Jewelry Chests (Bonus: 24 Chic Jewelry Chest Options)

For some people, it is hard to keep jewelry organized and neat. Their jewelry boxes, jewelry dishes, jewelry armories, etc. are always disorganized. It is hard to find their jewelry untangled for them. So, at some point when they want to see whether their jewelry and outfit match or not. For this purpose, jewelry chest is a good idea.

Jewelry chest is a kind of organizer that keeps your jewelry sorted, untangled, and easily accessible. You can sort your pieces of jewelry by type, style, or color. Whatever you need is always right where you left it with jewelry chests.

A jewelry chest includes drawers, doors, and compartments to keep your necklaces, rings, bracelets, and more neat, organized, and help prevent damage. Some types include a mirror and it provides you to check your look with jewelry.

Anyone who struggles to keep jewelry neat and organized gets to benefit from purchasing a jewelry chest. Most of the jewelry chests you can find on the market feature separate compartments for more or less any kind of jewelry such as necklaces, rings, bracelets, pendants, brooches, pins, watches, and more. It is perfect for keeping jewelry right where you need it, so you can effortlessly add your favorite jewelry to your outfit.

Apart from keeping them organized, a jewelry chest also keeps your precious and expensive pieces of jewelry safe. When we leave our jewelry in drawers or closets, it is easy to get caught up in other belongings and lost forever. However, when you put your valuable jewelry on a jewelry chest, you will know that your jewelry in one place, and it makes har for any jewelry to go missing or stolen.

There are different types and shapes of jewelry chests are available on the market. By purchasing one, you can add a little bit of elegancy to your home decor. It would be a small but effective decoration tool. 

Let’s say, you have already bought one and you have no idea how to organize your jewelry chest. It should be something intuitive. There is no rule on how to organize it. You can organize by size, color, or style. You are the one who knows whatever Works best for you. There are small and separate places for your rings, bracelets, necklaces, and so on. For your larger jewelry, it would be good to keep them in their own boxes.

There are dedicated spaces for necklaces on most of the jewelry chests because hanging them is the best way to store them. So, with a jewelry chest, each necklace has its own hook, and will not get tangled up with the other necklaces.

Important Features to Consider to Buy Jewelry Chest

Size: Range from small to large. It is important to consider the size of your jewelry collection and the available place in your house before making a move and purchasing a jewelry chest. The size depends on how many pieces of jewelry you have, how many you plan to collect in the future, and the type of piece you would like to keep. Small jewelry chests can sit on your dresser, while larger chests are free-standing.

Style: Everyone has different styles and tastes. And, there are different styles and designs available as well. When you choose a jewelry chest, it should be something complementary to the theme and furniture of your home decor. As classy styles and designs, you can find traditional chests with engravings, French, Asian-inspired, modern, antique, and contemporary models.

Quality of materials: There are different materials to use in order to make jewelry chests depending on your style and your home decor. You need to make sure whether these materials are of good quality and will not fall apart as you use it.

Organizational space: You need to be sure that there is enough space for your jewelry, it is the main purpose of having an organizer. You don’t want to spend your money on a big investment that you won’t use. A jewelry chest with a mixture of dividers and open space should be something you are looking for. So, you will have room for both small items and larger pieces.

Types: There are various styles that you can choose, such as wooden, free-standing, mirrored, and more. Choose the one fits well fits your decor and how you intend to use it.

Protective interior lining: It has to have a soft lining and protects your jewelry from scratches and damage. Some of them even feature anti-tarnish felt on the interior, which can help prevent your piece of jewelry from harm. These harms could be getting discolored or stained.

Mirror: If there is a mirror in your jewelry chest it would be a plus for you. If there is one, it is a hidden mirror at the top of the chest. So, you can check your look before you leave the house. You don’t need to look elsewhere for a mirror when you try your jewelry on.

Security: You might choose a jewelry chest that gives you high security and high protection of your vulnerable, valuable, and expensive pieces. You can choose one with dedicated locks, hidden drawers, and hidden compartments.

Price: It, of course, is the most important feature even though we say it is not. You should buy something you can afford. Even though most people believe that price is equivalent to quality, there are lots of options you can find for your budget, and still, they offer longevity and functionality without necessarily having to dig too dip into your pocket.

Recommended Products on Amazon

Hives and Honey Robyn Jewelry Armoire, 41″H x 17.25″W x 12.5″ D, Walnut

It is one of the best jewelry chests overall. Well worth the money, very well made and customer service is A plus. Without taking the cost or value for the money into the equation, and just looking at it as it is, it is medium quality. If you are looking for a wooden jewelry chest that checks all the boxes, look no further than the Hives and Honey 1004-382 Robyn Jewelry Armoire. This jewelry armoire features a rich, antique walnut finish that fits in with any decor.

While it is a little expensive than other products that you can find, it is very functional. It is made with real wood, contains 8 storage drawers, each lined with anti-tarnish felt, and includes a vanity mirror. The top 3 drawers have organizer compartments that get progressively larger each drawer down. All of the other drawers are completely open. The side doors actually have 8 double hooks. So, there are a total of 16 double hooks, which means 32 total hooks. These features, coupled with the fact that its rich, antique walnut finish fits in with any decor, make it an excellent choice for smart buyers.

SONGMICS Jewelry Cabinet Armoire Cambered Front Storage Chest Stand Organizer Dark Walnut UJJC17K

Its elegant walnut finish and wood texture It immediately catches your attention when you enter the room. It features 8 drawers, 3 of which are shallow drawers and 5 are deep drawers. These drawers feature diverse organizational layouts for different types of jewelry. It is a tall and thin product. It can topple over without too much effort. The drawers slide easily, and they don’t fall out. This product comes in 2 parts, the main body, and the lid. Only the lid needs to be assembled to the armoire body.

There are hooks on the sides. They are spaced apart and very nicely. The good thing is that they have the capacity for 2 necklaces per hook. There are lots of drawers for bracelets, earrings, pins, etc. There are drawers that are separated into 4 compartments and drawers that are just open. You could keep the original boxes for your jewelry sets and store them in the open drawers.

Best Choice Products Handcrafted Wooden Jewelry Box Organizer Wood Armoire Cabinet Storage Chest

For buyers who don’t want to sacrifice quality for the price, the Best Choice Products Handcrafted Wooden Armoire comes highly recommended. There are two color options available according to your home décor which is black and white. Despite its smaller size, it still holds all of your jewelry and meets your organizational needs.

It features 5 drawers, 2 side compartments, and a top compartment for extra storage space. It also has two side doors that open up to reveal four necklace hooks each. There are 4 necklace hooks in each side compartment. Also, there are ring/ earring cushions in the top compartment to provide support and to show elegance. Its sleek, curved design and dark walnut finish lend a modern-contemporary look to the piece and make it easy to fit in with your existing decor.

Hives & Honey Landry Jewelry Armoire, Large, Black

This armoire blends function and style. If you are looking for something like that, it is your best bet. It is made of crafted wood in a deep black finish. The black lacquer makes the armoire look like an inherited heirloom. It is inspired by English design.

The quality is very good for the price. It is an attractive and solid item. The drawers slide easily and the internal compartments are glued well. It offers 7 spacious drawers with a mixture of dividers and deep open space for additional storage. The lid opens up to reveal a mirror and storage area lined with an anti-tarnish plush felt. Side doors open up to allow access to 12 necklace hooks each that keep necklaces tangle-free and organized.

Powell Jewelry Armoire Wood, Silver Mirrored

The Powell 233-314 Mirrored Jewelry Armoire with Silver Wood is the perfect mirrored jewelry chest for added pizzaz. Mirrored furniture is all the rage right now in terms of home decorating. It is a luxurious style and this jewelry chest is no exception. It is finished in silver with mirrored accents on every surface.

As for storage, this jewelry chest features 7 drawers, 3 shallow and 4 deeper drawers for larger storage. The top opens to reveal a mirror so you can double-check your look. Two side compartments feature multiple necklace hooks to keep your necklaces neat and organized. There is nothing bad that you can say about this armoire. Even on the inside is kind of like a rust color it doesn’t really matter because you cannot even see it when it is close so overall it is gorgeous!

Hives & Honey Daphne Oval Glass Turquoise Jewelry Chest Jewelry Organizer Box Case Mirrored Storage

This turquoise jewelry chest will stand out and make an impact on any decor. The hinged lid opens to reveal an easily accessible mirror with storage underneath. Great quality jewelry chest. It’s better looking in person and can hold tons of jewelry. More dividers in drawers would be a plus as well as more hooks for necklaces. The fabric on the inside that lines the dividers and drawers. The top drawer is partitioned into four spaces. The second drawer is partitioned into two spaces. The remaining drawers have no partitions.

Hives and Honey Celene Jewelry Armoire, Century White

It has an ornate design with a classic white finish and antiqued hardware. The white finish gives it a classic and timeless feel, while the mirrored and delicate doors add a touch of modernism. The mirrors on the front add a very elegant look and it is very functional. The sides are spring-loaded and hold all your necklaces while the attached elastic cords hold them down and keep them in place. There is plenty of ring holders and sectioned compartments for earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and every pieces you want to store.

The interior compartments are lined with beige felt. Both side doors have hooks for hanging necklaces. The lid is very heavy and the underside is a mirror. It does require minor assembly. You will need only a Phillips head screwdriver to attach the lid to the piano hinge, and you just screw the feet into the underside. Due to its paint, which is a white-wash, the wood grain shows itself through a little bit. The finish is not super white or shiny. It is supposed to look “shabby chic”. It is a very nice piece of furniture and was definitely worth the price paid.

Giantex Standing Jewelry Armoire Cabinet Storage Chest

There are 7 drawers in total, 4 shallow drawers for various small accessories and watches, and 3 deep drawers are suitable for slightly larger storage. The top lid opens up to show a makeup mirror and storage space with 4 compartments for extra trinkets. The storage space is sufficient to meet your daily storage needs, keeping your items neat and orderly.

There is a partitioned storage area on the top of the cabinet, a small compartment with soft lining for ring storage, and the other 3 partitions for slightly small objects. There is a lid at the top to prevent the accumulation of dust and with this lid. The cabinet looks very beautiful. The lid has a make-up mirror, and the height of the cabinet is 39 inches, which is suitable for most people.

Hives and Honey Suzanne Jewelry Armoire, Walnut

It is a beautiful and simple jewelry armoire. It blends perfectly with American antiques and other walnut or cherry furniture. It comes basically put together except the legs and mirror lid. Featuring five spacious drawers, this jewelry armoire has enough room for an endless supply of trinkets. The top storage section has a vanity mirror with doors on each side of the armoire that opens up to reveal necklace hooks.

Rowling Extra Large Wooden Jewelry Box/Jewel Case Cabinet Armoire Ring Necklace Gift Storage Box Organizer Mg002 (Brown)

A bit smaller than other jewelry chest picks, this still includes plenty of storage. It includes three removable drawers with two removable trays on the top. It holds a lot of jewelry and has a nice mirror on the inside of the cover plus area in there for rings and earrings. Two pieces then slide out to reveal more little spots for earrings. The style and the color of the woodwork well with your furniture, and it holds quite a bit of jewelry. The overall box is heavy and pretty solid.

The finish on this jewelry box is beautiful. The drawers are well made and slide in and out with ease. The partitions in each drawer are totally adjustable. The two side doors on the box are a wonderful feature to have. For bracelet, there is place on the right side of the door. For earrings, there is a place on the right door. There are some misconceptions on top drawer. However, the selves behind this false drawer pull-out to the left and right to reveal a secret compartment for jewelry. This box comes will a lock. It locks the box totally.

Giantex Jewelry Armoire Chest Cabinet Storage Organizer

This jewelry armoire features space-saving storage. Its featuring is ideal for damp or humid places. The top has organized storage space. The small compartment with soft lining is for rings, and the other 3 partitions are used for various small objects. The top lid is mostly for aesthetic. There is no accumulation of dust seen at all.

This jewelry cabinet has 5 drawers. The drawers are designed for various small accessories storage like watches, bracelets, necklaces, pendants, earrings, chains, etc. Size of drawers is sufficient to meet your daily storage needs for various objects, keeping your items neat and orderly. Tehre are 2 side doors and there are 6 hooks on them. They are perfect for necklaces and bracelets. You can store them without tangled and save space for other jewelry of yours. Those hooks are in style of vintage. There are 6 hooks on two side doors. They keep your necklaces and bracelets untangled and give you more space to store more items. Besides, there are chains to avoid jewelry falling when the door opens.

Best Choice Products Handcrafted Wooden Jewelry Box Organizer Wood Armoire Cabinet Storage Chest Espresso

This mirrored jewelry armoire mixes classic style with a lockable compartment to safe-keep your most valuable pieces. It’s perfect for sitting on your dresser or vanity without taking up too much space. It has a contemporary design. It is made of espresso wood. It gives this jewelry box an elegant style. so, it will add an elegant touch to your home décor. There are two color options available according to your home decoration which is black and white.

Enjoy the full functionality of an armoire with less than half the space as the many compartments and features fold and store into each other. It is very convenient jewelry box. There are 5 drawers and 2 side compartments. One compartment drawer contains 4 hooks, ring cushions, a lock to keep jewelry safe, and a mirror.

Hives and Honey Carson Fully Locking Jewelry Cabinet

Featuring French-style doors, this jewelry chest is fully locking. The doors open to reveal seven divided storage drawers with necklace hooks on each door. There are different color options available according to your home décor which is white, cherry, oak, and turquoise. Simple design, lots of storage, a mirror, and locking.

Flex HQ Wooden Vintage Jewelry Treasure Armoire Cabinet Chest Big Storage Box Organizer Drawer 39″ Tall with Mirror

This armoire is perfect, extremely sturdy with plenty of storage to spare in my case. It has a sturdy build and elegant design. It features 5 spacious drawers lined inside. There are soft simulated suede in them. It also features dual side compartments for hanging jewelry. There are 7 spacious drawers lined inside with soft simulated suede. There are different color options available according to your taste and home decoration which are brown, dark brown, green, and light brown.

Hives and Honey Rustic Pine Taylor Jewelry Box

It is very beautifully crafted and stained to perfection. It is heavy and very strong and will last for years. Boasting a stunning rustic pine finish, this jewelry chest features ring rolls, divided compartments, and six necklace hooks. Each drawer is lined with natural linen. It is gorgeous and well made. There are lots of slots inside to put a varity of jewelry into it. The ring section is great and there is room in the third and fourth drawers to put jewelry boxes from the store for fancier jewelry.

Hives & Honey Luke Wood Jewelry Cabinet Armoire Storage Box Chest

This jewelry chest features seven spacious drawers with a mixture of dividers and open space for larger storage. The lid opens to reveal a mirror and storage area lined with an anti-tarnish plush felt. Your necklaces and bracelets stay tangle-free because there are 12 hooks in the side doors. Lift the lid, revealing a mirror and storage area lined with anti-tarnish plush felt.

Hives and Honey Patricia Etched Glass Mahogany Jewelry Chest Jewelry Box

With a rich antiqued mahogany finish, this jewelry chest features brass drawer pulls, and a rounded design with etched floral flourishes. Etched glass doors hold necklaces. It is very large and lovely. What you see on the picture, you will get exactly that. Heavy and well-made, with sturdy hardware on the doors and drawers, it holds your collection nicely. It holds a ton of jewelry with deep drawers for bracelets. The top lifts to show mirror and inside top, you put rings or earrings.

Hives and Honey Abby Jewelry Armoire, 40.25in X 19.5in X 11.75in, Antique Ivory

The Abby Jewelry armoire features an antiqued white finish with bronze hardware pulls. The finish of the chest is hand-applied in a multi-step process by a team of artisans. The material is sturdy and the overall look of the piece is expensive. There are different “sorting” inserts in each of the drawers, some for larger pieces and some for small. There are several hooks on the each sides of the cabinet. The top lifts up to reveal a very well-designed area that has several compartments for earrings, some pillow-top inserts for rings, and the center is open and fits watch, safety pins, and even a small hand mirror.

Mele & Co. Simone Wooden Jewelry Box, Ring, Necklace, and Earring Organizer

A beautiful piece at a favorable price. The lining of the drawers are nice and tight and the amount of space that can be used is tremendous. This Mele & Co. It is the perfect place to display your jewelry. You can display your rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, pins and broaches when you don’t wear them. There are 2 small sections for tiny jewelry, 3 drawers, 2 necklace closets, and a section for rings. This product will definitely meet your storage needs with displaying them very well.

If you thought that the outside of this jewelry box was elegant, wait until you see the inside. To treat your jewelry and trinkets with care, it is added a vintage ivory suede fabric to the inside of this Simone Jewelry Box. For your convenience, the company also included a built-in oval mirror on the inside of the lid.

If you have larger keepsakes, watches, and pieces of jewelry that need some extra room to breathe, place them in the 3 spacious drawers that are below the upper platform. Both the drawers and necklace closet doors open and close easily with elegant silver-colored pulls/knobs centered on the front of each drawer.

Hives & Honey Layla Blue Jewelry Box, Jewelry Organizer, Mirror Jewelry Chest

There are 4 drawers. It has double side doors with 3 hooks for displaying your necklaces or bracelets on each side. Open the top to reveal a functioning mirror, ring rolls, and divided compartments. Features two hidden side compartments that open to display three Necklace or bracelet hooks. There are 3 different colors available which are blue, blush, and grey.

Hives and Honey “PIPER” Cherry Jewelry Chest Jewelry Box

It looks even better in person and the quality is good. It has plenty of room for a medium-sized collection of jewelry. It is very elegant and classy for the price. Under the lid, you will find an ultra-plush lining, watch pillows, ring rolls, and variously sized compartments. There are 2 drawers for additional storage.

Deco 79 56700 Lattice Pattern Designed Wooden Jewelry Chest, 16″ x 18″, Lightbrown/Multi-Color

The drawers are a little hard to open and close but the piece is beautiful. It is a perfect addition to eclectic style settings. It brings a chic and sophisticated vibe to your space. It is made of wooden. There is a mirror. It features with 7 drawers and 1 cabinet in a rectangular base. It is designed with multi-colored lattice patterns.

3 Piece Wooden Treasure Box – Keepsake Box – Treasure Chest with Flower Motif for Jewelry

These three chests are very attractive. All these things are far more attractive when hidden out of sight. They are most definitely lightweight plastic boxes but, they fit so much inside. The lightweight of the boxes will make you feel cheap. Although, those feelings quickly will fade away after you have stuffed them boxes with all the treasures that took up so much space on your bedroom table. Find your jewelry in seconds by storing them in these chests.

Nautical Cove Treasure Chest Keepsake and Jewelry Box Wood – Toy Treasure Box

This treasure chest is well made and cute. It has a nice stain, making it look rustic. The metal hinges and pieces give it a vintage treasure chest feel. The tops construction could have been a little tighter, but overall a good buy for the price. These keepsake boxes look like real pirate chests! They are made of solid wood and accented with iron strips overlaying the chests, each one is hand-made so you are truly getting a one of a kind keepsake treasure chest.

These treasure chests are perfect for filling with whatever little trinkets or mementos you hold dear. There is no limit. You can put everything you have. The small chest is also great as a toy box for kids – girls and boys alike. Each chest is hand-crafted with care, with unique accents of an iron overlay, brackets, buttons, and more. It can even be used for home accents and décor, or a gift favor for a nautical or pirate-themed event.

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