What Are Jewelry Findings? What Are They Used For? Recommended Product on Amazon

If jewelry-making is a new hobby for you or it is a kind of business for you, no matter shat your purpose is, it may be a good idea to know what jewelry findings are. Also, it will be good to know why they are important to use. As a term, when we say “jewelry findings”, we refer to the components of the jewelry that are used to connect the jewelry, not the main and most prominent material. Findings are not the shinny parts of the jewelry. Findings are little pieces that help your jewelry keep together.

Jewelry findings are components that go into the making of jewelry. These are items such as clasps, earrings, headpins, eye pins, ear wires, bails, crimps, and metal beads. They are actually all the important pieces you need to finish jewelry designs. Those are the materials apart from shiny parts.

It is possible to find jewelry findings in different materials. They are available in a variety. You can find different metal finishes, different metal materials, and different metal types. It completely depends on what you want to create and produce.

So, there is a good story behind the name, behind ‘findings’. Back then, before technology has developed, every piece of jewelry or something similar to jewelry was made by hand. All of them were, of course, handmade. The problem was that it was hard to find pieces for making jewelry. So, jewelers had to find metals or pieces for their jewelry from leftover pieces and metals. At the end of the day, these pieces that jewelers used became the most important part of the jewelry which is called jewelry findings.


It is the ideal way to make a necklace. It is an easy way to use a bail because a necklace is attached to a pendant without requiring any metal master or soldering technique. It is used to link any of your components to the chain.

Bead cap findings

By placing bead caps on both ends of a bead during beading, it is easy to make a decorative detail for your valuable piece of jewelry. By simply adding bead caps, it gives you an opportunity to turn a flat bead easily into the focus piece for the necklace! They are very helpful and handy to use.


You can use chandeliers instead of earring connectors. It is very easy to make dangly earrings using them. You can do this by including these beads or chains to the connection holes. An ear wire can be connected to the upper hole.


They are necessary especially when you want to produce new necklaces or bracelets. It is a component that helps you to hold your bracelets or necklaces together. They are extremely useful and convenient. You can find different shapes, designs, colors and styles on the market according to your need. Depends on your taste, you can change the style of your jewelry with a small clasp.


As the name implied, it can be used for producing and designing earrings. The ear wire itself goes through directly pierced ears. You can make it more fun and stylish by adding beads, metal parts, or buttons. It is easy to make it fashionable according to your taste. It gives you an opportunity to make a ton of designs.

Head and eye pins

You can use head and eye pins with beads in order to small pieces for earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and so on. They are easy to use. They are very functional. You can find different endings which are flat and round. These endings play a stopper role to stop your beads to not to fall. Also, eye pins have a link to connect the piece to others. As you can understand, it helps you to make longer pieces.

Jump rings

They can be used to connect little pieces with each other, or chain with the rest of the piece. Even though people mostly use round shape, there are other options you can choose such are oval ones. There are two different types available according to your need which are open jump rings and closed jump rings. According to your need, you can choose the proper one. When you need a strong connecter, then you need to use closed ones.

Links and connectors

You can easily find the shape and style that you want and you need. They provide a lot of variety. You may want to find one in just the right finish. As the name implied, they are useful to connect components and hold them together. You could use these connectors more or less every piece of jewelry. Because in the end, each piece needs to connect another piece to be complete.

Cord and ribbon ends

Depends on your taste or your need, instead of knotting, you could use cord and ribbon end to make your jewelry a whole. So, thanks to these findings, you can include metal parts into your piece of jewelry. There are different shapes that you can find. For example, a round shape or barrel shapes. The ends of the ribbon are usually in a flat shape and their teeth are immersed in the material to fix the jewelry. Using glue would be helpful in order to make them more secure. Thanks to their holes and links, it is easy to attach them to jewelry.

Recommended Products on Amazon

Swpeet 300Pcs Silver Key Chain Rings Kit, 100Pcs Keychain Rings with Chain and 100Pcs Jump Ring with 100Pcs Screw Eye Pins Bulk for Jewelry Findings Making

Each package has 4 sizes of keyrings with chain, you will get 30pcs ×15mm; 25pcs × 20mm; 25pcs × 25mm; 20pcs ×30mm.100 pieces open jump rings and 100 pieces screw eye pins. Totally 300 pieces of keychain findings that will meet your needs for craft projects. Suitable for making some small projects, arts, and crafts, or gifts making. Excellent variety of key chain sizes. All of the pieces are strong and sturdy.

The keyrings bulk with chain and connectors are convenient for you to attach charms, pendant, or other accessories on. There is no need to buy additional tools when you purchase this set. Because it comes with extra open jump rings and screws eye pins.


Waybas 100 PCS/50 Pairs 925 Sterling Silver Earring Hooks Fish Hook Ear Wires French Wire Hooks Hypo-allergenic Jewelry Findings Earring Parts DIY Making With 100 PCS Clear Rubber Earring Safety Backs

Good quality and nice shiny color. Fish earring hooks are simple but delicate, enjoy playful curves and dynamic styles, step out of the standard hoop earrings, and show a curvy style on your ear, suits for almost every earring wearing occasions.

It is a great product at an unbelievable price. Earring hooks and earring back stoppers are ideal for your making earrings, DIY jewelry making crafting projects, use them with other jewelry findings to make fascinating jewelry or beautiful ornament.


Paxcoo 50 Pieces Necklace Cord with Clasp Bulk for Necklace Bracelet Jewelry Making

Paxcoo necklace cord bulk comes with 50 pack imitation leather necklace cords with clasp, perfect for a necklace, bracelet, and jewelry making using. There are different colors of strings. These colors are black, brown, army green, beige, and gray. And the imitation leather looking makes them cool to match your pendants. All the necklace cords are well made and hard to break, they are strong and stable for long time use. These are super strong. They are easy to work with. Ideal for making necklaces, good choice of colors. You will be very pleased with them. Amazing value for money and they look very nice.


Paxcoo 50 Pieces Black Choker Necklaces Set for Teen Girls and Women

The chokers kit includes 50 pieces of varied chokers necklaces. A variety of styles to match your outfits. The material used is not super sturdy but they don’t seem like they will break unless tugged super hard. They are all very cute and fit me perfectly well! Good price for the amount you receive. Whereas if you go to a retail store you will be paying about the same price for one choker or a set of 3. The majority of the chokers are just a variation of your standard black choker, which is fine.


Paxcoo 6 Pack Jewelry Beading Wire for Jewelry Making Supplies and Craft (24 Gauge)

This set includes colorful copper wires. There are 6 different colors. They are easy to use and works with different types of beads, necklace, and bracelet designs. There are also different colors of beading wires. These wires are golden, silver, copper, coffee, and black. More choice of colors to meet your different needs. The wires in this set have deep, rich-looking colors and have two silver-colored spools of wire is great, as the silver-colored jewelry tends to be more popular these days.

It is especially recommended for use in handicrafts. It is very useful in jewelry projects such as anklets, bracelets, necklaces, beaded jewelry, chains, earrings, etc. In addition to jewelry, it is also suitable for flower arrangement and frame making. It is easily bendable so making a tight turn or making many tight wraps that need to be very close together is not a problem at all. Besides it is very cost-effective, it provides 6 different colors and highly convenient.


Silicone Clear Earring Backs Bullet Earring Clutch by Yalis, 1000 Pieces

You can use this product in many different earring types. It is very easy to wear. It ensures that your earrings disappear and remain in place. It is easy to use, easy to grip and slides easily while attaching. The design allows them to fit snugly over the post or shaft of any earring and hold it securely. These backings do not come off!

They are exactly what you want, the little rubber earring backs. Holes are the right size so they stay on, and you get so many! They are soft and comfortable and they accommodate bigger pins as well. They are tight enough for all the usual earring hooks but not so tight that they practically rip your ears when you are trying to put them on or off. Very small but easy to use because of the design. And the price is as good as you can get.


monochef 12 pieces / 6 Pairs 925 Sterling Silver Earring Backs Replacement Secure Ear Locking for Stud Earrings Ear Nut for Posts, 5×6 mm

Don’t worry about losing the back of your earring ever again with this set of butterfly earrings backs. It is a very economical and convenient set to replace your old or missing ear backings. Butterfly earring backs are the best choice of DIY earring lovers. It is excellent for earring back replacement, earring making posts, earring backs, earring making supplies, and earring repairing. The size is perfect. Also, there is enough amount of replacement earring backs. They are just perfect. What a pleasure to have easy to use backs.


Paxcoo 1500 Pieces Silver Jump Rings with Lobster Clasps and Jewelry Pliers for Jewelry Making Supplies Findings and Necklace Repair

When you buy this set, you buy many different materials. You also get 1480 jump rings, 20 lobster clasps, chain nose pliers, tweezers, and a jump ring tool. You can find all the jewelry tools and accessories you need in this set. You can easily open the rings thanks to the jumping ring tool inside. The pliers inside are also of good quality. It also comes in a handy plastic box. And this plastic box comes beautifully packaged.

The jewelry making supplies includes jewelry pliers and a brass ring tool so you can easily open and close the jump rings to repair your earring hooks, necklace, and other jewelry supplies. It is easy to use. You can also use the small tweezers that are in it for other than your jewelry purpose. But besides this, he can clamp the jump ring using the needle ring pliers with the help of tweezers to get small accessories. Then you can place the jump ring on the stitch of the ring tool. Great variation in sizes and a large quantity of each size. Pliers are sturdy and easy to use.


Twisteez Craft Sculpture Wire, 125 ft, Assorted Color, Pack of 50 – 427502

It is ideal for mobiles, sculptures, braiding, hanging, and mounting. It provides good structural support to demonstrate construction techniques such as 30-inch color, plastic-coated, fine-tuned, bendable wire, suspension bridges. There are 50 strands of wire in one package. The wire inside is very easy to bend. Because it is a soft, bendable, and plastic-coated copper wire. They can be shaped and reshaped over and over again. Fun craft item works great, easy to bend, shape, and work with.

If you are looking for a plastic-covered flexible wire to add to home-sewn face masks during this horrible pandemic this works very well. This makes a substantial and flexible “noise-shaping” portion of the mask that is intended to be washable and reusable. They work great, as it supposed to be. They are very. It offers great color options.


Supla Open Jump Rings 4mm 5mm 6mm 7mm 8mm 10mm 21 Gauge and 19 Gauge, Lobster Claw Clasp 12 x 7mm for Jewelry Making findings (Dull Silver)

The sizes can be deceptive when looking at the picture. In the picture, it looks bigger than how it is in real life. But normally these jump rings are very small and they are designed for most small chains. This does not mean that beads cannot be put on any of these jump rings, just that some of the sizes are so small that they curve sharply, and would not hold any but the very tiniest and thinnest of beads.

This gives your jewelry a decorative look. And it allows you to determine the size according to yourself. You can use it for many different purposes. This is entirely up to you. But know that whatever purpose you use, it gives you a very good quality. The assortment is really handy for attaching different things. If you need to make more than a couple of items, this is a good cost-effective way to go about it. Don’t expect the same quality as you’d get from a good piece of real jewelry though!


D-buy 8 Pieces Stainless Steel Necklace Extender Bracelet Extender Extender Chain Set 4 Different length: 6 inches 4 inches 3 inches 2 inches (4 Gold, 4 Silver)

Classic lobster claw clasps, easy to put on or take off, convenient to use. It is not difficult to use. You can use it in a very simple way. It is convenient to use for necklaces and bracelets. The lobster claw clasps are sturdy and easy to open and close, but are not too large to use with very small and delicate necklaces. There are multiple sizes available to meet your different needs. You can easily add the length of your jewelry. They come in a variety of lengths and also in both silver and gold, so they blend in with the chain itself. It is fun to change up the lengths of your necklaces with varying good pieces. If all goes well this is a wonderful solution at an affordable price.


Newless 100 Pieces Stainless Steel Earrings Posts Flat Pad,100 Pieces Butterfly Earring Backs,100 Pieces Bullet Earring Backs, Total 300 Pieces (4mm)

These are just what you are looking for. The only issue is the bases are very tiny, barely a quarter of an inch wide. You should always pay attention to the measurements.


Mudder 6 Colors Lobster Claw Clasps and 6 Colors Open Jump Rings for Jewelry Making (12 mm, 5 mm)

It is a very convenient package to purchase. You will have 6 lobster claw clasps and 6 open jump rings in different colors. There is a good range of colors, and nice to have the matching jump rings. The case feels like it is good quality and could just be tossed into the drawer with no worry about things spilling or moving or having to be put into a separate storage container.

The clasps and the jump rings are in good quality. They are strong. There are a lot of jump rings. Those are more than clasps in numbers. You can use them with the same metal. They provide fast delivery, great packaging, and convenient product.


WXJ13 36 Feet Silver Stainless Steel Link Cable Chain with 20 Lobster Clasps and 30 Jump Rings for Men Women Jewelry Chain DIY Making, 2.0mm

It is an amazing buy. It is worth the slight price increase. Decent price and strength. It is great quality–it looks great and also holds up well! Not to mention, the fact that it comes with appropriately sized jump rings and lobster clasps is incredible. The chain is dainty but strong and nicely finished. The findings are also of good quality.


Weico 50 Pieces Metal Locking Pin Backs, Pin Keepers Locking Clasp, Badge Insignia Pin Backs Replacement (Silver)

Butterfly clutch with spring fastener slices allows you easy to install and remove, handy and convenient for use. Pin clutch backs well for all lapel pins, tie tacks, badge insignia, citation bars, and jewelry replacement. Great for the price, and the container can also be used to store your stuff. They hold everything well. Perfect for replacing lost backs or rubber backs. Good quality for the price.


PandaHall Elite 10 Rolls Colored Aluminum Craft Wire 20 Gauge Flexible Metal Artistic Floral Jewelry Beading Wire 10 Colors for DIY Jewelry Craft Making Each Roll 65 Feet

There are totally of 10 rolls in 10 shiny vibrant colors. They can be applied on different occasions especially for rainbow things. Different color options they provide meet your different needs. The wire is flexible and easy to bend by hand, but not easy to break off. If you need to break it, you can use a tool to cut. The colors are truly beautiful and the wire is easy to work. The color is only on the surface and comes off without too much rubbing or other contacts.

You can use these wires on your jewelry projects. They can be used with necklaces, bracelets, pendants, earrings, chains, etc. It is also great for sculpturing, wire weaving, decorating, crafting, cartoon character, crafts wire bike, florist arranging, gardening, or wrapping. It is a great wire, but it is softer than copper wire, it is much softer and so it will not hold the shape as strongly as copper wire. This is both good and bad depending on what you need the wire to do.


PandaHall Elite About 3300 Pieces Iron Open Jump Rings Unsoldered Diameter 4mm Wire 21 – Gauge 6 Colors for Jewelry Findings

The package includes 6 mixed colors to meet your various jewelry making needs. Jump ring tools are also included in the set. These tools are very useful for opening and closing rings. You can also use any project you want to do. It may be to try new braids, to try new designs, to be new jewelry, it can be used in projects that can vary completely depending on you.

They are great for DIY your special & unique jewelry, excellent size for suspending small items from delicate necklaces, bracelets, anklets. It comes with a nifty little ring tool you can wear and it is very helpful. Using this tool rather than holding two pliers makes it easy to open and close the rings. It makes it easy to make and assemble your jewelry. At this price, this package is very ideal.


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