Jewelry Organizers (DIY and Amazon Products)

Jewelry organizers are tools that will allow you to store your jewelry safely. Sometimes you may want to keep your jewelry with high material value and sometimes with a high spiritual value. You can get a ready-made jewelry organizer or you can do the one that suits your room decoration and your own taste as well.

You can design very stylish decorative products by using your skill. It is true that do-it-yourself projects have gained meaning, especially in recent years, rather than purchasing everything from stores. In this, you can easily make and design your own belongings at home. A product or part made with your own manual labor will be much more valuable than the one already purchased. Let’s say that your jewelry is too much and you need a jewelry organizer product to organize them. Instead of purchasing immediately, you can do it yourself using some materials at home.

To hang your jewelry, you can use an old window that you have converted. The stones you collect from the coast can be used to carry both your memories and jewelry. With the help of tiny nails, you can add to a wooden clothes hanger, you can store your jewelry without intermingling. To get a cool ring bowl, you can paint your old figurines or toys in any shades of color you want and stick them in the middle of a large plate. You can evaluate your old toys and use them as jewelry organizers.

If you want to add a vintage feel to your bedroom, you can use antique porcelain as a jewelry organizer. A piece of wood that you can paint in colors appropriate to the decoration of your room can be a beautiful necklace hanger. Two soup bowls and an unused candlestick can also be used to carry your jewelry. You can also use an old pet bottle instead of a plate. You can apply the ombre not only to your hair but also to your jewelry hanger.

To store your glasses without scratching, you can take advantage of the old broken records. With tiny hangers that you can fasten in your wardrobe or on a wall, you can entrust your jewelry to solid hands. You can also put an end to the loss of your rings by placing small sponges wrapped in the fabric in a box.

Hanger Jewelry Organizers

Wouldn’t you be happy to say that you can make two old items in one new item? Don’t you devote yourself to doing this organizer by leaving your power to work? You do! Now, let us tell you what materials and how to make this organizer. You take a strap in your hand and only take out the lower part of the strap. Using the tip of the tool, which the villagers call a rake, you fuse the two together with the help of welding. Here is a great jewelry organizer.

Frame Jewelry Organizers

You have an old painting in your hand and you do not find it valuable enough to use it anymore. So, before you think about throwing it in the trash, why not combine it with this painting by removing the picture inside and preparing a surface where you can wear your earrings? It is up to you to paint the edges of the table. It is easy to have a great look and a handy jewelry organizer.

Drawer and Hanger Jewelry Organizers

You can take a nice-looking coat hanger without any action on it and turn it into a perfect organizer for your shawls. Or you can get a great jewelry organizer by hooking the edges of an old drawer. And also, it will look great.

Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Jewelry Organizer


1kg plaster, thick plastic gloves, a board of a size not to be too large, a glass, a pencil is the list of materials necessary for this idea.

First, draw a circle that may be wrist-width in the middle of the board. Then cut the circle you have drawn with a saw. Take the glove and place it in the part you cut and fix the ends thoroughly. Now mix water and gypsum in a bowl to obtain the required mixture. The plaster you have made should be neither too dark nor too liquid. Then carefully pour the prepared plaster into the glove. You can move the glove lightly or gently mix the plaster in the glove to avoid gaps. Allow drying for 48 hours. If it does not dry well, you will not get an effective result. Therefore, do not touch it until it is dry. After drying, cut the edge of the outside glove with scissors and tear it with your hand and remove the glove. Now your jewelry organizer is ready. All that’s left is to place your jewelry on it as you wish.


If your earrings are very tangled and you find it difficult to find its pair, you can use a fabric to make a tiny pillow for your earrings. It is very simple to do. You cut two fabrics of the same size, sew the edges, and fill it with cotton or fiber. Then you can sew feathers around the edges, both to lose stitch marks and to look nice.


First, find a foam carton. Then sticky foil. Color-colored adhesive foils are available in many places. It is also possible to find it at a very reasonable price. Have scissors, snap blade knife, and tape measure with you. The adhesive foil is self-adhesive. Cut the appropriate amount and cover your foam with foil. Here you have to pay attention to the application of a portion of the foil without removing the entire adhesive. You should flatten the part you adhere to your hand to prevent air gaps and wrinkles on the surface. In the meantime, when you hang your earrings in a small box next to the earring screws do not disappear.


Materials and tools for jewelry hanger: 7x26x100 mm slat, enough map pins, pencil and ruler for marking points, hammer for nailing nails. First sand the bar. Then mark evenly spaced points on the slat for the map pins. Then start nailing them. That’s it! You can easily find your necklaces with this do-it-yourself jewelry organizer. They will not interfere and they will not upset you when you look for.


The materials are an old frame, a wire, paints, and glue in the color you want. The first thing you do is remove the back of your old frame. Then paint your frame in any color. It is ready when you glue the wire to the back. Your jewelry organizer is ready!


This jewelry organizer will require some more effort than others, but it is definitely worth it. Your materials will be wood, patterned paper, adhesive, fixable hangers, and photos. Apply the adhesive to the board and glue the patterned paper. Paste photos after drying. And finally, fix the straps. Now you can use your custom jewelry organizer!


In this jewelry organizer, we ask you to talk with your creativity. We are going to count the supplies, but we are sure you will need more. Because we love to decorate as ladies. Materials are a frame and stuffed fabric. Of course, if you want to paint the frame or draw patterns on the frame, you can add your paints to the bill of materials. The first thing you need to do is remove the glass of the frame and close the back by placing the filled fabric inside the frame. And it is ready for your earrings. You already have a simple and very nice jewelry organizer!


Materials are cardboard, tape, color paper or fabric and foam. First of all, you can use rolls in toilet papers or kitchen tapes. Or you can choose to do it yourself. First cut the board in ant dimensions you want and roll it. Paste band. Then coat with color paper. Your necklace organizer is already ready. Now it is a row to do the earring organizer. Cut the white foam according to the size of your drawer and coat than with a paper. Do not use any other paper in the coating. And finally cut thin a fine part of the foam and cover it with the paper. This is that. Your jewelry organizers are ready.


Why is this jewelry tree always made of plastic or iron? I think it would be better if we made it out of wood. Yes, we can build our jewelry tree at home using real tree branches. Cut the lower part of the tree branch straight, paint it in any color (or leave it in its natural color), and hang your necklaces and bracelets on them. If the tree design does not suit your home, you can also use trinkets and dolls as jewelry organizers.


Materials are thick felt and needle-thread. Draw triangles with a 20 cm edge on the felt. Cut the spikes into a blunt form. Stitch with a contrasting rope by combining the edges. It is a very practical idea to put rings and daily jewelry. You can also use it for different purposes.


For this project, you are going to need: Fabric mod podge, fabric, mod podge Bayer, and mod podge brush applicator. Remove the cork board part super easy. Use brush applicator and start at the top, covering the top portion of the corkboard. You should not go too thick with mod podge. You do not want it to start seeping through the fabric. Gently laid the fabric on top (make sure it is straight) and used brayer tool to help smooth the fabric down. Then start on the next section. Adding more mod podge and laying fabric on top until the piece was covered. Let it dry an hour before the next step. Add a thin amount of mod podge to the sides and firmly wrap it in place. Make sure to smooth it down well for this step. Pull it tight around the back and folded the bottom over. Add more mod podge to the last pieces to help keep it all in place. Let everything dry 2 hours before use. With some cheap hooks to use, it becomes a perfect jewelry organizer.


For this organizer, you need 10 wine corks, 10 brass hooks, 2 brass eye hooks, ribbon, and a glue gun. Begin by laying out the wine corks. You can create a bit of a stagger as your wine corks are various sizes. Glue them together. You need to press each one to the next. Hold them a few seconds to make the glue dry and stick. Next, screw the brass hooks and the brass eye hooks into place. Tie the ribbon onto the eye hooks and hang.


It is very easy to make wooden bracelet holders. You don’t need to worry about it at all and you don’t need to spend lots of money on something you can make at home. Materials are wood round dowel, hardwood dowel, any 2″x6″ or 2″x10″ piece cut down to 10″ for the base, wood screws 2 1/2″ in length, wood glue, paint and stain as desired. Required tools are drill and 7/8 spade bit.

Cut the wood round dowel into 4 – 12″ pieces. Cut the hardwood dowel into 4 pieces: 2-6″ pieces & 2-12″ pieces. Use a flat spade bit. Draw a pencil line down the center of the baseboard. This is where you will be drilling the holes for the dowels. Once you have drilled the two partial holes to fit the dowels, use a drill bit the size of the screw and drill all the way through to the other side of the base.

At the center of the drill, you need to make a hole. That hole should fit the dowel. You can make it by using the spade. Be careful because it is easily moved while doing it. Using a countersink drill bit you can set the screw into the dowel to allow room for wood filler. Countersinking the screw is at your discretion. Using a router and router table, finish the edges of the baseboard. Simply smooth out the edges using a sander. Drill a starter hole at either end of the 7/8″ dowel and connect the baseboard to the 7/8″ dowel using wood screws and glue. Be sure to wipe off any excess glue.

You need to make a connection between the 2″ dowel and the 7/8″ dowel. You can make it by using the wood screws or glue. Use Wood filler to fill in any gaps including the hole created by the countersink drill bit at the top of the 2″ dowel. When you are sure that the filler is dry, you can sand it down. And then when everything is set, dry and in place, make its purity! You can stain or paint all over it. And put the ribbons using a hot glue gun. You can put your favorite bangles as well. In the end, it is time to be proud of what you have created. 


Materials are 5 Wooden drawer boxes, gesso primer, acrylic craft paint: black, white, dark brown, chestnut brown, gray, silver, mod podge gloss, 5 Vintage-style knobs, 4 Large silver round beads, lace ribbon, and scrapbook paper. Supplies that you need are paintbrush, scissors, all-purpose adhesive, glue dots, ruler, drill, and screwdriver.

You can start making it by painting a base coat. You need to go one by one on all the drawers in the box set. Then paint one drawer gray, one white, one black, one chestnut, and one brown. To add a little girly lace pattern to the fronts of a few drawers, dab silver paint through the lace. Start by cutting a piece of lace to fit the drawer front. Paint a layer of Mod Podge onto the drawer front, lay the lace across the drawer front, then paint a layer of Mod Podge over the top of the lace. This step is going to help you to keep the lace in place. 

Install the buttons. Measure the front of the drawer and find the center. It will help you to attach the buttons with screw backs. Drill a hole and then screw the knob. Stick the four beads you have on the four corners of the bottom box. Stack the drawer boxes. But don’t forget to separate each one from the box underneath. Then stick the drawers together. Put a piece of scrapbook paper in each drawer held with glue dots.

Amazon Products

Besides you can do it yourself at home your own jewelry organizer, you can buy it from a store or on Amazon. You can find the proper one according to your budget, your taste, and your decoration on Amazon. There are plenty of options.

DARICE Acrylic Earring Display, 13.5 by 9.3-Inch, Black

It is one of the Amazon’s choices. It comes in around 6 dollars. There are 5 different bars for displaying earrings. Each bar has 24 sets of holes. It is great for craft shows, jewelry displays, and personal jewelry storage. It is made of plastic. You can easily hang this on the wall. It is very cheaply made. A very thin piece of plastic. You may want to keep looking depending on the size of the earrings that you plan on hanging on this.

SODYNEE Two-Layer Lint Jewelry Box Organizer Display Storage Case with Lock

According to customer reviews, it has 4.4 out of 5 stars on Amazon. It is a very multifunctional tool. There are 5 different color options which are black, pink, blue, purple, and purple with the leather surface. It is made of medium-density fiberboard and covered with soft lint. There is a two-layer and removable design that provides more space. There is space for rings, brackets, necklaces can be held. It is easy to open can be locked (comes with a key). It is a good gift for girls or women. Approximate jewelry box dimensions are 10.2″ x 10.2″ x 3.2″ as L x W x H.

It is cheaply made. The compartment walls are thin and can easily come apart if not handled delicately. The ring holder is especially flimsy. It is difficult to open because there is nothing to grasp onto to open it except the lock. The lock is not actually a real lock -so for all the people who didn’t get a key, you are not missing anything because you can stick anything in there to lock and unlock it. It is difficult to lift up the top compartment to access the bottom compartment. For being so cheaply made you would think the price would be less.

UMBRA Trigem Hanging Jewelry Organizer – 3 Tier Table Top Necklace Holder and Display

It is one of the Amazon’s choices. Also, it is one of the most recommended products. It comes in around 25 dollars. There are two color options which are brass and nickel. It provides an easy way to see everything. There is no need to remove all your necklaces from a single hook just to get to the one you want to wear. It allows you to store and display multiple necklaces, of different lengths, all on one convenient necklace organizer.

There are three bars. These have enough storage spaces. There is no need to spread your jewelry all over the places anymore. You can keep them untangled and without scratching. Thanks to its 19-inch height, it is also an ideal necklace holder for extra-long necklaces. The base of the organizer doubles as a jewelry tray for added accessory storage. You can use it in accordance with your need. It can be used as an earring holder or bracelet holder as well.

LANGRIA Lockable Jewelry Cabinet Jewelry Armoire with Mirror Jewelry Holder Organizer Storage, 4 Angle Adjustable

Even though it is a little bit expensive, it is one of the most preferred ones. It provides two color options which are white and brown. It comes in around 110 dollars. It is a very stylish and well-made product. It is a free-standing jewelry armoire. It is made of MDF material. It features an all brown outlook. It is very easy to maintain and assemble armoire. It can easily fit any place at home.

There are 108 slots for earrings, 36 earrings holes for stud earrings, 18 hooks for necklaces and bracelets, 84 slots for rings, 1 pouch, and 11 compartments. It stores all of your jewelry. You can keep them organized easily. They can stay in good condition. There is an embedded mirror. It is in a good size for everyone. You can check on your appearance. It gives you a whole vision. After wearing jewelry and doing makeup, you can be sure that everything looks great on you.  

There are a pair of sticks and 4 upper horizontal holes on each side of the stand to adjust to different beveled angles for a better view. The construction of the box, the feet, and the door are simple and well-executed. The mirror is perfect and the door hinges are more than adequate to hold itself. The lock mechanism is adequate and well installed and it comes with 2 keys. There is a protective black fabric lining as additional protection. You can prevent your jewelry from scratching or any damage. Also, you can keep them safe in this product.

UMBRA Terrace Jewelry Tray – Three-Tier Jewelry Tray With Three Sliding Linen Lined Wood Trays With Metal Frame and Handle, Easy Storage and Access

It is one of the Amazon’s choices. It comes in 30 dollars. The price is very reasonable, even though it looks more expensive. This tray is perfect for earrings, bracelets, watch bands, and shorter necklaces. It slides out for easy access to accessories and it features specially designed linen dividers for organizing accessories, a simple handle makes it easy to transport. It is an elegant and modern jewelry tray. It has three sliding linen-lined wood jewelry trays made of Paulownia wood in a walnut finish, a black metal frame, and a wooden handle.

There are individual dividers in it. Each tray has a different style of the divider, made for different types of jewelry, and helps keep rings, bracelets, earrings, and necklaces separate to optimize organization. The linen lining in Terrace’s compartments protects small and delicate items. There are lots of storage places. There are three jewelry trays. These make a great storage place and optimize your storage. It is a compact, clever, and excellent piece. It measures 7 x 10 x 8 inches.

BB Brotrade HJO80 Hanging Jewelry Organizer, 80 Pocket Organizer for Holding Jewelry

It is one of the Amazon’s choices. It is one of the most recommended and the most preferred products that you can find on Amazon. Also, it has a very reasonable price. There are 7 color options which are beige, black, dark brown, coffee, white, pink, and grey. You can purchase the one with zippers or without zippers.

It is made of non-woven fabric. It has a transparent PVC window which provides easily view and protect items. It is endurable and good-looking. The hanger is included. It is easy to pick. There is no need to take the jewelry out for selection. It is clear enough that you can easily look and guess through.

It comes with 80 Pockets (40 on each side). There is no need to put everything altogether and then scatter them throughout the room in the quest to find the little rings or earrings. You can put everything you have in each transparent pocket separately. Due to its visible feature, you can select the one you need easily. 

You are able to see each item separately instead of clustered and tangled together in jewelry boxes. It is wonderful that each row of compartments has a sturdy zipper to keep the pieces from flying out. Best of all there are so many compartments front and back and there is a pocket for each of my necklaces, bracelets, earrings, etc. It’s durable and uses minimal space in my closet. This will make a great and useful gift for anyone.

HOMDE Synthetic Leather Huge Jewelry Box Mirrored Watch Organizer Necklace Ring Earring Storage Lockable Gift Case

It is one of the Amazon’s choices and it is very preferred. It comes in around 50 dollars and it is a very reasonable price for this product. Because there are many spaces for whatever you want to put. It has two color options which are black and white.

With 4 removable pillows in the top layer, you can not only conveniently and safely store your jewelry but also your watches. It has an attractive appearance with a white faux leather surface and soft velvet lining inside. It is large enough to hold your watches, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, hairpins, brooches, and other jewelry.

There are 4 Pull Out Drawers, includes a deeper bottom drawer and 3 equal size drawers. There are 4 cards for earrings and 1 roll for rings in drawer 1. There are 4 equal size compartments in drawer 2. There are 12 compartments in the same size in drawer 3. The deeper bottom drawer consists of only one large compartment to store big jewelry or sunglasses. They are very easy to open drawers. They are equipped with a delicate handle. 

There are 2 swings out cabinets, each with 8 necklace hooks and 2 storage ledges, help to keep your necklaces from getting tangled. It could be a perfect gift also. The lid has a ribbon attached to keep it from falling back, the mirror makes it easier to dress, and the safety lock with a key adds elegance and security.

AmazonBasics 4-Drawer Acrylic Beauty Organizer

It has 4.7 out of 5 stars and comes in around 22 dollars. You can keep your beauty basics and favorite accessories at your fingertips with this. It is a stylish and contemporary organizer. It is a perfect solution for storing small objects. These small objects could be, apart from jewelry, makeup products, grooming utensils, or whatever you want to store. Place on your vanity or countertop for quick access to essentials, and don’t waste time fussing with multiple makeup bags or storage containers. Make your daily beautifying routine easier, quicker, and more efficient with this cool, modern accessory box.

It is the ideal size for stashing coveted treasures such as rings, necklaces, earrings, and hair clips, as well as beauty products like makeup palettes, lipstick, mascara, and more. Make the most of your space by keeping your prettiest items or grab-and-go favorites on top of the box, while other essentials stay safe and sound inside the box’s pull-out storage drawers.

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