How to Pack Your Jewelry (Complete Guide)

Jewelry is always a part of human life. Even in paleolithic ages, jewelry was popular and used for ornamentation. They were probably used for safety and indicating the status of the one who wore them. In one way or another, packing them is also a part of life.

At those years, fewer people had had pieces of jewelry as I mention above however thanks to industrial revolution almost everyone can get one piece of jewelry which leads new problems for us, like packing and protecting jewelry.

In prehistoric times, stones and animal bones were used to make jewelry. Today they are still in good conditions. Packing jewelry was not a problem once because even if you do not they can survive. On the other hand, the jewelry that we use right now are generally delicate hence we have to pack them carefully.

Packing is always an unwanted, yet inevitable task. It does not matter if you are moving or traveling you have to pack your items in an organized way. When it comes to packing your jewelry, it is even worse, believe me, or not.

Generally, organized packaging is not enough, you have to pack them in a way that they can not be damaged. You have to treat them like a newborn baby; careful, delicate, and kind. Some pieces of jewelry have lots of pieces which you can not further use the jewelry if the pieces are lost. The others tend to tangle, and untangling them can be impossible. Furthermore, if you are a messy person, and carelessly throw them to your luggage or boxes, they can damage your other belongings like scarfs, t-shirts, etc.

If you are looking for different ways to pack your jewelry, you are in the right place! There are various methods to pack your jewelry whether you are traveling or moving away. However, the amount of jewelry that you have changes in packing styles. Before proceeding packing styles with respect to the amount of jewelry, let me tell you some key points about packing them in general.

How to Pack Jewelry

First things first! We all have some pieces of jewelry that we bought eagerly yet never used. Before starting packing them you should first gather all of your jewelry up and decide which one stays and which one goes. You can use your desk or bed for this gathering up. Believe me, you will feel like a bird when you throw or give all the necklaces, bracelets that you will never use away!

Then untangle all remaining necklaces, bracelets and swinging earrings. I know that you do not want to struggle with all of this mass but take my word, it will pay off. After untangling, grouping should be done with respect to the type of jewelry. I should warn you about not try them on and off just to see how they are seen on you because it will lead a huge time loss.

After grouping them by type, the second important thing is what you need. Are you going to go on holiday, engagement, etc. or are you moving? If the answer is the first one your work is much more difficult! Sorry, not sorry but you have to decide what you are taking with you and what you are leaving behind. As I mentioned before the occasion is also important to decide what you are taking with you. Thus, long thinking is waiting for you!

When you decide which jewelries to take along with you, the packaging is the easiest part of this journey! As long as you choose one of the ways that I will share a little later, it is a piece of cake.

On the other hand, if you are moving, what you should do is that packing every piece of jewelry carefully in a way that you select, that is all! You again, whether you are a jewelry addict or not, get the benefit of this writing.

The main goal of jewelry packaging is that prevent any losses and damages to your beloved belongings. Before packing them, you can wrap the jewelry that you value most with a piece of paper, tissue or fabric to prevent any kind of damage. In addition, this extra layer averts them from tangling.

Taking one step at a time, you should first decide which jewelries you use most and least, then start packing with the least used ones. You can wrap them separately and placed them in a small box in your drawers. The lesser thing to deal with, the easier to pack! Now you just have to deal with the jewelry that you love.

By grouping your jewelry by type, you organized them. Now it is time for good packaging. Starting with necklaces check if they are tangled or not, and choose a way from my bits of advice. Likewise, you can follow the same route for your bracelets. For earrings and rings, I have lots of different ideas below!

Some of us have lots of rings while others adore necklaces. Furthermore, some love all type of jewelry. Do you just have a few rings, bracelets, etc. or are you a jewelry addict? Fortunately, despite the fact that you are a jewelry addict or not, I have lots of packing solutions. Let’s begin to help the non-addicts first!

Methods for a few Jewelry Owners

Owning fewer items comes with its benefits! Whether you are traveling or moving you can use the same methods for packing your jewelry. Let’s start with the ones that are cheapest and found in every house! Furthermore, by using one of these methods, you do not have to buy any new packaging item. Hence by recycling the things in your home, you can protect the environment, too.

Toilet Paper Roll

We all use toilet paper, don’t we? Next time you use one all don’t throw it away. To prevent tangling, you can wrap your bracelets or anklets around it. Furthermore, it can be used for necklaces, too! You can pass the necklace through toilet paper roll, voila! No more tangled bracelets or necklaces.


To pack your beloved earrings, just pin them to an eraser and place the eraser in the small pockets of your bag or luggage. Best way to prevent them from losing is sticking them together, right?

Wine Cork

Like erasers, you can stick your earrings to wine corks. You better check your cellar for empty wine bottles.


This one is one of the easiest and successful packing methods. All shirts come with extra buttons which will not be used -nearly- at all. It is time to make use of them! Stick the earring to buttons and pack them, that is all!


This solution is just for necklaces however it is brilliant! Practically there are straws in every home. Why don’t use them to pack some jewelry? You can pass it through the straw to make one rigid side which prohibits tangling.

Soap Container

If you want to keep all of your jewelry in one place, this is one of the right choices! You can get one container almost everywhere and pack them in it!

Contact Lens Case

Contact lens cases are just the perfect storage place for earrings. If you are a tidy person who does not like disorganized packing this one is a perfect match for you! After placing your earrings to contact lens case, just throw it to your bag or pack them with your other jewelry.

Eyeglass Case

One more way of easy and cheap packaging! It is also relatively organized and a protective form of gathering. Assuming that you are moving away, and carriers are careless you can avoid nearly from any damage that can happen to your goodie goodies. Because the eyeglass cases are designed the way that protect the glasses, they can protect your precious jewelry, too.

Tea Containers

Some tea companies have literally beautiful containers made of tin. Why do we waste them? They are both durable and practical for jewelry packing.

Mint Tin

If you are looking for something tiny to pack your jewelry and toss it to your bag, the most useful way is mint tin. For extra protection, a cotton ball can be used in the tin.

Business Cards

Every food delivery place, every dry cleaner send their cards to our homes. You can cut two tiny pieces at the two ends of one of the cards. Later wrap your necklace or bracelets tightly around the cards.

Jewelry Pouch

Jewelry pouches are easy to use, and they are colorful. You can pack your belongings in them and effortlessly find the pouch in your luggage. You even throw one of them to your pocket for any kind of emergency situations.

Jewelry Boxes

Do you want to take at least one piece of all type of jewelry with you? There are teeny tiny jewelry boxes just for you! They keep you organized and stylish. You can arrange inside of them as you wish, some have removable compartments. Hence, if you take more rings you can align compartments for them.

Pill organizers

Even if they are designed for elder people who have lots of medicine you can use them, too. There are no restrictions, right? Go grab some pill organizers from the nearest drug store and place each jewelry you have in different compartments. The best side of these organizers is that you do not have to worry about the tangling of your jewelry. You can even use them in your room for decorating and organizing purposes.

Transparent Zip Bags

If you are a lazy person and do not want to deal with all other alternatives, this one is for you. Just choose the jewelry that you like and throw them into transparent zip bags, that is all! Transparency allows you to see what you have in one glance. On the other hand, if you do not wrap your jewelry separately in a piece of paper or tissue they will probably tangle.

Press’n Seal

One more transparent and tangle free solution for you! Just place your jewelry onto press’n seal paper and add one more layer of sealing paper then press them to each other. You are ready to go anywhere you want! You can buy one pack of this magical sealing paper from online or any market near your home and use the remaining parts for package different items like from your leftovers to cover your glass from dust.


You can get one from a home improvement store. The main usage of carabiners is to keep all rings together and prevent losing them. However, you can also use them to store your earrings.

Safety Pins  

You like the carabiner idea but are you in a hurry and do not have any time to buy one? I got another solution for you. Safety pins are not used as well as they were in the past but thanks to our mothers they keep almost every item in the attic. You can search your home for it and above instructions for carabiners can be applied to this one, too.

Zippered Pouches

If you do not trust the jewelry pouches with strings, you can buy one with zippers. They are also colorful, easy to carry, and useful for nearly all occasions. Moreover, there are ones seems like a clutch, so you can carry it around with you and change your jewelry whenever and wherever you want.

Cream container

Homes are like packaging heavens. If you are a practical person almost everything in your home will be useful during any kind f packaging. I will remind you that by using these packing items, again and again, you are doing good for the environment too. Hand creams, body lotions, scrubs, etc. they all come with their durable containers and they all are in different sizes. Just choose the one the most suitable for your needs and place your pieces of jewelry.


You have to pack your clothes, socks, etc. right? Why do not you use them as packaging? Socks are the ideal clothing item for this. You can place your rings inside them. For necklaces, while you are folding your socks, place them onto socks and fold later. So you can prevent tangling. This way for necklaces also can be applied to bracelets, too.


You pack some washcloths with you too, don’t you? Place your necklaces in them along with the cloths and roll them. Fold it carefully and place rubber band ends of the cloth to prevent losing any parts of your jewelry.

Cling Wraps

They are generally used for packing leftovers in the kitchen however if you are in a hurry you can use them to pack your jewelry. When you give it a thought, you will agree that these wraps are cheap, easy to reach and tangle-free.

As you can see there are lots of alternatives to pack our jewelry just using everyday items which can be found in every home. You do not have to pay a dime to pack your items. Just carefully choose which alternative suits you and start packing!  Please do not forget organizing your belongings before packing. I guess I deeply helped the non-addicts about packaging.

The following part comes for jewelry addicts! Their task is much more difficult because they have lots and lots of stuff to gather up, group and pack. Let’s see how I can help the jewelry addicts about packaging and relieve them.

Methods for Jewelry Addicts

Being a jewelry addict is not easy. You love every piece of your collection, and you never want to damage them. Thus, you have to be more careful. I would recommend you the ways I have already recommended for non-jewelry addicts. However, I know that you do not like do-it-yourself ideas made from in-home items. Your precious jewelry deserves the best.

Jewelry Rolls

Jewelry rolls have custom pockets for placing each type of jewelry. They are generally produced from different fabrics even leather can be used. They are durable and useful in general, also they are compact. You can open and flattened the roll first. Later take what you want to wear. These rolls can especially be used for valuable items like diamonds, golds, etc. Because they are compact you can always carry it around wherever you go in your handbag.

Vlando – Small Travel Smart Jewelry Organizer Lightweight for Daily Jewelry


Jewelry Boxes

I have already mentioned about the tiny jewelry boxes. How about the huge jewelry boxes for jewelry addicts? They have plenty of compartments which are specially designed for necklaces, rings, etc. These specially designed compartments prevent them from tangling and any kind of deformations.

These boxes are made of lots of different materials such as aluminum, wood or metal. Hence despite the fact that which one you choose they are durable, so you do not have to worry about your precious items.

Also, they are handy for travels, too. Most of them have handles for carrying. They come with different sizes and shapes thus everyone can find one for her or his style.

Homde Women and Girls Jewelry Box with Small Mirror Travel Case, Necklace, Rings, White Wood Earring Organizer


Weiai Acrylic Jewelry Box with 3 Drawers


Watch Box

Based on for your love for jewelry in general, I guess that you are a fan of watches too. Even if it seems like only men in society love watches and use these boxes, there are lots of women who have a watch collection.

The small watch boxes are generally given with the watch you bought. However, if you are a stylish person who wears different watches based on his or her style, then you need a big watch box. There are ones with transparent covers, so you can easily choose what to wear without an effort.

Large Box for 12 Sodynee Watches, Men’s Black PU Leather Glass Lid Organizer Box, Glass, Black / Gray


Travel Jewelry Bags

There are uniquely designed travel bags for jewelry. Let’s take a look at them. Their one and only aim are to carry the pieces of jewelry without any damage. Thus, they are the perfect option for extra careful people. They have unique, zippered parts for all type of your jewelry. Zippers can prevent any spilling around. Also, there is some form of these bags which are like purses, both cute and useful.

There are lots of ways to pack your jewelry. I try to explain that you have a lot of options even in your everyday items. If these are not good enough for you, you can always go for options for jewelry addicts. There are so many alternatives for untangled, mess-free jewelry packaging.

Agole Jewelry Box, Storage Organizer for Rings, Necklaces, Double Layer, Faux Fur, for Travel, Jewelry, Women’s Gift Cabinet, Cross Pattern


Travel Tips

Let me give you some general pieces of advice about carrying your jewelry around. We all prone to take more jewelry than we will use with us. Please, guys, do we really need that grandma’s ring with us? Just take some pieces which you can match with nearly anything and a few more in case of losing them.

I also should warn you about burglars. They can enter your house while you are away hence you should store your valuable items somewhere safe. If you just leave them in plain sight, sorry say bye to them! You can place them different cabinets or even different rooms.

The danger is not only for your home. There are pickpockets every corner. You should not carry more than you wear and also if you are going to go to places like Jamaica, etc. you should not wear anything valuable. Furthermore, you must avoid wearing some pieces even looking valuable. It can cost you your life.

The last thing is even if you want to look your best, do not bring anything valuable to you with you. Even if you will go somewhere safe, there is always a chance of losing your jewelry. You do not want to lose your unique necklace which is given to you by your mother, do you?

After deciding which pieces of jewelry come with you, pack them in a way that you can be comfortable while carrying. If you are a lazy person and do not like to carry lots of bags with you, just go with a small jewelry box and throw it to your purse or luggage.

Related Questions

How do you pack jewelry without tangling?

There are lots of options, cling wraps, straws, buttons, etc. You can always find a more creative way than my advice, too.

Is jewelry allowed in carry on luggage?

Yes, you can carry your jewelries with you in carry on luggage.

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