Jewelry Engraving: Personalized Jewelry for You

Add value to or create unique personalized jewelry items with jewelry engraving machines! Add a personal touch by having a piece of jewelry or a gift engraved in a choice of modern or traditional fonts. Whether you are celebrating an engagement, birthday, anniversary or simply saying thank you to a friend or your wedding guests, engraving adds an unforgettable and elegant personal touch to a gift.

Engraving is the action of marring the surface of an object in order to create a design on the object. Unlike other types of marking, such as laser marking, when you engrave an object you can feel where the surface has been marred. Engraving is permanent and can be highly detailed and precise.

Engraving processes have become extremely advanced so that most jewelers can easily engrave very complicated, custom designs onto their jewelry. You have the ability to program any custom design that you want into a computer that will then control the engraver to create precise engravings according to the custom design. Because of the computer-controlled process, jewelers can feel confident that their engraving will look exactly the way that they want it to.

You can have the message of your choice engraved as long as it fits on the item you have selected. The cost of engraving and a maximum character limit depends on the product itself. It varies for every kind of jewelry. Most of the time, it may take between 3 to 8 working days to get your product engraved and dispatched from warehouses, dependent upon your chosen delivery method.

If you want more than one engraved item you will have to place separate orders for each item you want to be engraved. Engraved items cannot be returned unless the product is faulty. Because, obviously, there are personalized items and they are made for you. The message that you type during the checkout process is the exact message that will be engraved, so you have to ensure that what you have typed is correct and does not have any errors.

Engraving Jewelry / Customizing Jewelry

The history of engraving can be traced as far back as Roman times and is a technique that requires a great deal of skill and patience. Traditionally, engraving was used to create images on metal plates or wooden blocks which were then used for printing. However, it is also a form of decoration for metal objects and jewelry that can be used in order to provide texture, imagery and most commonly lettering to pieces that would otherwise be plain.

In today’s world, many people are beginning to pick up jewelry-making as a new hobby. Customizing jewelry that you create can make it a truly special gift for anyone. When it comes to customizing the jewelry that you create, the best option is to engrave it. You can engrave any name or message onto any kind of jewelry that you want. Engraving can also be used in jewelry boxes.

Engraving is a simple, yet quick process, but it makes the jewelry priceless. There are different processes that jewelers can choose to engrave their pieces. Understanding engraving and its processes can help you figure out which option is the best for the pieces that you want to create. There are different types of engraving and different types of materials that you can engrave.

Different Kinds of Jewelry Engraving

There are benefits to choosing either hand engraving, rotary engraving or laser engraving for your jewelry engraving. Once you understand more about the different types of engraving you can figure out the best type of engraving for the jewelry you would like to be customized.

Hand Engraving

This technique is carried out using shaped steel cutters with a sharpened edge which are mounted into a wooden handle. The cutters themselves are supplied in extra-long lengths so that they can be cut down to suit the person using them. The ‘tang’ (pointed handle end) is not as hard as the jewelry engraving tool itself and is intended to be snapped off to create the ideal length. This rough end should be ground down and inserted into a wooden handle ready for use during hand engraving.

Jewelry engraving designs can be drawn directly onto metal or transferred using a variety of methods. As you start to trace your first line, your hand engraving tool should be pushed down and forward with even pressure. The process is repeated until the required depth of each cut is reached.

Your hand engraving tools should be held at an angle that is neither too deep nor too shallow, but, only experience and practice will help you in order to achieve this perfectly. You will find that there is a variety of tools available for jewelry engraving. For beginners, it is best to use more basic jewelry tools, for example, a v-shaped graver or knife graver.

Rotary Engraving

Rotary engraving uses a small bit to damage the surface of the object that will be engraved. Any hand engraving is done with a traditional rotary engraving tool, however, there are also mechanical rotary engraving tools where the design is programmed into the computer and then etched onto the surface according to the design that is programmed.

There are some drawbacks however to traditional rotary engraving. While rotary engraving can be very precise, the design of the engraving can only be as thin as the bit itself. Also, the bit itself needs to be replaced when it gets worn out. It also tends to take a little longer to do traditional rotary engraving.

The largest drawback of traditional engraving is that it cannot be used on certain materials. Traditional rotary engraving cannot be used on delicate items that are sensitive to heat or pressure. You will not be able to engrave any jewelry that is made with plastic or glass, because those materials can easily be damaged or broken with rotary engraving.

Laser Engraving

This technique uses a high-powered laser beam in order to etch the surface of the material that is being engraved. Similar to the mechanical rotary engraving machine, the design that you want is programmed into the computer and the machine will engrave the design that you want into the jewelry. However, you can be more precise with a laser engraver because the diameter of the laser can be as thin as you need it to be. Also, the intensity of the laser can determine how deep the engraving will be.

Unlike the traditional rotary engravers, you do not need to worry about the materials that it can engrave. Laser engravers can be used for materials that are extremely sensitive, such as paper. While the paper is not a common material to make jewelry with, it is good to know that no matter what materials you want to engrave, they can be customized with laser engraving.

Also, unlike rotary engraving, there are fewer accessories, such as drill bits, that will need to be replaced when they are worn out. So if you want to do your own engravings rather than hiring an engraving company, consider a laser engraver as there is much less upkeep than a rotary engraver. If you are constantly creating custom designs that you want to engrave on your own in your home or workshop, you should invest in your own compact laser engravers.

Different Types of Materials that Can Be Engraved

One of the benefits of modern engraving machines is that you have a variety of choices of materials that can be engraved. This is especially beneficial for jewelers because it means that they are not confined to using specific materials for their jewelry.

  • Metals

Almost any type of metal can be engraved from soft metals such as gold to tougher metals such as steel. Metal engraving machines, such as a laser engraver, is able to penetrate the metals and create the design that any jeweler would want on the metal. Laser engraving is a good choice for engraving messages on the interior of rings or creating detailed designs on metal pendants.

  • Stones and Gemstones

There are different types of stone such as granite and marble can be engraved using either a rotary engraver or a laser engraver. However, for semi-precious stones and gemstones, it is recommended that you only use a laser engraver. The laser engraver is so precise that you will be able to get the exact design that you want on it without needing to worry about any errors. Also, there are some gems, such as diamonds, that can only be engraved using laser engraving.

  • Glass

Many jewelers use beautiful colored glass beads or create lovely glass pendants for their jewelry. Glass can also be engraved with beautiful designs. However, as we stated before, traditional rotary engraving on glass is not the best idea. Since glass is so brittle and is susceptible to pressure, rotary engraving will often crack the glass or will chip off a piece of the glass that the jeweler did not want to be removed. With laser engraving, jewelers do not need to worry about cracking or glass breaking. The laser will be able to engrave the exact design you want without damaging the glass.

  • Plastic

While many fine jewelers don’t really use much plastic in their pieces, if you create jewelry for children, you probably use plastic all the time. Laser engravers can engrave any design onto plastic pendants or beads. It is not recommended that you use rotary engraving for plastic, as the friction of the bit on the plastic will create heat, which could melt the plastic and ruin the design.

Engraving Tools

Hand Engraving Tools

  1. Scraper – It can be used in order to scrape away the metal surface to clean it.
  2. Spit stick – It can be used to cut fluid lines.
  3. Scorper – It can be used to cut and carve larger areas of metal away. Available in a range of different profiles: flat, round edge, oval, onglette, etc. each producing a shaped cut.
  4. Steel Graver – It can be used to cut lines that swell or shrink in metal depending on the angle used. It can be used in stone setting and jewelry engraving and available in a range of differently shaped profiles: knife, chisel, square, diamond, flat edge, round edge, oval, etc.
    • Carbon steel graver: They are mostly economically graved. They cut precisely when new, but don’t retain their sharpness as long as other steel alloys.
    • Carbide steel graver: They maintain their sharpness longer than any other steel. They are more brittle than carbon steel and hss and are more likely to chip if mishandled.
    • High-speed steel (Hss) graver: They strike a balance between cost and durability. They maintain their better than standard carbon steel and cost less than carbide.
    • Graver Handles: Nicely finished wood handles for hand engraving tools, including GRS quick-change graver, handles. They are well-suited for jewelry engraving.

Mechanical Engraving Tools

If hand engraving tools are not for you, you may want to try mechanized options. Steel burrs can be utilized in a rotary drill, pendant motor or micro-motor to achieve fine detail on flat surfaces. They are particularly good for glass engraving and softer metals such as gold and silver.

Dremel 290-01 0.2 Amp 7,200 Stroke Per Minute Engraver includes Letter and Number Template

Great product at a great price. You have to be careful to use a very narrow blade screwdriver, or you will damage the set screw hole threads. In order to insert the tip, you have to back the screw out, and then insert the tip. About 1/2 inch of the tip should show if properly inserted. Snug the screw-down (not too hard), and gently pull on the tip. If it comes out, then you didn’t insert it far enough. The carbide tip is plenty good enough for average use.

It is recommended to use a light touch, and practice on some scrap material before actually marking your stuff. Hold it like an ink pen, and write away. Adjust the stroke (speed) control knob to match the material. The vibration is what creates the engraving. It takes a little getting used to, but if you can ground an elbow on a surface and place the item to be engraved on a towel (or something to help absorb the vibration) you can achieve really great precision.

Tidalpool The Original Easy Etcher – Includes 10 Stencils – Portable Precision Engraving Pen – DIY Engraving Tool – Electric Engraver Etching Craft Scribe – Jewelry, Metal, Glass, Leather, Wood Carving Tools

The Easy Etcher is a portable engraving tool that lets you customize everyday objects and jewelry in order to create one-of-a-kind, personalized accessories, and gifts. It is fun and super easy if you don’t have engraving experience. It is incredibly lightweight, easy to hold, and super easy to learn to use.

It is very easy to use. It is very comfortable to hold. It is sturdy and its size is compact and sleek (It’s not much bigger than the average marker). It is very similar to having a pencil or marker in your hand. There is a little button which you press, that starts engraving. The location of the button makes it easy for you to engrave with ease and clarity. The motor performance is powerful yet does not produce much noise nor interfere with handling.

The product also comes with 10 engraving stencils, so many cute shapes, symbols, and designs to engrave with. The stencils are easy to use and help when you are lacking creative ideas. Along with the stencils, comes two extra tips which will come in handy if you are doing a lot of engraving. It is important to note that you will need two AAA batteries to use the product which is not included.

Uolor 108 Pcs Engraving Tool Kit, Multi-Functional Electric Corded Micro Engraver Etching Pen DIY Rotary Tool for Jewelry Glass Wood Metal Ceramic Plastic with Scriber, 82 Accessories and 24 Stencils

Great quality! Very durable and comes with many attachments. This unique kit lets you engrave personalize or decorate almost any surface in seconds – metal, plastic, glass, ceramic, wood, leather, diamond, stone and more. It is perfect for a small light job like DIY creation, crafting, and lightweight projects. Light and compact pen-like design provide comfortable use for precision engraving performance from fine lines to deep grooves. The ergonomic grip adds extra comfort and steady control.

There are 82 accessories and scriber included. The rotary DIY tool kit includes all kinds of accessories can widely be used in engraving, carving, sanding, polishing, etching, routing, grinding, drilling, cutting, etc. There are 24 stencils available as well. 4 basic letter/ number templates help etch words and numbers. You can write personal messages on jewelry or stone, or use it for engraving personalized arts and crafts. 4 graphic, 8 flower, and 8 lovely animal stencils give you more ways to personalize your valuables.

Utool Engraver, 24W Engraving Tool with Soft Rubber Grip for Wood Metal Glass Engraving & Etching with 4 Replaceable Tungsten Carbide Steel Bits & Letter/Number Template Perfect for DIYer

The design of this product is very comfortable. The tool is very easy to hold and use. Despite it being larger than a pen – it is still easy to use. It has an easy grip and great mobility, also it is very easy to manipulate. The weight is not overly burdensome. The tool is created with a lock to remove/add the actual wood/glass engraving tip. It is very convenient and easy to manipulate. The use of actual woods is very easy. Before you put the head in you’ll want to loosen it almost completely, put it in, and then tighten it. After that just plug it in and flip the switch! As the speed goes faster, the mark gets deeper and less coherent.

It is pretty loud, you may want to wear earplugs, but it shouldn’t do any damage to your ears. The stencil tools are useful, but some works better than others. Considering the price tag, being able to engrave steel is pretty impressive. There are 5 variable depth and speed, 4 tungsten carbide bits with soft rubber grip, high power 24W and 7200 strokes per minute, letter/number template helps etch words and numbers.

From softer wood to the harder metal sheet, the engraver helps you tackle your masterpiece, jewelry or family gift with multiple depths and speed adjustments by simply turn the dial. 4 genuine tungsten carbide tips guarantee smooth, stable, long-lasting performance.

GanGou Laser Engraving Machine Laser Engraver Printer Off-line 3000mW Upgrade Version CNC Pro DIY Logo Laser Engraver

There are no two ways about it, it is a great piece of equipment. Focusing the laser is easy, the ability to see *exactly* where the image will be engraved is excellent. You can position with such accuracy. If you go too low power on an item, you can realign and go over it again with precision to get a deeper more pronounced etch. It is a super easy assembly and set up. If you work with Photoshop every day and understand imaging well, you can see even more potential. But you don’t have to have that background to use this excellent machine. This is a really fun machine to work with. All in all worth every penny you will pay for it.

Jewelry Engraving Companies

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