Jewelry Keepsakes

Jewelry Keepsakes is a company that offers you the things that are left to you by your loved family members or that they especially want to stay with you by turning them into jewelry. Their greatest goal is to create a product that will support and empower people who lose loved ones.

Jewelry Keepsakes has been serving its customers since 2005. They have always been in favor of progress and have brought the latest technology developments to their companies day by day. They are always aware of their foundation purpose. They renew themselves and their product portfolio every day without deviating from this goal.

The main purpose of Jewelry Keepsakes as a company is to provide the highest quality jewelry keepsakes for customers who value their loved ones they have lost and do not want to forget them. They want to make this mourning process more healing. They strive to ensure customer satisfaction and assist their highly sensitive customers in any way they can.

Creating memorial jewels is the primary goal of Jewelry Keepsakes. They design jewels that will alleviate the sadness of losing any family member. They use their creativity as a tool to reduce the grief of those who lost their relatives. The creativity they have combines with emotions.

Jewelry Keepsakes team, which is very successful in their work, has become the most preferred name in this sector thanks to the positive comments they receive from their customers as well as their emotional satisfaction. They see their customers’ thanks as the greatest appreciation and customer satisfaction is always their top priority.

Their services are not limited to the area they are in, they serve individuals who have lost family members around the world. They see these souvenir jewels as a privilege and think everyone should have them. They behave very carefully in their work and design quality products.

History of Jewelry Keepsakes

  • 2005 – They started their business.
  • 2008 – Cremation rings and bracelets have been started to produce.
  • 2009 – They have been rated by The Better Business Bureau with A+.
  • 2009 – The pendants with black and white engraved pictures have been started to design and produce.
  • 2010 – Millefiori Italian art glassed has been started to handcraft.
  • 2011 – 4 different chain types have been started to use in products according to customer’s requests.
  • 2011 – Jewelry Keepsakes reached 10000 customers that mean 10000 families who lost their loved ones.
  • 2012- The video about creating and production processes were released to inform customers.
  • 2013 – They expanded their office.
  • 2015 – Jewelry Keepsakes celebrated its 15th year anniversary in the industry.
  • 2015 – They reached more than 40000 customers that means they touched the lives of more than 40000 families who lost their loved ones.
  • 2017 – They renewed their website.
  • 2017 – Solid rose gold jewelry has been added to Jewelry Keepsakes’ collection.
  • 2018 – The pendants with color engraved pictures have been started to design and produce.
  • 2018 – Birthstone jewelry collection has been introduced.
  • 2019 – Thumbprint jewelry has been started to design and produce.
  • 2019 – Jewelry Keepsakes has added ash jewelry in their jewelry collection.

The Story Behind Jewelry Keepsakes

Besides being a commercial company, Jewelry Keepsakes is a company with a team that understands its customers very well. Considering that the products they produce do not give enough information about them, they do not hesitate to share their life stories with their customers because they state that they are no different from their customers.

They are also family members who lost their children, grandchildren, parents, or grandparents, witnessing their death. They either have gone through a grieving process or are still grieving. They have received support and strength from the products they designed and produced to remind their loved ones in order not to lose the memories they have.

They are also people who lose the people they love. The jewelry with the photographs of the people they love, the jewelry that reminds the people they love, or the jewelry is worn by the people they love have been products that make them hold on to the memories.

We have said that the Jewelry Keepsakes team understands the customers they serve very well. They cried, grieved, and felt helpless, like every human being who lost their loved family member. That’s why they understand all kinds of requests of their customers and show the support they can.

By a family member, we also mean our four-legged friends. Our pets also become one of our favorite family people, and we feel the same in their death. Jewelry Keepsakes is also aware of this sensitivity and they design and manufacture products accordingly.

The Jewelry Keepsakes team has always supported, consoled, hugged, and been there for each other during their loss. They shared each other’s worst moments and mourned together. They also found strength from each other to restart life.

There is no point in explaining more that it is more than a company. You can easily understand this in yourself when you contact them. Being aware that there is no formula for feeling better, they serve their customers and guarantee customer satisfaction. It is a company where you can easily find the comfort and peace you are looking for during your losses or grief.

Values of Jewelry Keepsakes

  • Quality – They produce high-quality products and offer them to their customers to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.
  • Compassion – Your loss is also a very sensitive and important issue for Jewelry Keepsakes. Your needs and wishes are always their priority.
  • Integrity – They trust the products they produce endlessly and never compromise on quality.

Products of Jewelry Keepsakes

Cremation Jewelry

It is a great way to keep your loved one’s ashes always next to you. You feel always feel comfortable when you think that your loved ones with you.

  • Hearts
  • Family
  • Unique
  • Letters
  • Birthstones
  • Glass
  • Round
  • Cylinders
  • Millefiori glass
  • Teardrops
  • Men’s
  • Crosses
  • Animals
  • Nature
  • Sports
  • Gemstone
  • Religious
  • Children
  • Companion
  • Photo lockets
  • Car mirror
  • Chains
  • Millenniums
  • Accessories

Photo Jewelry

It is a great way to see your loved one’s faces every day. You can keep them with you with a little and beautiful products.

  • Pendants
  • Dog tags
  • Color pendants
  • Birthstone
  • Beaded pendants
  • Men’s
  • Bracelets
  • Keychains
  • Wallet cards
  • Holds cremains
  • Rearview mirror
  • Child’s size
  • Pets
  • Money clips

Thumbprint Jewelry

Your loved ones already left their fingerprints on your heart, so why not on your clothes? It is a great and interesting way to keep your loved ones next to you.

  • Necklaces
  • Men’s
  • Signature
  • For ashes
  • Holds cremains
  • Birthstone
  • Rings
  • Bracelets
  • Keychains
  • Money clips

You will be certainly impressed by the artwork of Jewelry Keepsakes and their customer services. You are allowed to change your decisions million times before they start to produce your requests. Because they are aware of the fact that it is a difficult decision to make. You can be sure that your order will arrive on time and as beautiful as you expect. The engraving on products is nicely done and looks perfect. You can wear them on a daily basis or only on special occasions. They are good for both of them. You will for sure receive lots of compliments with its beauty and you will be satisfied when you think of the fact that your loved one is next to you.

Besides their beauty, these products emotionally satisfy their customers. They help them through the grieving process. Jewelry Keepsakes allow you to carry your loved one’s photos, ashes, fingerprints, or just some items that remind your loved one with you. Customers feel like they are always in their loved ones’ blessing. In addition, if you want they can even add the birthstones to products they produce for you. The ordering and deliver parts are quite easy. An overall experience with Jewelry Keepsakes is quite amazing. You will not regret it at all.

Why should You Shop From Jewelry Keepsakes?

As a company, they believe that the differences are hidden in the details of the products they produce and the services they have. They provide their services as first-class customer service.  You can freely call them if you have any questions, even you think they are unnecessary questions. They are always happy to answer customers’ questions and wishes. Transparency is an important issue for the company. They care about their customers a lot.

Keepsake Jewelry is a sincere company that strongly believes they are experts in keepsake jewelry. Since they produce a single product or rather a single concept product, they are quite experts in their work. They work very devotedly to provide the best service to their customers. They are registered with the Better Business Bureau and hold an A + rating.

They produce their products using the highest quality materials. In addition to its spiritual meaning, they also satisfy their customers financially. They produce products that are both meaningful and durable. When you place an order, you should know that you are not paying for the chain. It is a free product when you order something from Jewelry Keepsakes.

An instruction manual is also included at the time of shipping, which explains everything you need in detail. They ship not only nationally or locally, but internationally. They mail their products daily all over the world. In this way, they save their customers both time and money. They provide both easy and reasonably priced shipping.

When you call Jewelry Keepsakes, real people, not pre-recorded preset messages, turn on your phone and answer your questions. Answers are given according to the person and the person’s problem, not automatic answers given to everyone. It is a service they offer 24/7.

What Does Jewelry Keepsakes Mean Originally?

Jewelry keepsakes are more precious to wear. Originally jewelry keepsakes are jewelry that belongs to your ancestors. They are jewelry that is passed down from generation to generation. In addition to being very valuable materially, they are invaluable pieces in spiritual terms.

The diamonds you wear may have been a relic from your grandmother to your mother, and from her to you. The jewelry that you secretly wore when you were little may have become yours as time passed. Now it may have become jewelry that makes you feel very good feelings. It also becomes very stylish with its vintage look.

Jewelry with a story may make more sense to you. Jewelry keepsakes, a gift from friends, or jewelry that your loved one wants to see on you are always more special. If you know that there are meaning and life behind the jewelry you carry on, you take care of them very carefully and you will feel comfortable when you wear them.

KC KATIE COLLECTION BY URNSELLER Cremation Jewelry for Ashes Urn Necklaces for Ash for Women or Men Keepsake with Long Sturdy Adjustable Chain for Pet or Human Ash

This is a great and very elegant way to carry your loved ones who passed away with you. This is exactly what you need after their loss. It is also a very modern piece that goes with any outfit on any occasion. It is a nice well-made product that lasts for a long time. The chain is adjustable. You will be extremely satisfied with your purchase.

Silikepa Cremation Jewelry Urn Necklace for Ashes Skull Cross Necklace Keepsake Heart Urn Pendant Ash Holders with Sterling Silver for Memory Punk Style

It is a great way to make the grieving process smooth. It gives you an opportunity to carry your loved ones with you wherever you go. It is both sentimental and convenient jewelry. It is a wonderful keepsake and memorial. It is made of high-quality material. You will not feel at all that like it is going to break easily. You will be highly pleased with your purchase.

LONAGO 925 Sterling Silver Tree of Life Urn Necklace for Ashes Photo Locket That Holds Pictures Keepsake Necklace Cremation Jewelry Gift for Women

It is keepsake jewelry that has a contradictory meaning. There a tree of life engraving on it that you are going to your loved one’s ashes. Still, it is an amazing option. You will always feel like your loved one is with you wherever you go. It is possible to place that person’s picture inside of it as well. It is a very well-made jewelry piece that holds your loved one’s ashes securely. You will be extremely satisfied with your purchase.

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