Jewelry Display Inc. Company

Since they launched their business, 1982, Jewelry Display Inc. offers its customers unique service and product options. It may be the first choice for all your jewelry displays and jewelry boxes that you can use in your homes and the tools and materials of jewelers.

They claim to have the largest jewelry displays on the web with more than 3000 different products including ring displays, pendant displays, and pendant stands, bracelet displays, earring displays as well as earring stands, watch cases, and watch wrappers, showcase risers and showcase risers.

‘Jewelry Displays’ are not only the name of the company but also the main product of the company, it is not considered apart from the company. They have the largest stock jewelry screens anywhere. Online sites are simple and easy to use. It is built on the fact that they understand that you will focus on selling jewelry instead of looking for a jewelry display or box. The company will give you the ability to organize your jewelry displays, boxes, and supplies need anywhere, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Thanks to their online sites, you can create your own account, track your orders, view all your previous online shopping histories, protect your billing and shipping information, and even keep a list of the products you buy most often. With over 2500 products online, you can be sure that you will find what you need.

The company offers its customers displays, showcases, boxes, rolls, bags, tools, and materials for your valuable jewelry depending on your style and budget. You can choose one to buy and choose one to store your jewelry.

Jewelry Displays

You may want to discover elegant ways to display your jewelry collections in your jewelry stores and transform the look of your store! You can be sure that you will find beautiful forms here. For example, busts or hands, tray inserts, vertical and T-bar bracelet stands, wristband screens, pillows and trees, all made of precious and economical fabrics, in many sizes and many shapes. You can get the best wholesale deals thanks to this company’s discounted prices! Depending on your preferences, styles, and fashion understanding, you can find all kinds of jewelry displays.

  • Value Line Leatherette

    Ring displays
    Bracelet and watches
    Necklace and chains
    Earring and pendant
    Display pads and risers

  • Economy Leatherette

    Necklace and chain displays
    Ring displays
    Bracelet and watch displays
    Trays and inserts
    Earring and pendant display
    Display pads and risers

  • Economy Velvet

    Ring displays
    Trays and inserts
    Necklace and chain displays
    Earring and pendant display
    Bracelet and watch displays
    Display pads and risers

  • Closeout displays
  • Metallic beige displays
  • Chocolate-beige displays
  • Black leatherette display
  • Blue leatherette displays
  • Burlap displays
  • Microfiber
  • Display sets
  • Ring displays
  • Necklaces and chains displays
  • Earring and pendant displays
  • Bracelets and watches displays
  • Wood displays
  • Acrylic displays
  • Showcase accessories
  • Display risers
  • Trays and inserts
  • Travel cases
  • Countertop displays
  • Cards & Accessories
  • Loose Stones Displays
  • Watch Winders & Cases
  • Body Jewelry Displays
  • Metal Displays
  • Decorative Trees



12 RING DISPLAY Item Number: L-112


SET OF 5 RING STAND Item Number: L-300


12 WATCH DISPLAY Item Number: L-6240








Jewelry Displays on Amazon

Let’s say, it is not easy to reach these products from this company, so it is an alternative to purchase from Amazon. You can find the proper product according to your style, home decor, and budget.

Darice 1999-084 3-Dimensional Velvet Jewelry Stand, 9-Inch, Black

It is the perfect and beautiful jewelry display to keep your accessories organized while displaying your favorite pieces! It has a classic but contemporary style to fit any kind of decor.

Mooca Linen Covered Wood Jewelry Display Necklace Chain Jewelry Bust Display Holder Stand, Necklaces Display Necklace Mannequin, Necklace Bust Jewelry Bust Stand, 8 3/4″ Height, Tan Linen

It is an ideal product for displaying various types of necklaces and choker necklaces. There is an adjustable hook on the back to help you adjust the length of necklaces or chains. It is one of the preferred and recommended products.


5 Black Velvet Ring Finger Jewelry Holder Showcase Display Stands


Beadaholique 214 (BK) Jewelry Display, Black 3 Piece 

They work perfectly for displaying your jewelry. You can use it for pendants and earrings. If they don’t lean back as far as you want you can gently reshape the bend too.  

Mooca 2 Pcs Medium-Samll Necklace Chain Jewelry Bust Display Holder Stand, Necklaces Display Necklace Mannequin, Necklace Bust, Jewelry Bust Stand 7 1/2″ H, White Leatherette 

Even though it is a little bit smaller, one of the most recommended products on Amazon. It is worth money.

Jewelry Gift Boxes

In this company, you can find a wide variety of gift boxes designed to pack all kinds of jewelry and you may want to explore them! You can choose between premium and economical fabrics and change the way you offer your valuable items. These products are great for providing special gifts. With these affordable prices and discounts, you can get the best wholesale deals! Different options are available according to your choices, preferences, and needs.

  • Ring boxes
  • Earring and pendant boxes
  • Bracelet and watch boxes
  • Necklace and chain boxes
  • Closeout boxes
  • Cotton-filled gift boxes
  • Bow decorated boxes
  • Crystal clear line
  • Premium paper gift boxes
  • Magnetic snap gift boxes
  • Burlap boxes
  • Magnetic ribbon boxes
  • Assorted gift boxes
  • The New York collection,
  • White leatherette
  • Black leatherette
  • Premium leatherette
  • Hologram red boxes
  • The classic collection
  • The beach collection
  • The leather look
  • The lux collection
  • Beige and burgundy
  • Satin finish boxes
  • Chocolate beige
  • Euro suede boxes
  • The Broadway collection
  • Park avenue line
  • Deluxe rosewood boxes
  • Deluxe black piano finish boxes
  • Classic rosewood boxes
  • Pearl and necklace folders
  • Deluxe European boxes
  • Deluxe leatherette
  • Jewelry organizers
  • Lightboxes
  • Deluxe euro suede boxes
  • Charcoal grey boxes
  • Drawer boxes
  • Premium velvet boxes
  • Metallic beige boxes
  • Matte black boxes

When you want to buy cotton filled jewelry gift boxes, you should keep in mind that you have many different options. For example, economy White gloss, economy gold foil, economy silver foil, economy black matte, White Chrome, White vortex, clear view White, glossy black, oatmeal color, black fine stripes, black onyx, coffee and cream, cocoa, black swirl White stand, moss, slate gray, tangerine, lilac, cobalt blue, tropical blue, d-gold linen, silver linen, brown Kraft, cherry red, brick red, dark green, midnight blue, jade, navy blue, purple and flower patterns.

Jewelry Rolls, Organizers, and Travel Cases

Everyone wants to keep their precious and valuable piece of jewelry safe. For example, in order to keep them safe, neat, and organized when you travel, thanks to this large collection of professional jewelry rolls, organizers, and travel cases that they provide, you can do it safely and easily! You will find the perfect wrap and bangle jewelry rolls, suede portable bags, pads, folders, and travel cases for your collections of earrings, bracelets, chains, necklaces, rings, brooches, pins, watches and more. Get the best deals and take advantage of wholesale discount prices!

There are different options and styles available according to your preferences, styles, and needs. These are Italian black, Italian blue, Italian brown, Italian grey, Italian champagne, and an economy line.

Jewelry Pouches with Drawstrings, Zippers & Buttons

You can shop this collection of pouches with drawstrings, zippers, and buttons! Start with exploring. There are pouches made of many types of fabrics, from burlap, linen, leatherette, microfiber, organza, and even Chinese silk. You can use them for necklaces, bracelets, rings, and more. They are in large or small sizes and even envelopes. These are ideal for packaging gifts or travel, all at discount prices thanks to wholesale deals.

There are different types and kinds available that you can find according to your preferences, styles, and needs. These are Euro suede pouch, deluxe Euro suede pouch, linen leatherette, burlap pouches, suede pouches, metallic pouches, organza pouches, china silk pouches, micro-fiber pouches, faux suede, and faux linen. You can find them from an extra small size to extra large size.

Jewelry Bags

Sometimes jewelry bags are important for both ourselves and people who make happy. You can discover this large selection of Jewelry Bags and get the best pieces for your store’s collections! You will find both plastic and paper items, in lots of sizes, and with cool designs, perfect for packaging your any kind of jewelry. They offer special wholesale deals and discounts, you don’t break the bank! And you will be happy with this purchase. There are different kinds of jewelry bags are available according to your preferences, styles, and needs, such as gift bags, paper bags, and plastic bags.

Jewelry Tools

At Jewelry Display Inc. you can find the best tools for your jewelry making craft or your own shop! They offer you the opportunity to complete your toolbox with all the professional parts you need. All of them are affordable and available at wholesale prices! Buy these huge assortments and offer the best services for your customers or yourself!

Here you can find different tools which are scales, watch repair tools, gold testers, cleaning and polishing, loupes and microscopes, diamond accessories, tweezers, ring and finger gauges, pliers and cutters, and screwdriver sets.

Jewelry Supplies

Shop from this wide selection of jewelry items and find the items your business or small jewelry-making hobby needs! You will find items such as ear piercing, watch batteries, labels, and tags, cleaning or polishing products, barcode label systems, sign holders, jewelry accessories, glues and epoxy, plastic auxiliary boxes, counter mirrors, gift wrapping papers, ring guards. Repair and working envelopes, various consumables, self-adhesive bags, reclosable poly bags, machines, and much more. And thanks to regular discounts and wholesale deals, you will not break the bank!


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