How Jewelry Photography Is Done: All You Need to Know About Jewelry Photography

Jewelry is commonly referred to as a shaped mineral for a personal accessory. As a general rule, they are beautiful, rare, and durable stones. Jewelry is often sold in jewelers and jewelry stores. But online jewelry sales are also a growing industry. One of the most important factors in successful online jewelry sales is jewelry photography. So what do you think that jewelry photography is?

Jewelry photography is a branch of photography that requires very special shooting techniques due to the characteristics of the products. In short, successful results are achieved with very special shooting techniques in all jewelry and ornaments made using platinum, gold, silver, bronze, glass, crystal, and steel. Clarity, use of light, exposure, staging and editing the product, perspective, framing, and reaching the result with the right parameters are essential in jewelry photography. Photographers who have gained experience in this field are able to do business very comfortably in the market and make plenty of business contacts, as well as earn considerable money on stock photography sites.

The purpose of jewelry photography workshops is to provide photographers who want to work in this field with the photography techniques that will bring them to the level they desire. Following the transfer of technical and theoretical information about the photographic equipment used in shooting for a very short time during the workshop, experienced professional photographer instructors make practical shots on all subjects in this scope, ensuring that the participants reach the desired level within the programmed time.

In jewelry photography, post-production (photo editing) processes to be made after shooting are of great importance and are considered a must-have of this subject. Apart from the jewelry photography workshop, you can study in this field. The duration of digital jewelry photo editing training varies depending on your level of personal knowledge in this field.

What Is Jewelry Photography and How to Do It?

Jewelry is among the most preferred products for events such as dinner parties, birthdays, special events, graduations, or wedding ceremonies. Accessories, which are important parts of fashion, stand out with their simple, classic, or modern designs. Accessory brands that want to attract the attention of different genders and age groups in the market should make digital marketing studies that make a difference compared to their competitors.

It is very important to effectively use platforms such as social media and e-commerce suitable for the target audience to increase sales. Consumers shop by following the pages with high quality, distinctive and striking images in digital media. Brands should act in partnership with professional team members and advertising and production agencies with quality equipment.

  • Creating Creative Concepts and Different Designs

Creating a creative concept suitable for the right target audience, brand language and structure is very important for product promotion. Different, simple, real, and continuous stories and creative shooting concepts that attract the attention of the consumer should be designed. For maximum performance, it is necessary to work with a brand, consumer, and product-oriented perspective in the production process.

Advertising works performed together with customer expectations, wishes and demands give better results. Details such as the correct use of light, background selection, indoor and outdoor shooting are very important to get efficient results. In order to increase the sales of brands and to communicate effectively with consumers, product photos with quality images should be taken.

  • Separating Accessory Products into Subcategories

Accessories have different features such as diamond, pearl, silver, gold varieties, and necklace, ring, earring, and bracelet models. It is necessary to categorize products such as jewelry and jewelry used for photo shoots or video production into subcategories according to their structures. It is easier to determine the theme, story, composition, and concept suitable for the content and style of the categorized accessories.

Sharing accessories such as jewelry displayed on the mannequin with appropriate clothing combinations helps customers to be informed about the use of the product. In this sense, the best agencies stand out with their professional styling service, which is among the production services. It is easier and faster to shop from e-commerce sites with descriptive categories and detailed images for consumers. The product-oriented design of the sales pages ensures that potential customers have a positive perspective towards the brand.

  • Using Mannequins in Jewelry and Jewelry Accessories Promotion

Among the best presentation and marketing models for accessories, choosing a mannequin is in the first place. Features such as hand, wrist, neck, and facial structure come to the fore when choosing a mannequin for product promotions, photoshoots, or video clips. For catalog shoots with mannequins, artificial light is used in the studio environment or natural light in the outdoor area, depending on the concept and preference.

Online shoppers want to see the accessories they want to buy such as jewelry stand on the mannequin. Photos or videos taken from different angles positively affect customers’ thoughts about the product and purchasing behavior.

Jewelry Photography in Detail

One of the most important jobs in the jewelry industry is jewelry photography. Jewelry photography, which can be very costly, difficult, and enjoyable, should be done in professional environments. In the following paragraphs, detailed information about jewelry photography and photoshop and jewelry retouching is given.

Jewelry photography covers the product photography of businesses operating in the jewelry industry. Taking jewelry photos in detail and retouching, cleaning, and making them more beautiful with programs such as Photoshop when necessary.

There are many items to be considered in jewelry photography. The most important of these items is the use of the most suitable equipment for this job. The most suitable camera for jewelry photography is those that can take photos in high resolution. The ability to take high-resolution photos allows for easier processing and better quality photos after the photos are taken. In addition, high-resolution cameras should be preferred to obtain photos with sufficient print size.

One of the indispensable pieces of equipment for jewelry photography is known as a tripod. Especially during the acquisition of close details, a sensitive shooting technique that cannot be taken by hand is required. It is not possible for the camera not to move hand-held when the shutter button is touched. In macro photographs, three legs allow the photograph to be taken without movement. Positioned on three legs, the camera is adjusted according to the product to be shot and the shutter is triggered by the remote control. (Or a timer is used) In this way, a sharp and detailed picture of the jewelry is taken without the machine and product shaking.

Another issue as important as the camera is the lens. We can call the camera the brain that processes images. In this case, the eyes will be lenses. The better the lenses, that is, the healthier our eyes are, the better quality images, ie images, are transmitted to the brain, ie the camera. The rest is left to the brain, the camera. The next process is the processing of the photo. In this context, lenses that directly affect photo quality and sharpness should be carefully selected.

Typically, a 100mm or 60mm macro lens is used for jewelry photography. This situation may vary in special circumstances. Wide-angle prime lenses can be preferred if the jewelry is to be photographed as a set. After choosing a camera and lens, it will also be beneficial to invest in lighting. As we know, photography is light. The duration, rate, and color of the light make up the photograph. It is necessary to use good lighting to manage the light.

Finally, lightbox-style product shooting tents should be used to photograph jewelry. Product shooting tents, which make the jigsaw work very easy, are among the indispensable parts of jewelry photography. In addition to the product shooting tents, the details that can be used in situations where the photography is spread to wider subjects can also be included in the list. Some objects should also be included in the list in order to give more details to the photograph with objects such as flowers, pots, smooth stones, colored sand.

Jewelry Photography Techniques

Many techniques are used to take photos of jewelry. Jewels are placed on a white background and the light is set. Thanks to the live view feature of the machine, we can preview the photo before taking it. Thanks to this feature, we minimize the number of false shots and save time.

After the lighting settings, if the product to be shot is to be positioned at different angles, it should be brought into the desired shape with the help of beeswax or sculpture and the shooting should be done in this way. For example: To position the rings perpendicularly, beeswax can be applied under the ring (all ring structures except diamond or stone). With very little beeswax, the ring can be positioned upright.

A tripod and timer (or remote) should be used to avoid camera shake, especially in close-up shots. One of the most common problems when photographing jewelry is that the image or only a part of the product is focused and other areas are blurred. It is necessary to interfere with the diaphragm blades in order to make the whole product in the photograph clear. With this setting, which is known as the F value, after closing the aperture blades at the desired rate, a greater depth of focus is obtained in the photographs.

The more we lower the aperture value, the more light enters the photo. The more light that enters, the faster the shutter speed we get. In addition, the more open the diaphragm blades, the less shallow depth of field is obtained. Of course, this depends on the small distance between the lens and the object in close-ups. Focal length and aperture are very important when it comes to focusing and shallow depth of field.

There is another method that is rarely used to shoot the entire piece of jewelry clearly. Although this method is laborious and takes a lot of time, it can be useful to produce very good results. This method, known as Focus Stacking, focuses on the jewels. After focusing on the point closest to the lens, the number of frames, focus frequency, and aperture value is set. The camera takes the specified number of pictures at the specified aperture value. It focuses on a point in each photoshoot. Shooting ends after focusing different distances as the selected number.

These shots are combined into a single photo in interfaces such as Photoshop. Focused areas are taken and transformed into a single picture. In this way, all points are focused. The jewelry is illustrated with all its details. Although we have obtained a photograph in which every point is focused, this photograph needs to be cleaned and made more beautiful. This is where the Photoshop Jewelry Retouching process comes into play.

If you already have jewelry pictures taken, there are local and foreign companies where you can get Jewelry Retouching service. The process that takes these pictures in the most mediocre state and brings them to the perfect level, that is, retouching, should be done by professional people. Many techniques are used to reveal all the details of the jewelry.

These techniques vary according to the person who retouched. Some cover the surface of the stone-free part of the ring with a gradient transition with a brush. Some of them scatter the metal surface, reducing the reflection rate and concealing imperfections by obtaining a more matt appearance. There are also people who do jewelry retouching who have their own unique techniques. The purpose of each is to prepare the jewelry for the advertising world and to present a good presentation.

You may need to retouch not only the pictures you already have but also the pictures you have just taken. Especially macro lenses used in jewelry shots will reveal invisible roughnesses on the product. Photoshop retouching should be performed to remove this roughness.

Why Is Jewelry Photography Necessary?

Jewelry photography is done to define and sell gold, silver, jewelry, and bijouterie products. Jewelry photographs on internet sales sites, catalogs, and advertising tools enable the promotion and sales of products. The most important point of jewelry photo shoots is to increase the interest and curiosity of the customers. The appearance, quality, and workmanship of the products are delivered to customers by photoshoots.

The purpose of the product shots is to take part in the market of the products and to realize their promotion and sales. The products to be offered for sale are delivered to the public with professional advertisement photos. The type, quality, and privileges of the products are explained with photo frames. The purpose of the photos is to describe the product by using visuality and to attract the attention of the people and sell them. All of the companies in the textile, jewelry, cosmetics, technology, and food sector need photo shoots for the products they manufacture, export, and import.

It is used in photo shoots, internet platforms, advertising tools, and print publications as a marketing and sales tool. Jewelry photoshoot is the transfer of gold, silver, and other jewelry products to photographs in a way that reveals all their characteristics. The photoshoots, which will enable the jewelry to be promoted and offered to customers, are made by a professional product photographer.

The photographer, who is an expert in his field, performs the jewelry shots, which he includes in the product shooting service, on the floor, or model in the studio environment. The focus of the shots is to highlight the model, workmanship, and quality of their jewelry. The correct perception of the products by the target audience is in direct proportion to the reflection of the characteristics and details of the jewelry.

Jewelry photography takes place on companies’ websites and sales platforms, brochures and catalogs, billboards, and other advertising tools. The channels on which photo shoots will take place vary according to the company’s goals, economic level, and commercial area.

Professional Jewelry Shootings

Jewelry shooting includes professional studio photo shoots to show the products to people in better quality. It is a very important issue for increasing sales and getting new orders. Jewelry photographers attach great importance to light, shadow, angle, and colors in photography. A professional screen should be used for gold shots and light and angle adjustments should be made properly.

Some jewelry-selling companies carry out these procedures in-house with simple photo studios that they have established in-house. However, when sufficient equipment is not used, stones may appear cloudy, especially in diamond products. Since the product details are very important for sales, the clearest photographs should be selected and used in diamond, gold, and silver shots.

The gold shoot includes the photoshoots that the jewelers make to present their products to their customers and to use them in their website and catalogs. The products photographed are used for various purposes such as catalogs, websites, and posters after decoupage operations. The photoshoots of silver jewelry are taken with the right light and angle adjustment in order to show the details of the products in the best way. It can be used both in e-commerce sites and catalog works after decoupage.

Jewelery Photography Tips

Jewelry photography is notoriously difficult, but an interesting subject to explore. Learn how to avoid the hassle of stunning shots. There are many reasons why you might want to photograph jewelry. Maybe you are a business owner and need to photograph products for your website, maybe there is a special memory that you want to immortalize for future generations, or you just want to try it out and have some fun.

Whatever your reason may be, jewelry photography can be surprisingly difficult – putting the jewelry on the table and taking a random shot can result in a dull photo. Photographing jewelry requires careful preparation and patience to experiment with lighting, positioning, and composition variations. When you do these, you can take pictures that look sharp and stunning.

  • Light Is Everything

I cannot explain how important lighting is in jewelry photography. The harsh, dark shadows (caused by the built-in flash) can easily throw the delicacy of jewelry into the background and divert attention away from the subject that really matters. Therefore, it is important to illuminate the jewelry with soft light and from all directions.

The best way to achieve this is by using a light tent. To use it, you simply have to put the jewelry inside and set the light outside. The thin-walled tent of the tent will allow light to pass through, but also diffuse it, resulting in a diffused, soft light coming from all directions. If you don’t want to shoot in this type of tent, you can make your own tent – it’s cheap and effective.

  • Set Up the Camera

A tripod is one of the essential pieces of equipment for jewelry photography. You’ll be shooting very close up and possibly using long exposure times. This will cause the camera to shake easily, and the blur will easily spoil jewelry photos. Use the center focus point on your camera or focus fully manually. Focus on the most important part of the jewelry, such as the gems on a ring.

The diaphragm size depends on the effect you want to achieve. If you want the jewelry to be fully in focus, use a narrow aperture. If you want only part of the jewelry to be sharp, use a wider aperture so that the rest is blurry. Experiment with different settings to see which one will show off your jewelry best. Personally, I prefer to use an aperture narrow enough to keep the jewelry fully in focus and wide enough to defocus the background. Most DSLRs have aperture priority mode where you can do this easily.

If your camera is in automatic mode, the exposure time is reduced to compensate for a too-light colored background. The result is a dull, gray-colored photo. If you use manual mode, you can continue to increase the exposure time until you get a background with the correct color. If you prefer to stay in automatic mode, use exposure compensation to brighten the scene.

  • Retouch

Jewelry photography calls for absolute perfection, and no matter how carefully you take the photo, it’s rare that you can get the perfect shot with the camera. You should use software like Photoshop or GIMP for things like cropping the photo, adjusting levels, and sharpening.

Once you know the basics, you can start taking adventurous steps. Place it on a reflective surface such as black or white acrylic to photograph the reflection of the gem. This technique is widely used by professional jewelry photographers. You can use a drop of wax to keep the jewelry standing instead of laying it on the floor. This can give effective results for jewelry like brooches and necklaces, especially by letting you show the details in a different way.

Product Photography in General

In e-commerce, product photos are very important to increase your sales and recycling. If we think of your e-commerce site as a showcase, your product photos will be your products displayed in your showcase. The more remarkable and carefully your storefront looks, the more consumers will be interested in your site. For this reason, you need to focus more on the question of how to shoot products.

Product photos have a direct impact on consumers’ purchasing decisions. For this reason, you need well-taken product photos. Of course, professional shooting is more recommended for product photography. Working with a photographer and taking detailed photos will reflect the quality of the products better. However, if you do not have enough budget for such shots, you can do your photo shoots yourself. Even if it is not professional shooting quality, your shots will help you reflect your products in the best possible way.

  • Camera selection for product photography

The equipment you use in photography is very important. The image quality you will get from shooting with professional DSLR cameras will be higher. If you have a certain budget, you can buy a DSLR camera. There are many different options for DSLR cameras. A mid-segment camera might be right for you if you don’t have enough budget. In addition, “Mirrorless” digital cameras can be purchased at a lower budget. These devices can shoot just as well as mirrored cameras.

Mirrorless devices may be more affordable in price, and they are also smaller in volume. For this reason, you can easily take your shots to different environments. The fact that different lenses can be attached to these devices allows you to make different exposures with different lenses, as in mirrored machines. If you do not have a budget to buy a camera; You can also shoot products with smartphones. The cameras and lenses on the most recent smartphones are technologically advanced and when the right environment is set, they can make very high-quality shots.

Many smartphones have a camera of at least 10 mp and offer HD shooting. In addition to these, the comprehensive presentation of depth and shooting settings on some smartphones helps to increase the quality of the images taken with these devices. For this reason, if you do not want to invest in the camera, you can shoot with your smartphone. We will share below how you can create the right environment and conditions.

In order to take quality product photos, it is very important to take these photos steadily. You may not be able to take a clear shot because holding the camera and taking pictures hand-held will cause a photo shake. Using a tripod instead will make your photos clearer. There is a wide range of tripod options available for both smartphones and cameras. By purchasing the most suitable one for you among these options, you can take your product photos in a more professional way.

  • Light for product photography

One of the most important details to make your photos look good is to take pictures in a correct and well-lit environment. You can take very clear and high-quality photos with an ordinary camera in a well-lit environment. You can provide this environment in two ways. First: The least costly method, if you have an environment with good sunlight in your office, you can use it here. You can take your best shots in sunlight; Therefore, if you have such a space in your office, you can use it for photoshoots.

Since sunlight provides the most natural environment, it is often preferred for photography. If you have the opportunity and your products are suitable, you can take outdoor shots and take better quality photos. The disadvantage of this method is that you may not be able to get good shots on non-sunny days; Or, depending on the location of your office and the time of sun exposure, the time you can shoot may be limited. For this reason, you should make good use of this time period.

Second: Another alternative would be to buy a few light sources for your office photo shoots. Lighting systems in offices are often insufficient for photoshoots. Lack of light coming from the right angle may cause you not to reflect the details of the product well. This causes your product photo quality to decrease. In this case, you can create an environment in your office for your photoshoots by purchasing a few light sources. Although the types and features of these lights vary according to the product, there are some solutions that you can use as a standard.

You can create the ideal shooting environment for yourself with 3 different light sources. You can position these lights so that one light is to the left of the product, one light to the right, and one light to the top of the product. When you shoot with such a layout, you will reduce the shadow areas on the product and reveal more details, and you will have a successful product shooting by preventing shadowy photography. You can find the most ideal light angle for you by playing with the positions of these lights according to your environment. For this, you have to do some experimentation.

In addition to the positioning of the lights, the choice of light is also very important. Take care to use white light or light bulbs with a brightness close to daylight to ensure a natural look when shooting the product. Using high-watt bulbs will help you take brighter and more vibrant photos.

One of the details you should pay attention to here is that these lights can reflect on products with glossy surfaces; For this reason, you can use light tools known as Softbox, which reduce the glare on the product by distributing the light evenly on the lights. In its simplest form, there is a special curtain in front of the Softboxes that distributes the light. Using such light sources in your product shoot will significantly improve your image quality.

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