The Most Preferred Stores in the Jewelry District in Los Angeles

“The Jewelry District” is an area that a variety of jewelers are placed and a variety of pieces of jewelry are sold in Los Angeles, USA. It takes place the most historical parts of Los Angeles, LA. There are buildings mostly built in the 20th century. Especially in the decades when lots of vehicles registered and have increased rapidly. A large portion of the area registers under the historic part of the area. This historic part has been placed third and ninth streets. Besides there are still lots of historical buildings over there, there are first two jewelry stores still there. They are Laykin Diamond Company and Harry Winston & Co.

Buildings in this area are designed and constructed for general office use. They couldn’t be as tall as skyscrapers in New York, obviously, but still, they are tall enough. Also, there was a law restriction about their height. On the other hand, people who live in that area are very happy with how the district looks like right now. They wanted neither tall nor complicated district. In addition, transportation to that district is very easy. You can get a bus from the middle of the street to go there easily. “The Jewelry District” is placed southeast part of the area.

“The Jewelry District” part wasn’t built immediately after the buildings themselves were built. It took time. The district has started to become a jewelry district after gold has been transported to the USA. Apart from jewelry stores, there are different companies take place in that district, for example, restaurants, theaters, drug stores, garment manufacturing center, non-profit organizations, and so on. After Saint Vincent Jewelry Center established, the district has gained more popularity. More or less all the buildings who were built in the beginning for different purposes were converted to stores or businesses related to jewelry and gold.

In today’s world, the district is famous for fine jewelry, jewelry marts, bridal marts and jewelry, and wholesale jewelry. And, it is not restricted in Los Angeles, it is a world-famous district. It has gained popularity slowly and became a leader in some areas of the jewelry business.

There are more than 5000 shops in the area. It is possible to find what you are looking for. There are world-famous jewelry designers’ designs, precious stones, and gems, gold, and diamonds. Taking a place in this district has its own advantages of course. It gives companies and businesses the opportunity to be known and global communications. Apart from everything related to business, thanks to the weather in LA, people smile all the time to each other.

Gold Empire Jewelry

This store takes place in the middle of the Jewelry District. They help the area to become the largest jewelry district. Besides all kinds of jewelry you can imagine, this district is famous for providing a huge variety of diamonds to their customers. And, Gold Empire Jewelry is proud of being in this district and be one of the most famous businesses in this district.

The company was founded by Edmund Kalo in 1978. No. İt is run by the second generation, Edmund Kalo’s son, Johnny Kalo. They have still the same missions, values, and quality. They have excellent and exceptional customer relations and services. Customers are in general very happy with the service provided. They are working with the best designers, artisans and skilled craftsmen. They are also very proud to sell the best diamond to their customers.

Bridal Rings Company

This company is one of the jewelry companies you can visit in the Jewelry District. They specifically design one kind of engagement ring. They provide custom rings. They are made by expert jewelers. You will get a unique item of high quality to wear for life. From the first step you have taken into the shop to put those rings on your fingers, the team will be with you each step and take care of what you want. They work with you even for tiny details. They will combine your needs, your desires, your points, and their inspirations and expert handcrafts. It is a place you need to find engagement rings, diamonds, and wedding bands.

The Diamond Pro

They are in the jewelry business industry for more than 20 years. They take place with excellent experience and amazing jewelry knowledge. They offer help by answering questions of customers or jewelers. They are a kind of comprehensive guidelines. Their knowledge and help are mostly based on diamond, however, they are very helpful in case of any kind of jewelry. They are expert in any case of valuable jewelry.

For most of us, purchasing valuable jewelry is a one-time event in our lives. Or, let’s say you are one of those people like wearing valuable jewelry even in daily life. You have a right to know which jewelry has what kind of features, which jewelry fits for your needs or basic features of jewelry and wholesale prices. To avoid all the stress and anxiety, it is a good idea to give a call to “The Diamond Pro”. You can learn its value, price, and features. Thanks to this way, you can make even profit. You will learn everything you need about a diamond, such as its color, clarity, shape, and carat. You can get even advice within your budget.

Each consultant is hired and trained carefully and seriously in this company. They know how serious and important their job is. They become experts before they start giving consultancy to the customers. If you get hired, you take 6 months of training before starting your job. Even after that, constantly check your work and your advice in order to make sure you are going well. So, you can trust them 100%. There is no need to worry about their job at all. You can be sure that you are in good hands.

You can get help and advice about gold and platinum, ring settings and styles, tennis bracelets, eternity rings, diamond pendants, diamond stud earrings, engraved necklaces and rings, cufflinks, pearls, gold, and 14k gold. In case of engagement rings, you can get information about a diamond, gemstone, pear shape, heart shape, marquise shape, Asscher cut, radiant cut, oval cut, emerald cut, cushion cut, princess cut, and round. Apart from those, you can get information about how to sell and how to buy diamonds.

Capri Jewelry Inc.

They are a family operated business and they established in 1980. They work based on appointments. They make custom-made jewelry. If you are looking for a good jeweler, there is no need to look further than Capri. It is the place to go. They have the best quality, the best price and the best staff you can find. They offer a huge selection with great variety. They offer a piece of jewelry within your budget to fit your needs and desires. You can get your dream jewelry with them easily. The staff is very helpful and always smiling. You will never feel pressured to buy something in this store.

Once you shop for fine jewelry in Capri, you will recognize and feel the difference immediately. They are famous for their engagement rings and wedding bands mostly. On the other hand, as we have mentioned, they offer a huge selection. They have diamond accented settings, diamond wedding sets, solitaire settings, anniversary rings, diamond bands, eternity bands, men and women wedding bands, diamond earrings, diamond stud earrings, diamond pendants, diamond solitaire pendants, diamond bracelets, tennis bracelets, diamond earrings, diamond pendants, diamond bracelets, and so on. They offer a guideline on their website as well in order to help you to buy the best product fits your need.

Gold Link Company

It was found in 1974 in Jewelry District in Los Angeles. They have been in the jewelry industry for generations with a great reputation. Their experience is highly transparent and excellent. The owner, after her graduation, established the store and with her youth and amazing energy made the store preferable. They offer a wide selection ranging from tiny pendants to large chains. They have excellent products for both public customers and dealers as well. Even though they don’t have the product you want in stock, they either make it or find it for you.

They have a huge selection. They offer chains, clasps, pendants, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings, anklets, cufflinks, pins, tie clips, watches, bangles, and even more. Their materials differ according to your needs and desires. They can produce pieces in gold, platinum, and diamond mostly.

Eli’s Jewelry

It is a family operated business established in 1978 in Jewelry District in Los Angeles. You will be very pleased and feel comfortable when you visit the store. This store basically is helpful in case of engagement and weddings. They have more products about diamond engagement rings, diamond wedding rings, diamond solitaire rings, and diamond bands. They offer a great and huge selection. They have high-quality products at great prices. You can find a great product at reasonable prices. Besides excellent products, you will get excellent expert knowledge. They are many choices, styles, designs, adjustments, and options over there. You have an opportunity to get exactly what you want or what you don’t even know you want until it is displayed in front of your eyes.

Oscar’s Design Jewelry (Marco Lauren)

They are established in 1989 in Jewelry District in Los Angeles. From the first step you take to the store to moment you wear the piece of jewelry, they assure their customers that your jewelry is being treated with excellent care and service. They treat each customer with personalized service. They provide the best prices you can ever find. You can shop either from the store or online. You will get exactly the same customer service.

They provide different services. These services are cleaning and inspection, polishing, and rhodium plating, sizing, custom design, appraisals, repairs, replacing missing stones, replacing prongs to secure a diamond or gemstone, head replacements, clasp replacements, hand engraving, and laser engraving. Furthermore, the products they offer are diamonds, wedding bands, engagement rings, anniversary bands, colored stone rings, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, and pendants. They work with amazing designers as well. For example, Ammara Stone, Simon G, Niessing, Benchmark, Triton, and Mars Jewelry.

Sam’s Jewelry & Watch Repairs

It is established in 2002 in Jewelry District in Los Angeles. You will have a delightful experience with them. It is a highly recommended place by the customers. They offer watch repair, watchband adjustment, watch band replacement, watch battery replacement, watch face replacement, watch complete overhaul, watch hands repair, watch movement replacement, watch movement repair, watch cleaning, and vintage repair. Besides all the services related to watch they offer some services for your precious jewelry and also new pieces of jewelry and diamond to purchase. Prices are affordable. The excellent thing about the company is they don’t charge for routine cleanings and 5-minutes simple repairs.

Icing On The Ring

It is established in 1969 in Jewelry District in Los Angeles. After they maintain their business and satisfied customers, they expanded their business by including bridal and anniversary jewelry. In today’s world, they offer a huge variety of selection. According to the company, the pieces you will get should reflect your personality. They work and produce based on this statement. If you have something on your mind, share with them in detail to get exactly what you want and work with them together in order to create the piece in your dreams.

They offer different services. These services are personalized consultants, on-site artisans, order service, pricing and financing, appraisals, repair services, sizing, engraving, insurance, and selling your jewelry. Their products are engagement rings, wedding bands, fashion jewelry, and gemstones. You can easily find these pieces according to your needs, desires, and budget. They offer them in different shapes, sizes, designs, carats, and colors. It is a highly recommended place by its customers. You will be very happy with your purchase and customer service.

Golden String Inc.

Since 1987, they have been proud of their custom-making jewelry. Nevertheless, they are founded in 1971 in Jewelry District in Los Angeles. Their collection is mostly based on bridal rings, wedding bands, anniversary rings, and fashion jewelry. They make your piece of jewelry unforgettable and memorable. You have only one responsibility which is bringing your piece to the store. It is a very pleasant and fun experience to get service from them. They are a very helpful and creative crew. They are truly amazing and genuine people who know what they are doing about when it comes to producing jewelry. Their collection consists of engagement, rings, necklaces, and earrings.

Los Angeles Diamond Factory

It has been located in Jewelry District in Los Angeles since 1981. They offer a great selection of products and services. They have built their success on integrity. They claim that they are the best about diamond selling. It doesn’t matter what kind of services you need, this is the place you can trust 100%. It is the way they have been working in the jewelry business for decades. In the beginning, they were the best only for diamonds, however, by the time they have expanded their collections. Nowadays, they create custom-made rings. They focus on designing and producing perfect settings in order to match diamond what you are dreaming about.

They offer plenty of services to their customers. These services are custom design jewelry, selling jewelry, personal diamond shopper, laser engraving, repair and restoration, free shipping, finance, and insurance. Furthermore, as products, they offer collections of engagement rings, wedding bands, jewelry & gifts, and custom design jewelry.

Engagement ring collections are classic, vintage, modern, halo, Sylvie, gemstone, and complete rings under 2000 dollars. Wedding band collections are women’s band, men’s band, and Tungsten. Jewelry & gift collections are earrings, necklaces, bracelets, watches, accessories, knives, and rings. In the case of custom design jewelry, there are a couple of steps that you need to follow.

The Lim’s Jewelry Company

It has been located in Jewelry District in Los Angeles since 1982. They have a large collection of loose diamonds, engagement rings, wedding bands, earrings, pendants, necklaces, pearls, precious colored stones, and semi-precious colored stones. Since the beginning, they are a family operated business. Since they believe that each piece is very special and they are handmade, the company is able to provide their services all at wholesale prices. The services they provide are loose diamonds, jewelry repair, wholesale jewelry, jewelry design, watch repair, and watch design.

Everyone in the staff is very accommodating and they are having fun while working with you. You will understand that they really listen to you, they pay attention to what you want and what your desire is. As a result, their works reflect what they do. According to customers, you should make them your first stop purchasing custom-made jewelry.

Mark Broumand

Since 1980, they are a family operated business located in Jewelry District in Los Angeles. Their business is completely based on customer satisfaction. They mostly offer custom diamond engagement rings and fine jewelry collections. The philosophy of the company is offering extraordinary, high quality, and unique pieces at an exceptional and affordable price. The entire team is beyond helpful and they are very knowledgeable about their job.

It is a full-service store. If you are looking for a professional in order to help you with engagement rings, wedding rings, wedding bands, anniversary bands, or more simply, just a ring as a gift, there is no place to visit. They always keep a fresh selection of complementary pieces of jewelry on display. You will get what you dream about at the end of the purchasing process. The custom process takes about four weeks depends on your requests. You will have a chance to discuss what you want all the time since the first step you have taken into the store to last-second you take it in your hands.

They offer a huge collection to choose from. In engagement ring collections, you can find an antique cut, Asscher cut, cushion cut, emerald cut, fancy color, heart-shaped, marquise cut, oval cut, pear-shaped, princess cut, radiant cut, and round brilliant cut. In wedding ring collection varies for men and women. For women, there are diamond eternity bands collection and diamond wedding bands collection. For men, there is diamond bands collection and wedding bands collection. In fine jewelry collections, there are bracelets, earrings, necklaces, pendants, rings, and fancy color options.

Inta Gems & Diamonds

For more than 40 years, it is a family operated business in Jewelry District in Los Angeles. They are famous for their sapphire, diamond, and gemstones. They are highly professionals in colored stones, brilliant diamonds, and custom-made designs. They are very helpful in those processes. They offer a wide range of rings, earrings, pendants, necklaces, bracelets, and gemstones. They have a huge collection of engagement rings, wedding bands, fine jewelry, and custom-made pieces of jewelry. You can find great appraisals, sizing opportunities, and honest advice in this store.

They offer engagement rings in diamond, lab-grown diamond, sapphire, emerald, and ruby. They offer wedding bands for both men and women. They offer a huge collection of gemstones. You can find lab-grown diamonds, blue sapphire, pink sapphire, yellow sapphire, and ruby. Furthermore, they offer full-service repairs and maintenance. The services are stone settings, stone cuttings, ring sizing, polish, and rhodium. Pricing varies depends on the services you need. More than those, they also offer appraisals, custom orders, engraving, insurance, and financing.

Recommended Products on Amazon

Let’s say you don’t live in Los Angeles and you don’t have an opportunity to go to those stores by yourself. Besides that, you don’t want to spend too much money. You can find affordable wedding rings, wedding bands, etc. below that available on Amazon.

Jude Jewelers Silver Rose Gold 1.5 Carat Wedding Engagement Eternity Bridal Ring Set


PAVOI 14K Gold Plated Sterling Silver CZ Simulated Diamond Stackable Ring Eternity Bands for Women


Amazon Collection Platinum or Gold Plated Sterling Silver Round-Cut 5-Stone Ring made with Swarovski Zirconia


Amazon Collection Sterling Silver Diamond Band Ring (1/20 cttw, I-J Color, I2-I3 Clarity)


King Will Glory Men’s 4mm 6mm 8mm Tungsten Carbide Ring 24k Gold Plated Domed Polished Finish Wedding Band


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