Mirrored Jewelry Boxes and Armoires

Organize your jewelry essentials with one of the beautiful mirror jewelry boxes. These units feature a built-in mirror that can be used to help showcase your bright collection of jewelry. These are attractive and well-built boxes that provide ample storage space in which you can store your bracelets, rings, necklaces, pins, earrings, watches and the rest of your jewelry inventory. Jewelry boxes carry them in a variety of styles and with a range of different features. You can find one that provides the functionality you are looking for while adding a classy touch to your room’s decor.

Mirror jewelry boxes give you an opportunity to organize and store your jewelry in a convenient centralized location. This makes everything much easier to find when you are in a hurry to leave the house. Because what good’s that glorious white gold necklace your husband gave you if you can’t find it when you need it?

They serve an important function in keeping your jewelry organized and accessible. They help support your beauty routine. Yet these units can be beautiful all by themselves. Find attractive options with a large variety of eye-catching finishes.

Mirror jewelry boxes are an essential addition to your room beauty inventory. Not only do they store all your favorite items of jewelry, but they include a mirror that can be used to reflect and enhance your stored jewelry’ beauty, or as a functional mirror in which to check that your earrings are working with your makeup. These boxes are generally lightweight, beautiful, and easy to love.

Meetart Silver Glass Mirrored Jewelry Box Simple Classic Storage Organizer High-end Luxury Big Mirror Box

This is a nice little vanity organizer. It is true to size. Its glass is similar to a mirror and it is highly pretty. Box looks to be good quality and the color is picture accurate. The Mirror casing is very nice, not hazy at all and the interior is spacious. It is well designed and crafted to adorn the home with charming colors. Avoid jewelry mass while saving space, jewelry boxes are a great option for storing your watches, rings, earrings, studs, necklaces, bracelets, cuff links, brooches, and so on. It’s also a great gift idea.

Product size 9.5×6.5×3 id inches. The simple high-class design that fit many different styles of tables, silver jewelry box black velvet interior brings fashionable grace element to you, meet the requirement of modern beauty. The silver glass mirror on the surface is fashion and shiny, easy to clean. It keeps your collections accessories delicate, makes table tidy and clean.

Meetart Home Deluxe Rose Gold Mirror Box Organizer Modern Storage For Cosmetic Makeup And Woman Jewelry 2 Drawer Tiered

Zerone Mirrored Jewelry Box, 3 Layers Jewelry Case Storage Box Trinket Container Case Make-up Organiser Drawer Display Jewelry

With 3 various layers, you can classify your jewelry and keep it clean and tidy. It is a great choice for storing your watches, rings, earrings, ear studs, necklaces, bracelets, cuff links, and brooches, and so on. With bracket design flexible to form a semi-open state, there is no need holding with hands all the time. The surface with mirror design and unique gradient gray color, elegant and fashionable. Exquisite handle with good durability simultaneously comfortable hand touch.

GISSAR Jewelry Organizer Full-Length Mirror Jewelry Cabinet Standing/Wall Mounted Jewelry Armoire Storage with Lights Lockable

This jewelry organizer is so pretty! It is fairly easy to assemble and all of the pieces are strong and sturdy. It looks awesome in your bedroom. It holds all the rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces you had stashed in various containers prior in a way that looks both elegant and organized. The black background is material but not very thick. The 2nd row beneath the rings has a huge pocket so you could pin into the pocket. There are two color options available which are black and white.

It has 2 in 1 design. Support standing installation and wall mount methods. You only need to assemble the legs with the included tool, can also mount it on the wall with screws to save floor space. Soft black velvet lining protects your jewelry from scratches, making this Jewelry Cabinet helps you easily to choose the right jewelry; keep your jewelry safe and far away from kids with the lock. It has the perfect size so you can check your outfit from head to toe when getting ready and applying makeup.

Vlando Mirrored Wooden Jewelry Box Organizers for Girls Women – Necklaces Earrings Rings Watches Storage Case Holder – Vintage Gift Box

This jewelry case is very practical, well made with many compartments. It is a very nice jewelry box that looks great on your dresser. The way it’s laid out makes it easy to keep your jewelry safe and easy to get to. The top is clear plastic making it easy for anyone to look into your jewelry box and possibly be tempted. This jewelry box was a great size with plenty of storage. There are different colors available according to your preferences which are pearl white, black, Croco pink, pink, pink with key, and red.

This compact jewelry case is very good in a number of ways. It keeps pendant necklaces free from tangling together with side door openings and pockets for the chains (the necklace hangs from its own hook). There is a ring holder area that will take lots of rings. Three drawers can hold bracelets and pins or earrings. The top layer can take slightly larger baubles. On the other hand, If you want to use it for large jewelry pieces you might be a little hesitant.

Homde Synthetic Leather Huge Jewelry Box Mirrored Watch Organizer Necklace Ring Earring Storage Lockable Gift Case

This is a nice design. This has partitions, (organizers), which can be removed, so you can customize things the way that you want. There is a place to put different kinds of jewelry, earrings, rings, necklaces, and so on. The drawers are large enough to hold a good deal of jewelry. The one drawback is that even though there is a place to hang necklaces, there is an attached cloth bag, at the bottom. Although this was probably done to protect pendants, on the bottom of the necklaces, it could actually lead to tangling, since it causes the necklaces to the group too closely together. This is definitely worth the buy!

There are 4 pull out drawers, includes a deeper bottom drawer and 3 equal size drawers. Drawer 1 has 4 earring cards and one ring roll. Drawer 2 has 4 equal size compartments. Drawer 3 is divided into 12 equal size compartments. The deeper bottom drawer consists of only one large compartment to store big jewelry or sunglasses. Each drawer is equipped with a delicate handle which can be opened easily. There are 2 swings out cabinets, each with 8 necklace hooks and 2 storage ledges, help to keep your necklaces from getting tangled.

The interior of this item is made of velvet, which is not anti-tarnish. You can wrap your expensive jewelry in some anti-tarnish strips, then place the strips in compartments. With 4 removable pillows in the top layer, you can not only conveniently and safely store your jewelry but also your watches. It has an elegant and durable design, attractive appearance with white faux leather surface and soft velvet lining inside.

SONGMICS 6 LEDs Mirror Jewelry Cabinet Armoire, Lockable Free Standing Jewelry Organizer, Large Capacity with 2 Drawers

Item is very nice looking and well-constructed. It really is a nice item and nice to see all of your jewelry all at once. It has also helped you purge things that you don’t like anymore because you can see it all at a glance. They do work well for the dangles. The cabinet is very pretty. The lock works but kind of hard to get it to engage. It has a lot of room for multiple types of Jewelry. There are two color options available which are brown and white.

The LED light inside the cabinet is great and turns on when the door is opened. There is a little switch at the top that turns on the light, but don’t even bother–the light is a dull, blue-white color that doesn’t reach very far. If your room is not bright enough for you to see your jewelry, you’d probably be better off buying a stick-on light from the dollar store. Other than the light, the mirror/jewelry chest is wonderful.

This is a great choice for jewelry storage because one can sort by color or style to make it easy to choose accessories to go with an outfit. It takes only a small floor footprint and doubles as a full-length mirror. The lock is good to protect children from choking hazards but is far from theft-proof, so this is not a good choice for burglary protection of valuable jewelry. The dimensions given in the specifications seem to be accurate. The unit is not overly heavy.

SONGMICS 6 LEDs Cabinet Lockable 47.3″ H Wall/Door Mounted Jewelry Armoire Organizer with Mirror

It is perfect in every way! There is a ton of space for all sorts of various styles of jewelry, and the LED lights at the top are super helpful to light up the inside. There is an odor inside when you first get it. There are no flaws in the paint. The door hinges, lock, mirror, and overall construction is of very good quality. It also comes with longer screws and plastic anchors for hanging on a wall. It has a lock with 2 keys. It locks securely but isn’t going to stop anyone from busting the door and stealing stuff if they really wanted to get to it, but it keeps the door securely shut and would be a deterrent for anyone with sticky fingers.

The inside is awesome. There are lots of ring slots, 5 shelves perfect for pendants, watches, pins, and so on, 2 drawers, necklace hooks with a pouch to hold the ends of very long ones, a bracelet rod, more necklace hooks! The earring space is perfect! Keep all your jewelry in one place with 1 large ring cushion, 1 longer bracelet rod, 2 bottom drawers, 5 shelves, 32 necklace hooks, 48 stud earring holes, and 90 earring slots. There are also 6 little LED lights at the top above the ring section. Just enough light to see without turning on the overhead bedroom light.

Jofave Mirrored Jewelry Box for Women, High-end Glass Jewelry Organizer with Drawers, Watch and Earring Organizer

Very beautiful jewelry box. It is small but just the right size you are looking for. Not too big not too small and very classy. It looks like a very good quality box. It brings a bit of elegance to your dresser. There are different designs and colors available which are brown, golden, pink, white marble grain, silver-gray, simply white, silver, and white.

This is a gorgeous piece to have on Women/Girls vanity. It has the right size (7.00”Lx5.10‘’Wx3.70H) to store rings, earrings, bracelets, watches, and other jewelry. The inside is made of Advanced Velvet Material, can make your jewelry lasting safe and beautiful. The simple high class mirrored design that fits many different styles of table.

SONGMICS 6 Layers Jewelry Organizer, Extra Large Box Mirrored Storage Case, Sunglasses Watches Holder

Visually, it’s a great piece. It fits nicely in a closet and can be carried, which is awesome. It suits your needs perfectly. It looks attractive, is a good size and organizes items for quick selection. This organizer is very nice with the sturdy build and plush interior, definitely worth the full price. It is also great because it has a handle allowing it to be carried and moved as needed. The outside is soft leather material and is easily cleaned.

If you are meticulous about keeping the outside of them clean so that powder and liquid make-up don’t get all over the black velvet, then it may work. Other than that, there are some impressions of what you would/would not be able to store in each section.

Top compartment: You may be able to store a couple of compacts/eye shadow palettes in the big squares, but there’s probably not much you could do with the ring area for make-up storage. 2nd compartment is a large flat drawer (no compartments) so you could also store compacts/eye shadow palettes or other large items (like makeup brushes) here. The 3rd compartment has a lot of little squares for earrings. Unfortunately, these are pretty little, and they are too small. 4th compartment: The left side is large enough that you could store a couple of compacts/eye shadow palettes or several lipsticks in it. It is wide enough to lay the lipsticks horizontally. The rows on the right side are big enough.

The 5th compartment is 5 long, skinny rows. These may work for storing eyeliners, mascara, etc. 6th compartment: The watch/bracelet compartments may be good for storing liquid foundation (if you’re sure they won’t leak, they’d have to be laid on their sides to fit) or tubes of lipstick. Compacts/eye shadow palettes are too wide for this section. You could also stack multiple single eye shadows in these.

Beautify Large Mirrored Glass Jewelry Box and Cosmetic Makeup Organizer with 2 Drawers and 7 Sections, Silver Desk Tidy with Rose Gold Handles

The product itself fits your needs perfectly. This is lovely and very useful. It is a highly recommended product. They also have a much more expensive version from pottery barn that is almost identical but for almost $100 more so this is a great option. Thanks to lots of compartments, including open-top spaces on the sides and the top, as well as 2 pull out drawers, there is a place for everything in this sleek organizer with 7 compartments and 2 drawers. The mirrored finish and sleek design offer the perfect place to hide away clutter and makes a great accessory for any dressing table or vanity station.

LANGRIA Lockable Jewelry Cabinet Jewelry Armoire with Mirror Jewelry Holder Organizer Storage, 4 Angle Adjustable, Brown

Overall, this is a beautiful full-length mirror. The finish of the wood is quite beautiful and stunning to look at. The functionally is also impressive. Opening the mirror to the interior reveals a surprisingly large amount of space to hold a large amount of jewelry and valuables. The locking mechanism seems kind of weak, but it is primarily used to prevent tiny children’s hands from gaining access to mommy’s jewelry.

The construction of the box, the feet, and the door are simple and well-executed. The mirror is perfect and the door hinges are more than adequate to hold itself. The lock mechanism is adequate and well installed and it comes with 2 keys. This jewelry organizer has different compartments for you to store any kind of jewelry. There are 108 earrings slots, 36 earrings holes, 18 necklaces (6 with a pocket for the pendant to hang into – perfect for my glass pendants), 18 bracelets hooks, 84 rings slots, and 11 separate shelf-like compartments.

Studio 55D Newry 3-Drawer Silver Mirrored Jewelry Box

It really is a beautiful piece, especially for those who like mirrored furniture. It fits nicely on the top of your dresser for you to use to sort small items such as rings and earrings. You could even keep some bigger items in this box as the drawers could hold a few necklaces. Very nice purchase for the price. Its dimensions are 12 3/4″ high x 12″ wide x 8″ deep. It is newry decorative 3-drawer jewelry box. It provides ample room to store and organize rings, necklaces, and other keepsakes.

Deco 79 35778 Mirrored Wooden Jewelry Box, Silver/Reflective

This product offers stylish and convenient storage options for your jewelry and make-up tools as well. It is a functional decorative piece for your home decor. It has an elegant design that goes well with a variety of modern decor. Its finish is silver and reflective. The material is miff and mirror and the color is silver. Its dimensions are 6x4x3 and the theme is a modern reflection.

Powell Jewelry Armoire Wood, Silver Mirrored

Plenty of space and multiple sized drawers for all your jewelry needs. This is the most beautiful armoire you have ever seen for the price. You will not regret buying it at all. There is nothing bad that you can say about this armoire. Even on the inside is kind of like a rust color it doesn’t really matter because you can’t even see it when it is close so overall it’s gorgeous!

This modern jewelry armoire provides ample safe storage space for all of your bits and baubles. The top opens to reveal a mirror to help you adorn yourself. Finished in a bold silver and accented with a mirror, this piece is both eye-catching and fun. All drawers open. The first three are small and the first two have dividers, then it has four larger that don’t have dividers. In total there are 6 drawers. The top part you flip it open and it has a mirror and area to place rings. It is beautiful and easy to assemble. The sides are mirrored as well.

Howard Elliott 99174 Mirrored Jewelry Box with Beaded Glass Trim

This lovely box features a completely mirrored body trimmed with a beaded glass border. Open the lid to reveal a black velvet lined interior plus dividers and slots for your rings, bracelets or any other treasures you have. Each of the mirrored planes is beveled adding to its style and beauty. It is perfect for a vanity, dresser or any other place you need to glamorously hide your treasures. Its dimensions are 10W x 7.5D x 4H.

Beautify Large Mirrored Glass Rose Gold Cosmetic Makeup Jewelry Organizer with 3 Drawers and Makeup Brushes Section Includes Glass Cleaning Cloth and Silver Tassel Handles

It is lovely, looks great, and seems to be of good, solid quality. This organizer can be used for all kinds of accessories and the top compartment is great for make-up brushes but with multiple compartments, it is made for jewelry. With 3 drawers with beautiful silver tassel handles and an open-top compartment, there is lots of storage space to choose from. It is the perfect place to hide away clutter and makes a great accessory for any dressing table or bedroom.

Giantex Mirrored Jewelry Cabinet Armoire with Mirror w/Resin Diamond Design Standing Storage Organizer Box with Full-Length Mirror, Earring Slots Holes, Necklace Hooks, Storage Shelves

The overall look is adorable. It’s stylish, sturdy and the jewelry chest holds a lot. It is easy to put together, a bit narrower than the ones you will see in the store but still has lots of storage room for jewelry. This jewelry box is different from others, the surrounded resin diamond design is exquisite and special. It is stable and durable for daily use. The surface is easy to clean.

This jewelry armoire has 70 earring slots, 65 earring holes, 19 hooks, 60 ring slots, and 3 shelves for cosmetics, and whatever you want to put in. They are designed for practical storage purpose, 2 rows of shelves on the left cabinet have a certain spacing, so the long necklaces will be neatly placed. This jewelry cabinet is a combination of a full-length mirror and a jewelry cabinet. It can be used as a mirror for you to dress. It can also be used as a practical jewelry cabinet to store your daily jewelry, giving you a clean and spacious space.

Goldwheat Jewelry Box Leather Earring Rings Organizer Mirrored Display Storage Case Gift for Women Girls, Lock and Key

This jewelry box has various compartments with different sizes, three-layer, two side flap and two drawers with removable design provides more space. Earrings, rings, brackets, and necklaces can be held. The multifunctional jewelry organizer can be put in your bedroom and add a warm atmosphere, also it can be used as a travel jewelry case. You can use the key to lock the box when necessary, which protects your privacy. The anti-rust metal latch is easy to manipulate. Handle and mirror is provided, it is great for traveling. There are two different color options available which are black and pink.

Things Remembered Personalized Large Mirrored Jewelry Box with Engraving Included

It’s beautiful in and out, customization is fantastic. Useful if you’re not around a mirror. It is so elegant. This box would make a great gift, especially with the engraving. This personalized jewelry box features a reflective all-around mirror exterior and opens to reveal an open velvet-lined interior, which is 10.5 inches wide. Engrave the front of the box with a name, initials or special message for no additional cost. This is the perfect storage solution for jewelry, accessories, and valuables to keep them protected and organized.

Home Details Vintage Mirrored Bottom Glass Keepsake Box Jewelry Organizer, Decorative Accent, Vanity, Wedding Bridal Party Gift, Candy Table Décor Jars & Boxes, Gold

You can add the vintage touch to your decor with the Home Details Keepsake Box. The glass box allows you to display your accessories, jewelry, and keepsakes in an organized beautiful way. A great addition to your vanity or dresser can also be used as a decor piece in any room in the house! It can be used to display important items, centerpieces, candy table and much more! Manufactured from durable and thick glass which is easy to maintain, you can wipe the organizer with a damp cloth. There are different designs and shapes available which are diamond-gold, diamond-silver, large rectangle, octagon, small rectangle, and square.

Beautify Large Octagon Mirrored Rose Gold Glass Jewelry Box Trinket Boxes Desk Organizers for Jewelry and Accessories Rose Gold

For the price point, you really get your money’s worth. These are very beautiful and of great quality. This set of 2 looks great together, but can be split up for use around the home too! The smaller trinket box sits neatly inside the other for compact storage when not in use. You can keep your space neat and tidy and your trinkets safely stored with this set of trinket boxes.

If you need a safe place to store memorable trinkets or just want to keep bits and bobs from cluttering your dressing table, these beautiful trinket boxes are ideal. With a rose gold mirrored finish, octagonal shape and silver handles, this box set is bang up to date. It has a multipurpose design. It is ideal for keeping precious mementos and keepsakes, these shallow dishes are also great for all kinds of small accessories including hair grips, jewelry, spare change and more.

Moosy Life Rose Gold Makeup Organizer, Mirrored Jewelry Box, Makeup Organizer Acrylic Drawers Beautify Acrylic Makeup Organizer Organizer Display for Women

The best makeup and jewelry organization and decor for dresser. This beautifies makeup organizer can help you to tidy up brush, makeup, and cosmetic. Jewelry and accessories are very suitable for them. The inner mirror is acrylic safer than glass. There is a removable drawer which is a convenience to arrange little things.

Feyarl Crystal Jewelry Box Beads Trinket Organizer Box with Mirrored Inside (Silver)

The quality of this product is outstanding. This box is beautiful and versatile! The chrome finish is very shiny. It’s really very beautiful and solidly made. There are two different shapes available which are round and square. Handcraft Premium Crystal with multiple sections distributes flame’s effects more dazzling. It has two-layer beads. Mirrored glass surface tray with a stunning base. It is highly durable. You can organize jewelry, lipsticks, rings, earrings and so on. It has a multipurpose design that is suitable for decorating dresser and display jewelry.

Urban Designs Legacy Mirrored Glass 3 Drawer Jewelry Box

With mirrors on every side, this glamorous jewelry box makes a bold design statement by Urban designs. It has one top compartment with multiple dividers and three slide-out drawers. Its dimensions are 11.5L x 8W x 6.5H and the weight is 7 lb.

Hives and Honey Mika Mirrored Jewelry Armoire Cabinet Storage Box Chest Wood Silver Finish Stand Organizer Wood with Side Drawers

Absolutely stunning from every angle. The top three drawers are smartly divided to maximize the organization. The lower drawers are all felt lined but are left as open storage for your larger accessory items. There are hidden side doors open to 8 necklace hooks and 6 spacious pull-out drawers lined with anti-tarnish felt. Feminine details and gleaming chrome hardware drawer pulls. Top hinged lid lifts to reveal a convenient mirror.

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