Jewelry Display Cases: 21 Great Options

If you want to see your jewelry in a good and elegant place or as a jeweler, if you want to Show the jewelry you sell, jewelry display cases are a good idea for this purpose. As a material, they are generally made of wood and glass.

Jewelry case prices vary according to your budget and what you need. You need to keep in mind that due to their purpose of design which is as a showcase, they are low priced products. They come in various sizes and various finishes in order to match or blend with any decor. Rather than wood ones, glass jewelry display cases provide to create an area to interact with customers in jewelry stores. For that, tempered glass is preferred as it poses less of a liability when it breaks.

Jewelry display cases are used in places like museums as well, in order to show for a period piece or a local artisan’s work. For this aim, pedestal stands are a perfect choice. It features additional track lighting to further the displayed item. Some types have a removable acrylic lid and wood base in order to allow for exhibiting a new or featured piece of jewelry.

There is another kind of jewelry showcase with a glass tabletop cabinet. It consists of a full glass top, solid wood base and legs. There are access doors at the top of the showcase at the back. Jewelers often want to use this type because it allows customers to get a full view of the displayed jewelry without having to walk around the store fixtures. This jewelry showcase is definitely an elegant piece of furniture.

If you are looking for smaller cabinets to house earrings, and body jewelry, there is also a large section of acrylic countertop models. These displays feature clear Plexiglas. They have a lock and key for security. There are different shapes available such as rectangular, hexagonal, or even rotating ones. A portion of these jewelry display cases also has shelves to allow for displaying several items within the same fixture.

The shipping process is different for each type of jewelry display case. Glass ones are mostly offered with a quick ship option. Wood ones mostly require minor additional assembly. This does not only save customers time to receive the fixtures, but it also saves on freight and overall costs. Glass one are shipped via standard ground shipping, rather than a truck. By getting these store fixtures in a timelier manner it allows retailers to meet deadlines and not have to worry if their glass showcases will arrive in time.

In addition to the wide range of glass and wood display displays, there is an even wider range of POP jewelry display cases. POP screens are used for online sales. It allows users to view the jewelry they want on the main online catalog page. There are approximately two million products at any time in these warehouses. By maintaining such a large inventory, delivery times are kept to a minimum, the probability of products that customers need in stock is increased and prices are kept low.

KLOUD City Jewelry Tray Box Showcase Display

This product feels highly sturdy. It is well worth the money. The color is very beautiful which is a shade of blue. They stack nicely and the sections are a generous size even without removing the dividers. It provides great organization and you can see everything at a glance!

It comes with removable compartment dividers. You can adjust the grid boards according to your jewelry size, and you can even take them apart and use them as empty plates. You can place everything you have such as bracelets, rings, earrings, necklaces on the jewelry tray part. You can store even more with these modular trays. It easily slides for added items, which means it is very convenient.

Valdler Clear Lid 24 Grid Jewelry Tray Showcase Display Storage

If you are looking for a stylish and effective way to store your valuable jewelry, there is no need to look further! This jewelry case has everything you could want. Not only is it stylish to fit into any decor, but it is also very high quality! It is absolutely perfect to separate earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and so on! If you need to organize your jewelry, this is the piece for you. The grid can be changed by removing some dividers.

It is a beautiful and durable product. It has good quality design and materials. This is ideal for storing different sized jewelry pieces. The box is sturdy, has an elegant finish, and the material lining is soft velvet. The glass top makes it simple to see what’s in the box. The height of each square is 1 1/8 inches; however, when the lid is shut, it doesn’t rest on the vertical squares; there is a gap between the glass and the squares. You will be very pleased with this purchase, excellent value for the price paid.

Wuligirl Multifunctional Velvet Jewelry Showcase Display Case

It is very pretty and practical. It fits in a drawer easily and the jewelry looks beautiful against the black background. You can put your bracelet, rings, earrings, necklaces, pendants on Jewelry Tray, and more with these modular trays that stack together and slide for added convenience. It can help you to find your jewelry instantly and put your look together quickly.

The jewelry box will add a modest touch of elegance to any room decor. It is great for personal use at home and also ideal for storefront display cases or trade shows. The easily mobile feature allows you to view your jewelry from each angle.

ZEYU HOME Jewelry Organizer Necklace Earrings & Bracelet Hanger Acrylic Display Storage Case

It looks so cute and it organizes everything perfectly! Great quality and very modern/pretty! They are a bit expensive but the quality is very good. It is a worthwhile investment! It has 3 vertical slide-out acrylic panels and 2 plush-lined drawers. It can hold over 50 pairs of earrings. It provides additional space for rings and brooches.

Novel Box Glass Top Black Jewelry Display Case 72 Slot Compartment Ring Tray

This box is really the best way to store a large number of rings, according to customers. They stay upright and you can see them all through the glass lid. It is very sturdy for displaying and it provides easy showing. The latch closes tight and the lid fits perfectly. It is large enough to view all the rings at one time but small enough to put in a medium-large tote to take on the run. The glass is real, not plastic, so be careful. The glass top makes finding what you are looking for so much easier and they store very nicely.

MyGift Modern Black Retail Jewelry Display Box Case, Necklace, and Accessory Storage Holder

It is a nice simple display case for shorter chains. Anything on the long side you will have to loop around for it to fit. The middle is raised so it has a c shape to it and a felt finish. There is no foam insert. The black insert you see is cardboard covered with a fake velvet. It is stiff and not meant to be removed. The biggest drawback is the very heavy glass cover which makes the box very top-heavy.

INVIKTUS Ring Jewelry Box, Clear Lid Velvet Ring Earring Holder Jewelry Organizer Storage Tray Box Display Cases

This jewelry box is amazing. The velvet material feels good and the way they made it is very sturdy. The surface is very soft, which can prevent from losing such cases. 13.78″ x 9.5″ x 1.96″. 10 rows of ring pads make it capable of storing 90-100 rings inside. It is also suitable for displaying earrings and earring studs. Its clear glass top lid allows you to admire all your precious jewels without exposing them to dust or fingerprints, which also makes it good for displaying jewels in stores.

Mooca Tempered Glass Top Wood Jewelry Display Case with 72 Slot Compartments Ring Tray

If you do not want to spend so much money on a jewelry stay but at the same time something elegant to display your valuable items, this is the product you are looking for! They are a beautiful addition to any room and they keep your treasures well protected from dust and moisture. You just can’t beat this price. This box is extremely lightweight. This is actually quite nice. It seems sturdy enough for gentle use. The latch on the front is metal and works, and the color is great. One side is black and the other gray. The slots are more visible on the gray side. If you choose this one the slots are not as visible on the black side of the foam.

Jashem 17 Hooks Necklace Display Jewelry Tray Organizer Pad Showcase Display Case

This display will definitely add more sales to your collection and presentation when you use this in a jewelry store. It is light-weight and easy to set up. This necklace organizer has a slight angle, which is appealing as a display for people looking down on it, but it is not a huge angle, so it doesn’t take up more space than needed

There are 17 hooks to organize your bracelets and necklaces. It is a highly suitable product for your personal jewelry collection. It will be easy to pick something for your outfit. Without having to worry about not find the jewelry pieces you want, it provides you to display and store your items at the same time. It is easy to carry a tray. You can store your items safely when the store closes.

Wuligirl Ice Velvet 24 Grid Jewelry Tray Box Removable Display Case

It is a good neutral color and shows the jewelry off real well. Real soft material to lay jewelry on. It is soft and fuzzy on the outside, and the clear top makes it easy to remember what you have and view all your options at once. The bottom layer is all grid for more bracelets, necklaces, pins, and so on. The squares are fantastically-sized, even for a watch or for bracelet-necklace sets. The removable dividers provide a maximum of 24 sectional compartments. The size of each compartment can be adjusted by removing the dividers to store jewelry and accessories of different sizes. It is very convenient to use any environment and any purposes. Mostly, it is great for personal use at home. The countertop part of this is good for displaying jewelry in stores or trade shows.

Ogrmar Glass lid 12 Grid Multifunction Jewelry Tray Vintage Rings Organizer Earrings Necklaces Bracelet Brooch Buttons Showcase Storage Boxes

The box is very well made and attractive on your dresser. You will love the clear glass top and your earrings look beautiful and sparkly against the black velvet. Now it is easy to see what you have. The only problem is there is no way to put the backs on the earrings. There are just holes in the velvet that you push the post through. There is no way to access the back of the post. If you turn the box upside down, everything falls all over since the backs are not attached. Therefore, it wouldn’t work well for travel.

With dangle earrings, it works very well. Post type earrings need to have another way to hook them in. Pushing the post into the fabric is not the answer. A necklace or two can even be laid across the levels for display. You will like it to have all in one place and displayed so you can see them without opening the cover which is great. Latches to keep the unintended opening from happening is also a good feature.

Valdler Sackcloth Stackable 24 Grid Jewelry Tray Showcase Display Organizer

It is so useful. The tray itself is lovely and makes a perfect display, but the fact that this comes with a sturdy plastic envelope is what makes it dear to your heart. You can use to store your items such as earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings, watches, pins, pendants, and more. It helps to find your jewelry instantly and put your look together quickly.

It features 8 removable dividers to separate the jewelry tray into 24 equal sectional compartments. The compartment size and compartment number can be adjusted by removing or adding the divider to suit your storage needs. It is easy to store somewhere. It can be stacked on your drawer, dresser. You can save space easily. It gives you the opportunity to accommodate your growing collection.

STYLIFING Burlap Jewelry Display Showcase

This is exactly what you are looking for! This box gives you exactly what you need for a lot less money than many other brands. It holds even quite large pairs of earrings (the 24 slots one). The only negative is there is a slight chemical smell, but a few drops of essential oil takes care of that! You can use each section to put in earrings or whatever you want on the right and on the left you put in your rings. You also can take out the dividers on the right side to make the section a little bit larger for whatever you want to keep in it.

The outside and inside are covered and soft. The top is glass and felt secure. The inside dividers are like an interlocking lattice and can be removed. You need to be careful about the size because it is very big. Make sure you want something really big.

Oirlv Velvet Drawer Jewelry Organizer Tray Watch Rings Display Showcase

This product is of high quality, attractive, and easily accommodates rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and so on. The trays are stackable and sections can be removed and reorganized. This would make a great gift for someone who has tons of jewelry, and each little section is a moveable tray so it is easily customizable to your own preference. It is a great way to organize and it holds all the jewelry you need in a nice beautiful fashion.

You will get 4 trays, 1 big and 3 small (1 big tray,1 pcs ring tray,1 pcs 8 grids tray,1 pcs necklace tray), with just one click. They can stackable together. A tray meets a variety of requirements. There are divided compartments. Thanks to this feature, you can accommodate your jewelry collection. It helps you find every piece you are looking for much easier.×9-5inch/dp/B075FPFY4B

Sorbus Cosmetic Makeup and Jewelry Storage Case Display

The box is sturdy, well-built and it holds just about everything. It gives you an opportunity to organize, apart from jewelry, makeup products, cosmetics, and other items you want to store. Lipsticks, foundations, bronzers, blushes, eye shadows, primers, powders, and so on can be put. It can also be used to store jewelry, personal accessories, grooming tools, keepsakes, and much more. Storage case fits on most dressers, vanity desks, and countertops. It includes 4 large drawers, 2 small drawers, and 16 slot compartments.

MyGift 3-Tier Glass Pyramid Jewelry Stand Display Case

It has a unique design. It is in geometric shapes. It will come with glass walls. It is a mirror-based organizer. The mirror adds timeless beauty. It displays your finest jewelry, crystals, knickknacks, keepsakes, treasures, and everything you have. It is perfect for both organizing and displaying items. There are 3 different shelves in different sizes. They allow you to store various sized pieces.

Auwer Jewelry Rings Display Tray Velvet 100 Slot Case Box Jewelry Storage Box Suitable for Domestic Retail/Commercial Use

These are wonderful display cases for the money. This jewelry box is an ideal jewelry box for anyone to get their daily jewelry organized before the bedside both at home or hotel when outing. It is multi-functional. There is a spacious room inside. It is perfect for rings, earrings, brooch or pin, even coins, or anything sparkle to display! It is great for special occasions as well. Perfect for organizing your rings at home and in retail and commercial environments, there is a space for 100 rings – more than enough room for even the largest ring collections.

AUTOARK Ice Velvet Clear Lid 55 Pairs Earring Tray Showcase Display Organizer, AJ-024

It works wonderfully in the room, looks elegant when displayed, and keeps all the earrings neatly organized for use. Overall, it is a great product! This is a perfect way for you to keep your earrings organized and with the see-through top, you can see what is there more easily than having them in a box. It is too big for travel, but a small one with only a handful of earrings would be great.

This box is surprisingly sturdy (especially given the price) and does not feel cheap. You can adjust the compartments inside. You can easily accommodate the different sizes of items. It will keep all of your necklaces and bracelets clean and tangle-free for many years to come. If you are looking for a streamlined, inexpensive, and easy way of organizing many years of jewelry collecting – look no further!

FindingKing Glass Top Jewelry Display Case

It has easy to use the feature. It is sturdy, the glass is thick and it feels far more expensive than it is. You can display your items thanks to the glass top while keeping them secure. Also, it contains 50 removable clear plastic jars in order to store your gems.

AUTOARK Leather 12 Watch Box Glass Top Watch Jewelry Display Case Organizer

It is an awesome product that holds the watches very secure and the glass top displays them very nicely. The glass is clear and displays your timepieces very well. The clear glass top gives you an open view and you can find your favorite treasure in seconds with this unique watch and jewelry box. It is very suitable for watches, any kind of jewelry, cuff links, spare links, and so on. Apart from its convenience, it would make a great gift for a beginning watch collector.

Elegant Black Aluminum Display Table Top Tempered Glass ShowCase. Sliding Glass Doors with Lock

The case is well built and worth the money. The only design flaw is that the glass – top, sides, and bottom are loose in the frame and rattle loudly anytime anyone walks by. This is also true for the sliding glass doors. It is sturdy and easy to assemble. Well put together and everything feels very quality. It is a great purchase.

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