Jewelry Rings: All You Need to Know About Rings as Accessories

A ring is a piece of jewelry used in engagement and wedding events. In addition, they are gifts that we give to make our loved ones happy on birthdays, wedding anniversaries, or on different special occasions. The rings are produced with many different features including diamond rings, solitaire rings, silver rings, and five stone rings. Diamond rings are the rings obtained by the careful processing of the diamond. Solitaire rings, on the other hand, are rings with a single diamond stone. Solitaire ring prices vary according to the size of the solitaire on the ring. Diamond rings have been gaining a lot of attention lately. In addition, five stone rings have been intense interest in ten times. So where does the tradition of wearing rings come from?

The ring is a ring worn on the finger, made of various metals with and without stones. It has been used as a seal since ancient times and it is also worn by young people who are engaged. Gold, silver, copper, and iron rings are found in the excavations. It was customary to wear iron rings in Isparta and Romans. It is also in fashion today for women to wear gold and platinum rings as jewelry. In addition to precious stones such as diamond, sapphire, emerald, and ruby, ordinary glass and wires are also found. The value of the rings is measured by the value of the metal and stone.

The wedding ring was first used by the Romans in history. To distinguish married couples from singles. The ring was made of iron and was used with words written in it. These scriptures were seen as a form of self-expression and sometimes as magic. The articles would be like “I love you”, “you are for me”, “I’ll have a chance”, “obey and love”. Today, inscriptions are written inside wedding rings. The tradition from this date is still maintained.

Brief History of Jewelry Rings

From past to present, the ring has been the symbol of power, splendor, position, devotion, eternity, decoration, and sometimes class differences. The simplest known examples of rings were first encountered in the Bronze Age between 3000-1000 BC. Rings made mostly of iron in the past gained value over time with the discovery of valuable raw materials and their use in ring making and reached today by wearing different designs in different hands. When the ring is mentioned, the first thing that comes to mind is the engagement and marriage. Belonging, finding a partner, loyalty, love and eternity are the concepts associated with the ring in this context. These values, which are integrated with the ring, vary from person to person and thus gain individuality. Naturally, this situation is reflected in ring designs and rings chosen for marriage. In other words, the ring becomes the signature of the marriage in a way.

But where does the tradition of wearing rings for marriage date back to? Although not certain, it is said that this tradition was first seen in Ancient Egyptians 4800 years ago. For the Ancient Egyptians and other ancient cultures, the circle meant no beginning or end, that is, eternity. The hole in the middle of the circle was seen as the door to the known and unknown. Giving a woman a ring meant the eternal love for that woman. While the Romans continued this tradition, they perceived giving a ring to a woman as having that woman rather than the eternal love felt for her. During the Roman period, the ring was carved for the first time and the raw material used was mostly iron. Iron rings made in this period represented power, protection, and belonging, and these rings were called Annulus Pronubus.

In the 13th century, Christians acquired the tradition of wearing rings in marriage ceremonies, and the rings worn in these ceremonies were more flamboyant and carved, unlike today’s rings, in the form of exaggerated designs that were intertwined with different ornaments on the upper parts. Spiritually, the ring has been described as the union of hearts. “Diamond is a girl’s best friend.” Period: It was quite common for the lady who got married in the 1800s to wear a diamond ring. At that time, almost every girl who got married started to wear diamond rings and the diamond prices decreased considerably. Going forward in history, during the tough war years that American men spent away from home during the Second World War, it was seen that they began to wear rings to remind themselves that there was a wife waiting for them at home and to empower them spiritually.

Silver Rings as Jewelry

For centuries, people’s interest in precious metals has been striking. Gold and silver in particular continue to be primarily metals in this regard. Silver ring, which continues to be a great design product in recent years, has become an element that all people value, both in the past and today. Over time, production capacity continues to improve in this regard. Both the solitaire ring models and other options with altered embroidery have always continued to attract people’s attention. The solitaire support with diamonds and similar ornaments has really revealed results that make women smile in this regard.

With its stylish features and extraordinary ability, a really important working performance for ring models draws attention. Silver solitaire, which is one of the most ideal gifts that men especially think of for women, has to reveal its production capability in this regard. Complementing a magnificent outfit, prepared with great care, ring models have become one of the most indispensable elements of people with their importance. Today, very high-quality silver solitaire models have to appear on the market. Carefully designed and skillfully produced models continue to represent a characteristic that our society truly values.

Very important studies are carried out for the solitaire models that represent very important material and spiritual potential. Representing an excellent gift option and at the same time the privilege of accessories and design, the silver ring has become one of the truly important values ​​of our society. The most eye-catching models in this regard are collected under the title of solitaire rings for high school and they have revealed results that will really affect people.

For men who do not use gold, silver remains a truly ideal metal of choice. The silver ring models mostly preferred by men continue to represent an enormous talent and understanding of production. Just as women show their interest in solitaire rings, production elements with silver materials continue to be very important for men. Important studies are being carried out for extremely eye-catching and remarkable solitaire rings. Here, it is necessary for men to come together with models suitable for their wishes with the quality products of the market. Ring models produced with great care continue to reflect the production capability, especially in this regard. There are really impressive studies on stylish and extraordinary accessory designs.

Both the design and the production capability of the silver solitaire models prepared for women really attract attention. Each solitaire here creates an enormous image with regular diamond support. The product capacity thus revealed continues to have a positive effect on people, with the results of its full capabilities. In addition to the ideal and useful metal guarantee, really important studies for silver ring models draw attention. In order to benefit from this market with reasonable price options, there may be solitaire ring models that you should definitely review. When we say solitaire, you can think of a diamond-backed silver model. In addition to this, ring models have been processed with different variegated models and they continue to be the highest quality products of this market. Silver solitaire, which is a good choice for souvenirs, continues to create a good opportunity for men to please women.

Especially with the support of solitaire, a perfect silver metal continues to represent a truly enormous production capability. It seems very logical to evaluate an attractive example for silver ring models, which have started to take an important place among gift items. These qualified and talented product models have a very important place for ring models, each of which is carefully designed and represents a perfect feature as an accessory. Accessories, which are supportive of clothing designs and the wind created by fashion, become much more meaningful with silver solitaire. Especially women’s expectations about solitaire are always well known. The solitaire ring, which has been the favorite gift option of recent years, continues to reveal reasonable prices with its diamond-backed silver models. In fact, the creations prepared with utmost care in recent years draw attention in this regard.

When we say silver ring models, we have to come across a very comprehensive product option. Silver solitaire, which is a perfect choice for both women and men who want to buy gifts, reveals the feature of being one of the most ideal products of this market with its reasonable prices. It continues to be extremely helpful to people in terms of an extremely valuable and easy to process metal accessory such as silver. For the solitaire ring, which is perhaps the most ideal and affordable gift option of recent years, the use of this quality metal should give very positive results. The silver ring continues to be the ideal product of recent years, with its appearance and affordable prices.

Baguette Ring Models

Baguette ring is one of the most preferred diamond cuts of today. The most known cuts of the diamond are the classic cut, round cut, emerald cut, princess cut, royal cut, pillow cut, radiant cut, drop cut, triangle cut, etc. Baguette ring models are one of the most preferred modern cuts. In baguette-cut diamonds; Angular long rectangular bar cut is in question. Baguette-cut is one of the most popular designs. Baguette-cut diamond models are especially preferred both for marriage proposals and for daily use. Baguette-cut diamond rings made their mark in 2019 with their especially charming and sparkling appearance. Baguette-cut diamond ring models have a different ambiance compared to another cutting style. It has a prismatic reflection feature, especially since its surface consists of straight lines. With this feature, it provides a unique and sparkling image.

Baguette ring models are models in which their shine is reflected quite differently, especially due to their cut. Baguette-cut diamond rings are designed with a rectangular structure. Although baguette-cut rings are preferred more than classic and round cuts, all diamond models are timeless. Therefore, every diamond ring always provides elegance. Baguette-cut rings have 14 facet cut surfaces. Facets are angled surfaces that are reflected in the light. In this cutting form, the total depth does not affect the light reflection due to the cutting shape. Baguette ring models reflect the lights reflected from the surface in a very elegant way, especially when they are handled by masters and professionals. Baguette diamond models are among the most preferred gifts for marriage proposals, engagements, weddings, or birthdays.

Baguette-cut diamond models are one of the most admired diamond cuts, especially with their stylish designs and designs. A much different baguette model of the classic, round, or princess-cut single stone rings stands out with modern beauty. In the part where the round single stone of the single stone ring is located, baguette-cut rings are designed with rectangular diamond stones. Baguette ring prices are determined according to the land used in the ring model you will buy and its features. Carat is the most important detail that determines the price of diamond rings. On the other hand, the cut of the diamond ring models you will buy and the number of stones used are also determining the prices of baguette rings.

Five Stone Rings

There are rings that express a lot of meanings in relationships. It can be of moral importance rather than material. These are headed by solitaire rings. We can say that solitaire rings are a symbol of seriousness in relationships. To be more precise, it is given to the lover in the serious step of the relationship. This is often the case with marriage proposals. Isn’t a solitaire ring given apart from a marriage proposal? of course, it is given. But in this case, a solitaire ring gifted means “I’m serious with you”. Solitaire rings are not just diamonds. It sells quite a lot of those made of normal stones. If your situation is not very good, you can choose them instead of diamonds.

It’s not just a solitaire ring that makes sense. Three stones make a great sense in rings. Three stone ring (Tria ring) that can be bought for a lover means Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow with you. A ring with this meaning can be a gift to a lover or the best ring gift one can receive for himself. Three stone ring models are quite abundant. There are many model pictures on this topic. Triangle model rings that can be opened and closed were very popular at one time. The fact that it can be used as a solitaire when opened inside made it very original. Row stone rings can be used as wedding rings. There are many who prefer row stone ring models instead of wedding rings.

For this reason, many stone rings are also produced. Five-stone ones are generally in demand, but six and seven stones or various models with stones on all sides are quite stylish. Five stone rings are quite flamboyant jewelry. Each stone carries the meaning you load. In general, five stone rings that represent love, loyalty, peace, happiness, and fertility can also be used as wedding rings. Although it is generally thought that it is taken after the fifth year of marriage or relationship, it is also taken as an anniversary gift, birth gift, and marriage proposal ring. While triangular rings are preferred in the first years of togetherness, they also represent the growing family. We can also call it the past, present, and future of love for Tria.

In five stone rings, each stone has its meaning. They generally represent love, loyalty, peace, happiness, and fertility. It is a perfect fit for the fifth year of your relationship. The fact that it has a high value in terms of material value is an indicator that the value in your eyes is increasing day by day, even after years. In addition to relationships and marriages, it is also preferred on special occasions such as birth, mother’s day, or birthday. Online stores have great collections for you to crown all your special days. Five stone ring is one of the happiest gifts for women on special occasions such as Anniversary, Birth, Mother’s Day, and Birthdays. Five-stone rings, doubling the value and magnificence of the diamond, are also used all over the world as engagement wedding rings. When choosing a five-stone ring, it is recommended to choose a setting that is very close to the model of your solitaire ring. The carat weight given in the five stone rings is the total carat weight of the five stones. For example, a 1.00 ct five stone ring consists of single stones each of which is 0.20 carats.

Men’s Rings

One of the accessories that are widely used by men is the ring. While many ring models are created every year, we will provide you with information on how to choose a ring for men. Since there are so many male silver ring models, they can be made of silver in different sizes, colors, and different settings, while these rings can also contain different figures. Having so many rings confuses people when choosing a ring. One of the things to be considered when choosing a men’s ring is the spiritual characteristics of the person.

Because different natural stones embroidered on silver rings can cure various mental and physical illnesses and bring an angry person to a calmer state. It is important to choose a silver ring that contains the appropriate natural stone among the men’s ring models. In addition, natural stones, which have a very beautiful appearance not only as healing but also visually, are processed as a result of technology and various figures are formed.

If you choose a ring that includes a figure that suits your eye taste, you will get a ring that will look beautiful on your finger by making use of both the healing properties of natural stone and the pleasant appearance of natural stone in the color, size, and shape you want. Since men’s silver ring models are more numerous on the internet and the price comparison can be easier, you can shop online. We have explained how to choose a men’s ring like this.

Specially designed rings are pieces that match the person’s taste structure. It is highly preferred for male customers, but personalized designs always differ in terms of price. Nowadays, the choice of men walking in more modern lines creates silver rings without stones. Men’s ring models, which are usually worn on the ring finger and especially the little finger, are more remarkable when designed with stones. Ring models with black, burgundy, emerald green, cream, and dark blue important stones, designed from various symbols and forms and suit all combinations of men, are becoming more preferred in recent times.

The Meanings of the Ring According to the Wearing Finger

Rings are made meaningful according to the finger they are worn. Sometimes it shows your marital status and sometimes your spiritual world. Apart from the engagement ring and wedding ring, what do the rings that are worn on the little finger and index finger mean? Here is the answer to that very curious question. Rings are a kind of jewelry that women use frequently. Although they are generally used as a symbol to represent their marital status, women sometimes use them as an accessory to complement their elegance. Most of the time, men do not prefer to wear rings other than wedding or engagement rings. But there are now very stylish and meaningful rings for men. Rings are produced for those who say not to wear them.

The meaning of the ring worn on the right and left fingers of both hands is quite clear as it is understood when this finger is called the ring finger. If the ring is on the right finger, it is the engagement ring, if on the left finger, it is marriage. As everyone knows and tradition in the society; A woman is given a solitaire ring when proposing marriage, then the wedding ring is chosen and the two of them are worn on the ring finger of the right hand together in the promise of engagement. When the work is taken one step further and the signatures are signed, the place of the ring changes, from right to left. Thus, the wedding ring is worn on the left hand.

Recently, however, we have seen rings other than the ring finger, especially in women, or solitaires are worn on the fingers except for the ring finger. “Can you wear a ring on your index finger?” do not say! Of course, some meanings have already been added to this situation, some legends have been produced in the taste of urban legends, but in general, wedding rings other than the rings that are worn on the ring fingers of both hands do not have a clear meaning. So, it could be because a woman likes to wear a ring but is not married or engaged. The reason why a married woman wears her ring on her middle finger may be that the ring is loose on her finger. In this case, it is worth mentioning once again that it is necessary to learn the exact ring size from the jeweler before buying a ring. Of course, it should be said that the ring finger not being empty creates the image of “If anyone is interested, it is announced, I have no relationship right now.” According to rumors; That was the meaning of the ring worn on the index finger.

Rings are mostly used by women. We don’t see men wearing as many rings as women. There are even men who do not wear wedding and engagement rings. But detailed rings, also produced for men, now encourage them to use this accessory. Of course, there are some meanings for men to wear rings. For example, there is a belief that men who prefer to wear rings on their thumb are fond of their freedom. It is rumored that wearing a ring on the thumb, which was associated with the strength and protection of men in the ancient Greek age, represents the state of being confident and leader of men today. Women wear rings on the thumb, on the other hand, means that they get tired of stubbornness, warm-blooded, and angry nature. Those who wear a ring on the middle finger and little finger; It is stated that they are reliable, secret, organized, and successful people. These people are often said to want to show that they like the order that they can keep and are reliable. However, many people argue that the ring does not look very aesthetic on the little finger.

There are also women who wear a ring on the ring finger but are not married or engaged. Although it is a myth, as well as a tactic that women use to protect themselves, even though there is a truth to it, another reason for this is the romantic relationship dreams of women. We can even call it a message which is given by girls with a boyfriend. By the way, let’s say that the tradition of wearing wedding rings in marriages is based on ancient Egyptian beliefs. Before Christ, in Egypt, the tradition of circle-shaped objects symbolizing eternity, and the round rings representing marriage with the desire to continue the marriage forever, emerged. As we mentioned at the beginning, the rings worn except ring fingers do not have a clear meaning. It is believed that each of these meanings that emerged over time has correctness for itself. However, it is worth noting that these are not certain.

The Details You Need to Pay Attention to When Buying a Diamond Ring

Wedding season is coming, one of the things you need to do before the wedding is the marriage proposal, which is the first move of that marriage. Today it has become identified with the solitaire ring. So, what should you pay attention to when buying a solitaire ring? I will tell you all the details you need to pay attention to when buying a solitaire diamond ring. What are the carat, color, clarity, and cut of the diamond? Why are the prices of two solitaire rings with all the same features different?

  • Price

Let’s talk about the features of your wallet before the ring features. You need to pay attention to your expenses in order not to be financially shaken on the road to marriage. Both parties should be aware that they are on a road together. Buy a ring that won’t strain your budget.

  • Color

One of the distinguishing features of diamonds is its color. This is explained in letters in diamonds. Accordingly, between S and Z colored, N to R colored white, K to M white, G to J rare white and the most valuable are F, E, and D, namely colorless diamonds which are less common in nature. The ranking goes from D to Z here. The value decreases as you move from D to Z, which is the least valuable.

  • Clarity

There are certain scratches in the diamond as it is formed by years of pressure under the ground. These scratches are too small to be seen. It is defined by F, which is the most valuable. It is followed by VVS1 – VVS2, then VS1-VS2. SI1 and SI2 have a cleanliness level that you can easily get a good color. The clarity of the diamond with a little more scratches is I1, I2, and I3.

  • Carat

This is the most known feature among the people. Carat is the name given to the weight of a diamond and is one-fifth of a gram. It is measured with precision scales.

  • Cut

It is very important in terms of showing the diamond you bought. A good cut can make a 0.20-carat ring look like 0.30. Round cuts are generally used for single stone rings. Apart from that, there are many cutting styles such as emerald cut and princess cut. But the most used cutting type in the world is round cut.

So why is there a price difference between diamonds with the same features? There are several reasons for this. The same product can be sold at different prices in different stores due to many expenses including the fee paid by the brands for the quality certificate, advertising expenses, or shopping mall rent.

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