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Mejuri Jewelry believes that the jewelry that everyone wears is an accessory through which they express and represent themselves. You become what you wear, you can be what you want. It is considered a timeless gift as a way to reward yourself or make your loved ones happy.

According to Mejuri CEO Noura Sakkijha, the most important inspiration for this collection is -you-. The style, character, shopping preferences, and diamond choices of its customers have been the points that develop the brand.

Mejuri is an online store. It makes luxury within the reach of everyone. It takes its inspiration from its customers, from you. Their inspiration is smart, stylish, and real women. Thanks to the jewelry they offer, you can make luxury a part of your daily life. It works with the best jewelers to design the highest quality products and to provide the most beautiful jewelry to its customers. Extremely committed to ethical practices, these jewelers reflect their extraordinary craftsmanship skills in the products they design. Thanks to Mejuri, these talented jewelers eliminate the middleman and sell directly to their customers themselves. For this reason, the jewelry you buy online through Mejuri will be the same quality as the jewelry you can find in the market, but at a much more affordable price. It is the duty of these jewelers to enable women to adopt the luxury and quality they deserve and to offer this to them. Creating a versatile and high-quality daily jewelry collection can be quite a challenge. But thanks to Mejuri, you can have a very high-quality jewelry collection that does not strain your budget. Mejuri offers great jewelry that won’t cost you a fortune but will allow you to create the perfect style. All you have to do is spend some time on the Mejuri online website.

In today’s age and in today’s conditions, with such a crowded fashion sense, Mejuri will be your number one stop thanks to its timeless styles. It offers jewelry for every consumer and every brand. It offers collections that you can wear both in daily life during the day and on an elegant occasion at night. Thanks to the different brands you can reach in Mejuri, you can reach many different options. Whether it is a necklace, a ring, an earring… it is not difficult to find any jewelry you can think of, thanks to Mejuri. is one of the online jewelers like Mejuri, thanks to the quality jewelry they offer. They provide their customers with highly protected payment systems, ensuring their privacy. By using a robust 128-bit encryption system, they ensure that they protect their customer’s private information such as card information, and give their customers the opportunity to have the best quality jewelry collection.

The difference from Mejuri is that it is an online shopping stop that includes products from a single store, not several different stores. It is a fairly fast-growing online jewelry retailer. Gemstones and jewelry with diamonds make up the majority of their collections. The only accepted currency is the US Dollar. They ensure that they have quality collections based on the welfare of their customers. A professional customer support team is available to assist customers in resolving any product-related problems and concerns. This team, which provides 24/7 service, strives to provide quality service to customers. You can reach them by calling or by calling the live chat section of the web page and you can get the support you want by messaging. They take extra strict security measures in protecting their customers’ credit card information.

It is another store serving like Mejuri, which will be one of your first stops on your special days? It is an online store that offers free personalized additions, personifications with engravings, and embroideries that make your jewelry unique in the world. Its physical store is located in the USA. If you visit online, you can definitely find jewelry that suits your taste and style. And what’s even more attractive is that you can have this entire collection at affordable prices. If you have any damaged, wrong or unwanted product, you can submit your complaint online and find a solution in a short time. The customer support unit operates from Monday to Friday between 8.30 am and 8.00 pm. On weekends, they operate between 10:00 am and 6:00 pm. You can follow up-to-date pictures on social media accounts to make sure that your jewelry is in its final state or whether it will turn out the way you want.

It is a jewelry store that provides online service, is approved to be trustworthy, and acts more carefully than its customer in purchases. Customer service offers both online and offline solutions to its customers from Monday to Saturday between 9.00 am and 6.00 pm. At the same time, you can submit your complaints via live chat and find solutions to your problems quickly.

A.M. Thorne

Created by Ashley Thorne, it is a jewelry store that mainly sells online. Its physical stores are located in Washington DC and New York. Eye-catching stones, diamonds, and elegant moonstones are the essential pieces that make up the collection. Collections inspired by art, light, sparkle, architecture, and elegance are presented to customer satisfaction online.


This the online collection, which was presented to customers for the first time in 2009 by Matthew Harris, consists of very elegant, stylish, and beautiful jewelry. The elegance that everyone will add to their collection will blow your mind. It is one of the online jewelry stores that you should definitely visit, thanks to different types of stones and jewelry that will allow you to improve your collection.

Alison Lou

If you have a fun personality and want to reflect this understanding with your jewelry, Alison Lou is one of the online jewelry stores you should definitely visit. Jewelry with interesting emojis, jewelry with nameplates, colorful and sparkly jewelry, and dozens more… Just say what kind of craziness and fun you want. You will have both special and very entertaining jewelry in a short time and at affordable prices. In addition to these, when you want a simpler model, they will definitely help you with different touches.


Offering a very interesting online jewelry collection, Khiry is an Afro-futuristic brand. Created by Jameel Mohammed. They design jewelry that is preferred by many celebrities and has become an indispensable part of many celebrities’ collections. Their product range includes simple but very stylish products.

Jacquie Aiche

If the boho vibe is just your style, if you often prefer the boho style in your daily life, Jacquie Aiche should definitely be one of your haunts. It is a Los Angeles-based online jewelry store. Choosing from one-of-a-kind quartz necklaces, beaded anklets, stylish earrings and many more will be quite challenging.


If you want to have jewelry made of gold but sustainable materials, this is the online jewelry store you should visit first. It was established based in New York City. They make handmade and personalized productions.

Tarin Thomas

Do you want to enrich your jewelry collection? Want to make your jewelry collection contemporary and fun? Tarin Thomas is an online jewelry store that can give you just what you need. It is a jewelry store that creates magnificent designs in the balance between classicism and modernity.

Sydney Evan

Online jewelry store founded by Rosanne Karmes. Numerous unique designs presented to their customers since 2001 have been the favorites of A-listers. They have a very wide and impressive range of jewelry and appeal to everyone’s taste.


It offers jewelry collections created using sustainable and quality materials. The products are both classic and quite modern. They are jewelry that you can easily wear both today and in the years to come. They design unique jewelry that appeals to everyone’s budget. Some are over $500, while others are quite affordable.

Stone and Strand

If you like to dress stylishly in your daily life, if you are looking for jewelry that will complement your elegance with elegance, Stone and Strand is the first account you should visit. They offer very elegant and modern style jewelry collections. You can find any kind of jewelry you want.

The Last Line

If you want to add color or shine to your jewelry box, you can enjoy shopping at The Last Line. The Last Line designs larger jewelry models in styles that can be worn in daily life and present them to customers. They want to show their clients that big jewelry can be stylish too.

Alex Mika

It is an excellent example of female entrepreneurship. It was established with the initiative of four sisters and their designs were presented to the customer. It was established in 2012 based in New York. You can find designs suitable for both budgets and all tastes. They design jewelry in the modern line that should be in every jewelry collection.

Bing Bang

Bing Bang is the online jewelry store you should visit first if you want to have minimal, modern, yet eye-catching jewelry. Apart from being eye-catching, they are timeless pieces of jewelry. The collection consists of mostly nameplated pieces which make them personalized and unique.


Even though it is a newly established store compared to Mejuri, it is a fast-growing brand. It is established in 2004 in New York. It offers unique pieces with exceptional craftsmanship. Both the quality and price are very close to Mejuri’s products. They are famous for their symbolic wedding rings, diamond jewelry pieces, classic pearl studs, and everyday wear jewelry.

Sarah Chloe

If you do not mind spending a few more in order to get unique and custom-made jewelry, this is a great store that you can express your style perfectly. They offer unique designs to their customers even though little bit expensive compare to other alternatives you can find on the market. It is established in 2008 in New York. They are famous for their personalized jewelry that fits any occasion.

Ana Luisa

It is a newly established but very popular online jewelry store. It is established in 2018 in New York. They offer extraordinary jewelry pieces. They are famous for their layered sets, Huggies, ear cuffs, and diamond jewelry.


It is a jewelry store that provides fashion jewelry collections and elegant evening dresses. That makes them unique and different. It is completely for women and their style. They devote themselves to making women happy. It is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Urban Outfitters which makes the store even more attractive. It was established in 1992 in Philadelphia.


Even though it is not a direct competitor of Mejuri, due to having jewelry parts at very affordable prices, it has become its competitor. Also, the shipping is free across the USA on everything that makes it even more attractive.


Etsy is a marketplace that you can find anything imaginative, creative, different, unique, custom made or elegant. There are many online stores you can shop. You can find your style or your desire among hundreds of stores. It is quite possible to find affordable ones as well.

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As a company, they believe that jewelry is not only jewelry. It describes and reflects something more, which could be an emotion, a thought, or basically something meaningful. This beautiful ring set was designed with that idea. The weight feels good, the size is perfect, and the quality is nice. You will be very satisfied with your help. UBGICIG 3PCS Thick Dome Chunky Rings 14K Gold Plated Rings for Women Egirls Round Signet Rings Braided Twisted Signet Ring Jewelry Minimalist Statement Ring Size 5-11 : Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry

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You will be totally amazed and impressed by the quality of these necklaces when you spend less than they deserve. They look amazing on the necks of amazing women. They can be worn together or separately. You can adjust the length of the necklaces accordingly. They come in a bag that makes them easy to store. Dainty Layering Initial Necklaces for Women, 14K Gold Plated Paperclip Chain Necklace for Women Simple Cute Hexagon Letter Pendant Initial A Necklace Choker Necklaces Gold Layered Necklaces for Women: Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry

MEVECCO Gold Tiny Pearl Bracelet,14K Gold Plated Cute Beaded Freshwater Cultured Pearls Tiny Charm Dainty Handmade Bracelet for Women

It is a very simple but elegant bracelet. You will receive lots of compliments on it. It is possible to wear them without discoloration for a long time. Even though it is cheap, it doesn’t look like that. It is a cute, sturdy, and delicate bracelet. And, it is a great gift alternative as well. MEVECCO Gold Bracelets for Women 14K Gold Plated Dainty Handmade Oval Chain Bracelet for Women: Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry

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