Handmade and Unique Jewelry

Jewelry Lab is a design and production studio located in Indonesia that designs small and handmade jewelry. It was founded by Jesús Zabala. Mainly his designs are produced. Zabala, who has a creative and different perspective, has masterfully combined this aesthetic understanding with jewelry.

Jesus Zabala’s appreciation for nature, stemming from his genes and the environment in which he was raised, showed itself in the unique jewelry designs he designed. One of the most important points of Zabala is that the energy of each piece of jewelry produced is felt by the wearer. Because he argues that he made the design with intention, love, and spirit and that this should not be underestimated. All jewelry pieces have a story and insight. They are predominantly in organic and asymmetrical form, as human beings.

As Jewelry Lab, their mission is not to keep up with the restrictions that imprison the soul, dull love, and meet social expectations, but to live differently and beyond borders. The jewelry they design and produce also emerges with this logic. It inspires its wearers and increases their joy of living. You mainly see the effects of spiritualism and expressionism in the jewelry produced in the Jewelry Lab. Freedom, adventure, magic, and praise to ancient culture are evident in these designs.

In Jewelry Lab, jewelry designs and productions with different themes and styles are made. You can find jewelry with many different themes, which are the result of surfing, travel, nature, sea, ocean, spirituality, and even popular culture. Since they are all handmade products, they produce in very limited numbers.

Jesus Zabala and his small team continue to produce their designs on the south coast of Bali. They have been actively designing and manufacturing since 2013. Since then, they have created more than 6,000 unique pieces of jewelry. And with each new design, their excitement continues as if it was the first design. They design, mold, fire, shape, finish and present all products to customer satisfaction in their small studio in Bali.

They sell 100% handmade and uniquely designed jewelry. They do free delivery. They guarantee 100% customer satisfaction. If you don’t like it or you have questions about its dimensions, they also make a change at the point of return without any problems. As all items are shipped in Bali, Indonesia, delivery will be made within 3-5 business days after payment.

Production Methods at Jewelry Lab

They use many different methods and processes during production. Wax mold, casting, baking, and finishing are the methods they always use. Since it is special production and handmade, they do not make mass production. They give effort, imagination and life to every product they produce. They produce all their jewelry with the mentality of intention, love, and soul. In this way, they believe that their users can also feel it and create a bond with their jewelry. They believe that this energy will change their customers’ lives in a positive way. That’s why they do their job with great passion.

The jewelry they produce is similar to human structure, inorganic and asymmetrical form. They produce by aiming to destroy social expectations. They encourage and inspire their customers to be what they want. They are influenced by spiritualism, expressionism, and ancient cultures. That’s why all the jewelry they design contains freedom, adventure, and magic.

Jewelry Themes at Jewelry Lab

  • Cute Rings
  • Simple Rings
  • Pinky Ring
  • Sun Ring
  • Flat Top Ring
  • Biker Rings
  • Gold Ring
  • Gold Skull Ring
  • Gothic Ring
  • Horseshoe Ring
  • Love Ring
  • Minimalist Rings
  • Minimalist Bracelet
  • Men’s Gold Rings
  • Crystal Rings
  • Crystal Necklaces
  • Ocean Jewelry
  • Fuck You Necklace
  • Fuck You Ring
  • Ring On Middle Finger
  • Playboy Jewelry
  • Playboy Necklace
  • Minimalist Earrings
  • Casual Rings
  • Dainty Rings
  • Necklace Holder
  • Necklace Lengths
  • Pendant Necklace
  • Heart Necklace
  • Silver Pendant Necklace
  • Cat Necklace
  • Panther Pendant Necklace
  • Gothic Bracelet
  • Jaguar Necklace Pendant
  • Rose Gold Necklace
  • Mens Pendants
  • Gold Pendants for Men
  • Circle Pendant Necklace
  • Coin Necklace
  • Gold Bracelets for Women
  • Rose Jewelry
  • Cat Jewelry
  • Panther Jewelry
  • Pretty Rings
  • Stone Pendant Necklace
  • Simple Gold Necklace
  • Rose Gold Pendant
  • Rectangle Pendant Necklace
  • Men’s Silver Bracelets
  • Men’s Gold Bracelets
  • Jewelry Cleaner
  • Jewelry Box
  • Hammered Rings
  • Thumb Rings
  • Sterling Silver Rings
  • Rugged Rings
  • Playboy Ring
  • Anchor Ring
  • Panther Ring
  • Skull Ring
  • Snake Ring
  • Crown Ring
  • Mountain Ring
  • Turquoise Ring
  • Wave Ring
  • Yin and Yang Ring
  • Lion Ring
  • Cat Ring
  • Jaguar Ring
  • Vintage Rings
  • Vintage Engagement Rings
  • Vintage Jewelry
  • Antique Jewelry
  • Antique Rings
  • Brass Rings
  • Dainty Necklaces
  • Dainty Jewelry
  • Stackable Rings
  • Sterling Silver Necklace
  • Gold Necklace
  • Heart Necklace 

Ring Size Guide

Since they produce handmade and sometimes custom-made jewelry, it may be important to know how to check your ring size according to their guide.

  • If you have large joints this can affect your ring size.

If your knuckles are wider than the base of your finger, you should measure both the base of your finger and your knuckles. Your ring size should be the average of these two.

  • Temperature and humidity are important in getting your ring size correct.

Do not take measurements when both your body temperature and the temperature of your environment are too low or too high. You get a narrower size in cold, and a wider size in hot. Take care to measure at an average temperature.

  • Different sizes

If both sizes seem to fit your finger, you should choose the larger one.

  • If you want to expand the width of your ring, you should also expand its size.

If you want to have a wider ring, you should also enlarge the size of your ring so that it is easy to wear and take off and does not hurt your finger.,

  • Keep in mind not to use strings.

Do not use a string when measuring your finger. It can cause many mistakes that you miss while taking measurements. The rope can stretch, slip or break. Therefore, it is recommended to cut a piece of paper in the width of the ring you want and use it instead of a string.

  • It is better to use the plain band in order to get good results.

It is a fact that bands vary. If you want to use try the band itself while taking the right ring size, then you should make sure to try correct one.  

What Is the Resizing Policy? How Does It Work?

All of the jewelry designed and produced in Jewelry Lab is 100% handmade. Production starts only when the order is received. Therefore, a strict policy is followed. You have the right to cancel your order up to 6 hours after placing the order. At the end of 6 hours, they removed the option to cancel in order to continue smoothly and deliver to their customers.

If the designed jewelry is unused and returned without damage, the ring size will be changed. And it’s completely free. You can go to studios in Arizona and Bali in person and change your ring size or send it by courier. Shipping costs belong to Jewelry Lab. It is the customer’s responsibility to maintain the process so that the return request will be at the Jewelry Lab within 5 days.

The best way to avoid wasting time resizing is to be sure of your ring size. For this, you can order several different sizes of rings in your first order, or you can go to a professional jeweler to find out your ring size. Besides, you can be sure that your face size will be happily changed or modified at Jewelry Lab. Customer satisfaction is very important feedback for Jewelry Lab.

Return policy

Returning the product you bought from Jewelry Lab is actually not a logical step at all because they make special production. But if you want to return it, there are steps to follow. You can return it within 7 days after delivery. If you return it within 7 days without any problems, scratches, and unworn, you can get your full money back. When returning your ring, you should wrap it in tissue paper and put it in a protected box.

A 20% restocking fee is charged for each returned product. This is spent on workers’ salaries and materials in production. If you want to return more than 3 products, Jewelry Lab does not accept this and makes exchanges. In order to avoid such a situation, it would be useful to buy 2 Jewelry Lab products that you like the most and test them. In this way, you will understand whether the Jewelry Lab style is suitable for you.

Some jewelry pieces are not refundable. Exchanges are made for chain necklaces, crystal necklaces, and heavy bracelets. Although it is very rare, if you have a very important excuse, defective products are also reproduced. Or a direct refund. You must take a photograph of your damaged jewelry from every angle and send it to Jewelry Lab. If approved by the investigating team, the payment process will begin.

Custom Order

Each piece of jewelry is custom-made for you. While there is no problem in size in many products, this is a very common situation in rings. Jewelry Lab is responsible for providing you with the correct ring and size. If a ring comes in a different size, resizing is done free of charge. All you have to do is start the return process.

How Does the Return or Size Exchange Process Start?

The first thing you should do after receiving the product is to check the product. If you need to return it, this will be a process you have to initiate. Unless the product arrives damaged or there is a problem with Jewelry Lab, the return fee is a fee the customer has to pay. You can return the jewelry you want to return to the Arizona office. After you reach the office, you can follow all the steps on the internet.

Jewelry Lab Sun Ring Sterling Silver for Women Men | Celestial Jewelry, Band Ring, Dainty Ring

It is a sterling silver ring with sun crafted. It is available in all sizes. You can order the proper one according to your ring size or your loved one’s ring size. It is a handcrafted ring that is a perfect alternative for special occasions. It is made with love, soul, and intention which lead to positive energy. There is no doubt that you will be unsatisfied with your purchase, the only thing you need to be careful about is ordering the proper size.

Jewelry Lab Sterling Silver Rectangle Eye Ring for Men Women | Flat TopGeometric Textured Pinky Rings

It is a sterling silver ring fingerprint-crafted. It is a handcrafted ring that is a perfect alternative for special occasions. You can even get crafted your or your loved one’s fingerprint on it. It is made with the idea of all of us come from the earth and we will go back to earth. It is available in all sizes. You can order the proper one according to your ring size or your loved one’s ring size. It is made with love, soul, and intention which lead to positive energy.

Jewelry Lab Chunky Chain Bracelet for Men Women | Sterling Silver Large Round Chain Links, Punk Rock Jewelry

It is a sterling silver bracelet with toggle clasps. Since it is handcrafted, you will be the only one who has this bracelet. It is a perfect option for both men and women. Also, it is a perfect gift option. You can make it larger according to your wrists. You can make your piece more stylish. It adds a great touch to your outfit and your style.

Jewelry Lab Silver Spiral Ring for Women Men | Cage Rings, Cool Coil, Triple Band, Boho Jewelry

If you are someone who likes wearing stacking rings, it is a great option for you. It is an excellent ring for everyday wear. It looks highly stylish on any finger, for both men and women. You can wear a thumb ring as well. It is made with the idea of all of us come from the earth and we will go back to earth. There is no doubt that you will be unsatisfied with your purchase, the only thing you need to be careful about is ordering the proper size.

Jewelry Lab Roll Brass Bracelet Men and Women’s Size, Cuff Bracelets, Gold Toned, Simple Band

It is a perfect copper-plated bracelet that will add an antique and stylish touch to your outfit. It doesnt turn your skin green. It is not harmful to the skin at all. Since it is handmade, it is an excellent gift option. You will be very happy with your purchase.

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