The Most Known Jewelry Exchange Companies and Stores in Dallas

The Jewelry Exchange Dallas

When they start a business, they opened under the name of Goldenwest Diamond Corporation. By the time they gain popularity with a different name which is The Jewelry Exchange, Jewelry Factory, and Jewelry Source. It is one of the largest direct diamond importers in the U.S. Their are among the worldwide jewelry companies and they are fifth. This rate gives them first access to hard-to-find diamonds and gives them a right to import them at lower prices.

Bill Doddridge is the founder of the company. Everything has started in 1977 when Bill Doddridge started to work at his stepfather’s pawnshop. After saving enough money, he decided to start his own business. And, he did as a pawnshop again. His business wasn’t enough successful, unfortunately. It soon became clear that he could not get enough used jewelry from his customers to meet the demand, and therefore he began to design his own jewelry. Instead of buying used jewelry from customers, he could make cheaper and produce more elegant designs. He also started advertising loose diamonds and lowered prices while maintaining low margins.

In 1987 he went to Israel and started importing diamonds directly from there. This saved him a lot of money. In this way, his jewelry business grew a lot in 1988. Currently, Goldenwest Diamond Corporation has fourteen locations across the United States. National Jeweler Magazine put the company in the list of “100 Million Dollar Super Sellers” in the year 2003. 

Nowadays, most jewelers do not produce their own jewelry. Most jewelers are only retailers. They purchase the product from a manufacturer that typically operates on a profit. Then, the jeweler adds additional prices to the product to sell it to the customer, raising the price again. The company is different than its competitors because of the fact that they are the top of the jewelry business in their area by leading manufacturing. They produce more or less every kind of jewelry. Most of the items they sell, eliminate manufacturer marking and pass on savings.

When you buy something from Jewelry Exchange, it means that you buy directly from the factory. It gives you opportunity yo save money. Since launching their websites, they have been pricing information, education, and value to customers across the country.

They have a position in the jewelry industry as the leader of online business. Because they have some features that other industries don’t have, which is the basic but the most important; experience of producing and selling jewelry. They produce their imported diamond and jewelry. their design, style, and fashion understanding are unique to them. They are their own jeweler, which means they are both suppliers and producers.  

In addition to the technological advances in operations, they continue to invest in equipment that reduces the cost of jewelry production that they transmit to their customers while doing business online. They are constantly looking for the latest technology.

Besides all these, they are looking for new ways to reduce raw material costs. Today they have the lowest production cost of any jewelry manufacturer in the United States. With the talented people they have in the company, solid infrastructure, and state-of-the-art technology, the Jewelry Exchange will continue. This growth will never end because they will always offer their customers the finest fine jewelry at the lowest prices.

They have a big selection of specially made jewelry. These items satisfy your taste. But, let’s say now, they do not take orders to make custom jewelry. You can choose something special from this big collection. but they do not take orders to make custom jewelry. At the present time, they only ship orders within the United States.


  • Loose natural diamond
  • Lab diamonds
  • Colored diamonds
  • Diamond solitaries
  • Diamond studs
  • Create your own ring and solitaire


  • Semi-mounts
  • Wedding sets
  • Engagement rings
  • Anniversary rings
  • Diamond solitaires
  • Wedding bands
  • Halo diamond rings
  • Three stone rings
  • Ring wraps and guards
  • Colored diamond rings
  • Promise rings
  • Fashion rings
  • Stackable rings
  • Create your own rings and solitaire


  • Diamond earrings
  • Necklace and pendants
  • Diamond bracelets
  • Gemstone jewelry
  • Platinum jewelry
  • Gold jewelry
  • Pearl jewelry
  • Diamond studs
  • Infinity Jewelry
  • Black diamond jewelry
  • Motion diamond jewelry

Men’s Jewelry

  • Men’s diamond rings
  • Men’s gold bands
  • Men’s bracelets
  • Men’s chains


  • Halo ring collection
  • Forevest TM
  • The Kiosk Collection
  • Infinity Jewelry
  • Rose Gold Jewelry
  • Diamond Key Pendants
  • Pearl Jewelry
  • Men’s Diamond Rings
  • Certified Diamond Solitaires
  • Diamond Heart Pendants
  • Lab-Grown Diamond Jewelry
  • Disney Jewelry
  • TrueRadiant
  • Legacy Gemstone Collection

Diamond Exchange Dallas

It is not your typical jewelry store where you have to sell an organ to pay in order to get the diamonds or jewelry you want. In fact, Roderick here is responsible for this business, born and raised in South Africa, where everything is great and most of the wonderful diamonds come from. For over 25 years he has been cutting diamonds. When working with Diamond Exchange Dallas, you work directly with diamond cutters. So there are no unsightly markings on the diamonds, engagement rings, or diamond jewelry you buy, and Roderick makes sure they don’t.

When you buy jewelry here, you actually buy your goods directly under the jewelry discount chain. Nobody can offer you the prices they can give you. Most people have not seen how diamonds are cut and do not understand how much patience and skill it takes to make diamonds shine correctly. Therefore, every price offered to you is actually much lower than its price. In this company, they have all kinds of diamond jewelry, such as engagement ring, loose diamond and more.

They offer a wide variety of wholesale diamonds in every shape, size, and quality. They work with diamonds at prices that can be adjusted according to everyone’s budget. Their diamond selections include round diamond, princess cut diamond, pillow cut diamond, oval diamond, a brilliant diamond, emerald diamond, pear diamond, marquise diamond, and heart diamond.

One of the main questions they ask their customers is whether they have a budget for the jewelry they are looking for. Their aim is to offer you the best and greatest diamond you can get without trying to get you out of your price range. Feedback from knowledgeable customers is truly heartwarming.

Until recently, most of their customers were either mouth-to-mouth or repeating customers. The man in charge of all the jobs in the company is actually from South Africa, where almost all diamonds are imported. It has been importing, customizing, and cutting diamonds for over 25 years! When dealing with Diamond Exchange Dallas, you do not deal with any tool or marking on diamonds, you get the diamonds directly from the source. They import and cut the diamonds themselves, so you deal directly with them.

Diamond cutters working in the company are from South Africa and have a combined experience of 40 years of customization diamonds. They are not your typical jewelry store because most of the diamond jewelry they make is one type.

Dallas diamond and engagement rings can offer you the best deals if you want to buy directly from the jewelry source without any tools included! They also pay top dollars for diamonds, diamond rings, engagement rings, and jewelry. Their main task is to serve large jewelry stores around the metroplex because their live hoods depend on their ability to manufacture and repair their diamonds.

They made thousands of diamonds for a lifetime, but the majority works for other jewelers who buy their diamonds for retail. They want their customers to be very happy so you will tell your friends and family and they can win you and the people around you as a lifetime customer. They are very honest in the diamond business and plan to serve their customers in the years to come. In addition, they offer free cleaning, free ring adjustments, and much more.

If you are looking into selling your gold, keep in mind that the company deals with gold shops every day that underpays some of their customers because they sometimes have diamond settings in their rings or jewelry. They not only will pay you top cash 4 gold or silver, but they will also pay you top dollar if you have any diamonds in your gold. They have gold and silver shops phoning them every day so they can make a big profit of the diamonds they possibly could have told you are not worth much.

Services They Provide

  • Engagement rings
  • Wedding bands
  • Diamond rings
  • Wholesale diamonds
  • Loose diamonds
  • Earrings
  • Tennis bracelets
  • Men’s rings
  • Sell to us/ Exchange
  • Custom jewelry
  • Jewelry stores
  • Gold buyers/ Cash for gold
  • Diamond broker

Dallas Gold & Silver Exchange

Since 1978, Dallas Gold & Silver Exchange has been the leading destination for buying and selling precious metals in North Texas. In addition, it is a luxury diamond and jewelry store that offers incredible opportunities for famous brands such as Cartier, Tiffany, Rolex, and David Yurman.

At the Dallas Gold & Silver Exchange, the company doesn’t pay full price, so you shouldn’t. This ensures that every piece is real or not. No fake, no imitation. Your trust is their number one priority. For more than 40 years they have instilled trust and loyalty to customers and are proud to present it every day.

It is a company that does its job with passion. They love what they do and love what they can do for their customers. The processes are hands-on, detail-oriented, and designed to win customers’ trust and bring them back to the store over and over. They want to add beauty and elegance to customers’ lives with extraordinary values, and the business model they have developed for more than forty years is designed to do just that.

They have been repeatedly recognized as one of the highest paying buyers in Metroplex. They are proud to have thousands of customers who are enthusiastically recommending. They have an A + Better Business Bureau degree. They offer a public, reliable, and fast and easy sales process.

Why Should You Choose Dallas Gold & Silver Exchange?

  • There is no appointment needed. You should just stop into any of 4 metroplex locations.
  • They have a quick offer for your items. You could have an offer in 10 minutes or less.
  • There is no pressure on their customers. Their offers speak for themselves.
  • It is your choice that immediate payment in cash or check.
  • No amount too small. Every day they have people who sell small amounts of gold or silver, such as broken pieces or earring backs, for just $5 or $10. It does not matter as long as you want to sell them.
  • No amount too large. They are publicly-traded and they have the ability to purchase large estates and other collections up to and over $10 million. It does not matter as long as you want to sell them.
  • They will explain every step to customers. They examine pieces for purity, weigh them, then base their offer on current precious metal prices.


They pay the highest for designer watches at Dallas Gold and Silver Exchange. Whether you are asking for money, trading, or raising your watch, you will get the job done. They buy diamonds of every color, cut, clarity, and carat weight. If you want to get cash or upgrade your diamond, this is the place to go. They will also receive your bullion and rare coins! It is one of the largest jewelry, rare coins and precious metal sellers in the country.


  • Designer jewelry: You have got a look, and now it is ready for the next level. They will craft something just for you, or introduce you to some of the world’s great jewelry artists. Designer jewelry can enhance your collection and become a source of pride and beauty that you will cherish for a lifetime.
  • Diamond jewelry: Diamond jewelry collection dazzles you. Then the prices will surprise you. Your search for a perfect and special piece starts here. For women and men, they have a special glow that only diamonds can bring, for cheerful engagements or for daily elegance, tight budgets, or once in a lifetime extravagance.
  • Gemstone jewelry: Whether you want to revive your birthstone or a certain color that reflects your soul, this beautiful stone jewelry collection has a slice of the rainbow just for you. They will match your favorite tone with your favorite metal in order to create the perfect piece to suit your mood and style. And the incredible prices will allow you to fill your spectrum with less than you think possible.
  • Vintage jewelry: As we all know, beauty is timeless. In the ever-changing vintage jewelry collection, you should check the classic styles and unique craftsmanship of past generations. Add new memories, from whimsical costume pieces to ancient real estate treasures, jewelry filled with heritage. Your collection can span historical ages and fashion trends, or simply reflect an eclectic collection of nostalgia, impulse, and the things you love.


  • Buying Gold and Silver

If you are planning your future financially, buying gold and silver is a perfect starting point. Finding bullion bars and coins or buying silver and gold jewelry is always good money spent. Just be sure to buy precious metals from a reputable online seller. Although the global economy is open to change, buying physical gold and silver will diversify and strengthen your investment portfolio in the long term.

  • Selling Gold and Silver

Selling gold and silver is a simple task. As the largest and most reliable bullion, coin, and precious metal buyer of North Texas, they offer more than the best dollar. Rest assured that you are selling gold and silver to a reputable, public wholesaler. Most tracks can be priced in as little as 10 minutes with instant cash payment.

Services They Provide

  • Jewelry
  • Engagement
  • Watches
  • Bullion
  • Repairment
  • Exchange

Dallas Diamonds

Why Should You Choose Jewelry Exchange Dallas?

With the current situation and the economy shifting, many Dallas residents find it difficult to meet the needs of life. Due to this problem, many began to sacrifice many luxuries to pay their monthly bills. This may include the destruction of jewelry that is no longer worn or is no longer needed.

Finding the jewelry exchange can help you get the highest return from Dallas Diamonds jewelry. Many people who are thinking of getting rid of unwanted jewelry often think of a hostage shop or even a website that allows them to shop for jewelry.

However, the Dallas Texas jewelry exchange will provide its customers with the best possible return for your gold. This is because they depend on your current market price, which you think might yield slightly less than what you can get in the secondary market.

When you have trouble with money, sometimes you don’t think or think enough to think about the best options. Due to the wheel, you can lose as much money as needed for any item. Anyone can know the current market value of gold and decide whether it will give you the best return. Some people can visit the market for a few days, see prices, and try the best to get high returns from time to time. Dallas Diamonds in Dallas is one of the region’s leading jewelers.

This store offers you two options to buy products at retail prices or wholesale prices. Wholesale shopping gives you the lowest price on the market because when you buy it wholesale, they take things one step further. If you want to offer gifts to your loved ones or start your own jewelry business, you can go to wholesale.

They also offer renovation and repair services for jewelry decorations. Because they are jewelry makers. This is their job. You can get advice for your repairs or send your broken jewelry. Those who want to shop for jewelry can also deal with these sellers online. They are always reliable and can easily replace jewelry pieces for excess goods such as broken chains and cash.

Hebron Jewelry Exchange, LLC

It is a family business and business. It was established in 2010 and has combined more than 50 years of experience in the industry. They have professional quality jewelers certified with diamond scaling and grading. The certificate they provide ranks at the top with the world-famous IDS certificate from Israel, one of the three largest centers for polished diamonds in the world.

In addition to offering money for gold, silver, and other precious metals in just a few minutes, they have the ability to test precious stones like diamonds, rubies, opals, beautiful emeralds, and many other jewels! There is no pressure to sell your jewelry immediately because they fix most of the price for a few more days to give you some time to decide. They offer free estimates.

If you need money right away, bring your unwanted gems, and get cash in minutes! They pay cash instantly for all kinds of fine jewelry or precious metals. It is a quick and easy process, similar to cash in a bank. This is the best place to sell a wedding ring and get cash on the spot. Regardless of being broken, old or new, they buy jewelry from you and they pay more for designer jewelry.

Conveniently located in the center of Dallas metroplex, these facilities offer a family-like atmosphere while also being one of the most competitive jewelry and diamond exchanges. They serve Plano, Richardson, Dallas, Garland, Rockwall, Irving, Carrolton, Frisco, Mckinney, Fort Worth, Arlington, Lewisville, and more!

You can safely sell your jewelry while working with them. No need to mail your gold or diamonds to online companies or waste your time with wholesalers and diamond cutters. They sell directly to jewelry stores, so you can count on a reasonable price for your precious jewelry. They will provide a free estimate of whether you decide to sell gold, diamonds, or other jewelry. They also encourage you to visit the surrounding shops before coming to them, as you know they are offering the highest offer.

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