Jewelry By Johan

‘Jewelry by Johan’ is known for its excellent customer service and they want to keep it that way as a company. Customer satisfaction is their business and product guarantee. This is a family business and they want it to remain as a family business. They have a “can-do” attitude and enjoy a great challenge.

They have different designs and materials. Apart from the known classic materials and designs, for example, they can draw any ring in the CAD system upon the customer’s request, specially engrave any ring from, and then pour it for you. They can make any ring you see for you. They can arrange any stone like diamond, sapphire, zodiac stone for you.

When you contact the company, you will find that the prices are very reasonable. You can absolutely find something according to your budget or they can work directly within your budget. You will get the jewelry you want in the price you can afford. All jewelry produced by ‘Jewelry by Johan’ is made by qualified designers on their premises.

The Jewelry by Johan collection is inspired by nature itself. You can see designs that emphasize precious stones, diamonds, or flowers. These jewelry collections have been preferred and worn by thousands of couples and people worldwide since 2008.

If there is no store of Jewelry by Johan in your area, they give you an opportunity to shop online. You can visit their online stores. You will find the same unique and high-quality jewelry you can find directly or in the design center. More or less every accessories and jewelry you purchase from here can be converted or suited your style and your need perfectly. In addition, the company offers you full-service design services. They make your jewelry dreams come true. What more can you imagine about your jewelry?

At Johan by Jewelry, they design unique types of jewelry you can think of. They have more or less every kind of jewelry to provide their customers. They work with a variety of materials and metals that other jewelry stores may not offer. They create unique designs using traditional and precious stones. They skillfully use alternative metals in the jewelry they design and produce. Along with these metals, they incorporate unusual elements into designs that include wood, dinosaur bone, horn, meteorite, and other naturally unique elements.

In addition to the unique and precious materials already available in their design studios to provide jewelry to their customers, they have another option. They can also use materials provided by their customers to create a unique design. For example; stone, bone, antlers, wood, precious stones, any other material. They can work on your budget without sacrificing the quality of the design or the personality of the style. Enjoy and discover the custom-made jewelry at ‘Jewelry by Johan’.

Wedding Bands/ Rings

At Johan by Jewelry, they know that wedding rings should be unique and one and only. Because they are a symbol of commitment to eternal love, the promise of their customers’ to each other. You can browse beautiful, unique wedding rings made using unique materials that you can provide or choose from their collection such as deer horn, waterproof wood, dinosaur bone, or Gibeon meteorite. Most of these rings appeal to both genders. But if you are looking for a more feminine style, you should check out the collection of women’s wedding rings.

If you cannot find exactly what you are looking for, you can ask for a price and unique design for an individual wedding ring or engagement ring that better represents your individual style. The company’s designers can also create custom wedding ring sets for you! Even though it exceeds your budget, they will find a way to make you happy. First, you may want to check out the simple range of their collection or choose a brilliant diamond anniversary or eternity ring to symbolize your endless love.

They make a piece of cremation jewelry upon your request as well. Not human ashes but pet ashes, they can include your jewelry to make a piece of unforgettable jewelry.

You can also shop according to your style. These styles are wedding ring sets, signature styles, infinity bands, diamond fashion, rings for musicians, pet memorial rings, and interchangeable rings. You can also shop according to the material. These are meteorite rings, dinosaur bone rings, wooden rings, horn rings, black ceramic rings, Damascus rings, mokume rings, tungsten rings, and titanium rings. If you need help finding the perfect ring, you may also want to check out the ultimate guide for rings.

Jewelry By Johan Fossil Ring with Meteorite and Mokume Pinstripe


Jewelry By Johan Blue Meteorite Ring, Titanium Men’s Wedding Band with Mokume Gane

This ring has a comfort fit. Because of its inlay(s), this ring cannot be re-sized. After ordering it in the size desired, you will be shipped a plastic sizing ring crafted in that same size and width to allow you to verify it’s the perfect fit.

Jewelry By Johan Pet Memorial Ring, Titanium Band with Pet Ashes

It gives you an opportunity yo memorize your beloved pet with a titanium pet memorial ring. The ashes will be held in a very secure manner and the ring will be tastefully finished. Remember your friend in a tasteful and sweet manner. It is going to fit very comfortably. This ring is not re-sizable. You can add a personal message with their laser engraving text.

Jewelry By Johan Meteorite Ring with Dino Bone and Wood Sleeve


Jewelry By Johan Men’s Ring with Meteorite and Whiskey Barrel Wood


Jewelry By Johan Dinosaur Bone Ring with Gibeon Meteorite and Turquoise

Meteors are formed as they travel through space and millions of years later they may land on earth and become meteorites. All meteorite specimens will vary slightly in pattern and color making each one-of-a-kind. Because of that, your jewelry may not look exactly like the one pictured.

Jewelry By Johan Cobaltium Mokume and Seymchan Meteorite Ring


Jewelry By Johan Blue Men’s Ring with Gibeon Meteorite, Colorful Wedding Band

It is a unique wedding band featuring stunning blue box elder burl wood, both in the sleeve and the center of the band. Authentic Gibeon meteorite edges give this ring a stellar finish.

Jewelry By Johan Simple Titanium Ring with Sandblasted Finish


Jewelry By Johan Blue Wedding Band, Box Elder Burl Wood Ring in Titanium

Display your love of nature with this blue wedding band! The natural box elder burl overlay of this ring has been dyed to a deep ultramarine blue. The polished titanium sleeve is both durable and exceptionally comfortable. This wood jewelry is also an excellent gift for outdoor enthusiasts. All wood specimens vary slightly in pattern and color; your item may not look exactly like the one pictured.

Jewelry By Johan Celtic Ring with Gibeon Meteorite and Sandblasted Finish

Meteors are formed as they travel through space and millions of years later they may land on earth and become meteorites. All meteorite specimens will vary slightly in pattern and color making each one-of-a-kind. Because of that, your jewelry may not look exactly like the one pictured.

Jewelry By Johan Whiskey Barrel Oak Wood Ring with Brushed Titanium Overlay


Jewelry By Johan Tungsten Wedding Band for Man with Green Box Elder Burl and Meteorite Ring

This meteorite ring has two inlays of green box elder burl flanking the Gibeon meteorite center. Polished and tough tungsten makes up the sleeve of this unisex wedding band. It is a waterproof ring as well. It has a comfort fit, which means you won’t feel you have a ring on your finger at all. You should keep in mind that it is not a re-sizable ring, get the one fits your finger exactly.

Jewelry By Johan Tungsten Ring with Cobaltium Composite Mokume and Meteorite Inlays


Jewelry By Johan Meteorite Men’s Ring with Orange Enamel, Black Ceramic Wedding Band


Jewelry By Johan Spalted Maple Burl and Deer Antler Ring in Titanium

It is made of maple burl wood is complemented by a beautiful unique antler and inlaid in titanium. If you or your loved one loves the future, it is a perfect gift. You need to get your size, not too big or not too small. Because it is not a re-sizable ring. If you want, it is possible to add a personal touch with the laser engraving! It could be a personal message. It is an eco-friendly jewelry.

Jewelry By Johan Whiskey Barrel Wood Ring with Meteorite and Dino Bone


Jewelry By Johan Sandblasted Meteorite Ring, Aspen Wood Wedding Band


Jewelry By Johan Womens Meteorite Wedding Band in Thin Titanium Ring


Jewelry By Johan Purple Box Elder Burl Wood Ring with Black Ceramic


Jewelry By Johan Crushed Opal Men’s Wedding Band, Meteorite Ring with Mokume Sleeve


Jewelry By Johan Black Ring with Deer Antler Inlay

Keep your passion for hunting close at hand with this deer antler trophy ring! The lights and darks of the design allow contrast to help show off your love for the great outdoors. The deer antler in this ring includes free ring armor waterproofing. All antler specimens vary slightly in pattern and color; your item may not look exactly like the one pictured.

Jewelry By Johan Ruby Redwood Wedding Ring for Women

It gives you an opportunity to wear a statement of your love of nature with this ruby redwood wedding ring! This rugged wedding band is handmade with hypoallergenic titanium in a matte finish.

Jewelry By Johan Softball Leather Ring in Polished Titanium


Jewelry By Johan Red Box Elder Burl Wood Ring with Matte Titanium Finish


Jewelry By Johan Wood Sleeve Ring with Tulipwood, Titanium Wedding Band



As a company, ‘Jewelry by Johan’ works with almost any material and gemstone imaginable to create unique bracelets. White, blue, and black diamonds, all kinds of precious stones and metals. The styles govern the gamut and include traditional diamond tennis bracelets and cuff bracelets. Are you looking for something more masculine in design? Then, you can take a look at its interchangeable bracelets. Get even more personal by working with one of the ‘Jewelry By Johan’ design consultants to create your own bead, special charm, or a full custom bracelet.

The company produces beaded bracelets. They use different materials for these beads such as an authentic meteorite, antlers, whiskey barrel, meteorite, dinosaur bone, and turquoise. You can buy a starter bracelet with one of the medium beads. Beads and snake bracelets can also be purchased separately. All beads have an inside hole diameter of 5mm, making them compatible with popular bracelet brands like PANDORA® and Chamilia.

With modular inlay bracelets, you can replace one inlay for another! The large connection on these interchangeable rings can be changed to suit any occasion. The company works with almost any material and gemstone imaginable to create unique bracelets.

Are you looking for something different and unique that suits your personal style perfectly? Then, you can customize it by working with one of the Jewelry By Johan designers in order to create a special design just for you. Also, don’t forget to make everything more special by adding a free text engraving behind the inlay component.

When it comes to diamonds, there are white diamond infinity bracelets, black diamond heart bracelets, and unique handmade designs for you, allowing you to browse them all easily! Customize your choices and the company can create one-of-a-kind handmade diamond bracelets for you.

Jewelry By Johan Dinosaur Bone Bead Bracelet with Lava Beads, Triton Design


Jewelry By Johan Fossil Bead Bracelet with Lava Beads, Penton Design


Jewelry By Johan Fossilized Coprolite and Lava Bead Bracelet

Coprolite beads sit nicely between two antique silver alloy spacers. Textured lava beads fill out the rest of this truly unique bracelet. The fossilized coprolite bracelets are a must-have accessory that can be worn individually or stacked together. Every authentic coprolite bead exhibits a unique color and pattern. The band on these bracelets is slightly elastic, which lets you put it on without having to operate a closure.

Jewelry By Johan Meteorite Interchangeable Bracelet, Stainless Steel Link Bracelet


Jewelry By Johan Interchangeable Dinosaur Bone Bracelet, Stainless Steel Link Bracelet



You can choose from the unique necklaces and traditional diamond necklaces of ‘Jewelry By Johan’. Their specially designed meteorite necklaces are out of this world. They produce pet memorial necklaces which are cremation jewelry as well. They are a beautiful and tasteful alternative to honor the memory of your four-legged best friend.

You can be sure that all necklaces and pendants are impressive! Do you have a unique necklace or pendant idea that you haven’t seen here? You can then contact the ‘Jewelry By Johan’ design consultants to share your ideas and get an idea about pricing.

The company is known for its unique chains, but other than chains, they have a big and unique collection for necklaces and pendants. Each meteorite in this collection has a distinctive color and pattern that results in a piece of jewelry from the outside of this world. The styles range from elegant and simple shapes to more edgy designs with coarse meteorite rocks. If you have an idea about a special meteorite pendant or want to change one of the existing designs to better suit your style, don’t hesitate to contact the company’s design consultants. Besides meteorite, they use dinasour bone in their jewelry. 

They have a great selection of naturally beautiful wooden necklaces, the description pieces range from simple charm bead necklaces to more simple. They use a variety of exotic and unique woods to create unique gifts for you. You can send or take your own wood sample to the company and they can create a specially designed wooden necklace for you.

You may want to take a look at the wide selection of diamond necklaces, including white gold, yellow gold, and rose gold with brilliant diamond options in all carat levels, color codes and shapes. Popular pendant styles include a heart-shaped diamond necklace, triangular diamond necklace, teardrop necklace, and diamond cross necklace. If you have not found the perfect design for you or to give gifts, feel free to contact the company to create something special for you. Also keep in mind that any of these diamond necklaces can be rebuilt with other gemstones.

Jewelry By Johan 20” Campo Del Cielo Meterorite Necklace

This men’s or women’s sterling silver pendant holds a small chunk of the Campo del Cielo meteorite, which was discovered in Northeast Argentina. The meteorite created a total of 26 craters in the region.

Jewelry By Johan 20” Campo Del Cielo Meterorite Necklace with Black Chain



At Jewelry by Johan, they produce quality handmade earrings. You can fidn these amazing earrings in all shapes, materials, sizes and color codes. It depends on completely your taste and your budget. They offer you a wide collection to choose from. Are you looking for a unique gift idea? Why you shouldn’t consider a pair of meteorite earrings or to design a pair of unique earrings? you may want to contact the “Johan By Jewelry” design consultants directly.

For minimalists who prefer a smaller ornament on their ears, there are a variety of unique stud earrings with beautiful, natural materials such as meteorite and dinosaur bone. If you are looking for a little different and sparkle, you can check out a wide variety of diamond stud earrings.

The choice of dangle and drop earrings the company has a variety of precious stones, materials, shapes, styles and colors. You can find jewelry in any kind of style, design, feature, price, and need! If you can’t find the exact style of the earrings you’re looking for, you can ask the special designers to create a pair of custom diamond earrings just for you.

Cuff Links

The unique cufflinks selection in ‘Jewelery by Johan’ made of thin and alternative metals paired with unique, natural materials is nowhere else offered! You can choose meteorite, dinosaur bone or natural wood as a material for your cufflink in order to make it different and special.  

For example, turquoise cufflinks give you a nice option to fulfill something blue, for example at your wedding. Cufflinks are great gifts for grooms or a perfect gift for a groom. Bullet cufflinks are popular gifts for hunters. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, feel free to contact design consultants and they can create some special cufflinks just for you!

Jewelry By Johan Round Meteorite Cuff Links in Bronze


Tie Clips

The tie clips and tie pins in the ‘Jewelry by Johan’ collection contain unique materials like toher types of jewelry they produce such as dinosaur bone and horn combined with precious silver. You can talk to special jewelry designers form the company, you will decide the design together and then they will create a handmade tie clip coordinated with your ring, watches, etc. A unique tie clip can be considered as a nice gift for grooms or groomsmen. You can also pair it with some unique cufflinks to complete the look.

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