Jewelry Store, Organize and Display Ideas

There are many different ways in which you can store, organize, and display your jewelry. It is a great opportunity to be creative. You can be creative when you provide more storage areas and display options for your accessories.

You can add personality, style and elegant touch to your places. And, storage and display ideas are stylish and functional options. They provide you to keep your jewelry organized and never lose track of it. 

There are lots of choices available on the market depends on what you are going to use. Those choices can range from store-bought displays to found objects or anything in between.

Neutral Display Colors and Varied Heights

The neutral colors are a nice touch to your décor. They are nice to choose to display your jewelry because of the fact that those kinds of colors don’t compete with your valuable jewelry. On the other hand, when you add a geometric pattern on the display, it draws your attention even from a distance. But it doesn’t detract from the jewelry once you get up close because it is out of view at that point. 

Black or Dark Colored Displays

If you display your jewelry on the black background, you will see the difference. You will see how luxurious looking has your jewelry. Using contrast colors is always a good idea in order to display your jewelry more chic and expensive. It works because the bust and clothing are simple and basic black. They don’t compete at all with the jewelry. 

Dress Forms and Mannequins

Maybe, you never think about using old dress forms and mannequins to display your jewelry. But, they add your jewelry a vintage look. Mannequin could be an interesting and good way to display jewelry. It accomplishes a couple of things. It shows how you might wear jewelry. It helps you to imagine how chic they could look walking down the street in one of these gorgeous necklaces. In addition to mannequins, busts help take a small item and make it larger to stand out more. They are useful mostly in stores instead of homes because of draw customers’ attention more easily. 

Let’s say you have a fabric-covered dress form, you can also pin jewelry on it, especially brooches. If you opt for a mannequin, use its fingers and arms to show off rings and bracelets as well.

DIY Ring Holder

As a ring holder, you can make a DIY clay cactus. It is an ideal way to keep your bands in one place and a great idea to display your rings. When you make yourself, it will be more valıable for you. Because it is handmade. The best part is that it’s so easy to make. You can create as big as you want and you need. It is just a whole row of little dishes and containers with rings and bracelets and trinkets strewn everywhere. Also, cactus is a perfect shape to hold all of your rings. 

Using Frames

Jewelry is a piece of art, a piece of luxury, and piece of style. Why shouldn’t want you to frame your art like any other portrait in your house? Pretty frames with just a few pieces of jewelry displayed to give the items extra importance. 

Hang Earrings From Curb Chain

Let’s say you have a lot of costume jewelry and you don’t have enough space to store and display them. You need to put them drawers or basically place where they can get easily tangled or lost. So, if you want to avoid this situation, you may consider adding a jewelry display on a narrow portion of the wall, either behind or on the back of a door. If you are a beginner in DIY projects, screw-in hooks to thin strips of wood and use these to hang necklaces. And, drape long sections of thick curb chain for an awesome earring display.

DIY an Industrial Pipe Jewelry Display

Having lots of jewelry doesn’t mean that you like masculinity as well. You can make a balance between your masculinity and your jewelry by adding an industrial style to display your jewelry. There are so many ways you can create industrial displays. It is definitely one of the easier projects to tackle because you can use basically whatever material you want. It is budget-friendly as well because it doesn’t cost you any more than $20 to $30.

Repurpose an Old Box Into a Ring Display

You may want a character and personality to your home décor and style. So, vintage boxes will be a good idea for that. The more intricate the advertising, the better the treasure. Then, what are you going to do with that bow? You can transform it into an old-world jewelry display holder. You can put your vintage or wooden jewelry to display them. 

Using a Board As a Jewelry Display

If you want something very personalized and customized to display your jewelry, the jewelry board is a perfect way to do that. You can adjust and change it according to your needs and your style. It provides you different display ideas you can consolidate into a really neat area. 

For example, if there is an unused frame in your home, it can be used as an earring display by removing the back and adding chicken wire.

Showcase Jewelry in Glass Vials and Apothecary Jars

Even though it is not a practical way to display some of your jewelry, it is an interesting way. It works amazing for statement earrings and jewelry that you want to take care of more. When you want to create this type of display for your jewelry, you need to press a piece of wire into the bottom of a cork stopper and shape it into a fish hook using pliers. It is a highly simple task. Then it is time to hang your jewelry onto the hook. For necklaces and longer earrings, taller apothecary jars work great. 

Simple 3-Tiered Jewelry Organizer

Let’s say you have a couple of jewelry that you use every day of more frequently than others. In this case, a tiered jewelry display would be a good idea for you. When you have one, you don’t need to go and back between your bedroom and dressing room a million times a day. You can place them on this stand at the end of the day. It is also perfect for all of the stud earrings that are difficult to organize. It is so much better than throwing them all together into a bowl! You can even hang dangly earrings around the edge of the bowl! 

Baskets and Bowls

These are the most preferred jewelry storage and display method by the people who have a wide variety of jewelry. Any kind of jewelry is proper for that. If you have more jewelry than you think, you can add some pieces to make it bigger. 

Curtain Tiebacks

Display your jewelry as curtain backs is a very functional way. Especially pearls work well as curtain backs and add an elegant touch to your home décor. For heavier curtains, you can go with strands of wooden, Bakelite, or tumbled-stone beads. There are also vintage brooches and old clip-on earrings that you can use as a string tieback. They will look elegant as well. They give a bohemian look to your home decor. 

Statuary Busts

They are objects used in vintage and bohemian style stores. It fits the idea and it is very convenient to store and display necklaces. It definitely attracts people’s attention. It doesn’t have to be a big investment. The bust itself is enough to get attention to jewelry. Also, a lovely wall-mounted bust adds a classy touch to your walls and lets you showcase your exquisite neckpieces in a minimalist way. 

Accordion Hooks

Even though it is not something that comes to your mind as a storage or display idea easily, it is a cheap, and effective way to keep necklaces, bracelets, and other jewelry items organized. It is easy to make if you want to make it. It is easy to find on the market as well. 

Decorative Wall Hooks

Wall hooks are easy to make displays. You can use as a great decoration way to organize any kind of jewelry but they are more proper for your necklaces and bracelets. It is a totally simple but stylish way! It also serves as great wall décor and adds style to your home! 

Using a Cereal Box

You can make a rotating jewelry holder by using a cereal box. It is very easy to find its material because it a cereal box that can be found in every house. It makes easy to store your jewelry in one spot. 

Dream Catcher Earring Caddy

It is a highly interesting and amazing idea to display your jewelry. Dreamcatcher is a good and creative way to display and to add style to your home decor. The basic concept behind it is that it lets the best fashion ideas to seep down your dreams while ejecting out the bad ones. 

Jewelry Display Ideas for Jewelry Craft Shows

Necklace Display Ideas

Necklaces can be the best type of jewelry to grab potential customers’ attention. They are the most substantial pieces you can make when compared to earrings and bracelets. You can use this to your advantage and show them off. 

When selling handmade jewelry, it is highly recommended to have a statement necklace in the center of your table. This necklace display should be the most striking and important piece in your store. If you decide to use this method, you can consider placing it on a necklace bust. These look more elegant than the regular cardboard displays. Also, easel necklace stands are good options because they are lightweight and fold flat. These features lead them to carry lots of pieces. 

Bracelet Display Ideas

Adding various heights to your table helps to create an interesting look. It prevents your jewelry from getting lost in a sea of other pieces on one plane. Bracelet display stands e.g. can elevate your jewelry and make it easier for customers to see what you have on offer. 

They help to secure your jewelry. Thye can help you to protect your jewelry from theft. It is very crucial and essential in jewelry stores. In this way, you can get the fingerprints of the thief. If you hook the clasps and place several bracelets on a bar, a thief may only grab the ones along the ends, unless they are bold enough or you are not paying attention and they have time to slide all the jewelry off and run. Half-moon bracelet displays don’t offer the same protection level as the jewelry is usually just laid across the top.  

Bracelets Ramps and Wristwatch Displays

Maybe it is not a good way to use at home but, instead of using at home, these are good ways to use by stores in order to display everything clearly and shiny. They are a good way to fill up space and improve visual balance inside a shop.

Necklace and Pendant Boards

These are a fun way to display necklaces and pendants. Instead of using at home, they are ideal ways for boutiques, stores, and art shows. They do a great job of displaying jewelry to customers effectively and they draw customers’ attention. Also, the prices of each piece can be added at the back of the board to make work easier. 

Earring Display Stands and Earring Cards

There are different options available. These options are very wide from a simple T-shape style to display racks. The style you choose to purchase depends on how many earrings you have, personal need and personal preference. If you like using earring cards as part of your jewelry packing, you can purchase earring card display stands made specifically for this purpose. They are practical to use for stores because they increase purchasing somehow. They also make it easier to access the earrings upon request by the customer. 

Tapered Stands or Organizers 

They can be used to display rings and as a ring case. You can purchase those with slots, so you can arrange multiple rings. These cases are a great way to store the ring and carry them around when you travel. When they are used in jewelry stores, for sure it increases jewelry sales. They also make it easier to access the earrings upon request by the customer. 

Shelving Units

One of the simplest ways to maximize space is to use shelving units. Doing this utilizes the vertical space so you can store more jewelry. 

Tray Organizers

Tray organizers are a good idea for people who lave lots of smaller jewelry pieces to sort them into. They are stackable and this feature makes them a great space-saver in a small place. They are a practical solution for over the counter display. They are easily portable and can be moved from one position to another. Some of them have multiple compartments to store more jewelry. If you have several of the same items just in different colors or sizes, this could be a good option. The only thing you need to make sure is one of each item is in the tray on top. The downside to this is you won’t be able to see what’s in the tray underneath.  

There is also an option with transparent lids. It is useful in stores because offers more security for smaller items while still allowing customers to view the contents. And, a secure lock system that they have enables the seller to showcase precious jewelry to their customers. They are a great way to deter people who might be tempted to steal or already did. 

Jewelry Display Racks

Racks are different display methods than others, they are a versatile method. You can use them to stack plenty of jewelry as well as to hang. You can use both the front and backside for display purposes. This is a huge advantage for anyone who has lots of pieces of jewelry and issues with limited space.

Glass Display Cabinet

You may consider using a free-standing glass case to display your jewelry. This is a good option for several reasons. It provides better security, an elegant look, and an opportunity to see everything. It provides lots of advantages to jewelry stores. 

A glass case with glass shelves allows customers in your jewelry store to see exactly what you have. Of course, there are some disadvantages as well. Customers may think jewelry is expensive because the booth looks high end. These types of jewelry displays are not cheap ways. These are not a portable option neither. You will need help setting them up for sure. 

Jewelry Set Displays

These are common in most jewelry shops. They are preferred because they make it easy to find sets that go well with the overall theme and also maximize the display space. Their capacity allows them to hold multiple items without looking crowded.

Rotating Displays

These are most commonly used in jewelry stores. They allow customers to easily browse through stuff. They are a great way to add a twist to the store. Also, there are some designs that you can choose, such as mirrored rotating displays. You can arrange the tricks and speeds of these displays. 

Plastic and Acrylic Jewelry Displays

Thanks to the variation they provide in style, patterns, design, and color, plastic displays are very much utilized products. Besides being affordable, they are a very convenient way to display jewelry. On the other hand, acrylic jewelry displays are more durable. When you buy one, you can use them for years and years. Acrylic gives your jewelry similar characteristics to those of plastic in terms of strength and durability. They are relatively light and can be moved around with ease. 

Metal Jewelry Displays

They are great for displaying heavier jewelry due to its strength and durability. They offer a modern appearance that you cannot find with glass or plastic displays. 

Velvet Jewelry Displays

If they are used in jewelry stores, they add a touch of beauty to store settings and store decor. Especially black velvet jewelry displays are very chic options. Velvet is a smooth fabric that is very relaxing and so it gives customers a vibe of comfort. It is stylish and always makes the jewelry to stand out more. For example, dark-colored velvet displays blend well with different types of jewelry such as gold and silver pieces. The only thing to be kept in mind that, with time velvet attracts dust and lint. So, it is advisable to clean it regularly.

Wooded Jewelry Displays

Wood offers an exotic feeling to your jewelry as well as an exotic look to your decor. It also adds an earthy feeling to the display. In addition to being natural and unique, wooden displays are sturdy and they provide safety for the jewelry that is on display.

Leather Jewelry Displays

Leather is both elegant and durable. There are two types of leather that can be used in jewelry displays which are genuine leather and faux leather. Genuine is quite expensive compared to faux. There are also some leather bags that are used as a way of storing and displaying jewelry. It offers a textured look and gives off a feeling of comfort. The leather displays look good with all types and colors of jewelry. 

Recommended Products on Amazon

Mooca Wooden Freestanding Necklace Easel Display Stand Holder Multiple Necklace Bust

This is a great jewelry display for your valuable necklaces. It is an easy way to create a great looking of your jewelry to display Up to 8 necklaces at a time that you can display beautifully. The necklace easel is removable. Also, you can use the pegs in the back in order to make them longer or shorter, depends on the size of your necklace. 

It is a lightweight product that makes it easy to tote around for craft fairs. It looks good for being so cheap. It is foil enough for displaying your necklaces in shops. It has in nice height and good quality for a very good price. These are well stained, easy to transport, and the shoes are perfectly spaced for pendants.

MyGift Modern Black Metal 3 Tier Tabletop Bracelet & Necklace Jewelry Organizer Display Tree Rack

It is a very good product, as described. It fits a lot on and looks nice. It is ideal for in-home use or for professional jewelry displays in stores or salons. You can keep necklaces on the tallest bar, bracelets on the middle, earnings with hook backs on the lowest, and rings in the base. The quality is very good. It is highly recommended and preferred.

Caddy Bay Collection Necklace and Earring Bust Jewelry Display

These are great display items. This bust can be used to display crocheted cowls, however, you need to check the size of the bust and your cowls, before purchasing, to make sure it is not too big for the bust.

Monarch Housewares Peacock Ring Jewelry Holder – Aqua Blue and Gold Porcelain – Tray Trinket Coin Tidbit Dish

This is a very beautiful jewelry display and it is a perfect size, definitely worth your money! This breathtaking Peacock shaped ring holder is by far one of the most elegant and attractive dishes you will find on the market. Beautifully ornate will add sophistication to your décor and your style. This Peacock Dish would keep all your jewelry safe whether you use this holder on your bathroom vanity, bedside table, or even on your wardrobe.

Feyarl Gold Jewelry Tray Dish Plate Ornate Trinket Tray Ring Earring Cosmetic Vanity Tray Decorative Tray Organizer Countertop for Display Dressing Table (Heart)

It is a little small, but very cute and classy jewelry display product! It looks very stylish on a dresser. It gives an elegant touch to your home decor.

Keebofly Jewelry Organizer Metal & Wood Basic Storage Box – 3 Tier Jewelry Stand for Necklaces Bracelet Earrings Ring Carbonized Black

Its original design gives you a lot of conveniences. It provides quick access to all your jewelry. You can easily access whatever you want without having to remove all your jewelry. You can use it as an earring holder, bracelet holder, or place to keep your favorite rings safe. It is perfect for jewelry organization or professional display. 

This jewelry organizer could be used separately or as a whole. It is a beautiful and functional organizer! It is one of Amazon’s choices which means highly recommended and preferred. It is very durable and it doesn’t wobble or bend. It can hold a generous amount of necklaces and earrings. The drawers are perfect for keeping your earrings in. The holder is slim and does not take up a ton of space. The top bar does extend pretty high and it also spins, but it is not functional to spin if you have long chains. The wood is fairly cheap, but still looks fancy with its stain and finish. The metal stand is easy to assemble and sturdy. It works well and looks nice on a budget!

Umbra Prisma Jewelry Stand and Necklace Holder, Brass

Prisma makes great use of vertical space and it has a minimal footprint wherever you decide to place it. Prisma is a good jewelry display method formed into a pyramid shape. It is made of metal. The top part is perfect for hanging long necklaces and bracelets. It has a delicate design that allows this jewelry stand and necklace holder to double as decor. This product brings functionality in addition to its beautiful contemporary design. 

This product is cute and does the job that is needed. It is able to accommodate a lot of jewelry, but it looks better with just a few necklaces and a couple of bracelets. Because you don’t want to hide it’s simply beauty with tons of jewelry! The stand is very sturdy and tall, as you can see in the pictures. The finish is a lot more matte, which is a good thing. It has very clean yet interesting lines and shapes. It is quite sturdy and you can’t beat the price! It is a perfect decor accessory for the boho girl or minimalist girl.

INVIKTUS Silver Birds Tree Jewelry Stand Display Earring Necklace Holder Organizer Rack Tower

It is an ideal jewelry display for retail shop counter display and personal use! It can be used as a jewelry organizer as well. It is not just beautiful, but completely functional too. It helps you organize earrings, rings, necklaces, pendants, chains, brooches, pins, watches, etc. It is perfect for home jewelry organization and display. It is very well made and looks very sleek. It is a great product at an excellent price.

HOME SMILE Ceramic Aloe Ring Holder with Decorative White Dish

It is a functional and very convenient jewelry display. It is decorative, as well as useful. It stores and displays a ring on its leaf, necklaces, earring, hand chain, bracelets, and small jewelry, such as earrings, rings, pins, even keys, in the dish. The white base is a tray that will hold earrings and whatever else you need it to. It is not a plastic display so it doesn’t move on the counter easily.

How to Display Your Jewelry in the Best Light to Sell

When selling jewelry, professionals in stores or shops want to present their wares in the best light. Depending on the type, cut, and quality, gemstones can look differently in particular types of lighting. Alloys behave similarly. To convey the true beauty of those products, it helps to understand the basics of selecting a light source: brightness, color temperature, and color rendering index (CRI).

Most common light bulbs and lamps have a brightness equivalent to either 40-watts or 60-watts. 60-watt lights are bright enough for open spaces and entire rooms but those watts can cause undesirable glare or reflections in displays. For more intimate areas, 40-watts of brightness provide adequate, but not overpowering, illumination.

For measuring the temperature of color, Kelvin (K) scale is used. Lower Kelvin numbers mean that the light appears more yellow. Higher numbers on the Kelvin scale means the light is whiter or bluer. The best color temperature depends on what is being illuminated. Lower color temperatures can be used inviting for shoppers or to accentuate the tones of yellow or orange gems and gold jewelry. Since medium color temperatures are more in the neutral/white range, they are a good choice for general-purpose lighting. 

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