Jewelry Cleaning Methods and Jewelry Cleaners

You finally got the jewelry you dreamed of. And do you know what you can do to keep them glamorous for longer? Do you know that the precious jewelry that you were shot as soon as you saw them could lose all their glow in a short period of time if you do not take the necessary care? However, by applying simple jewelry and gold care rituals, you can witness the many beautiful moments of your jewelry with the glitter of the first day.

Your jewelry must be carefully protected to ensure its lifetime. It is important to clean regularly to keep your jewelry shining. There are two kinds of maintenance. These are professional care and cleaning with the liquid detergent you can apply at home.

Professional care is the healthiest method. You should also check it from time to time to ensure that the nails on your jewelry are not bent or loose. When cleaning with mild liquid detergent, immerse your diamond jewel in a small container of warm water foamed with any soft liquid detergent. Gently scrub in the foam with a soft toothbrush. Rinse your jewelry with warm water. Dry with a paper towel. Never contact or wash your diamond products with water. You can clean it by wiping it with a cloth suitable for cleaning.

Do not use or wear your jewelry when handling rough work. Do not let your jewelry come into contact with strong chlorine bleach or cosmetic products. This will not damage the diamond but may cause the metal color to deform.

Do not put your jewels in a mixed box. They’re likely to scratch each other. Keep your jewelry in their own boxes or wrap them individually in tissue paper and store them in a small plastic bag or pouch. Do not leave pearls, emerald precious stones closed for a long period of time because they need air and skin contact in order not to lose their vitality.

Anti-Wear Jewelry Tips/ What You Should Do Before Jewelry Maintenance and Cleaning?

Everyone is aware that you don’t want to take your diamond ring out of your hands. It looks better than any pearl earring ever. The initial stage of preparation maybe like wearing it to make up your emerald necklace, but wait a bit. Learning the correct use tactics before proceeding with jewelry maintenance can be the best investment to extend the life of accessories.

Chemical compounds, especially chlorine, are the number one enemy of all jewelry made of precious or semi-precious stones together with gold or silver mines. Makeup and personal care that you use; creams, hairsprays, acetone, perfumes, and other products may cause the colors of jewelry and jewelry to dull, darken and become damaged. You can wear accessories after all preparations are finished to prevent damage to makeup products.

The gold jewelry you use is damaged by body secretions as well as by chemicals. The oil secreted from the body may reduce the brightness of the accessories due to contamination. On the other hand, sweat causes silver and gold to darken. You can prolong their life by avoiding long-term use of your jewelry on summer days when it is suffocating. Not going to bed with your jewelry is another favor you will do to them. When you come home, you can take extra precautions by removing your jewelry without even removing your makeup.

Because of their softness, gold or silver is preferred in the production of jewelry. Their softness allows fine workmanship to be applied, but can also be damaged by impacts. You should not forget to protect against impacts and friction when using your precious jewelry in order not to deteriorate its appearance.

While doing everyday household chores, removing them can prevent them from getting in touch with chemicals, as well as avoiding impacts. On the other hand, it is very important that you do not use your jewelry while swimming in the pool in order to avoid damage from the chlorine and when swimming in the sea to avoid damage from salts.

Care and Cleaning of Gold Jewelry

Gold is generally used as a basic mine in accessories. As such, gold jewelry care may vary depending on many parameters, from the use of stones in jewelry to the characteristics of the stones used. As such, it is very important that you have looked at other jewelry care tips before servicing the jewelry made using gold.

If there is no dirt or oil accumulation on the gold jewelry, the best thing to do is to gently wipe it with the help of a jewelry polishing cloth you can obtain from the jeweler. Regular wiping will also help keep gold jewelry on the first day. If you notice any contamination of dirt and oil accumulation in any part of your jewelry, you can get support from the mixture where you will drop a few drops of organic detergent into warm water. You can also use liquid soap or shampoo that does not contain a moisturizing agent into warm water.

In order to avoid discoloration, you should avoid using hot water during the cleaning of gold jewelry. You can clean your jewelry produced by using gold in a solution of warm water and detergent for 3 to 5 minutes and then gently brush with a soft brush. You can also prepare the cleaning solution using six parts of warm water and one part of ammonia. After brushing, rinse with plenty of water and dry gently to maintain the first day’s glow.

Care and Cleaning of Sensitive Jewelry Like Diamonds and Pearls

Diamond, one of the hardest mines in the world, is one of the most precious stones to be cared for, even though it is difficult to break and scratch. Avoiding water contact is very important to avoid damaging the stone unless you have to care for diamond jewelry. It may be sufficient to gently wipe gently using a soft cloth, such as chamois, especially for large pieces such as choker.

For smaller pieces, such as diamond rings, necklaces, you can get support from a mixture of warm water and organic detergent if there is heavy contamination. You can clean the diamond jewelry you will keep in plenty of sparkling water by gently brushing with the softest brush possible. You can rinse with plenty of water and dry gently to avoid residue of the cleansing agent.

The care of the coral and pearl, whose structure is similar, requires as much care as the diamonds. Wiping with the help of a soft cloth is the first choice for cleaning pearls. In case of more intense contamination, you can wait for a few minutes in the solution you use when cleaning diamond jewelry, and because it is more sensitive, you can clean it with a soft towel instead of a brush. You can also care for other semi-precious stones of marine origin.

The Most Accurate Diamond Care Tips

Diamond is one of the hardest materials on earth; much more resistant to heat, scratches, and bumps than other precious stones. This minimizes the risk of making mistakes while doing diamond care at home. There are even more practical cleaning and maintenance rituals compared to other types of jewelry.

Diamond cleaning is among the easiest precious stone cleaning. Naturally, “how to care and clean diamonds?” has more than one answer. If you’re afraid of doing something wrong, you can get one of the cleaning solutions specially designed for diamonds and diamond jewelry. You can effortlessly clean your diamond jewelry by following the instructions on the solution.

The solution prepared using a mild detergent and hot water is one of the ideal methods especially for the maintenance of diamond rings. You can keep your ring in the solution for up to half an hour and allow the dirt to soften thoroughly. With the help of a soft brush, you can gently brush all sides of the ring, especially the stone part, for thorough cleaning.

Like most jewelry, you can clean diamonds at home using ammonia. The one-to-one solution of cold water and ammonia can help you get a soft and effective cleaning. You can soak the diamond jewelry for about 30 minutes, gently clean it with a soft hand brush, then dip it in the ammonia solution and polish it with a towel.

If you complain about not having time, you may like our practical suggestion for solitaire diamond care. You don’t have to spend extra time and effort to get the most practical advice on how to care for diamonds. All you need is a dishwasher with a delicate washing program and a double-sided tea strainer. You can wash the diamond ring that you will place in the tea strainer in a sensitive program together with the dishes which are not so dirty and you can effortlessly bring the diamond jewelry to the first day.

How to Clean your Jewelry at Home

You don’t need fancy jewelry cleaner to get your silver to sparkle, your gold to gleam, and your gemstones to shine. You probably already have all the things you need in your kitchen cupboards. Plus, experts agreed that certain household items can get your jewelry just as clean as commercial products. It should be noted, though, that if you have any jewelry pieces that are extremely important to you, it is best to bring them to a professional.

Ammonia Bath

Prepare a mixture of one unit of ammonia and six parts of warm water and let your jewelry stand for 30 minutes. After removal, gently clean the area around the mount with a small soft brush. Immerse your jewelry in the same solution once again, rinse and wet with tissue paper.

Detergent Bath

Prepare foam in a container using a household liquid detergent and warm water that does not contain chlorine. Soak for 10 minutes in this mixture. Then, with a soft brush, clean the stone housing and nails of the jewelry and the dirty areas around it with soft touches. Place your jewelry on a sieve, rinse with warm water, then dry it with a paper towel, if possible, and wipe with a soft cloth or chamois leather.

Coldwater Bath

Prepare a solution of mild dishwashing detergent and four units of cold water. Soak your jewelry in this solution for half an hour. Then gently scrub the surface of your jewelry with dirt and a brush. Rinse to remove detergent, then leave on a paper towel to dry or wipe gently.

Baking Soda

In order to remove built-up tarnish from your silver, make a thick paste with 1/4 cup baking soda and 2 tablespoons water. Apply with a damp sponge and gently rub, rinse, and buff dry. To polish gold jewelry, cover with a light coating of baking soda, pour a bit of vinegar over it and rinse clean. Keep in mind that you should do not use this technique with jewelry containing pearls or gemstones, as it could damage their finish or loosen any glue. These are other weird tricks that actually polish silver with ease.

Beer Bath

Get the shine back in your solid gold (i.e., minus any gemstones) rings and other jewelry by pouring a bit of beer (not dark ale!) onto a soft cloth and rubbing it gently over the piece. Use a clean second cloth or towel to dry. It could be a good option for cleaning gold, but might not work too well on your silver jewelry. Go ahead, have a pint and clean your jewelry while you are at it, just don’t drink from the same glass.

Alka Seltzer

It is said to be a great cleaner for diamonds and other hard stones. All you need to do is let your jewelry soak in a mixture of water and Alka Seltzer and then wipe it with a clean, dry cloth. You can take the jewelry out once the tablets or powder stops fizzing, or you can let it soak a little longer, depending on how dirty your jewelry is. Please keep in mind that do not use flavored Alka Seltzer, as it may contain dyes that could affect your jewelry.


Let ketchup do the work of shining tarnished silver. If your ring, bracelet, or earring has a smooth surface, dunk it in a small bowl of ketchup for a few minutes. If it has a tooled or detailed surface, use an old toothbrush to work ketchup into the crevices. To avoid damaging the silver, don’t leave the ketchup on any longer than necessary. Rinse your jewelry clean and dry it, and it is ready to wear. Don’t miss the spring cleaning tasks you can finish in a minute or less.


Soak your pure silver bracelets, rings, and other jewelry in a mixture of 1/2 cup white vinegar and 2 tablespoons baking soda for two to three hours. Rinse them under cold water and dry thoroughly with a soft cloth. Once you have cleaned it, try these simple tips for organizing your jewelry.


For jewelry that is not made of gold or silver, you may want to try using toothpaste to polish it and keep it looking shiny. Toothpaste can also be used on crystalline gemstones, but you should avoid using it on softer stones and silver, as it is abrasive and could leave scratch marks.

Storage Advice for Diamonds and Other Jewelry

The glamorous boxes of jewelry are not only used to provide an alluring look. Hard stones, especially diamonds, can only be scratched when confronted with stones of their own hardness. When this is the case, storing your jewelry in its original box can be one of the most effective solutions you can make to scratches and abrasions.

Jewelry and gold jewelry, which are kept randomly in a large jewelry box, can be eroded by rubbing against each other and scratches may occur on the precious stone parts. This causes them to lose their brightness. If for any reason you have to carry your jewelry out of its box, wrapping it in a non-contacting manner using a soft-textured towel will prevent scratches.

Finally, cleaning your jewelry at home may not always be enough. Once a year you can extend your life seriously by having your jewelry professionally cared for. The jewelry and diamond certificate that you go with the professional care of the jeweler will help them to retain their luster for a much longer time, as well as the minor damage that you do not notice will prevent them from causing major problems in the future.

Jewelry Cleaners on Amazon

Magnasonic Professional Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner with Digital Timer for Eyeglasses, Rings, Coins (MGUC500)

You can clean your wedding rings, gold and silver chains, silverware, and even some coins just to see how well it works. While most pieces require some amount of cloth polishing after the sonic cleaning, the results will be excellent with the jewelry, pretty good with silverware, and just so-so with the coins. But since it’s intended for jewelry, that’s what counts. Never use it with pearls. Never use with softer stone jewelry like opals & corals. Never use it with anything cracked or loose!

Even with the option to get jewelry cleaned for free, there are people still prefer this home ultrasonic jewelry cleaner. They have free cleaning at their jewelers, but it is so rare that they are able to make it there. Many reviewers agree that they can get the same results from a professional cleaner at home by using this machine, one saying. Your diamonds sparkle like crazy, the platinum and gold are perfectly clean too.

Some people have determined that adding a dash of dish soap to the water gets their jewels even cleaner. In addition to rings, necklaces, and bracelets, you will get the same amazing results when using it for reading glasses. It removes almost all the dirt from the tiny gaps between the links, something difficult to do by hand, and leaves the band nice and clean.

Famili FM8000WW Ultrasonic Polishing Jewelry Cleaner with Digital Timer for Cleaning Eyeglasses Rings, Dentures, Retainers, and Mouth Guards

The cleaner is very user-friendly, in terms of setting the time, and actually pretty slick looking. It is highly recommended because there are a couple of settings that you can use depending on what your cleaning there are all kinds of attachments inside so you can clean glasses as well. The directions are very clear and easy to read. This machine is so easy to use and it’s stored Away really well.

I. It works very well, it is easy to clean, easy to use and is quiet. It looks and feels like a well-made piece of equipment. It’s the perfect size for cleaning your dentures and toothbrush heads. It can be used for a wide range of products such as the head of an electric shaver, trimmer blades, jewelry, eyeglasses, and so on. This is a very good buy for the price. This type of cleaner tends to last a very long time as long as you use them as directed. If you never used one of these before you’ll be amazed how well they clean and husbands buy one of these and clean all your wife’s jewelry, you’ll make her day!

While dozens of reviewers speak of the deep clean this machine gives gems, many have found alternative uses for this machine as well. Others have used it to clean everything from old fuel injectors to vaping coils to fountain pens to dog-grooming tools.

CONNOISSEURS Silver Polishing Cloth Jewelry Cleaner

This cloth is the only thing that gets the very tarnished look off of my stainless steel. This cloth is amazing with the cleaning side and the polishing on the other side. This cloth is huge! Much bigger than any other polishing cloth. It works wonderfully. It works like a charm. It also safely cleans your marcasite rings, something that liquid cleaner won’t do.

It is definitely recommended they be used to maintain jewelry that is new, or that has been cleaned with the appropriate jewelry cleaner – this way, the clothes will last longer. It is important to use the right cloth for the piece of jewelry you want to clean. The cloth is thin enough to manipulate into little details on the jewelry but durable enough to withstand vigorous rubbing. For the maintenance of silver, they are fantastic and get the job done quickly.

If you want your silver to shine, this is what you want. Dozens of customers are impressed with the size of the cloth and how well it both cleans and polishes silver. Users have been so impressed with the results on jewelry that they have tried using it on everything from flutes to silver saxophones and even heirloom flatware. The results are night and day! Many users also agree that this cloth is long-lasting.

CONNOISSEURS 1050 Diamond Dazzle Stik

Your jewelry will be so shiny, sparkly and perfect again! It is very easy to complete in the bathroom anywhere and it really does work. The brush tip is very helpful for getting under the stones and in the setting where gunk builds up reducing that brilliant shine. It is the perfect way to quickly give your ring some shine before leaving the house. You simply brush, rinse, dry and go. You don’t feel this product replaces the need to professionally clean your jewelry every now and then, but it does help with the maintenance of that new shiny sparkle.

It is perfect, like from professional jewelry cleaner. There is no bluish residue and diamonds sparkle like new. But it depends on the water in which you wash it after, some have chlorine in it or it is treated and this leaves residue and make stones less sparkly, so if you have water like this, after washing sweep the stones with an alcohol wipe or jewelry cleaning cloth or both.

Forget the jewelry store cleaning, do it at home and your rings will look better. Hundreds love how clear this cleaner makes engagement and wedding rings look. This little wonder-pen miracle device literally annihilated the gunk and dirt from every single nook and cranny of the band and eradicated the layer of unreachable dust and dirt from the undersides of the diamonds. Dozens of others love that they can use this stick on the go and never have to worry about their ring being dirty. This is so convenient. And it makes your jewelry look like brand spanking new when you are on the go.

Simple Shine Gentle Jewelry Cleaner Solution – Gold, Silver, Fine & Fashion Jewelry Cleaning – Ammonia Free Clean

This works really well, but you have to leave your jewelry in way longer than the instructions say to get a good clean. The 2-3 minutes recommended on the back does nothing to clean it. However, when you leave it for twenty minutes in the solution, it cleans it really well. A bit of scrubbing with the brush has your stone gleaming and sparkling like it is brand new. This product works very well on slightly tarnished silver but you will need something stronger for very tarnished silver jewelry.

One customer ultimately chose this jewelry cleaner because it claims to clean soft gemstones without damaging them and was not disappointed. It does a really nice job on all your jewelry. It seems to have done a great job and not damaged the pearls or turquoise at all. In addition to pearls and turquoise, you can use it on just about every type of metal silver, gold, stones, topaz, diamonds, pearls, and so on, and it really is very gentle and safe and yet tough on removing the filth off of your jewelry. This is easy to use, no ammonia smell, and works great on your ‘real stuff’ and your bling-bling rings.

Sabrina Silver Polishing Cloth for Silver, Gold, Brass & Most Other Metals, 12×15 Largest Size

If you have silver jewelry, these cloths are an absolute necessity. This polishing cloth is amazing. After just one use of this polishing cloth, your jewelry sparkles like fire and is absolutely mesmerizing to you! The size of this cloth is huge, so much better than the tiny little cloth that comes with your jewelry. The use of this polishing cloth is so simple. Use the yellow side to remove any tarnish/undesirable spots, and use the blue side to apply an awesome polish to your jewelry. The end result will be breathtaking beauty and endless sparkle!

This product consists of 2 pieces of cloth sewn together. The cream cloth contains the polishing compound, which turns into fine black dust when rubbed against silver. The blue cloth removes the black dust from the silver surfaces. If you don’t remove the black smudges from the silver surface it will end up on your fingers. The jagged edges on the blue cloth shed, which is annoying. Lots of tiny bits of cloth fall out.

This product is absolutely recommended to anyone looking to bring new life to their jewelry, silver utensils or other silver, gold or platinum pieces. Plus, you cannot beat the price! This is an amazing product and you will not be disappointed! Even reviewers who are skeptical about how well the product would work will be pleasantly surprised.

Pink Lady Sunshine Premium Jewelry Cleaner Kit with Metal Polish – Safe Jewelry Cleaner Solution for Diamonds, Gold, Silver, Wedding Rings, Earrings & All Jewelry Pieces

This product does an excellent job cleaning jewelry. This product is worth every penny. It is fast and safe on everything- you first use a cloth with some of the polish on it and then rinse your jewelry off and place it in a bowl with the cleaner in it. Just slosh it around a few times rinse and lay on a towel to dry! You will have been getting compliments all week about by “new” jewelry when in reality it is just beautifully shiny and clean. It does not have that harsh smell to it that other ring cleaners have.

Dozens of brides have used this pink jewelry cleaner on wedding and engagement rings. Reviewers also love that this is a chemical-free cleaner. Pink Lady makes engagement ring sparkle and shines more than the cleaner you purchase from the jeweler. It is also a comforting feeling knowing that the solution isn’t made up of chemicals that would harm the gold or the stones. You have a variety of options in the kit, from a deep clean on a highly tarnished piece with the polishing cream, to a quick refresh to add that extra sparkle with the Pink Lady solution. But the polishing cream seems to be the product that gets the most mentions, and it’s easy enough to use while drinking.

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