Jewelry Travel Cases: The 20 Best Options

Are you planning to go on a vacation? Are you worried about the safety of all your pieces of jewelry? Well, you certainly should be, since it could all go South with bumps in the road and getting your box through those several checks that never seem to end. However, there is something that can make life a lot easier for you. Jewelry travel cases that will help make sure that you can organize and secure your jewelry before traveling.

No matter how big or small your adventures, you will always want to take your favorite jewelry. Keep your valuable items safe by investing in a jewelry case that has enough room to store all of your favorite pieces. Specially designed jewelry boxes and holders will keep your items organized on your trip and give you the peace of mind that your treasured accessories are always secure and protected on the go.

Earrings, necklaces, bracelet and other items under the term ‘jewelry’ usually comes packed in a comfortable box that allows you to store them easily. This might make it seem unnecessary to go through the extra stress and cost of getting a jewelry case. But, it is very common to misplace jewelry cases after a while and some might not even be convenient to carry around. Also, you might have gotten some of the jewelry off a merchant without getting the package. For all of this, the perfect thing to do is get a jewelry box.

Jewelry boxes are delightful, and you can even get one that matches the design of the suitcase you are traveling with. They are also safe and secure since you can push them right into the bottom of your box, making sure that they are no easy target. You don’t want to miss the level of organization they bring to all your jewelry. Just imagine being able to get the exact necklace you are looking for when it is time for dinner on that boat cruise you are on.

Jewelry travel cases not only make sure that you don’t have to start searching for your jewelry deep inside the pockets of your bags, but they also allow you to have everything you want right where you can find them. You can easily avoid theft by getting cases that come with security zippers and lock, and if all you need is just an overnight getaway, the smaller boxes are perfect. 

Jewelry boxes also have different compartments to make arranging your jewelry inside them much simpler. Your rings have loops, holes for earrings and pockets for the necklace pendant, and all the other shiny stuff. These cases can even be used for your tabletop where you can keep all your jewelry without worrying that they would roll under the bed or shelf. Another benefit you get to enjoy is that, due to the separate arrangement of jewelry inside jewelry cases.

A Comely Double Layer Leather Jewelry Organizer

One of the best things about jewelry boxes is that they are compact, but still able to take a lot of jewelry items with a great organization. Here is one that is great for you, if you are looking to travel soon with those cute trinkets. There is enough space and it has exquisite craftsmanship to not only make it efficient but also aesthetically pleasing.

The exterior of the box is made with premium bonded leather with soft beige velvet lining at the sides. It is quite charming, and the fact that it comes with a two-way zipper makes you enjoy the needed comfort when you want to open it. Still, on the exterior, you can choose to select the turquoise, oranges, and pink. All of them come with the same design, but there are three color options that allow you to pick the color that best suits you.

There is also quite a beautiful interior. It has a mirrored divider that helps keep all the jewelry in their place. It can take about 5 necklace hooks, 6 rings, and has a pocket. No matter the size of your jewelry, the well-partitioned compartments will have them arranged with no stress at all. This product from them is quite affordable and will make really great décor for your home.

LE Papillion Small Jewelry Box

This is made of a super sleek faux leather. It has a velvety soft interior, an inside mirror, and it comes with tassel zippers. There are several storage spaces for inside for everything you need for your travel. They could be rings, earrings, necklaces, or bracelets. In addition, there is a buttoned compartment in order to keep your more precious and valuable jewelry safe.

It will be perfect for on the go but also works great for regular storage of jewelry at home. This has a good amount of space for jewelry for a couple of weeks of travel and sorts things nicely. There are 3 different color options available such as black, pink, and blue.

Vlando Small Travel Tassel Jewelry Box Organizer

This quality jewelry from Vlando is highly functional. It is made of high-quality material, and the price is still reasonable enough to make it one of our favorites. You can use it to store your jewelry while traveling and it is also dynamic enough to decorate your tabletop and match your room cabinet when you are home.

Created with different designs, you can get this jewelry box in 7 colors. There is the velvet lining added with excellent workmanship. There is no bulge or heavy logging when you use this excellent product. Internally designed to stun you. There is a mirror that allows you to see how beautiful that necklace or earrings look on you. The soft cushy flannel is also used to line the interior to make sure that your jewelry doesn’t rub off on a harsh surface as you move around.

Its version is absolutely beautiful and looks so expensive. It holds exactly the right amount of jewelry for long cruises, extended beach vacations, trips to everywhere very nicely! There is a place to hang necklaces! It is wonderful because it does not tangle while the box is tolling around in your suitcase or purse. Zippers work well, the lining is nice, the cases themselves are nice, sturdy, and lightweight.

WOLF 329915 Caroline Zip Travel Case

Besides its material which is real leather, its interior is lined with LusterLoc. It actually absorbs harmful gases which are known as causing jewelry tarnishing. These travel cases are very well made, they look expensive, and they are highly sturdy. They are a great size. It has a mirror inside with a little hidden compartment if you tug on the mirror tie. It fits great in luggage. There are 4 different colors available according to your preferences such as black, dusty rose, ivory, and red.

SONGMICS Small Jewelry Box, Travel Case Organizer for Rings Necklaces with Mirror

If you want a jewelry case more portable, then this is for you. With a moderate size and organized interior, all you are looking for is now right at your fingertips. The product is also very affordable. Jewelry boxes are mostly made of leather, and this is no exception. The exterior comes with a textured faux leather material that covers the functional storage. The product is well-crafted and comes in two different colors which are beige and pink which are perfect for a stylish look.

Opening up with a gold-tone double zipper, the interior features a soft velvet lining and has a classic touch to keep your valuables safe. The compartments are also well divided to make sure that you have a highly organized setting for all your fashion pieces. You have sections that will take your earrings, studs, necklace, bracelet, and rings. There is also a mirror that divides it into a top and bottom section but still allows you to check out how gorgeous your jewelry is on you.

This is a really nice jewelry case. It is a great size for travel and it fits all of your jewelry. You will be very happy with the purchase. You will like the flap with the mirror in the case because it prevents any movement inside the box. It is made of soft fabric, so it won’t scratch your jewelry.

Naswei Jewelry Organizer Box

There are some essential features that you have to look out for before choosing a jewelry box. They have to be portable, convenient to use, and have great interiors to protect your jewels. And this is all present in this great box from Naswei.

Made with environmental faux leather, the product is perfectly suitable for an outdoor experience. The box even comes with a lock to provide you the extra security that you desire. It is divided into three, and each of them has interiors lined with soft fleece to give your jewelry a soft surface to rub against. There are four colors that you can choose from such as navy blue, pink, square-light blue, and square-white.

The cost is really affordable, and you won’t have to dent your wallet if you are getting this for yourself or for someone. This jewelry box is almost perfect! It is perfect for traveling or just for the pieces you wear the most often if you want to have them out and easy to access. A handy tip is unless you have a lot of stud earrings, you can take the stud earring holders out and use that compartment for bangle bracelets or pieces that are too large to fit in the bottom compartments.

ONLVAN Leather Travel Jewelry Case Roll Bag

It is made from high-quality faux leather. Because of that, it is very soft and it looks very real. There are 2 options offered. It can come in simple tan-brown or black. It can be folded flat or rolled up. It has suitable spots for all of your jewelry, from necklaces to earrings to pins.

It is small enough to fit in your purse or carry on but has an amazing amount of storage. Places for rings, earrings, necklaces, and so on. The interior is nicely padded and the overall quality is outstanding. It is definitely a recommended product.

Ellis James Designs Travel Jewelry Organizer Elegant Travel Jewelry Case

Ellis James is famous for crafting products that are aimed at satisfying customers with the highest quality possible. The product comes with a beautiful design and is secure enough to help you keep your trinkets safe.

The exterior of this stylish pouch was made with the design of a soft pouch. You can trust the small bag to hold your jewelry without causing any abrasion while logging it around. There is a zipper that makes storage easy without any compromise. For weekends, stayovers, or extended vacations, you can easily fit the pouch into your knapsack or travel bags. This case is made well, has many pockets, snap closures for rings and necklaces, and a really well made holed packet for earrings.

This one is just perfect! It has so many compartments to put different pieces of jewelry. There is a place to strap in necklaces, rings, and bracelets. A zipper pouch in the center that is removable. Another sturdy flat removable insert that has holes in it to use for your earrings. There are also two large zipper compartments on each side of the organizer.

Inside the pouch are distinct spaces for keeping rings, earrings, and other jewelry pieces. If you want to give it out as a gift then the box that it comes in is very suitable. You don’t need to spend time wrapping it up again, just give it as it comes. The bag also comes in three different designs so you can choose between black, cream or grey for your personal comfort.

Specialty Styles Travel Jewelry Case

It appears to be of good quality, especially for the price. Not only is this striking pink case pretty as a picture on the outside, but it is also roomy enough on the inside to allow you to travel with all of your favorite jewelry close at hand. It is lightweight and stylish, featuring necklace snaps, earring holders, ring holders, zippered pockets as well as removable drawstring pouches for larger items.

It can slide easily into your carry-on. The necklace snap storage design prevents your necklaces from tangling, and there is even an additional cover to ensure your other items remain separate and are not scratched or damaged on your journey.

Lily & Drew Travel Jewelry Storage Carrying Case

Packing can be pretty stressful when you are traveling, and you certainly don’t need the extra worry that comes with keeping your jewelry safe. That is why you need a jewelry box and this gorgeous one from Lily & Drew is just perfect for you. The box comes with a unique design that is superior in quality and perfect in size.

They are so portable that you can fit them into any size of bag you are traveling with. The outer covering is made with a water-resistant nylon cover, there is also a two-way zipper for more security. What you will find lovely in the whole package is the fact that there is a removable pouch that is used to separate the two sides.

The interior of the pouch is lined with soft velvet polyester. And the compartments are also well arranged so that you can prevent your jewelry from getting tangled no matter the bumps in the road. There is a 6-loop snap for pendants, ring loop, 28 holes for earrings, and zippered pockets for watches, necklaces, and bracelets.

It feels like very good quality. The size is just right for travel. It will hold plenty of jewelry for a trip–no more trying to pick and choose what you want to bring! All the rings don’t slide down on top of one another. The little pouch to stuff the bottom of long necklaces is also a genius way to keep them from getting tangled. There are also different color options that you can choose such as black, leaf blue, light blue, and magenta.

CASE ELEGANCE Vegan Leather Travel Jewelry Case – Jewelry Organizer

The specially designed vegan leather of this case feels and acts like real leather without the need for you to compromise on your beliefs. Available in 4 colors which are pink, cream, monogrammed pink, or monogrammed cream. This luxurious case measures a compact but useable 8” x 5.5” and it is excellent for traveling with small pieces of jewelry in your carry-on.

With felt-lined compartments for protection, necklace tabs, ring bars, zip pockets, a pouch, and an earrings strap, you can keep everything you need to feel pretty close by. This is one carry-on essential you should have on your packing list. It is a decent size, great quality, lots of space and fits most jewelry. The only sort of downside is earrings with long backs/stems make it difficult to close the button.

SANQIANWAN Small Jewelry Travel Organizer Box

For those that just want to keep very few fashion accessories in a really small box, you will be charmed by this product. It has a really fashionable design and its small enough to fit into your handbag. You can be more efficient with all the holes and loops available in the interior for the perfect storage of your pieces of jewelry.

The cover of the case was made with PU leather that is not only durable but also fashionable and elegant. It has a comfortable outlook but spot such quality that it fits the whole aesthetic you are traveling with. The interior is lined with soft velvet material to keep your jewelry safe. The compact design keeps all your jewelry safely apart, and a gold zipper is available to complement the whole package. It is available in six colors, but anyone you choose is terrific. These colors are black, cyan, gold, gray, Pearl White, and red.

This little travel case is perfect for those short trips when you don’t want your jewelry to get all tangled up. The size is really nice. There are spaces for at least 2 necklaces to keep them untangled, slots for rings and earrings, and a compartment for storing other items. A partition fits inside to keep items from getting tangled. The partition handle matches the outside color. There is a full zipper that provides security. When you open it fully, the organizer becomes flat.  

Bundle Monster 3 Tier Compartment Mini Velvet Travel Roll Up Jewelry Box Case

This roll-up organizer opens to reveal 3 tiers of hard-cased compartments. It is ideal for traveling with all your favorite jewelry and suitably sized for your carry-on or backpack. The cylindrical design is perfect for protecting and separating your smaller items such as rings, necklaces, earrings, pendants, and bracelets. The deep violet-colored velvet exterior is luxurious and securely fastens to ensure that none of your items fall out while you are traveling.

These are so cute and useful! You can go on a trip with them easily. And, also it is a great idea for a gift. There are 3 levels. One for rings and two for loose items like necklaces, earrings, and so on. It looks just like the picture. It holds a lot but is not too large. Sturdy. Good quality snap keeps it closed.

Iremico Small Portable PU Leather Travel Jewelry Box

With a unique design and quality finish, here is one jewelry box you want to get. It has all the components that you need for keeping your jewelry all in one place. Made to last, you can use the box right inside your room and then pack it up anytime you are traveling. Clippers, nail cutters, and makeup tools all have a place in the well-arranged interior.

A deluxe synthetic leather finish is the first thing that you will notice in the box exterior. The material is top quality and covers it entirely. There is a zipper with a silver-tone that allows you to open and close the box without stress. Inside the box is a high-quality flannel with soft velvet lining, the spaces are great for small jewelry items and even your makeup kit. It is well partitioned to stop your jewelry from mixing together during your journey.

The product is available in 6 colors just to give you a better range of choices to select from, which are dark grey, grey-new, pink-new, purple, rose, and white. Indeed, this is one great idea for a richer travel experience with your jewels, get one for yourself. This box has enough slots for rings, a place for necklaces or bracelets, and the card slots for earrings. The earring holders are removable but did not slide out.

Vlando Viaggio Small Jewelry Case, Travel Accessory Storage Box

This jewelry box is stylishly created to fit into your handbag, suitcase, or traveling bag. It is really made to be compact, and the sophistication is really awe-striking. And with an ingenious design, you get to have an ideal jewelry companion on the go. All your jewelry can be kept safe in the velvet-lined interior with its softness. No matter where you are going to, you can simply take the case along without extra stress.

The material used for the exterior of the product is durable synthetic leather. It is quite durable and allows you to add just 10.2 ounces to your luggage weight. To make it compact, the jewelry case was designed in such a way that you can roll it up and snap it closed. There are 3 compartments in the same size but used for different purposes. So, you can store your necklaces, rings, and other jewelry items.

It holds enough fine or chunky jewelry for a few days. With this, it is so easy to place rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and so on. In their own compartment without having to worry about tangling and/or falling out. It appears to be well made and it’s a nice quality. It would also be perfect for a teenager to put on her dresser or stash in a drawer.

Q-smile Travel Jewelry Case

They are available in plain black, khaki flower design, or the vibrant, trendy black flower design. This travel case is the ultimate solution for those traveling with lots of jewelry and accessories. It has double-layer storage compartments, a carry handle, and plenty of room for all of your jewelry.

It is made of high-quality and waterproof material. It is highly durable and it should last you for a fair few adventures. Inside the case, you will find a magnetic ring bar, necklace snaps with magic holding straps, watch pillows, and earring straps. It is very organized, and it is easy to find out what you need. It is small enough to fit in your handbag.

BAGSMART Travel Jewelry Organizer Roll Foldable Jewelry Case

It is in a great size. There are plenty of rooms for the jewelry you want to keep with you during your trips. Definitely not attended for jewelry collection storage. This is the perfect way to organize all of your jewelry pieces when traveling. It is compact yet holds a lot. Keeps necklaces from tangling and rings from getting lost. Perfect for plenty of bracelets as well. It keeps things you put in organized. There are a lot of pockets even with the smaller version.

There are different color options and designs available to serve you with a better collection. These are black, flower bird, red fern, rose, smokey blue, soft pink, teal, and white leaf. There are different sizes available as well, which are small, medium, and large.

BAGSMART Double Layer Travel Jewelry Organizer Jewelry Storage Carrying Cases

Awesome bag. It couldn’t be any better! Large capacity. Fits a ton. Great protection and plenty of cushions even for fragile pieces of jewelry. Great for travel and everyday storage both. Best of all no chemical smell what so ever. With this bag, you don’t have to worry about anything at all. It is an awesome bag on every level.

It features superb design and can be carried on its own or fit into your traveling bag without much effort. Jewelry boxes have to be made with durable materials that can survive the rigors of travel, and that is why this bag is made with polyester material. The outer covering allows you to enjoy comfort while still making sure that your rings and necklaces don’t pop out.

Looking inside the bag, it has 5 snaps for necklaces, 2 separated bottom pockets, holes for earrings and 3 loops to accommodate bracelets or rings. The whole thing is padded with a cushion to give comfort to your jewelry. Also, you will have a neat arrangement of all your stuff that you would be able to find any of them straight away. You can stop your earrings from tangling or scratching against each other when you get this case.

Becko Jewelry Organizer Roll Travel Jewel Bag Case

It seems to be of good quality and looks nice. The case is very pretty and holds a lot of jewelry color is great. It is a handy case at a good price. Needed a way to store necklaces and chains so they won’t tangle and this little case works. The size is big enough to hold your strand of pearls, several necklaces, rings, earrings, and watches with fabric that will not scratch or tarnish the jewelry. It is still small enough to put in your carry-on bag, and it is small enough to fit into a hotel safe.

Watpot Jewelry Travel Case Organizer for Women

It is a good case for putting the jewelry, and if you have this case, it is easy to find what you want to wear. This is a perfect size for traveling and will surely prevent you from leaving behind jewelry in hotel rooms. This little case seems sturdy and the snap seems strong enough to keep it shut. It has a simple and compact design. It is great for getting small jewelry organized (earrings, rings, necklaces, bracelets, pendants, brooches, pins, watches, and so on) as a carry-on case in your bag. This feature makes it a perfect traveling companion on your trips. There are different color options available such as black, green, light blue, navy blue, pink, and red.

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