Jewelry Exchange in Dallas

The Jewelry Exchange Dallas

Goldenwest Diamond Corporation, better known as The Jewelry Exchange®, Jewelry Factory®, and Jewelry Source®; is one of the largest direct diamond importers in the U.S. and is the largest worldwide customer of two of only five super site holders in the world. Because of this, they have first access to hard-to-find diamonds and import them at lower prices than most of their competitors.

Bill Doddridge started his career working in his stepfather’s pawnshop. In 1977, after saving enough money, he went out on his own by buying Buena Park Loan & Jewelry. It was soon apparent that he was not getting enough used jewelry from pawn customers to meet the demand so he began designing his own jewelry. He realized that in many cases he could make the jewelry for less and have more trendy designs than buying used jewelry from the pawn customers. He also started advertising loose diamonds and was able to undercut everyone else’s prices by maintaining low margins.

In 1987 he went to Israel and started importing diamonds directly. This provided him with savings of 25-30% on both the cost of diamonds and the jewelry he was manufacturing. The event was important because he was now both “Factory Direct” and a “Direct Diamond Importer.” In 1988 the jewelry business had grown.

Currently, Goldenwest Diamond Corporation has fourteen locations across the United States. They are more commonly known by their trade name: The Jewelry Exchange®. However, they also operate as The Jewelry Factory® in New York, Detroit, and Washington, DC. In 2003 The National Jeweler Magazine recognized them as one of the top ten jewelry companies in the United States and included us in its “100 Million Dollar Super Sellers” list.

Most jewelry stores do not manufacture their own jewelry. Most jewelry stores are simply retailers who buy the product from a manufacturer that typically works on a 35 to 40% profit margin. Then, the jewelry store raises the prices again to sell the product to the customer. The Jewelry Exchange is different because they are one of the country’s leading jewelry manufacturers. From rings and bracelets to pendants and earrings, the Jewelry Exchange crafts most of the items that they sell, eliminating the manufacturer mark-up and passing the savings on to you.

At the Jewelry Exchange, you are buying factory-direct, so you save. Since launching their website they have been delivering information, education, and value pricing to customers all over the nation. The Jewelry Exchange is positioned to be the leader of the online jewelry business, more than 30 years of jewelry experience puts them miles ahead of their current online competitors. They maintain their own imported loose diamond inventory, they design and make their own jewelry, and they do not drop ship from a supplier’s warehouse. As with all Jewelry Exchange locations, they are the supplier!

Along with technological advances in operations, and conducting business online, they continue investing in equipment that lowers the cost of manufacturing jewelry, which they pass on to their customers. They are constantly seeking the latest technology.

They are finding new ways to lower the costs of raw materials. Today they have the lowest production costs of any jewelry manufacturer in the United States. As a result, their diamond and jewelry prices have continued to become more and more competitive. With the combination of talented people, a solid infrastructure, and state-of-the-art technology, The Jewelry Exchange is positioned to continue growing while offering their customers the highest quality fine jewelry at the lowest prices.

They have a big selection of specially made jewelry including one of a kind items that may satisfy your taste, but they do not take orders to make custom jewelry. At the present time, they only ship orders within the United States. Delivery time is usually 5 business days from the time your package leaves their warehouse.


  • Loose natural diamond
  • Lab diamonds
  • Colored diamonds
  • Diamond solitaries
  • Diamond studs
  • Create your own ring and solitaire


  • Semi-mounts
  • Wedding sets
  • Engagement rings
  • Anniversary rings
  • Diamond solitaires
  • Wedding bands
  • Halo diamond rings
  • Three stone rings
  • Ring wraps and guards
  • Colored diamond rings
  • Promise rings
  • Fashion rings
  • Stackable rings
  • Create your own rings and solitaire


  • Diamond earrings
  • Necklace and pendants
  • Diamond bracelets
  • Gemstone jewelry
  • Platinum jewelry
  • Gold jewelry
  • Pearl jewelry
  • Diamond studs
  • Infinity Jewelry
  • Black diamond jewelry
  • Motion diamond jewelry

Men’s Jewelry

  • Men’s diamond rings
  • Men’s gold bands
  • Men’s bracelets
  • Men’s chains


  • Halo ring collection
  • Forevest TM
  • The Kiosk Collection
  • Infinity Jewelry
  • Rose Gold Jewelry
  • Diamond Key Pendants
  • Pearl Jewelry
  • Men’s Diamond Rings
  • Certified Diamond Solitaires
  • Diamond Heart Pendants
  • Lab-Grown Diamond Jewelry
  • Disney Jewelry
  • TrueRadiant
  • Legacy Gemstone Collection

1/2 Carat Diamond Halo Ring In 14k Gold MO188

1/2 Carat Diamond Halo Ring in 10k Gold MO193

1/5 Carat Diamond Three Stone Ring in 10k Gold AT124

1/5 Carat Diamond Cluster Studs in Silver 8E116

1/2 Carat Fancy Diamond Earrings in 10k Gold EX208

Pearl & Diamond Pendant in 14k Gold OPE01

1/5 Carat Diamond Infinity Ring in Gold RU105

Diamond Men’s Ring in 14k Gold GI101

Diamond Exchange Dallas

They are not your typical jewelry store where you have to pay an arm and a leg to get the diamonds or jewelry that you want. In fact, the man in charge here is named Roderick and he was born and raised in S. Africa where the majority of the awesome diamonds come from. He has been cutting diamonds for over 25 years. When you deal with Diamond Exchange Dallas you are working directly with the diamond cutters, meaning there are not outrageous markups on the diamonds, engagement rings, or diamond jewelry that you buy.

You are actually getting your goods directly from the bottom of the jewelry discount chain. Nobody can offer you the prices that they can. Most people have never seen how diamonds are cut and understand how much patience and skill it takes the get the diamonds to sparkle right. They have all types of diamond jewelry such as engagement rings, loose diamonds and more.

They carry a very large selection of wholesale diamonds in all shapes, sizes, and quality. They carry diamonds with prices that they can tailor to anyone’s budget. Their selection of diamonds includes round diamonds, princess cut diamonds, cushion cut diamonds, oval diamonds, radiant diamonds, emerald diamonds, pear diamonds, marquise diamonds, and heart diamonds.

One of the main questions that they ask their customers is when they tell them what they are looking for is there a particular budget. The goal is you get you the very best and biggest diamond for you without trying to push you out of your price range. The feedback that they receive from their savvy customers is truly heartwarming.

Until recently most of their clientele have been either word of mouth or repeat customers. The man in charge there is originally from South Africa where almost all diamonds are imported from. He has been importing, customizing, and cutting diamonds for over 25 years!!! When you deal with Diamond Exchange Dallas, you are not dealing with any middlemen or mark-ups on diamonds, you are getting the diamonds from the source. They import and cut the diamonds themselves so when you deal with them you are dealing direct.

They have two diamond cutters on site which will be happy to show you how diamonds are cut at. Diamond cutters are from South Africa and have a combined experience of 40 years of customizing diamonds. They are not typical jewelry store because most of the diamond jewelry they make are one of a kind.

They absolutely can offer the best deals on diamonds and engagement rings in Dallas because you are getting your jewelry directly from the source without any middlemen involved! They also pay top dollar for diamonds, diamond rings, engagement rings, and jewelry. Their main job is to service the major jewelry stores around the metroplex because their lively hood is dependent on them being able to craft and repair their diamonds.

They have made thousands of diamonds in a lifetime, but the majority have been working for other jewelry shops getting their diamonds for sale for retail. They want their clients to be very happy so you will tell your friends and family and they can earn you as a customer for life. They are very straight forward and honest in the diamond business and they plan on serving their customers for years to come. They offer free cleaning as well as free ring adjustments and much more.

If you are looking into selling your gold, keep in mind that the company deals with gold shops everyday that underpay some of their customers because they sometimes have diamond settings in their rings or jewelry. They not only will pay you top cash 4 gold or silver, but they will also pay you top dollar if you have any diamonds in your gold. They have gold and silver shops phoning them every day so they can make a big profit of the diamonds they possibly could have told you are not worth much.

Services They Provide

  • Engagement rings
  • Wedding bands
  • Diamond rings
  • Wholesale diamonds
  • Loose diamonds
  • Earrings
  • Tennis bracelets
  • Men’s rings
  • Sell to us/ Exchange
  • Custom jewelry
  • Jewelry stores
  • Gold buyers/ Cash for gold
  • Diamond broker

1.25 GIA Flawless Diamond Engagement Ring

2 CTW Platinum GIA Cushion Halo Engagement Ring 1.2 ct

2.22 CTW Round Diamond Halo Engagement Ring

#2712-400 Dancing Sapphire Pendant

Mens 2 Tone Diamond Wedding Band

Dallas Gold & Silver Exchange

Since 1978, Dallas Gold & Silver Exchange has been the premier destination in North Texas for buying and selling precious metals, as well as a luxury diamond and jewelry store featuring amazing deals on famous names such as David Yurman, Cartier, Tiffany, and Rolex.

Here at Dallas Gold & Silver Exchange, the company doesn’t pay full price so neither should you. They ensure that every piece is the real deal. No fakes, no counterfeits. Your trust is their number one priority. For over 40 years they have instilled confidence and loyalty to the customers, and pride themselves on delivering that every day.

They are very passionate. They love what they do, and they love what they can do for their customers. Their process is hands-on, detail-oriented, and designed to earn customers’ trust and bring them back over and over again. They want to add beauty and elegance to customers’ life with extraordinary value, and the business model they have built over four decades is designed to do exactly that.

They have been recognized numerous times as one of the highest-paying buyers in the Metroplex and they are proud to have thousands of customers who enthusiastically recommend them. They have an A+ Better Business Bureau rating. They are publicly-traded, trusted, and they offer a fast and easy selling process.

Why Should You Choose Dallas Gold & Silver Exchange?

  • There is no appointment needed. You should just stop into any of 4 metroplex locations.
  • They have a quick offer for your items. You could have an offer in 10 minutes or less.
  • There is no pressure on their customers. Their offers speak for themselves.
  • It is your choice that immediate payment in cash or check.
  • No amount too small. Every day they have people who sell small amounts of gold or silver, such as broken pieces or earring backs, for just $5 or $10. It does not matter as long as you want to sell them.
  • No amount too large. They are publicly-traded and they have the ability to purchase large estates and other collections up to and over $10 million. It does not matter as long as you want to sell them.
  • They will explain every step to customers. They examine pieces for purity, weigh them, then base their offer on current precious metal prices.


At Dallas Gold and Silver Exchange, they pay top dollar for designer watches. Whether you want the cash or want to trade-in and upgrade your watch, they will get the job done. They buy diamonds of all color, cut, clarity and carat weight. Whether you are looking to get cash for your diamond or looking to upgrade your diamond, it is the place to go. They will buy your bullion and rare coins! They are one of the country’s largest jewelry, rare coin, and precious metal dealers.


  • Designer jewelry: You have got a look, and now it is ready for the next level. They will craft something just for you, or introduce you to some of the world’s great jewelry artists. Designer jewelry can enhance your collection and become a source of pride and beauty that you will cherish for a lifetime.
  • Diamond jewelry: Diamond jewelry collection will dazzle you. Then, the prices will amaze you. Your quest for the perfect piece, the one meant just for you, starts here. For women and men, for joyous engagements or everyday elegance, for tight budgets or once-in-a-lifetime extravagance, they have got that special sparkle that only diamonds can bring.
  • Gemstone jewelry: Whether you want to brandish your birthstone, or there is a particular color that reflects your spirit, this beautiful gemstone jewelry collection has a slice of the rainbow just for you. They will match your favorite hue with your favorite metal to fashion the perfect piece to fit your mood and your style. And incredible prices will enable you to fill your spectrum for less than you ever thought possible.
  • Vintage jewelry: Beauty is timeless. You should check out the classic styles and singular craftsmanship of generations past in ever-changing vintage jewelry collection. From whimsical costume pieces to antique estate treasures, add new memories to jewelry already imbued with legacy. Your collection can span historical eras and fashion trends, or just reflect an eclectic collection of nostalgia, impulse and things you love.


  • Buying Gold and Silver

If you are planning ahead for your financial future, Buying Gold and Silver is a foolproof place to start. Bulking up on bullion bars and coins or purchasing silver and gold jewelry pieces is always money well spent. Just be sure to purchase precious metals from a reputable online dealer. While the global economy remains vulnerable to change, buying physical gold and silver will diversify and reinforce your investment portfolio for the long-term.

  • Selling Gold and Silver

Selling gold and silver is simple. As North Texas’ largest and most trusted buyer of bullion, coins, and precious metals, they offer more than top dollar. They provide peace of mind that you are selling gold and silver to a reputable, publicly-traded wholesaler. Most pieces can be priced in as little as 10 minutes with immediate cash payments.

Services They Provide

  • Jewelry
  • Engagement
  • Watches
  • Bullion
  • Repairment
  • Exchange

Dallas Diamonds

Why Should You Choose Jewelry Exchange Dallas?

With the current situation and the slide of the economy, many Dallas residents find it difficult to meet the requirements of life. Because of this problem, many people began to sacrifice many of the luxury sacrifices to be able to pay their monthly bills. It may include disposal of any jewelry that is no longer worn or is no longer required.

Finding the jewelry exchange, Dallas Diamonds can help you get the highest return on jewelry. You can imagine how the Dallas Gold Exchange works. Many people who are thinking of getting rid of unwanted jewelry, often think of a pawn shop or even a website that allows them to exchange jewelry.

However, the jewelry exchange Dallas Texas will provide its customers with the best possible return for your gold. The reason is that they will depend on your current market price, which you think could give you a little less than you can get in the secondary market.

When you are troubled for money, you sometimes do not think enough to think about the best options. Due to the wheel, you can lose more money on any item as needed. Anyone can know the current market value of gold and decide if they can give you the best returns. Some people can see the market for several days and from time to time try the best to get high of the leading jewelry store in Dallas Diamonds in Dallas.

This store offers you two options which are buying items at retail prices or wholesale prices. Wholesale shopping gives you the lowest price on the market because when you buy in bulk, they carry things forward. If you want to present gifts to your loved ones or you want to start your own jewelry business, you can go to wholesale items.

Also, they offer renovation and repair services for jewelry decorations. This is because they are jewelry makers. You can take advice on repairs or send them to your broken jewelry. Those looking to jewelry exchange can also deal with these merchants online. They are always reliable and can easily exchange jewelry pieces for surplus goods such as broken chains and cash.

Hebron Jewelry Exchange, LLC

It is a family-owned and operated business, which opened in 2010 and has combined experience of over 50 years in the industry. They have professional quality jewelers who are certified in diamond scaling and grading. The certification they provide is tops in the business with world renown IDS certification from Israel one of the world’s three major centers for polished diamonds.

They have the ability to test precious stones such as diamonds, rubies, opals, beautiful emeralds, and many other gems and of course they grade and make a cash offer for gold, silver, and other precious metals within just a few minutes! There is no pressure to sell your jewelry right away, as they will honor most prices for a few days extra to give you some time to make a decision. They offer free estimations.

If you need cash immediately, bring in your unwanted jewelry and receive cash within minutes! They pay cash for any type of fine jewelry, gems, or precious metals. Similar to cashing a check at the bank it is fast easy and convenient. This is the best place to sell a wedding ring, and get cash on the spot. They buy broken and new jewelry, and they will pay more for designer jewelry.

Being conveniently located in the center of the Dallas metroplex they are one of the most competitive jewelry and diamond exchanges, all while providing a family-like atmosphere. They serve Plano, Richardson, Dallas, Garland, Rockwall, Irving, Carrolton, Frisco, Mckinney, Fort Worth, Arlington, Lewisville and more!

You can sell directly to them with confidence. Don’t mail your gold or diamonds into online companies or waste your time with wholesalers and diamond cutters. They sell directly to jewelry stores so you can count on a reasonable price for your precious jewelry. They will provide a free estimate of whether or not you decide to sell gold, diamonds or any other jewelry. They also encourage you to shop around before coming to them so you know they offer the highest bid.

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