Jewelry Making Kits (Bonus: Amazon Products)

Jewelry making kits are amazing tools for both beginner jewelry makers and expert jewelry designers. You can find the proper one according to your need. There are bracelet kits, necklace kits, earing kits, tool kits, seed beading kids, and so on the market. Jewelry making kits are must-have kits if you are new in the jewelry-making world. You can find tool and findings kits with all of the essentials, and jewelry making kits with all necessary components, plus full written instructions.

Each jewelry making kit has different purposes. They have different color choices, themes, and they are basically just plain fun. Try one yourself the next time you want to brighten up your wardrobe or give something special to a friend. These kits will let you have a beading party set up in minutes, and they work great as gifts or craft ideas.

It does not matter if you are a beginner at jewelry making or are an old pro looking for all-new inspiration, jewelry kits mostly include just what you are after. These are ideal if you want to test the jewelry making skills. Especially if you are a beginner, they are more useful. IT is included everything you need. You can test your skills and produce a beautiful piece of jewelry.

Materials used for jewelry design and manufacture are commonly known as jewelry materials. Jewelry materials are numerous and varied. From a large loom to tiny figures, almost any product can be considered. In the jewelry making kits, various products such as apparatuses, nails, rings, ropes, clips, jewelry tools, pendants, parachute threads, rosary materials, and chains are offered. Each of these is manufactured to the highest quality standards and is durable and robust. They will perfectly compliment or create your handmade jewelry.

If you are tired of thinking about the materials you can use during jewelry making and you still have not been able to create a clear design in your mind, jewelry making kits will help you with this. It will be able to guide you to find the products needed for jewelry making, to help you create what you can do through ready-made jewelry designs in your mind. So you will be able to supply the materials you need to design your jewelry in your mind.

Jewelry materials in jewelry making kits:
• Apparatus
• Bead Box
• Nail
• Leather Threads
• Ring
• Ropes (Parachute and Candle)
• Closures
• Clips
• Earring Supplies
• Jewelry Tools
• Rosary Materials
• Chains

BEADS: There are beads of various colors and sizes named according to the materials they are made in the market. For example glass, plastic, wood, metal beads and so on. You can also make your own bead with Fimo dough. You can also use flowers, buttons, plastic stamps, pebbles, seashells, and pieces of leather strips instead of these beads or with them to make jewelry. The limit on what you can use and what you can use is directly proportional to your imagination.

KNITTING MATERIALS: Nylon ropes, the fishing line of various thickness, chains, organza and satin ribbons, wires, leather or velvet ribbons can be used.

JOINING MATERIALS: You can purchase the clips and rings used in the completion of the jewelry, or you can produce the wires yourself. There is also an apparatus, which we call clamping, for joining several wire ends or wires before the clip, and for fixing the ribbon ends.

NAIL: A piece of wire with a small knob on the end is used to shake the beads from the jewelry. There are various lengths and colors available on the market. You can make your own nails from the wire that you use in jewelry made with wire bending techniques.

FABRICS: You can use almost any fabric for your designs if it is compatible with beads and stamps that you have determined for your jewelry.

FELT: Available in various colors and layers. If you can’t find the color, you can color it yourself with fabric dye.

GALVANIZED SHEET: You can get it from the shops selling gutter materials for the roof. By placing it in the fabric, you ensure that your necklaces remain satiated.

TASSEL: You can get it from the haberdashery in various colors and sizes, or you can make it yourself from thin nylon rope or wires of various thickness levels.

PLIERS: We always use this tool to open and compress chains, hold rings, attach clips, and bend thick wires properly. It is indispensable for jewelry makers. It is similar in shape to pliers but it is smaller and delicate. If possible, it is useful to obtain two.

SMALL SIDE CUTTING PLIERS: You use this tool to cut wires or leather strips from anywhere. The point that you take into consideration when buying the side cutting pliers is whether it is easily opened and closed and whether the ends come together. The cutting parts of a good side cutting pliers touch each other exactly.

KNITTING NEEDLES: You may have to use knitting needles of various thicknesses to make wire rings to bring together the pieces of jewelry. The size of the ring varies according to the thickness of the spit. There is also a wire wrapper designed to do this work only in stores selling jewelry.

WIRE KNITTING MACHINE: It is not something compulsory for jewelry making and jewelry making kits usually do not contain it. You can use a 5 cm rectangular prism-shaped board for this purpose. You can prepare your knitting machine with the hole drilled in the middle and the nails that will be drilled evenly on the edges of the hole. It is possible to make a few of these boards and create thinner or thicker weaves by keeping the middle hole diameters different. If you don’t have the opportunity to make a knitting loom, you can obtain this hand tool with the name of the knitting reel in the stores selling jewelry materials.

CROCHET NEEDLE: It is not something compulsory for jewelry making and jewelry making kits usually do not contain it. You will need a very thick non-tipped crochet to form the loops of the wires on the wire loom. If you buy the knitting reel, you can also get the special crochet needle.

HOLE DRILLING APPARATUS: It is not something compulsory for jewelry making and jewelry making kits usually do not contain it. It is used to make smooth holes of various sizes to the leather. If you do not have this tool and cannot get it, you can find it in stores that sell shoes and belts. You can also use tools such as needles, thread, scissors, pencils, soap, ruler, knives in jewelry making.

TINNER SHEAR: It is not something compulsory for jewelry making and jewelry making kits usually do not contain it. You can use it to cut hard metal surfaces like galvanize does easily. You can buy it in the construction markets.

SILICONE GUN: It is not something compulsory for jewelry making and jewelry making kits usually do not contain it. On the other hand, it is something very functional and useful in jewelry making. You can use it in all of your bonding works. It can be used in everything like glass, metal, wood, plastic, leather, fabric. It can be sold in both markets and online.

PAXCOO Jewelry Making Supplies Kit with Jewelry Tools, Jewelry Wires and Jewelry Findings for Jewelry Repair and Beading

It is one of Amazon’s choices at highly reasonable price which is 20 dollars. It is for both jewelry making and repair. This kit is an affordable and handy purchase. It includes all you need. This little kit is great for beginners learning how to make Jewelry.

There are 3 essential jewelry pliers, 2 rolls of copper wire in silver and gold, 1 clear beading string cord, 1 tape measure, 1 thread scissors, 6 beading needles, 1 tweezer, 1 caliper, 1 awl, 1 jump ring opener, 1 thimble ring, 3 needle threaders, 1 zip pouch and 12 different kinds of jewelry findings you can find in it. There are 845 pieces in total. They are in different styles of jewelry findings.

It is kind of a necessity for jewelry makers. It has more or less everything you need. It is a good repair kit that provides the easy and smooth repair. It is perfect for both professionals and beginners in jewelry making.

PP OPount Jewelry Findings Set, Jewelry Making Kit, Jewelry Findings Starter Kit, Jewelry Beading Making and Repair Tools Kit, Pliers Silver Beads Wire Starter Tool

It is one of Amazon’s choices and comes in around 10 dollars. It is highly recommended and preferred jewelry making kit. This jewelry making kit includes things you need to get started on making earrings, necklaces, bracelets, charms, and more. This is a great little kit that covers the basics.

The package includes open jump rings, lobster clasps, headpins, screw eye pins, crimp beads, earring hooks, iron ribbon ends, ribbon clamp crimps with loop, pinch clasp bails dangle charms, a brass ring, black PU leather cord, a silver tiger tail beading wire, clear beading elastic, a silver coils bracelet memory wire, curved nose pliers, a tweezer and a plastic case.

It is suitable for jewelry beading making and jewelry repairing. Each finding is packed in small bags to avoid mixed together, all products are packed in a box for easy packing and carrying. It is not suitable for children under 6.

CAYDO 3 Style 18 Pieces Faux Leather Sheets with Instructions, Earring Cut Molds, and Earrings Making Tools Kit for Making Leather Earrings Bows and Crafts

It is one of Amazon’s choices and it has 4.8 out of 5 stars. It is a highly preferred and recommended product at a highly reasonable price. You do not need to buy extra accessories when you purchase this one, a kit can meet your handmade needs and create personalized earrings.

The package includes snakeskin grain embossed leather, stone grain embossed faux leather, metallic faux leather, leather earring cut molds which are reusable and washable, earring hooks, jump rings in 4 different colors, a hole puncher, water-soluble pens, a jump rings opener, a plier and an instruction. It is especially perfect for leather earring making and other DIY crafts.

There are various vintage and lively colors. The more textured leather grain makes your handicrafts more exquisite and it can be given as gifts to your friends. Faux leather sheets kits are suitable for making leather earrings, bows, and small objects such as key pendant, coin/key purse, and jewelry pockets.

B Toys – (500-Pcs) Pop Snap Bead Jewelry – DIY Jewelry Kit for Kids

It is one of Amazon’s choices for kids. Kids will be coming up with millions of different combinations they will not want to stop. They can create as many combinations as they desire. This jar is full of good ideas and fashion. Let their creative side take over and come up with a new piece for every day of the week. They are reusable, so kids can make it, wear it, remake it, and wear it again!

The container contains 500 pieces of varying sizes, most of them have a hole on one side and a knob that can be popped together with each other. This set also contains other pieces, mini bracelets, and rings with knobs for beads to connect, bead covers to add accents to other beads. This jewelry kit comes in all shapes, sizes, and designs. The beads şn in made of high-quality materials. They are in different colors and shapes. They are easy to maintain. You can snap them together and come apart easily. The colors and shapes are interesting. They can make rings, bracelets, necklaces, or abstract designs that make no sense at all. All pieces snap together quickly, securely, and easily.

CAYDO 23 Pieces Leather Earrings Making Kit Include Instructions, 18 Pieces 3 Style Faux Leather Sheets, Leather Earring Cut Molds and Tools for Making Leather Earrings Bows and Crafts

It is one of Amazon’s choices at a highly reasonable price. You get more than what the picture shows so that’s a plus but the designs are weird. You can choose the right tool according to the different thickness, it is easy to cut by scissors.

The package includes 3 styles faux leather, glitter faux leather sheets, chunky stereoscopic sequins leather sheets, litchi synthetic leather sheets. They are in enough quality to meet your needs. It includes also leather earring cut molds, earring hooks, jumps rings in 4 different colors, water-soluble pens, jump rings opener, and instructions. Pliers are not included in it.

It comes with molds. It does not only provide instruction with simple steps in order to help you but it also contains a set earring cut molds which have different shapes, guide you make your own earrings. They are reusable and washable.

Gemybeads Jewelry Making Supplies – Includes Charms, Pliers, Findings, Beads and More

It is one of Amazon’s choices and it has 4.6 out of 5 stars according to customers’ reviews. The jewelry-making kit is super convenient and you will have a great time using it. It is in very good quality overall, including the tools.

This is a great kit to start with. Instructions guide is not in the kit but you receive it by email. The instructions are very clear and will teach you some techniques if you are new at making jewelry. Everything else you need is included and beads are very good quality, better than expected for the price. And it comes with lovely boxes, very useful to store materials.

This jewelry making kit includes acrylic beads in white/blue marble and silver/gold/white pearls, glass beads in grey, black, hematite, crystal, peach, turquoise and green, metal beads and charms, rolls of wire and cord, a storage box, a beading mat, a chain nose plier, a round nose plier, a side cutter, crimp beads, brass jump rings, fish hook ear wires, lobster clasps, calotte crimps, headpins, and eye pins.

You can create unique and handmade jewelry for any style. This jewelry kit comes with everything you need to make earrings, bracelets, necklaces and other jewelry crafts. There are 3-tiered container keeps all your supplies separated and organized. They are stackable and portable. There is also a locking lid and folding handle for easy transport.

KINCREA Jewelry Making Tools with Jewelry Making Supplies Kit, Jewelry Wires and Jewelry Findings for Jewelry Repair and Beading

It is one of Amazon’s choices which means it is recommended in highly rated. It is a well-priced product and available to ship immediately. Customers are very satisfied with this product. This jewelry making kit pretty much includes all instruments you need if you are just a beginner. The quality of the tools is pretty good.

This is a decent set for jewelry making. This is a good kit to get started on your jewelry making. The bead reamer is not sharp and thin enough but the pliers and other accessories more than make the cost worthwhile.

There are various types of jewelry making accessories in it. It has 845 pieces of different styles of jewelry findings in it. This comes with a premium black zip pouch, so you can keep your tools handy, organize and safe, and no worry about losing tools or accessories.

SUPLA 17 pcs Jewelry Making Tools 2 rolls Elastic Stretch Polyester Crystal String Cord and 750pcs Jewelry Findings for Jewelry Making supplies

It is one of Amazon’s choices at a highly reasonable price. It is a good jewelry tool kit. It has all the tools at the basic level you need for jewelry making. You create new jewelry and repair jewelry already you have. Tools are the greatest quality. They are very useful and convenient.

If you are just starting out making jewelry as a hobby or enrolling in your first jewelry class, this will supply you with all the tools you need. The variety of tools in this kit will allow you to learn many different techniques, and help you turn your designs into reality.

Fishdown 330 Pcs 8mm Beads Kit, Chakra Beads, Lava Beads, Rock Stone, Assortment Colored Volcanic Stone, Loose Beads, Zinc Alloy Spacer Beads for Bracelets Jewelry Making

It is one of Amazon’s choice. It is a great starter pack for jewelry making. It is a perfect kit for fun with kids. Pretty durable and bead colors are pretty. The beads are perfect and all the same size and unique! The colors are nice and bright! The colors popped brightly!

The package includes 100 pieces of colored lava bead in 5 colors, 180 pieces chakra beads in 9 different beads and 50 pieces spacer beads in 2 styles, 2 roll crystal strings, a pair of scissors and a handy plastic case for jewelry making. DIY accessories and beads are all stored in a 15 grids plastic storage box, hold different kinds of beads in case of missing or confusing.

CRIDOZ Jewelry Making Tools Kit with Jewelry Pliers, Beading Wire, Jewelry Beads and Charms Findings for Jewelry Necklace Earring Bracelet Making Repair

This box has everything that a person could need to start with. It has literally everything from beads to cords, charms, pliers, spacers, crimps, headpins, even a cloth.

The jewelry-making kit contains 6 pieces of jewelry making tools, 4 rolls of jewelry wire, 740 pieces assorted jewelry beads, 425 pieces assorted jewelry findings, 10 pieces necklace charms, a beading mat, and a storage box. The jewelry tools kit includes 3 jewelry pliers which are needle nose pliers, round nose pliers, and cutter piers, a thread scissors, a jump ring opener tool, and tweezers. The beading tools kit comes with 740 pieces of different kinds of beads such as Pony Beads, glass beads, colored pearl beads, letter beads, metallic plated beads, and gemstone beads). The jewelry repair kit has 435 pieces of different jewelry findings such as charms, bead spacers, jump rings, lobster clasps, headpins, calotte crimps, eye pins, crimp beads, and earring hooks.

WTONG Vytung Beads Set for Jewelry Making Kids Adults Children Craft DIY Necklace Bracelets Letter Alphabet Colorful Acrylic Crafting Beads Kit Box with Accessories

There are 6 different options. You can choose the best one according to your fashion understanding. Colors and shapes vary in each box. DIY for kids’ intelligence beads is a good educational tool. It can help children improve hand-eye coordination and improve their practical ability. It is better to play to the child’s imagination, training children’s creativity, and logical thinking.

This kit comes with 24 different beads in assorted pastel colors and shapes such as letters, alphabet, butterfly, leaves, stars, hearts, flowers, round, discs, spacers with holes in them. Hole size is different for the shape of each bead. The beads are very enjoyable and trendy beads for children. Also, yes, for adults, they are very stylish beads. It comes in a plastic storage box. This box has 24 compartments. You can keep your beads organized easily with this box. It has a nice collection of colorful beads. This would be a good starter set for elementary-aged children. Apart from necessities, it has stretchy elastic, safety scissors for children to use, a bag of DIY accessories, a hair hoop, and an instruction on how to produce and create new jewelry.

BeautyBeads Jewelry Making Kit for Adults with Beading Supplies. More than 200pcs Tools and Accessories Set. Make Custom Beading Designs. Bead Design Board, Jewellery Making Guide

It is one of Amazon’s choice. It is not actually for beginners, it can be used by professional jewelry makers mostly. If you want to develop yourself in jewelry making, it is highly suitable for you. It is a highly recommended jewelry making kit. You can start making your jewelry masterpieces right away without the need for any additional tools when you purchase this kit.

This is a big and very complete jewelry-making kit. It is much bigger than expectations. It contains tools, a beading board, a collection of charms and beads and wire. All of these items are inside a zip-around sturdy case with a place for everything. The beads and charms are in plastic tubes and there are a couple of pockets to hold these and wire plus any other items. It is a great jewelry-making kit and also has a downloadable e-book for making jewelry. This really is a very practical kit.

The jewelry-making kit comes with all the tools to either repair broken jewelry or makes your own beautiful personalized ornaments from scratch. The tools include chain nose, round nose, and diagonal cutter pliers, hole reamer, scissor, bead reamer, steel and nylon wire, caliper, tweezers, and so on. Beads come in 4 individual organizer tubes. The bead jewelry design is an essential help to layout your custom jewelry designs before stringing them! The premium plier tools are pre-greased to avoid rust and provide smooth hinging motion.

WinWonder Jewellery Making Kit,1275 pcs Jewellery Finding Set,17 pcs Jewellery Repair Tools for Making Bracelets, Earrings, DIY Handmade

It is highly recommended and preferred jewelry making kit that you can find on Amazon. This package includes jewelry making kit, jewelry making findings, and stringing materials. The kit’s accessories are complete and can meet the needs of everyday jewelry. It is a comprehensive product.

It includes scissors, awl, blue paint vernier caliper, soft ruler, ring, single crochet, elbow scorpion, straight scorpion, crystal elastic line, steel wire, beaded needle, and canvas bag. There are 4 kinds of beading wire included which are Korean wax line, crystal elastic line, copper wire with 2 different colors. It also includes an iron small clip, iron pin, alloy lobster clasp, iron fish ear hook, iron t-pin, single ring, a hanging buckle, positioning, and horse buckle.

SUNNYCLUE 1 Box DIY 9PCS Hollow Bead Cage Pendant Necklace Earrings Jewelry Making Kits Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser Locket Cage Charms & Lava Chakra Gemstone Beads & Chain & Earring Hooks

It is a great starter jewelry making kit! It has everything you need to begin. The colors are beautiful. It is easy to create and fun to wear. You can put colorful crystal chakra beads, lava beads into the bead cage pendant to create a totally unique necklace, earrings, and other DIY diffuser jewelry. You just need a round nose plier to bend the jump rings and headpins.

The package includes bead cage pendants, lava perfume beads, natural jade chakra beads, blue crackle glass beads, earring hooks, stainless steel cross-chain, headpins, iron jump rings, a plastic box, and a paper instruction.

There is a natural gemstone jade bead in 6 different colors which are blue, red, dark turquoise, pink, camellia, green, and medium violet red. 9 pieces of Lava stone beads are random mixed color. Lava rock stones are reusable. You can keep the oil in a longer period. All of them are suitable to insert into stone cage pendants.

MODDA Jewelry Making Kit- DIY Beading Arts and Crafts Kits for Teen Girls, Beginners, Adults – Includes Supplies, Beads, Charms, Instructions for Bracelets, Necklaces, Earrings Making

The company offers 5 different options according to your need. This kit contains the most beautiful beads and findings that you can find on Amazon. It is well-priced so it is a very good kit for beginners. It has all the tools and parts needed to create lovely items. The customer care and service they provide is above and beyond expectations.

If you are new to jewelry making, this jewelry making kit should be your first stop. These kits include assorted trendy beads, unique charms, 4 different types of beading wire, and indispensable tools, findings, and accessories for making your own jewelry. This instruction will guide you through the whole process from start to finish how to make simple but cool pieces of jewelry that you can wear.

You can keep your beads separated at your organizer storage case. All tools and containers are well packed for convenience to storage. This deluxe set also would be a great gift idea for those who love to make a cute beaded bracelet, earring, and necklace.

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