The Indispensable Jewelry of Every Woman: Gold Jewelry

You are invited to discover the gold fashion trends, which are among the essentials of your jewelry wardrobe! Get ready to discover many gold jewelry designs ranging from modern cut rings, bracelets, necklaces, anklets, checkers, earrings, bracelets, and sets!

The concept of gold has never lost its importance from the long past to the present. Moreover, it is one of our most precious metals that will never lose importance when its value is considered. Gold, which is also very precious as a unique mine, was generally used as an investment tool. However, especially in recent years, with the increase in the art of jewelry design, it has started to appear with different designs by entering a thousand and one shapes.

Gold, which has been used as an investment tool by people for many years, is one of the mines that are yellow in color, not affected by external factors, and can be easily beaten and processed. Used sometimes as money, sometimes as bullion, and sometimes as jewelry, gold is the most precious metal of all time.

In the world where jewelry culture is widespread, people have started to turn to different and extraordinary models that are used both with daily clothes and complement the elegance with their sparkle at a dinner, due to the same style and ordinary models in most jewelry shops. At this point, jewelry shopping started to be transferred to the internet environment and became very popular.

Numerous gold brands have appeared on the market, and gold jewelry and models continue to be sought after day by day. The product range has expanded considerably, especially with the use of precious and semi-precious stones in gold jewelry design. With each passing day, new models with different designs emerged and became a trend that appeals to all tastes and is constantly renewed.

The world’s most precious metal gold and the most precious stones are transformed into unique gold jewelry designs, with every detail selected with extraordinary skill and care. You have numerous glamorous and stylish gold jewelry alternatives that will add new meanings to life. It is designed to the finest detail and presented to everyone.

Gold jewelry contains the most profitable investment tools with a trend of elegance that spans centuries and does not age. You can buy gold jewelry for yourself, gift it to your loved ones or use it for investment purposes. Gold bracelets, gold necklaces, gold earrings, and gold rings with Swarovski stones, genuine pearls, made of stainless steel or silver, are just a few of the products you can find among gold jewelry.

Gold jewelry types include different gold alternatives in their product range. Thus, it becomes much easier to find the desired gold type thanks to the rich gold types suitable for multiple purposes and budgets. In addition, jewelry gold can be ordered individually or purchased in packages of 3, 6, or 10. Just like other gold types, gold bracelets, which have been used as an investment tool for many years, also provide advantages due to their attractive patterns and excellent accessories.

How Did Gold Become Jewelry?

Jewelry has always been an integral part of human culture from ancient times to the present day. Jewelry with the first use of clothes and tools of humanity; stones, feathers, plants, bones, shells, woods, many natural stones, and similar objects. The increasing importance of jewelry every day has enabled the materials and interest in this field to be specialized and developed. The desire to have more valuable and rare jewelry made it inevitable to use precious metals and stones in jewelry and jewelry.

Gold has taken its most precious place in the world of jewelry from the first moments of its discovery. From the moment gold necklaces, gold rings, gold earrings, gold bracelets, gold bracelets, gold necklaces, gold chains, and gold sets were made, they defied the time and conveyed their testimony to generations for hundreds and thousands of years without deterioration. The fact that gold is not exposed to abrasion and deterioration is the main reason for being the main mineral of jewelry.

Gold is a gift of nature with its unique properties. Its original form in nature is usually yellow in color, which is expressed as a golden color. Gold, which is an inert metal, does not tarnish, rust, or oxidize. However, pure gold is very soft and brittle. This feature does not allow the pure use of gold in daily life.

In order for pure gold to be used in daily life, it is mixed with different metals such as silver, copper, nickel, and zinc to obtain gold in the desired setting. The purity of the gold in this alloy obtained is expressed in carat. In these mixtures, the gold color has reached a controllable point and white gold, yellow gold, and rose gold have become used in the production of jewelry.

In jewelers, you can find stylish gold necklace models from gold necklaces to gold evil eye bead necklaces, from 14k gold necklaces to 18k gold necklaces at affordable prices.

Gold jewelry offered by some jewelers warms hearts with the eye-catching sparkle of diamond, ruby, emerald, and sapphire stones. You can find gold jewelry made with stones of all colors, from the purple of amethyst stone to green of peridot stone.

The jewelers, who closely follow the current trends and reflect them on their designs, determine the gold color preference in their jewelry models by considering the design of the model, the stone used in its decoration, and the purpose of the jewelry.

The color yellow, which is the natural color of gold, is the dominant color in traditional jewelry showcases. From yellow gold bracelets to yellow gold necklaces, yellow gold rings, yellow gold earrings, and bracelets, thousands of models of jewelry have come to life in the hands of skilled hands.

We can say that the use of jewelry and jewelry in different cultures and geographies is now much easier to follow, which has a rapid transformative effect on user preferences. This change in preferences has caused the ratio of white gold and rose gold used in jewelry to increase very rapidly compared to yellow gold. White gold jewelry is used in every product group, from white gold necklace models to white gold piercing models.

Gold ring models also adorn the windows. Increasing gold prices have also made gold options in lower settings popular. The blacking problem is encountered in 8-carat gold jewelry. The blackout time of the jewelry varies according to the conditions used.

The gold setting used in jewelry, the type and quantity of the stone on it, the design and production costs of the model determine the gold jewelry prices. Jewelers, who are involved in all processes from design to production and sales, approach with a sensitivity that cares about the easy access of everyone to quality gold jewelry while determining the prices of gold jewelry.

You can access quality gold jewelry for all ages and budgets both directly from the jeweler and online. Nowadays, you do not need to visit jewelry stores, shop, and shop, or be exposed to vague information to buy your jewelry. You can shop online with the convenience, comfort, and assurance of the Internet.

How to Care for Gold Jewelry

You should not keep your gold jewelry indoors for a long time in an airless environment (safe, steel, etc.). Oxygen-free environments can oxidize on the surface of the jewelry and cause discoloration. Keep your jewelry away from substances containing acidic compounds, bleach, acetone, and similar chemicals. Even dishwashing detergents and hand creams can distract your jewelry from its natural appearance.

Hair sprays and cosmetics can damage your pearl jewelry in particular. After such processes, you can clean the products with flannel or similar soft fabrics. Before starting cleaning and similar routine home gardening, doing sports, and entering swimming pools containing chlorine, be sure to remove your gold jewelry. Keep your jewelry either in its original packaging or in a box separately so that they do not touch each other. Gold products with precious stones can cause scratches if they come into contact with your other jewelry.

Things to Consider When Buying Gold Jewelry

Gold, which has the oldest past among precious metals, has always been popular for centuries because it is easy to shape, does not deform over time and does not lose its weight, and is rare. Gold stocks in countries have been an indicator of the economic power of countries, and wars have been fought for gold. It is used instead of money in circulation and is also used frequently in jewelry making. It has been a symbol of wealth, grace, and power for centuries. In parallel with this historicity of gold, gold processing (jewelry) has always been one of the top professions, and works of invaluable artistic and historical value have emerged.

  • Take care to buy gold from a corporate place you can trust. (Jeweler, goldsmith, jeweler, etc.)
  • Make sure that the product you purchase has a patent, brand, and setting information.
  • Make sure that the weight of the product is certified with the price. (Invoice, warranty card, jeweler information card, etc.)
  • In gold jewelry, it is important to find a ratio between the value of gold in the product and the workmanship applied.
  • Especially when buying products from websites, attention should be paid to the deviation values ​​given about the weight. (For example, when buying a bracelet of 20 grams, if there is a 5% deviation value due to labor, the product can be sent to you as 19 grams. This means that you buy the product at approximately 100 currency expensive.
  • The use of gold bracelets is also an important element, and the inverted cambered bracelets, which have been produced recently, are extremely useful and elegant.

  • The short length of the gold bracelet creates a better aesthetic. You need to prefer the length according to your wrist.
  • When purchasing gold bracelets, remember that you are paying for crafting. When you want to sell it, grams are important in all bracelets, and jewelers only count grams and settings when breaking them.
  • In all gold bracelets, there is a difference between buying and selling. There is no bracelet that does not lose value.
  • The bracelet brand does not contribute to the value of the bracelet.
  • Gold prices are determined on international stock markets today. Since there is no possibility to make a discount on gold prices, the discount may be in other factors that determine the price of gold jewelry. If the correct price is applied for a product whose main raw material is gold, it is inevitable that there will be a certain limit on the discount rate.
  • At very exaggerated discount rates, the prices are raised deliberately and are offered for sale by being lowered (actually reduced to the real price).
  • The jewelry store where shopping is made must have trust and continuity.
  • The store should have corporate practices and customer satisfaction oriented policies.
  • The sales consultant has sufficient knowledge and experience in gold jewelry. It should be able to answer your questions about the product you want to buy.
  • It should be a “Warranty Certificate” issued in your name and containing all the details of the product you purchased.
  • If possible, there should be a staff member who has received the title of gemologist (gemstone expert), and the stones used in the products should be controlled and supervised.
  • Product maintenance, repair, return and replacement transactions should be possible in the gold jewelry store where shopping is made.
  • In terms of model and stone size, the store should have a rich variety of gold products.

What Are the Benefits of Wearing Gold Jewelry?

  • Gold provides many benefits to people spiritually as well as financially. It is believed to provide many psychological and physical benefits to women who wear gold.
  • The first benefit of having gold in your body strengthens your heart and can be beneficial for those with heart disease.
  • Another benefit of wearing gold is for women with epilepsy. It is believed that gold cures epilepsy.
  • There is also a belief that gold removes anxiety and fears in people.
  • They also say that applying rubbing on the eyes with a golden shaft increases the eyesight. Of course, it is necessary to pay attention and done by a person who knows how to do it.
  • There is also a belief that piercing little girls’ ears with a golden needle prevents future ear inflammation.
  • According to another belief, keeping gold in the mouth both prevents bad breath and protects people against delusions.
  • Looking at gold relieves boredom and stress and cheers people up.
  • Having gold on children removes the child’s fears.
  • It is believed that wearing gold to children protects people from illness.
  • There is also a belief that the golden ring protects women from jinn, joint pain, and entanglement.

In short, the benefits of wearing gold jewelry are countless. Of course, there is a point that should not be forgotten. This information is in the belief of society and has not been scientifically proven. It is wrong to say that all these diseases and fears go away with the gold.

Suggestions to Consider When Wearing Gold Jewelry

  • Buying your gold jewelry for your purpose, knowing where and with which clothes you will wear, will ensure that you are satisfied with the jewelry you bought.
  • If you are making your hair a bun, the sparkling gold earrings are ideal for you. If you have short hair, you should prefer a model with less shaking, such as solitaire, tria, etc. If you are one of the women with long hair who likes to show off the beauty of your hair, earrings should be of secondary importance. A stylish gold necklace for you will undoubtedly add beauty to your beauty. For women who do not like to wear necklaces, a stylish and flashy fantasy ring, bracelet, or watch is recommended.
  • It is appropriate to wear gold jewelry in the form of neck collars in dresses with high collars, but it is recommended not to wear necklaces on half and high collars.
  • An elegant gold necklace for revealing evening wear will make a beautiful neck even more beautiful.
  • The sexiest jewelry is undoubtedly bracelets and bangles. A sparkling and dazzling gold bracelet is like an elegant slit in a stylish evening dress. Of course, it is recommended that you stay away from exaggerated wristbands and wearing many at the same time.
  • You can use colorful clothes with colorful jewelry, and you can even mix them all to create a nice riot of colors. But don’t try to wear emerald jewelry over an orange outfit. Or don’t wear extravagant gold necklaces over your sportswear.
  • Make sure that the gold is not damaged as well as the quality of the gem.

How to Identify Fake Gold Jewelry

There are important points regarding gold jewelry. The most important thing to consider when buying gold jewelry is to be careful against fake gold. If you buy fake gold, which is hardly distinguishable from the real, you will suffer a great financial loss. In order to prevent and avoid this problem, you need to get service from reliable institutions. You will not encounter the problem of fake gold jewelry, as the companies that have a place in the sector and are institutionalized make the necessary controls.

Before shopping for gold jewelry, it is important to know about the gram price and value. In addition, attention should be paid to the fact that there is a certain proportion between the value of gold and the workmanship applied in gold jewelry. In other words, you should stay away from models that demand workmanship as a percentage of their value. The fact that high-workmanship models cause damage when cashing back should not be overlooked and should be acted accordingly.

It is not easy for the consumer to understand whether gold jewelry is real or fake. Only experienced jewelers can understand this. In addition, there are methods that are not certain but can give you an idea.

Gold is generally not magnetic. Therefore, when you approach the magnet, attraction should not occur. Because of its high specific gravity, gold jewelry is heavier than imitation jewelry. The sound of 22-carat gold is full, while fake or very low carat gold jewelry is higher.

Gold and gold alloys are generally not magnetic. So when you hold it to a magnet, attraction usually doesn’t occur. If it is attracted by a magnet, it could be fake.

Weight Test: Gold is an element with high specific gravity. For this reason, gold jewelry is much heavier than fakes. Gold is a metal with high density. Therefore, it is much heavier than a different piece of jewelry of the same size. With the help of a sensitive scale, you can compare gold with a piece of jewelry with the same characteristics. If there is no weight difference, this gold is probably fake.

Stamp Test: In real gold jewelry, the carat and purity of the gold is usually stamped on the jewelry. If there is no information on the jewelry, it is likely to be fake. Companies producing gold jewelry put their own stamp on the appropriate parts of their products. Stamped products are unlikely to be fake. Looking at the stamp on the gold jewelry is one of the methods of understanding whether the gold is real or not. Although the gold is very small at any point in the product, there is information such as a brand patent stamp, manufacturer’s certificate, and stamp of a carat. In rare cases, the trademark patent stamp may not exist, but the stamp must be present. If these stamps are missing, gold can be fake.

Ceramic Plate Method: In this method, a ceramic plate is scratched with gold. If the lines on the plate are black, the gold is most likely fake. If the resulting lines are gold, this indicates that the gold is real.

Color Test: Green gold has a distinctive color character. It is not copper and brass colored.

Price Test: Real gold is never sold very cheap. Although the affordable prices for gold jewelry are attractive to the consumer, if the price of the gold you are trying to buy is cheap for you, the gold you want to buy may be fake. The price of gold is the same across the market. If any seller is trying to sell for less than this price, you are advised not to trust.

In addition to these tests, professional support and laboratory tests can be consulted to get a very accurate result. Tests can be applied in laboratory settings using nitric acid and hydrochloric acid.

Beautiful Gold Jewelry You Can Find on Amazon Website

Mevecco Layered Heart Necklace Pendant Handmade 18k Gold Plated Dainty Gold Choker Arrow Bar Layering Long Necklace

It is a very beautiful, chic, and stylish gold necklace. It fits any occasion. It looks very pretty on any outfit, whether casual or formal. If you are looking for an affordable and feminine necklace, it is exactly what you want. You will be very satisfied with your purchase.

Honolulu Jewelry Company 14K Solid Yellow Gold Box Chain Necklace

It is a very simple but stylish gold chain necklace that every woman should have in their jewelry collection. It is a very strong and durable chain considering how thin it is. You can wear all day without any hesitation. You can sleep with it on, do exercise with it on, and even during a shower. There is no need to take that off. It is very fine and delicate. You will be highly satisfied with your purchase.

MEMGIFT 18K Real Yellow Gold Initial Letter Men Necklace Rectangle Capital Pendant Monogram A-Z Stainless Steel Box Chain 22inch Unique Trendy Fashion Handmade Fancy Personalized Women Jewelry

It is a very personalized gold necklace. According to your or your loved one’s initial, you can purchase the letter. You will get many compliments while wearing this necklace. Even though it is very classic and simple, it is fairly enough to make yourself or someone happy.

XOYOYZU Tiny Cross Pendant Necklace for Women Simple Cross Necklaces

It is a piece of perfect gold jewelry to wear every day. If you are a religious person, there is no need for even a second thought. It will satisfy you. It won’t leave any residue or damage your skin at all. It is an amazing necklace at an affordable price.

JA.S.JR 3Pcs 14K Gold Plated Chain Bracelet for Women Fashion Simple Bracelet

It is a very convenient gold bracelet set. There are 3 different styles that can be worn together or separately. They can be adjusted according to your wrists. They are suitable for both daily wear and special occasions. They are very cute bracelets at affordable prices.

Mevecco Gold Beaded Bracelets, 18K Gold Plated Handmade Cute Satellite Diamond Cut Oval and Round Beads Rope Chain Dainty Bracelet for Women

It is a classic gold beaded bracelet. It is simple but fashionable. It is a bracelet that every woman should have in their jewelry collection due to its simple design. It can be worn on any occasion and with any outfit. It comes with a great package. If you want to gift it to someone, you can do it directly. You will be very happy with what you get.

1928 Jewelry Vintage Lace Half-Circle Filigree Stretch Bracelet

It is a very stylish gold bracelet at a highly affordable price, even though it looks very expensive. It is a stretchy bracelet. Thus, it fits any wrist easily. It is a highly recommended bracelet. You will fall in love with this bracelet.

MAGIC FISH Gold Bracelets for Men Women Roman Numeral Bangle Bracelet Inspirational Bracelet Stainless Steel Personalized Engraved Unisex Gift

It is a very meaningful, thoughtful, and beautiful gold bracelet for everyone. Both men and women can wear it. You can engrave anything you want on it. Especially dates look amazing with these bracelets. It is complementary to your beauty and your appearance. It adds a highly elegant look to your outfit. There are many sizes and colors you can choose from but the gold looks very good.

PAVOI 14K Gold Plated Cubic Zirconia Cuff Earrings Huggie Stud

They are gold earrings covered with stones. Every woman should have these pairs in their jewelry collection. Because they are timeless and amazing earrings. They can fit anyone and any occasion. They are highly affordable even though they are gold. You will be very happy with what you get.

Pori Jewelers Store 14K Solid Gold Ball Stud Earrings (3-Pair-Pack) 3MM 4MM and 5MM 

It is a very convenient gold earring set that will satisfy your need and style. There are three different sizes in one package. You can choose to wear depending on your mood and your outfit. It is a great gift option as well. You can make your loved one very happy with these gold earring set.

PAVOI 14K Gold Plated X Ring Simulated Diamond CZ Criss Cross Ring for Women

It is a beautiful and unique gold ring. It is gold plated and diamond engraved ring that you can purchase for yourself or your loved ones. It is a great gift option in order to show someone that she is very important to you. It looks very simple but highly stylish on your fingers. It is a highly recommended ring.

Reoxvo 18K Gold Plated Thick Chunky Dome Rings Set for Women Girls 

There are no women who do not like to wear this simple but stylish gold ring. The size varies from 5 to 10. You can choose the proper one easily. It is made of the quality and durable material. There is no need to worry about damage. It is an eco-friendly gold ring. You can even engrave something special for you and your loved one on it. It can become a heart-melting ring.

PAVOI 14K Gold Plated Crossover X Stackable Rings

It is a gold ring in different styles and designs. It is a very beautiful and hypoallergic ring. It means that it can be worn all day long without any hesitation. You can engrave anything on it in order to make it even more personalized and more sentimental. You will make your loved one very happy with this purchase.

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