Necklaces: The Lone Jewels That Add Beauty and Style to Your Look (Info Guide)

The necklace is an accessory made of cords such as chains or leather ropes and precious stones, beads or metals that are attached to the cord. Although the necklace is an accessory that is often used by women, it is a type of jewelry that men can use as well. When we look at the history of the ancient civilizations, the first use of necklaces can be seen in Egyptian history. The earliest findings revealed that the necklaces were made of hairs and bones. The necklace is seen as one of the oldest ornament accessories.

The necklace, which is a must for creating elegance and style, continues to be indispensable for all women today. When used correctly as a complement to the clothes, it can turn a simple outfit into a very stylish one. In this sense, the necklace is always one step ahead of other accessories. In terms of diversity, the necklace continues to take its place as the most beautiful ornament of our lives with many different shapes and designs. There are many materials used in the necklace, as well as precious stones and mines. The necklace has a wide variety in terms of models. The main component of a necklace is its chain. Besides, leather, rope and other precious metals change the structure of the necklace. The necklace is one of the essential accessories for women.

So why do women wear necklaces? Necklaces, like other jewelry, reflect our personality, our style of life, and even our mood. From the earliest civilizations to the present, the use of necklaces continues. Men and women have used the necklace as a religious symbol, as a decorative symbol and sometimes as an ornament. In short, it is generally the choice of all women as a style complement in today’s use.

History of Necklaces

Necklaces are one of the earliest types of ornaments worn by humans. Necklaces usually serve for ceremonial, religious, magical or funeral purposes. They are usually made of precious metals and stones and are used as symbols of wealth and status. The main component of a necklace is the band, chain or cord that surrounds the neck. They are often processed in precious metals such as gold, silver, and platinum. Necklaces generally have attachments attached to or hanged on them. These items typically include precious objects, locks, talismans, and precious and semi-precious materials such as diamonds, pearls, rubies, emeralds, and sapphires.

Prehistoric people often produced necklaces using natural materials such as feathers, bones, shells and plant materials. However, Bronze Age metallic jewelry has replaced these ornaments. The necklaces were first depicted in the sculpture and art of the Ancient Near East. Early necklaces were produced in Europe which are made of precious metals.

In ancient Mesopotamia, cylinder seals are often worn as necklaces. In ancient Babylon, necklaces are made of carnelian, lapis lazuli, agate, and gold, which are attached to the chains. The ancient Sumerians used pendants and beads from gold, silver, lapis lazuli and carnelian. A number of different necklace types were worn in ancient Egypt. The upper-class ancient Egyptians wore necklaces of organic or semi-precious and precious materials for religious, celebration and funeral purposes. These necklaces are generally decorated with semi-precious glass, pottery, and hollow beads. Beads made of various precious and semi-precious materials are also linked together to form necklaces. Necklaces in ancient Crete were worn by all classes; while the rich were wearing agate, pearl, carnelian, amethyst, and rock crystal beads, the peasants wore stone on the linen yarn. In addition to the glued beads, bird, human and animal figures were used in the necklaces.

In ancient Greece, inlaid gold necklaces were made with care and dressed in gold wires. Most of the time, these necklaces are decorated with blue or green rosettes, animal shapes or other figures, usually with eaves. New elements were introduced in the Hellenistic period; the polychromatic parts, colored stones, and animal-headed finials and lanceolate or bud-shaped pendants were hanged from the chains. The ancient Etruscans used granulation to form granulated gold beads with glass and tile beads to create colored necklaces. In ancient Rome, the necklaces were among the many kinds of jewelry worn by the Roman elite. Gold and silver necklaces were usually decorated with precious and semi-precious objects such as amber, pearl, amethyst, sapphire, and diamond.

During the Renaissance period, it was fashionable for men to wear a large number of chains, plaques, and necklaces around their necks, and by the end of the 15th century, the richest men started to wear jewelry-covered shoulder straps. Women usually wore more simple pieces such as gold chains, beads or pearls. At the end of the period, especially in Italy, larger, heavier adorned pieces were common among the rich.

Between 1500 and 1600, long pearl ropes and chains with precious stones were widely used as necklaces. In the second half of the century, natural ornaments such as corals and pearls were combined with enamel and metals to form an intricate pendant. The heavily jeweled, carefully selected miniature necklaces were also popular. In the Baroque era, very few men wore jewelry, and women’s necklaces were usually accessories made of simple pearls or metal wires adorned with small stones. At the end of the century, after the invention of new diamond cutting techniques, it was common to wear jewelry on black velvet ribbons. Miniatures have also gained popularity and have often been turned into portrait pendants or lockers.

Necklace Types

The necklace features a wide range of models, like other accessories. At first, the known varieties are chain medallion-style necklaces. Apart from that, the necklace has a variety of throat wraps. There are also classic models of the necklaces. These are usually made from pearls, diamonds, and other precious stones. Today, more vintage, retro varieties with multi-chain, suede, leather, and double-band models take their place in our daily life. Recently, multi-chain models, overlapping chains and even medallion types stand out and assist women in creating different styles.

Leash pendants are among the indispensable of women. Geometric shaped necklaces and stone necklaces are among the essentials of stylish women as well. And the most admired and fashionable wooden necklaces of the last period with colorful designs are the preferences of every period. Let’s not forget the big pearl fashion. Huge pearl necklaces are gaining appreciation with their unusual designs. Small bow decorations continue to take their place among the choices of suede or knitting cords with a different style.

Handmade necklaces decorated with colorful flowers should not be forgotten. The flower designs of the necklaces are complemented by other colorful designs. Metal necklace types are among the choices of women in every period. Steel, gold, and silver plated pendants still maintain their values. The long necklaces fitted with a blue jean and a turtleneck sweater in the winter will help you to change your style and get a more elegant look. Our style reflects our personality. So, we should make the right choices according to our clothes and the environment.

Why Women Wear Necklaces?

The answer to the question of why women wear necklaces is hidden in the phrase “accessories are indispensable complements for women”. With our necklaces and other jewelry we wear, we can reflect our style, mood, and even our world view. Even though accessories are often known to be worn by women, they have been used by men to create their own style as well. Women and men reflect their identity and characters with the jewelry they use. Kings, queens, pharaohs, slaves, and other people with different social status have also decorated themselves with accessories such as necklaces, rings, pendants, earrings, anklets, and nose rings.

While the king and the priests wear jewelry to show their power on earth, the people living with the Arab and Anatolian culture crowned their love and unity by wearing rings and anklets. The anklet is also seen in the Anatolian, Egyptian and Indian cultures. Children were easily found thanks to the anklets they wear. Necklaces are often used to decorate various parts of the bodies as religious, social or hierarchical meaning. They are one of the oldest ornament items. In ancient times, the necklace was often used for religious ceremonies, spells or funerals. In later years, it was used as an indicator of status and wealth and made of precious metals and stones.

The necklace, which is one of the oldest jewelry of mankind, was made of feathers, bones, shells, and plants. This accessory, which was later made of metal, has been widely depicted and used in the sculptures and arts of the Ancient Cultures. Gold and silver necklaces used by the upper class and they are decorated with precious stones such as amber, pearl, amethyst, sapphire, and diamond. During the Renaissance, the women used necklaces and chains as well as men to show their wealth and strengths. In these periods, we can make different inferences about why women wear necklaces.

When we came to the 19th century, the necklaces were no longer a sign of religion, power or status, but were used for the purpose of today’s accessory. The necklace, which is the sine qua non of elegance, movement, and styles, continues to inspire women with its various models. Today, the question of why women wear necklaces can be answered in this context. The styling pendant serves to create a sleek and stylish combination of a simple combination. A fine chain necklace which is worn on thick sweaters in winter or even a long chain necklace mounted on a simple combination such as jeans and T-shirt will make your style a step forward.

As with any accessory, the necklaces have adapted to the fashion of the day. When we create a sleek, moving, cool or rebellious image with thin chain necklaces mounted on top of each other, we can express our style and tastes in a much more free way with beautiful necklace models.

Ideal Necklace Lengths

It is important to choose the right necklace length when buying a necklace. The jewelry industry generally uses standard chain/string lengths in inches (1 inch = 2.54 cm). However, the chains can be cut to any length and, if the designer decides, can be specially designed.

The fastest way to learn the perfect necklace length is to measure the length of the necklace you used most often.

The Ideal Necklace Length For Women

14 inches: Wraps around the neck. Ideal for open collar clothing such as crew-neck and V-neck.

16 inches: Wraps the base of the neck, often called the choker. Ideal for almost any outfit.

18 inches: On the collarbone; it is the most common size. Ideal for almost any outfit.

20 to 24 inches: Between the collarbone and the breast. Suitable for both business and everyday use.

28 to 36 inches: In the chest or 1-2 inches below. Ideal for the long collar and evening dresses.

36 to 42 inches: Right in the center of the chest or just below the center. It is suitable for looking elegant at work or at dinner.

The Ideal Necklace Length For Men

18 inches: Ideal for men with a smaller neck base.

20 inches: Collarbone level. The most common size.

22 inches: A few inches below the collarbone; a medallion can also be added.

24 inches: Above the breast bone.

Silver Necklaces

People are doing very creative work on jewelry and accessories. Especially with the processing of the silver metal, beautiful necklace models can be created. The silver necklace, which will continue to be an ideal option for both today and tomorrow, continues to have a positive impact on people with its stance and enormous designs. Silver necklace models, which serve as a complementary task for both jewel and clothing markets, continue to create a great opportunity for both men and women. The diamond featured and stone-supported models can be remarkable. The diamond necklace with a silver chain, which is a good example of this, continues to create a perfect look for people.

The snowflake necklace model, which is a good example of today’s production capability, continues to create a truly great and advantageous opportunity for users. Along with the fine and detailed works, the silver metallic works reveal very lively results together with their designs. The silver ring and necklace models are among the most preferred options for women as well as men. People who have worked hard for their design create beautiful silver necklace models, and they continue to reflect the most beautiful aspects of this art.

Doing works and designs of a necklace, and sometimes other jewelry and accessories that meet the expectations is really important. Very serious work is being done about clothing designs and complementary accessories. In particular, the snowflake necklace is an excellent example in this regard, with extremely fine and detailed work. These accessories and jewelry, which are supported by diamonds and similar materials, cause everyone to be impressed, especially women.

Men’s Silver Necklace Models

Men who refrain from wearing gold can be particularly interested in silver metal. Again, it is an attractive and flashy metal, but this enormous element remains one of the precious metals on earth. In particular, the variety of silver necklace models reflecting certain ability and demonstrating the understanding of production continues to provide a good opportunity for qualified and capable production. It is possible to reach qualified products on the market at very reasonable prices. The silver necklace models, which are carefully designed and each represents a different line, continue to attract the attention of men as much as women. The necklace, which is sometimes considered good luck and talisman, is sometimes of great importance for a great complementary accessory.

Options from the past to the present in jewelry and accessories continue to have a positive impact on people in particular. The beautiful silver necklace models present a dazzling appearance along with their extraordinary design features. Diamond necklace is a very important opportunity to make the best use of the gift of nature to us. The processing of precious stones and the results produced by these stones together with the production capability cause the diamond necklace models to become more diverse. Of course, the importance of creative work on this subject is very great.

Silver necklaces represent a distinct branch of jewelry and accessories, a perfect choice for ladies and men. A metal that is extremely useful and qualified as silver together with its experts, who are of great creative capability, inspires highly effective results. In today’s world, we can say that the indispensable silver necklace models, together with both the designer and the people who use it, create a magnificent harmony. If you wish, you can also choose the suitable silver necklace models for yourself and you can be the customer to these products at reasonable prices.

Women’s Silver Necklace Models

While silver is a fine metal, the work spent on the silver necklace has to reveal the more qualified aspect of this metal. Silver necklace models, which have emerged as a result of careful work, continue to affect this market significantly from the buyer to the seller. A necklace can be seen as indispensable jewelry and accessory for many people. Bracelets, rings, and other models, as well as imprint models, reveal a remarkable feature. The silver necklace models, which have demonstrated a highly creative talent, continues to represent variability and artistic character. They are also excellent gift options for loved ones.

If the person you want to buy a gift for is a lady, I can recommend you silver necklace models with diamond stones. Diamond-silver necklaces are gift options that many ladies will be pleased with and enjoy. In this market, both stylish and remarkable silver necklace models continue to appear. A great alternative to the souvenir option, these great products continue to be one of the most ideal gifts for ladies and men. If you want to buy a good silver necklace, you can start to benefit from the products of this market at reasonable prices.

Tria Necklaces

Tria necklace is one of the most important elements among all of the diamond accessories. While diamonds are one of the most popular and indispensable jewelry for women, Tria necklaces continue to be one of the most trendy accessories. The Tria stone necklace is one of the most popular necklace models, especially because it fits with every combination and can be used in daily life. If you want to buy a Tria diamond necklace, the most important factor that you should take into consideration is to look into the brand and ordering jewelry from reliable manufacturers with quality stones.

Tria necklace is a pendant model with three quality diamond stones. Tria necklace corresponds to the number 3 in Latin and has 3 meanings. These meanings include the yesterday of love, today of love, and the future of love. These meanings reveal the eternity of love and passion. Therefore, it is one of the most loved and precious necklaces in terms of meaning. It was a symbol of eternal love and eternity not only for today but also for ancient cultures. Tria necklace models are very popular in all countries of the world. It is one of the most popular products especially for people who are closely following the fashion and doing style expertise.

Every stone that has been used in diamond necklaces of which value is increasing since ancient times is quite old, precious, and unique. Even though the fashion sense changes every year, the only stone that does not change is the diamond, the symbol of love. Tria necklace varieties are one of the most stylish necklaces of our day. Tria stone pendant varieties are often preferred as a gift for birthdays, anniversaries, mothers’ day gifts or celebrations.

The price range of Tria necklaces is very variable. In particular, the rich design diversity, the size of the stones, and the chain used are the main decisive factors for Tria necklace prices. However, it is possible to find Tria necklaces for your budget especially in categories such as the special offer or opportunity products. On the other hand, if you prefer to spare no expense, there are also quite expensive models with extremely beautiful designs and quality.

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