Importance of Jewelry Expo and Trade Shows

In today’s world, developments in all sectors and new formations in the market have created an environment where competition is intense. Today, producing only quality goods and placing them on the market are not considered sufficient for success and sales. Because in today’s conditions, consumers can encounter different price-quality and forms of the same goods and have the opportunity to choose the goods or services that they need from different alternatives.

The fairs, which constitute a beautiful product of the great development in the organization, coordination, and execution understanding of modern social life, are developing and changing day by day in proportion to the ever-changing and developing life. In line with this development, fairs, exhibitions and shows provide important benefits and are of great importance for the world states to get to know each other commercially, economically, socially, and culturally and to achieve the highest level of relations and solidarity between them.

The jewelry industry is one of those business areas. It is a business that needs development as every industry area. To this end, thousands of shows, exhibitions, and fairs are held at regular intervals, in different locations, and even in different countries every year.

Businesses in the jewelry and watch industry worldwide come together in many events. It enables companies to meet the most important buyers worldwide and establish important business connections, from Eastern Europe to Near Asia, from Russia to the Middle East, from North Africa to the Turkic Republics. It provides an opportunity to see innovations around the world.

Jewelry shows and fairs start from the gold jewelry, diamond jewelry, precious stone, pearl, mont, silver, clock, showcase decoration, machinery, equipment and case sector all over the world, and are organized for the professionals of the sector, serving in sectors such as New Year and before Christmas. and with a wide range of up to industry professionals, it offers fairs to meet all these businesses.

Manufacturers, wholesalers, agents, exporters, designers, suppliers, internationally important buyers … In short, they are fairs that contribute to the gathering of all industry professionals. There are some exhibitions that are specifically designed for major designers, jewelers, manufacturers, and retail buyers. Some of them may be dedicated to professionalists instead of costumers.

Gold, jewelry, diamond, colored stone, precious and semi-precious stone, pearl, silver, silver jewelry and silverware, golden montage, refinery, clock, mold, showcase decoration, machinery-equipment and sub-industry, safe, software, logistics lighting product groups. Besides, special products and collections of the world jewelry market are also exhibited. Each fair, expo and show offer a market environment with tens of thousands of industry professionals.

The companies have the opportunity to interact with thousands of potential customers in a friendly, fun, and sales-oriented environment in those fairs, shows, and exhibitions. They can do that personally. Everyone in the fair can find different things according to their interests and needs. You can buy a variety of products. You can find goods and unique products. You will have an opportunity to examine the products before purchasing them. You can examine more closely.

Fair organizations give companies the opportunity to introduce their products face to face. However, it is not limited to the face-to-face promotion that an exhibition offers to companies that are participating. Today, fair organizations and the activities carried out in these organizations are news items and attract the attention of media organizations. In this way, many press and broadcasting organizations focus their attention on the exhibition area during the fair and include news about the fair in their publications. Participating companies have the opportunity to take part in the media as news and promote in this way if they perform successful demonstrations and interesting promotional activities at their stands.

Apart from the scientific promotion works carried out by the participating companies, there are also some promotional works carried out by the agency or company that organizes the fair. The organizers continue their promotional activities such as advertising to newspapers, magazines, and televisions in order to attract visitors to the fairground, sending invitations to individuals and organizations in the sector, publishing announcements, and news about the fair in sectoral publications, and providing information about the fair organization by using alternative advertising channels. It supports the promotional efforts and contributes to the formation of a synergy environment.

Participation in a fair, in the sense of medium and long term firm planning, also helps to clarify the future situation of the company in the market in question. Besides all these contributions, fair organizations also have different advantages.

  • It supports sales activities.
  • It helps to identify and recognize new customer groups.
  • It helps businesses to increase the rate of profit.
  • It contributes to the expansion of distribution.
  • It helps to find new representatives.
  • It contributes to finding new dealers.
  • It makes it easier to evaluate the success of the new product on the market.
  • It provides an examination of the acceptability status of the products planned to be placed on the market.
  • It contributes to the improvement of the relations of businesses with the press.
  • It contributes to the development of research and sales activities through information exchange.
  • At many points such as the evaluation of export opportunities, it can have important results and gains for the participating companies.

Wedding Fairs

Fairs based on the wedding are one of the areas that jewelry business takes a place. It is helpful for both companies and people who are about to get married. Couples can find everything they need for their weddings.

As we all know, one of the milestones where the most intense shopping is experienced in human life takes place before marriage. Such fairs are put into practice in order to ensure that couples preparing to establish a happy marriage can be with them in this difficult period and easily find every product and service they want. In order to achieve the purpose of these fairs, it is aimed to bring the related companies together under one roof. For example, jewelers, designers, caterers, party and activities providers, and event planners.

As products and items, they will provide millions of options. You don’t need to purchase, but you will have an idea at least. They provide bridal gowns and bridal shoes, wedding dresses for both bride and groom, wedding accessories, and wedding jewelry. You can see your options about wedding rings, wedding accessories and wedding jewelry which are the things that even after the wedding very important.

These fairs provide a great convenience for couples who decide to share life and prepare for marriage, as well as those who are always open to change throughout their lives and want to start this change by changing the place they live in first. It is tried to respond to the requests of all participants in fairs. They are honored to see valuable companies and customers within this organization.

First of all, companies and businesses that want to promote their companies and their products and services, increase customer potential, and show their difference in the industry are expected to take part in such fairs. The primary goal in these fairs is to bring together such businesses and couples who will step into marriage in a nice atmosphere in this pleasant and challenging shopping.

Things That Companies Should Pay Attention While Decorating Their Stands in Exhibitions and Fairs

  • Company logo,
  • Colors used in the logo,
  • Jewelry should be clean and shiny,
  • To be able to combine and use other colors and visual features that represent the institution in accordance with its purpose,
  • Introducing the corporate identity to the target customer group and adopting it,
  • Reinforcing this visual identity.

Things to Consider When Organizing a Stand in the Fairground

  • The size of the stand,
  • Decoration of the stand,
  • Features of the materials and furniture used in the stand,
  • Attitudes and clothes of the staff at the stand,
  • The approach of the staff in the stand to approach the customer and talk to them,
  • Features of the products and jewelry exhibited in the fair area,
  • Presentations, shows, exhibitions, and other activities at the fair stand.

All these elements affect the existing and potential customers visiting the fair and can affect the image of the business positively or negatively.

The Importance of Fairs for Businesses

In the 21st century, there is a very intense competition in all markets, and the leading power coming from its production in this competitive environment leaves its place to the leadership that comes from the success of marketing and promotion studies.

Because of the reasons such as the globalization process, rapid developments in information and communication technologies, and the fact that the production possibilities have expanded, the method of the fastest, high-quality and low-cost production created by a business creates a production standard for other businesses in a very short time and product service quality In terms of the differences between businesses are gradually disappearing.

In a period of such developments and changes, businesses that can create a different position and value in the minds of consumers can maintain their share in the market and make progress. At this point, the marketing and promotion activities carried out by the companies have a very important role. In such a market environment, participation in fairs and exhibitions offers important advantages to companies and allows them to carry out both marketing and promotional activities.

These fairs are a market where goods and service manufacturers and consumers meet within a certain time and place. The fact that the fairs are directed towards a certain subject allows the participating companies to catch the “related demand” directly, in a short time and in the most effective way. In this way, significant gains are achieved in terms of both sales and promotion. In this respect, the exhibitions are comprehensive and mediate the increase of the effective sales graphic of the participants with one-to-one marketing relationships.

One of the most important problems facing many companies operating in different sectors today is that the physical distance between the manufacturers and consumers has increased enormously and a limited level of communication can be established between these two groups.

Under these conditions, manufacturers are trying to develop new and high-quality production technologies, to follow the competitors, to reach their current and potential customers, to determine their thoughts and expectations, and to be extremely challenged within the increasingly difficult competition conditions.

The importance of fairs for companies becomes clear. Because these fairs are one of the rare activities that can bring producers and consumers, buyers, and sellers together, and establish a mutual and face-to-face relationship between these groups. Thanks to these fairs, participating businesses have the opportunity to communicate face-to-face with the customers they do business with, they have the chance to learn what they think about their companies and products from the first source, and they can make their company advertisements to themselves without any other person or mass media.

Important steps are taken to strengthen existing relations with privileged transactions such as hospitality shown to customers who are key in the exhibition area for the exhibitor, close attention to these people during the fair period and special places in hotels, one-on-one meetings, transportation of these customers to the exhibition area and meeting other special needs.

These fairs and exhibitions gain importance not only for the benefit of existing relations but also for meeting new faces. It is seen as a unique opportunity to attract visitors with a high level of interest to the business stand. By participating in these fairs, companies have the chance to meet with their existing customers and to develop business relationships as well as potential customers who are likely to establish business contacts in the future.

At the same time, such fairs are important in terms of being the organizations that give the chance to reach the customers in question and to connect with them regarding various marketing and definition activities to be held during the fair. Participating companies can become more successful than their competitors’ thanks to well-trained stand staff, active and successful pre-fair, and fair promotion activities, support activities, a remarkable exhibition design, and careful post-fair works.

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