Jewelry Hammer: Indispensable Tool of Jewelry Supplies

There are many jewelry making tools that are used in making, designing, or producing jewelry. One of them is the jewelry hammers, which you probably have never heard of before. Jewelry hammers are well suited for professional use. It is a must-have tool for many jewelers. Therefore, if you are interested in jewelry design, it will become one of your indispensable tools. Choosing and using the jewelry hammers that are suitable for you and the jewelry you want to make will play an important role in the jewelry design process.

When it comes to choosing a jewelry hammer, even though there are many different ones, you need to pay attention to their purposes because all of them serve specific purposes. If you know what you want and what you need, it is easy to find the best and proper one. 

Types of Jewelry Hammers

Jewelry hammers are produced in various grams and shapes according to their usage areas in jewelry. It has a wide range of uses from rough forging processes in thinning and shaping metal to fine inlay and rivet processes. Mallets and hammers, which are generally used in the correction and enlargement of jewelry such as rings and bracelets when machines cannot work, are made of materials such as wood and rubber.

Ball Pein Hammer

This hammer should be the first type of hammer you should invest in if you are new to jewelry design. It is a versatile and very useful jewelry hammer. Especially this jewelry hammer is used for texturing, shaping, and punching metal.

Rawhide Mallet

When working with this type of jewelry hammer, you can be sure that you will not scratch or damage the metal you are working with. You can use this to format and specifically resize the rings.

Stamping Hammer

It is commonly known as a brass hammer in the market. It is used to create patterns and stampings on metal by printing metal on jewelry or to add stamps and metal staples. Especially if you want to stamp with steel material, you should be careful to use it. If you do not pay attention, you may cause damage to your jewelry.

Texturing Hammer

If you want to create a texture or a pattern on the metal of the jewel you want to design, it is recommended to use this type of jewelry hammer. This will be what you need when you want to cover your jewelry with texturizing. In this way, you can get unique looking jewelry.

Chasing Hammer

This jewelry hammer looks different from regular hammers. Also known as the repousse hammer. The shape of its handle is specially designed for an easier grip. After all, designing jewelry is a detailed task, and the shape of its handle gives you balance and makes your jewelry making easier. With a little force, you can balance it without any slippage. It is a great type of hammer that you can use to craft unique designs of intricate patterns and embossments onto the metals in your jewelry.

Planishing Hammer

It is a type of jewelry hammer that you use to flatten metal plates. It makes it easy for you to turn metal into a smooth surface. This allows you to get a smooth and professional result. Your jewelry will look elaborate and stylish as if it were made by a jeweler.

Riveting Hammer

As the name suggests, its main purpose is to rivet on metal. In addition, you can use it to create shell-like textures on the jewelry you design.

Raising Hammer

This is exactly the jewelry hammer to use when you want to make your small jewelry larger and more complex. It allows you to compact metal easily. It features a cross pein instead of a ball pein.

Embossing Hammer

You can use this hammer type to add different textures. There are two different texture patterns on the different sides of the hammer. You can use both ends to create a unique finish.

How To Choose The Best Jewelry Hammers

The jewelry hammer is one of the most basic tools you need in jewelry making. In this process, you may need many different types of hammers. Most of the jewelry hammers that you can find in the market vary in design, size, and weight. The most important point to keep in mind when choosing is to know for what purpose these hammers are used. Because there are hammers for more special use, as well as models where you can perform many different applications with a single hammer.

There are a few questions to ask yourself when shopping for jewelry hammers. This way you can get a more useful and convenient hammer. What you need a hammer for is the most important question. Will you use it for a single project or do you need a more functional model? Are you very interested in jewelry design or will you design and drop a single product? What kind of jewelry do you intend to design?

How professional you are can sometimes be an important criterion. You may need a hammer to improve your skill or to get more professional jewelry. The type of metal and gemstone type you are working on is equally important. Depending on how sensitive the material is, you can decide on the hammer type accordingly. These are all criteria you should keep in mind especially when shopping for jewelry hammers.

Although it may seem irrelevant, it is also important to check where the hammer was produced. With so many options on offer, you should aim to get the highest quality hammer possible. It may be a wise choice to choose well-known and reputable brands. Buying a product from these brands will help you complete your project without damaging it and leave no traces. You don’t want to risk quality for products that only cost you a few dollars more.

You can make a big difference with a quality jewelry hammer you buy. By working faster and more precisely, you can get different and unique designs.

Don’t skip checking the size and weight of the jewelry hammer you want to buy. If possible, hold it and feel it, if you are not buying it online. Because you can make different applications with different models and use different types of hammers for different designs. Some designs require a softer touch, while for some designs you may need a stronger model. At this point, the weight and pressure of the hammer are very important.

Each part of the hammer has its own importance. Small models can be preferred for a more detailed design. For larger surfaces, larger hammer models can be preferred. The size of the hammer handle is equally important. You should make sure that it is a model you can use comfortably. It should be easy to grip and suitable for your hand size. 

How To Use a Chasing Hammer

Although they are at different prices and different brands, chasing hammers have common points in terms of usage. Most standard chasing hammers look more or less the same. If you have just started jewelry design projects, it will be your indispensable jewelry making tool. 

These types of hammers are specially designed for easy and comfortable use. You are expected to hold it closer to the tip and more comfortably than to the head while holding it. Keeping it close to the head is a method we all instinctively follow, but the easiest and most comfortable way to practice with the chasing hammer is to hold it as far from the head as possible.

Exercise 1: Hand Position

To understand how to position your hand, first try to move your hand by holding the handle away from the wrong grip. Observe your hammer while performing this process. Also, pay attention to the muscles in your body. If you do these, you will realize that you are exhibiting a wrong grip.

Then hold the hammer at the more curved end of the handle. This should be the grip it should have. The curved part of the handle should fit comfortably in your palm. When you move your hammer, you will understand the difference very easily. You get a smoother result, you can apply smoother. You have more control over the hammer. You can keep your balance even if the hammer is swinging.

It doesn’t matter what brand your hammer is or how much it costs. The most important thing is to position your hand correctly. You can even turn a cheap model into a professional jewelry hammer with the right grip. When you use an expensive model, it is inevitable that you will feel that the model is more robust, but what matters for the balance they offer is how you grip the tool.

The head of a typical chasing hammer should exhibit a powerful hit. There are different shapes on both sides of the hammer. One side is ball shape and generally suitable for metal surfaces. The other side is used to add a different texture to the surface. This face is not completely flat. It has a slightly inclined domed structure. If used properly, it will be very easy to shape and smooth your metal.

With this chasing hammer, it will be much easier for you to master the planishing technique. In other words, you can flatten and shape the metal more easily. You can easily pull the metal left and right and give it the shape you want.

Exercise 2: Exercising Different Wire Sizes

It doesn’t matter what size wires you have. You can even get maximum efficiency from the use of a chasing hammer, especially in different sizes. Thanks to the chasing hammer, you get maximum efficiency from minimum power.

Whether or not you have any experience using hammers before embarking on the jewelry design business can also be a considerable criterion. However, the use of the hammer you exhibit while repairing a place or item in your home will not be the same as when you design jewelry. 

Driving a nail in one place requires only a certain amount of force and stability. Metal planishing, on the other hand, requires skill. Because the force you apply is not on hard ground, but on a piece of soft jewelry. When using a hammer in jewelry design, you should use the hammer slower and strike with thoughtful movements. So you have to let the head, not the handle, of the hammer, do most of the work.

Instead of shaking the hammer, release it free and let it fall. Adjust your hand position and the force you want to apply accordingly. Repeat the same process until you are sure it is done. Practice a thousand times if necessary, because without learning how to hold the hammer, it is not possible to give your wire the shape you want.

Shaping Your Wire

Now we have come to the most entertaining stage of jewelry designing. Thanks to planishing, you can easily extend your wire in the direction of your hammer. At this point, you may need to add a second move. Let go of your hammer and it will fall straight down. With this stroke, your wire is stretched and takes the shape you want.

There are other tools you can use to shape your wire. It may or may not leave light marks on your wire. It is all about how you hold the tool. If there is little trace left, the subsequent polishing process will be easier.

Jewelry Supplies

Jewelers who produce precious metals and stones from their pure form into the lining and using liners need some jewelry materials. Jewelry materials are indispensable for workshops in processes such as processing precious gold and silver with meticulous workmanship, shaping precious jewelry, mounting and assembling stones. Thanks to its wide range of products, you can easily find the jewelry tools you need.

The materials used by the people who perform the jewelry profession in the best way in the workshops are called jewelry materials. With these materials, the precious metals gold, silver, and stones are processed and turned into jewelry. Some of the jewelry materials; milling drills and special bits, chuck tires, chucks and disc sanders, files, engraving, and pegging materials, chucking equipment, saws and handles, pliers and scissors, motors and handpieces, diamond pens, ring and bracelet materials, dice, hexes, dies, hammers and anvils, measuring tools and compasses, vices and wooden products, welding equipment, pairs, loops, glasses and wooden products, scales, testers, dies and guides, stamps and tools, stone sieves and shovels.

BENECREAT Chasing Hammer Jewelry Making Hammers with Comfortable Wood Handle for Jewelry Craft Making, 3 Ounces

It is an ideal jewelry hammer for forming, shaping, repairing, and flattening jewelry. It is great for especially jewelry making projects and DIY Projects. It is a very convenient and ergonomic tool. It is very easy to use, easy to handle, and easy to store. If you are a beginner in jewelry making, it will be a perfect option to be your first jewelry hammer. It is very lightweight to control. It is a great product for a highly affordable price. Overall, you will be very satisfied with the results.

SE Texturing Hammer with 9 Different Interchangeable Tips – 837-9TM

It is an all-in-one tool to have. There are 9 different tips to create different textures and designs on your jewelry. It is easy to attach each tip to a hammer. They stay securely. They provide high convenience. The hammer itself is in perfect weight. It is easy to handle and easy to use. It works exactly how it is supposed to work. You will be very happy with the results.

Fretz HMR-20 Classic Chasing Hammer Heavy Model

There are two types of chasing hammers in jewelry making supplies. These are heavy ones and light ones. This Fretz model is one of the heaviest models. Even though there are two types, they have both the same usage and purposes. One way or another, you will need two types of chasing hammers, thus, this is your heavy model. It offers excellent quality. It is perfectly designed for creating beautiful desings. It is weighted perfectly. It works exactly how it is supposed to work.

PMC Supplies LLC 10″ 4 oz Ball Peen Hammer w/Dome and Flat Face Jewelry Making Metal Forming Tool

It features how its name suggests. It is perfect for many tasks. If you are planning to buy only one jewelry hammer, this has to be the one to go for. It is perfectly used on both soft metals and hard metals. It is an excellent jewelry supply for general use. The hardwood handle makes the tool highly secure and durable. It gives you enough balance to work in control. Apart from its incredible features, it has a highly affordable price. If you are new to making jewelry, this is what you need.

PMC Supplies LLC Ball Peen Hammer 8 Oz Jewelry Forming Tool

It is not too light or too heavy. It is perfect for difficult tasks. With this tool, you will have a sturdy and durable jewelry making tool to form, flatten, and shape your jewelry easily. You are getting a quality tool when you consider the price. It has a fair price. It works great. Overall, you will be very satisfied with the tool you have.

UJ Ramelson Co 3 pieces – Double-Sided Metal Jewelry Texture Chasing Repousse Hammer 6 Patterns

It is a great offer for jewelry making projects as well as other DIY projects. This set comes with 3 different types of hammers. They can be used for different purposes. They provide different usage. You can cut, design, or style easily with these hammers. They are in the perfect size and weight. If you are a beginner in jewelry making, this set would be very convenient and helpful for you.

Garland 11001 Rawhide Mallet, Size-1

It is a mallet which is a kind of hammer. It has the same usage as hammers. On the other hand, it is mostly used for delicate pieces. Because it prevents them from getting damaged or broken easily. It is in perfect height and weight to grip. It gives an easy application. It is a great product that works very well. Overall, you will be highly pleased with this tool.

Eurotool Jewelry-Metal-Stamping-Tools, Brass

Even though it is very small in size, it gives maximum efficiency. It has a metal handle but doesnt damage your metal pieces at all. It is a perfect tool to stamp, dap, chase, and cut any jewelry supplies. It is exactly what you need for metal stamping. It is a great product for a great price.

Bastex 1 Pound Brass Metal Stamping Hammer. Short Handle Design with Flat Mallet Head for Jewelry Making and Personalizing

If you are a beginner in jewelry making, this is exactly what you need. Because it is a very tiny jewelry hammer to control easily. It is specially designed for stamping on metal. It works very well for flattening wire as well. It doesnt damage or wears your jewelry supplies at all. It gives you more accurate and satisfactory results. You can easily customize your jewelry collection with this tool. It is in perfect weight and height to use. It will exceed your expectations. You will be very glad to try this company.

PHW Ihome 11 Pieces Ring Mandrel Set, Ring Sizer Measuring Tool Include Ring Size Adjusters, Plastic Ring Sizer Gauge, Rubber Jewelry Hammer and Jewelry Cleaning Cloth, Steel Ring Mandrel for Jewelry Making

It is an amazing ring sizing kit that includes everything you need. It is perfect for measuring any kind of ring that you have. It is easy to use and easy to store. It is very convenient for jewelry making as well. You can easily resize your wedding rings, engagement rings, class rings, and any kind of rings with this set at your home. You do not need to take your rings to the jeweler anymore. Considering to services it provides, it has a very affordable price.

Paxcoo 19 Pieces Jewelry Making Tools Kit with Zipper Storage Case for Jewelry Crafting and Jewelry Repair

It is a little jewelry making set. It includes the basic jewelry supplies that you need for any kind of jewelry-making projects. It is a very convenient, affordable, and handy set.

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