Jewelry for Her: Women’s Favorite Jewelry

Although jewelry covers the accessories used by both men and women, women come to mind first when it comes to jewelry. Women’s passion for jewelry is well known to everyone. When you look around you will surely see one or more jewelry on every woman. So let’s say if you want to buy jewelry for your loved one, do you know what jewelry to choose? Any idea about women’s favorite jewelry? Let’s check it together.

Actually, if you want to gift jewelry to a woman you love, there is no such thing as a favorite single accessory. Every jewelry has its own unique look and beauty. Yet, since you know the specific woman in your story, you may guess what jewelry she likes more. For some women, it is a solitaire diamond ring, where for some others it is a golden necklace or a silver bracelet. If you want to choose the right jewelry for her, keep reading. I will give you some brilliant ideas about choosing the right jewelry.

What Is the Best Jewelry for Women?

Women’s passion for jewelry is almost the same age as the world. Since people realized the existence of the gemstone, they have become the most glorious gift, the most expensive accessory, and the most unattainable desire. Inaccessible because we always wanted a new one when we bought one. That was not enough, we wanted more. The ones who complain about this situation are men, and the ones who rejoice are women…

There is also the fact that due to the nature of human beings, possessing something loses its value in our eyes, and so are jewels. We buy the most expensive, use it for two days, and put it aside. Because we have a new one to purchase. But this situation neither prevents us, women, from asking for jewelry nor does men buy jewelry for us … Since it is so popular, we said, let’s take a look at the trend of this business, get expert opinions, and shed a light on women’s passion for jewelry.

Firstly it is so desired because it is very expensive. The definition of ” light and expensive in load ” can also be used. Women are generally interested in the most expensive of everything. Also, something extremely complementary as accessories, you see a lot of women sticking out just one stone and they all shine brightly. Every piece of stone worn on arms, hands, neck, and ears makes women extremely happy.

Think about it, a huge sapphire ring in your hand, and two sapphire earrings from the same set … Which woman can stand it? For men, the most “valid” gift they can give to a woman is jewelry. Small or large (depending on the size of the relationship) a piece of jewelry that they will buy can show the future of that relationship in some cases. When the wedding is to be held, the first thing to do is to go and buy gold jewelry for the bride. You ask why? Because most newly married couples need money.

The Most Expensive Gemstones for Women

Diamond, diamond, and again diamonds. We are talking about the most expensive, flamboyant, and most requested stone. Is it every young girl’s dream to find a husband with a swollen pocket and wear a single stone the size of chickpea at the wedding? Maybe no one marries just for this, but tell me, which one of us does not want to receive such a gift at our wedding. Experts state that the jewelry of Tiffany & Co, which has become a world brand in jewelry, is the models that show the diamond best and the price of a single stone of one carat is approximately $ 10,000. They say that especially jewelry with diamonds created by combining white gold and platinum are very fashionable this year and plain single stones are in demand as well as exaggerated models. According to the information we received from jewelry experts, the prices of white gold and diamond combination rings vary between 2 thousand and 20 thousand dollars.

Experts say that diamonds are no longer sold as before. A specialist who has been working on jewelry design for 20 years says: “As the demand of people increased, the quality of the produced goods increased. Now people know what kind of jewelry they want to buy. They want to use one style of jewelry for sports, evening dresses, all kinds of clothing. They do not want to put it, they want to carry it on them. The diamond has always existed, but now it has changed its shell, it has been highlighted with different designs and designs. Stating that it can be found suitable for tastes and pouches, he adds: “The fashion to be simple but elegant is very common. This is only possible with diamonds.”

If you have noticed, everybody wore diamonds in Cannes. All artists, top models, all … Whoever wants to wear more sparkling necklaces at night, but generally single stones dominate both day and night. ” According to experts, the trend of 2020 will be entirely on the diamond: ” In our opinion, the best part is: Diamond It existed 1000 years ago, and it will happen 1000 years later. We are now entering the year 2021. The one stone that her current boyfriend buys for a woman for the year 2000 will be a very special story. In the future, he will be able to say to his children, “Look, your father gave this to me as we entered the year 2021.”

Experts gave us important information about the history of the diamond. Diamond, which has a history of 3.5 billion years, is known for being the hardest fire-resistant metal. It is also the rarest stone in nature. For a carat diamond (which makes 0.2 gr.) 250 tons of kimberlite rock is broken. Before they become diamonds, the stones extracted are divided into 14 thousand separate categories. Then they are divided into categories and processed again. Even in the 1200s, the diamond was the symbol of power and nobility in the world. The biggest awards given were also from diamonds. The first time a single stone was used in engagement rings was in 1477. Maximillian, Archduke of Austria, had a solitaire built as a sign of his love and devotion to his fiancee, and ever since then, single stone diamonds have been considered a symbol of love.

Jewelry and Gemstone Passion of Women from Past to Present

Mankind has been carrying certain symbols in their bodies as they desire for adornment or the requirements of belief forms since 30 thousand years ago, the Upper Paleolithic Age. Jewelry has a long history as much as human history. The findings indicate that the earliest gems were made of stones, bones, ivory, and seashells. With the start of mining, bronze, silver, electrum, and gold jewelry are beginning to emerge. Sumerians, Assyrians, Babylon, Egypt, and the Hittites in the west made valuable gold ornaments. Since prehistoric times, jewels have begun to be engraved in mind as a sign of art and wealth.

By the 17th century, the number of diamonds increased in Europe, and operating workshops and shops were opened. Necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings, hairpins, crowns, brooches, hat ornaments, watch chains, shoe buckles, buttons, earrings, and ornamental combs were made of precious stones. Today, jewels and precious stones, which have become images that both men and women like to wear on their bodies, continue to exist with very different design concepts. Diamonds, gold, and pearls have become indispensable for us in special events. In our daily life, we use jewels abundantly by making them the star part of the combinations. We should not forget the mental and emotional effects of jewels that allow us to make even a plain black dress attractive.

The Effects of Gemstones on Women

Let’s look at the effects of a few precious stones I am interested in on humans. Amethyst stone reduces depression, gives calmness. Amber protects against negative energy and energizes. Aquamarine, on the other hand, opens intelligence. Citrine stone increases self-esteem. Quartz stone enhances the psychic powers and aids in meditation. There are hundreds of beautiful effects of stones that I cannot count. As someone who had the opportunity to take a closer look at precious stones and jewelry last week, I would like to share with you the information I have learned and experienced.

During my visit to the Anna Laudel Contemporary Gallery and the sales center as a guest of Monie’s, I learned a lot about the designs, the areas where the precious stones were extracted, and how they were processed. Monies Marketing Manager answered all the questions I was curious about in detail. Avant-garde perspectives, which take their inspiration from natural stones and break the rules about design, impressed me. Gerda and Nikolai, the founders of the brand, especially obtain natural stones from certain regions themselves and prepare these designs in their workshops in Copenhagen. The jewels, each of which is a work of art, reached us after a very long and special process. They reached amber stone from around the Baltic Sea and mammoth bones from Siberia and Glacier regions.

They do all of this in a proper way. I think they have become a brand that gains human trust in the position of a conscious producer as they have legal permissions in accordance with the Law on Protection of Wildlife. In some countries, pearl, gold, and coral are more preferred. Since ebony trees are more natural, they are included in many designs. It presents primitive life in a stylish way and brings a different perspective to today’s jewelry understanding. Women always love to wear jewelry and look for something different. Considering that we attach great importance to meaning and philosophy today, we attach importance to the fact that what we wear are the design and unique products. Creating a feel-good image is not far away. As I said at the beginning of my article, it is possible to look stylish by interpreting a straight black dress with a piece of jewelry.

Why Women Love Gold Jewelry

We know that today gold is used as an accessory rather than for investment purposes. Now let’s get to the main question. Why do women like gold?

  • Gold is instrumental in the emergence of more aesthetic works due to its workable structure and women are more fond of aesthetics than men.
  • Gold has a very special quality in terms of color. This color causes women to prefer gold as jewelry.
  • They prefer this metal, which has a quality of gold, non-corrosive and non-flammable, can be used for a long time, and has a quality that will not deteriorate, as women have this consciousness in line with their natural chemistry knowledge.
  • The instinct that the female bird makes the nest is still the most basic instinct of women, and as a reflection of this instinct, the main intention of every gold jewelry use is to save money, no matter how jewelry intent.
  • Another instinct of women, unknown to men and kept as a great secret, is the instinct to protect the world’s economic balance. They feel very well that when women collectively stop buying gold, the world economic balance will be shaken.
  • Gold, as it is known, is given as a prize to the most successful, the first in all sports and important competitions. Women perceive gold jewelry as a reward for their effort in life.

Considerations When Buying Jewelry for Her: Jewelry Should First Reflect Your Soul

There are many things to consider when purchasing jewelry for women. The most important of these elements is to address the soul of the person we will gift. For other elements and much more, please contact Tiffany & Co. I met with the board members of his company and asked him all I was curious about.

  • When you say Valentine’s Day, the first gift that comes to mind is usually jewelry. What factors should women and men pay attention to first, who want to make their loved ones happy by buying jewelry?

Jewelry should first reflect the soul of the person. Integration with the skin, reflecting the style of the person, and being functional are among the most important factors. It should never be forgotten that jewelry is an indication of the value given to the other by reflecting the taste of the person giving the gift.

  • What would you say if you categorize jewelry taste according to age ranges today?

Thin and multi-row chains, pearl necklaces, rings with modern designs, handcuff bracelets, and earrings designed with colored stones are preferred for the 20s. In their 30s, they tend to focus on models with diamonds and modern designs. In their 40s, they are transitioning to stylish jewelry. You can gift classic pearl necklaces, diamond earrings, and emerald pieces for the age of forty and over.

  • What would you say if we compared the number of people who came to change their gift?

If we hit the percentage, we can say that ninety percent of those who change their gift are women. I guess the gentlemen do not dare to change the gifts of the ladies.

  • What technical features of the ring would you recommend to those who are considering proposing marriage on this special day?

The feeling of happiness that the bride-to-be feels with that sparkle on her finger from the moment she puts the ring on her finger is very important. When buying a diamond, it is important to pay attention to the cut, clarity, and color of the stone.

  • Which gift would make the bride-to-be happy next to a single stone?

The best gift to be given with solitaire is the symbol of eternal love, the ring of lifelong devotion, one of the full diamond rings. These rings, which are the most beautiful gifts of life’s important moments to celebrate and special times, are categorized in different design and price ranges. It makes them happy to present gemstone rings that can be used as wedding rings for prospective brides.

  • What gifts do they buy for men? Cuff links, earrings, bracelets, key chains, tie pins, etc.

Nowadays, some brands offer the alternative to print the name of the person you receive as a gift on the product you choose. These kinds of gifts are highly preferred. Cufflinks, bracelets, key rings, money clips, and pens are also on the list of favorites.

  • How romantic is it to gift one of the designs that are among the timeless accessories? What do you think about this?

If you buy a timeless design, it will never go out of style and will stay up-to-date with increasing value. It remains from you to your children and from them to their own children and is used as a modern design forever. The feeling of trust and investment features play an important role in the shopping of such products.

A Special Jewelry for Special Women: Cameo

Antique, vintage or retro; If you like rare and special pieces from the past, you probably have a cameo brooch or necklace. If not, we say make room for it in your jewelry box, because a classic cameo has the power to make every outfit different and elegant at the touch of a button. Whether they come from the flea market, an antique shop, or your grandmother’s chest, or are reproductions, cameo jewels have a timeless beauty with their exquisite figures embroidered on seashells and their history dating back to Ancient Egypt. As long as they are the work of fine taste and craftsmanship.

Although its roots date back to Egypt, cameo art, which is said to be famous by the Greeks in the 3rd century BC, made its next big break in the 19th century, thanks to one of its biggest fans, Queen Victoria. Whenever Victorian style is included among fashion trends, we can also attribute it to cameo designs in accessory collections. There is also a legend about the cameos, which are formed by carving seashells finely until the desired figure is revealed and framing them with silver or gold; This tradition was born in the Gulf of Naples when a man in love embroidered the extraordinary beauty of the woman he loved and the love he nurtured in a shell. A special gem for a special woman…

Today’s Jewelry Fashion for Women

Women’s passion for jewelry is a known fact. Jewelry, as old as human history, is an important asset that reminds special memories from mothers to daughters and grandchildren. Today, jewelry appealing to every segment with its designs and continues to attract attention in every environment. Here are the jewelry designs that stand out today:

  • Royal Bow

We see that bow ties, ribbons tied to collars, and thin heeled shoes, which are indispensable for aristocrats, are widely used. These bows, which are a timeless style, are now modernized in jewelry and appeal to all ages. In this period where brooches are gaining momentum again, you can add style to your outfit by buying bow-shaped brooches. If you want to be noble and impressive, you can use the bow stone rings, which are the most popular part of royal families.

  • Tassel

It is time to get away from the tassels used in almost all clothes, bags, and shoes because the scene is now the jewels… Tassel jewels that bring the tassel away from the bohemian style and bring it together with elegance will underline the women with long thin gold chains. Do not forget that silk shirts are the clothes that best suit the movement and elegance of the tassels in the jewelry you will use. You can draw all the attention to your earrings by combining the earrings that suit the tassels best with turtleneck sweaters.

  • Marginal

Designers who place nobility, elegance, and show in jewelry have not forgotten the marginals. The designs of the marginal jewels, which attract attention with their unique designs, are taken from art and ancient times. Bringing a different perspective to jewelry, marginal jewelry will make their lovers very happy. Pop art, the most important trend that draws its inspiration from art, is now seen in jewelry. If you love art and want to tell people something with the jewelry you use, pop art jewelry is for you. If you have a special interest in history and especially Greek mythology, you should definitely follow the jewels of Greek designers.

  • Exotic

Among the most important sources of inspiration for designers this season, India stands out with its fascinating heritage that includes the aroma of the east. India, which offers endless options such as Makrana marble, carved emerald, yellow hammered gold in jewelry, has attracted the attention of designers. If you love the enthusiasm and exaggeration of the East, you can choose chandelier earrings or diamond brooches on headbands. If you want the jewelry you wear to reflect India, you should definitely try the peacock range, which is the national bird of the country, and offers many color options.

Why Women Love Diamonds

Diamond and woman. Why women love diamonds because diamonds never fade. Yes, red roses can be the best gift for a woman to be loved and valued. Most of the time, they even created a diamond effect. But unfortunately, roses bloom, cut into a bouquet and then wither. Red roses can only be an extra in a love movie starring the diamond. Because diamonds are immortal, they have formed hundreds of meters below the ground, not above the ground. When women have immortal and unique diamonds, they feel that they are receiving the most special and unique gift they can give them. There is such a laborious process from the existence of a diamond to its unearthing… It is impossible not to be affected by this special gift of nature.

Men find this grace of nature by digging tons of soil, then cut and shave with fine calculations. They shape the stone at the angles that this natural beauty will receive and shine in the most beautiful way. Each diamond demands its own luster and its master listens to it and brings it to its most attractive appearance. Diamonds, which come to the shop windows as the work of such labor and harmony, wait to reach their owners by complementing the elegance of women. Now they only need one agent; to a man in love. Jewelry designed with diamonds is preferred to crown many different special days. Jewelry designed with diamonds, which are among the most romantic gifts men can offer to women, are also among the jewels that women are devoted to with great passion.

There is a great love between women and diamonds. Diamonds enable people to express the feelings they want to tell each other. Diamonds, which play a big role in marriage proposals, are among the jewels that women can complement their styles. Raw diamonds and diamonds that are constantly mixed with each other are actually the same things. Among the precious stones found in nature as raw mines, diamonds can come to life as a brilliant gem. Another feature of the diamond, which is rare in nature, is that it consists of carbon. The diamond, which has a rare, bright, and hard structure, is said to be at least 100 million years old. Perceived as a collective summary of everything that exists in the world, diamond is among the most precious stones.

Diamonds reflect the eternal love of men on the elegant fingers of women. With the order given by the Austrian emperor during the war, numerous archduke and archduchess are getting married at the same time. Thus, the territory of Austria is expanded. Three years after the words of the emperor, Maximilian I, who took the throne, became the person who conquered the country and expanded the borders of the empire by holding a wedding.

I. Maximilian starts the greatest tradition of our day on that day. A diamond ring is worn on the finger of the queen. This ring is worn on the ring finger of the left hand. The ancient Egyptians believed that the vein of love reached this finger directly from the heart. For this reason, the ring was worn on this finger. This movement, which showed that love was taken into an endless circle, also showed the infinity of love. This tradition, which has survived for centuries from the 15th century to the present, has made women also attract great attention to diamonds.

Diamonds, which make women feel more unique, are among the jewels that attract attention with their sparkling stance. Diamonds of varying colors and weights are also among the jewelry that succeeds in exciting women. Diamonds, which have been loaded with strong expressions throughout history, are stones that exist within all boundaries of creation. The diamond tradition, which has survived from billions of years ago and will continue in the future, also expresses immortality. Symbolizing an immortal love, diamonds are among the most important gifts that nature offers to people.

The Most Expensive Jewelry in the World for Women

  • Chopard

Blue diamond ring. This ring, which combines the most precious natural colored gemstones, the blue diamond with white gold, is 18 carats and worths 1626 million dollars.

  • Garrard

Ruby choker. 14 million dollars. Placed on a 155-carat diamond necklace, this 4063-carat heart-shaped ruby ​​is the most expensive piece of the British jewelry company’s collection. The necklace can be turned into a crown if desired.

  • Neil lane

Diamond Choker. 4 million dollars. Neil Lane, a brand originating from Los Angeles, exhibits its jewels on top of its stars who usually appear at the Oscar ceremony. This necklace is one of the most expensive pieces of the collection with its 140-carat diamonds.

  • DeBeers

Marie Antoinette choker. 37 million dollars. Named after the French queen, this necklace dazzles with a combination of 805-carat white diamonds, two yellow 706 and 524-carat oval diamonds, and a 184-carat pink diamond. The necklace contains a total of 1811-carat diamonds.

  • Chopard

Emerald ring. 214 million dollars. Chopard, which produces luxury watches and jewelry, has many expensive items in its collection, but this ring, which combines diamond, emerald, and platinum, is among the most prominent pieces of the collection.

  • Tiffany

Novo yellow diamond ring. 135 million dollars. Consisting of 2527 carats of diamond stones on Tiffany’s platinum and yellow gold, this ring can easily steal all women’s hearts

  • Van Cleef and Arpels

Zipper choker. 12 million dollars. As a result of the design using white gold and 50-carat diamonds together, a zipper-like necklace has been created. You can also use the necklace as a bracelet if you wish.

Best Jewelry You Can Buy for Her

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