchange rates such as the dollar, euro and sterling are higher than statistical information, investors may prefer foreign currency. However, although investing in exchange rates is a more preferred option, investing in silver is a very good option both physically and contractually. It is very common to see silver investments, especially in the portfolios of banks and large companies. Although the margins of silver are not as high as the margins of foreign exchange, silver will be a more suitable option in trading.

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