Resin Ring Catalogue (Complete Guide)

Everyone wants to have a piece of jewelry that they can put value into. Some people do this with family-heritage pieces, some others purchase themselves lucky charms, and some others receive these as a gift. But, how about you could fit a world into your ring?

Resin rings have existed before, yet they have become even more famous with a successful business called Secret Woods Jewelry. This company was founded in 2015, in Vancouver. They are created by a Canadian jewelry artist. They started using valuable fresh wood, resin, and some other ingredients in order to create magical hand-made rings. In other words, they use the enchanting nature of Canada as an inspiration. They transform them into priceless, timeless, and unique pieces of jewelry. You are going to carry a secret world on your finger, that you can get lost within.

Their collection started with magical rings, yet now they are also producing necklaces and bracelets. However, the rings still constitute the core of the business of their designs. As you order the rings, it takes 3 to 4 weeks to produce. As they finish crafting, they send a picture to you before in order to be concrete. Therefore, you will not be surprised by the piece of jewelry you receive. They will not send it to you if you do not like the item they produce at first. The products come with a cute little box with an authentic view. As you open it, the ring is placed into a greenery imitation.

Moreover, these handmade rings are shipped across the world. It means that you do not have to reside in Canada to have these enchantments on your finger. They will send the item you want to where you are.

Down below, you will see their amazing wokrs. Take a look at their magnificent work and decide it yourself!

1- Arctic Summit ($189)

Inspired by the Canadian glaciers, the designers came up with the Arctic Summit resin ring, where you can see the mountain summit covered in snow, and with a hidden glacial lake in the middle. If you stare long enough, you can watch yourself jumping off the mountain peak to this beautiful shiny lake; and feel the relaxation as if you were actually there alone. As it’s written on their website, this lake also glows in the dark, and the base is made of a type of wood coming from tropical Africa!

If you are a winter lover or have an obsession with the glaciers; or looking for scenery on your ring that will relax you as you look at it, the Arctic Summit ring is just for you!

2- Aurora Borealis ($169)

If you manage to see the Northern Lights at some point in your life, you will feel like you have almost seen every wonder of the world. You will somehow feel accomplished and deeply happy. Being one of the most magical events of the world, experiencing this will connect you more with the universe and hype you up with intuitive integrity.

Now, imagine having the Aurora fitted into a ring that you can carry on your finger, and feel the same excitement each time you stare at it. I believe our Canadian designers have been to Yellowknife to experience the Aurora and spilled their magical experience onto their rings. They have created this ring with grey-blue resin, on the top of sapele wood coming from tropical Africa.

If you have someone special that you want to marry, take your partner to see the Northern lights and propose with this ring. It will be unforgettable. Whenever she looks at the ring, she will remember the same moment you popped up the question. (In order to see these mesmerizing dancing lights of the universe, you can go to Alaska, Northern Canada (Yellowknife), Iceland, Norway, Finland, Russia, Sweden or Greenland.)

3- Waltz of the Winds! ($168)

You were there in my arms, alone in the moonlight
The trees played the waltz of the wind
It was there I knew I’d love you forever
As we danced to the waltz of the wind
The stars up above you, look down in your eyes
And there in the moonlight, I knew
So, I’ll say goodbye dear, till tomorrow
Till we dance to the waltz of the wind

Hank Williams

You can almost hear the whisper of the wind as you dive into the scenery of this ring. Just look into the depths of it, and you will get a shivering feeling. If you love the feeling of a titillating wind passing through your skin, you will get that each time you look into the Waltz of the Winds.

The designers created this wonderful piece by using light blue and white resin. They used a type of wood called sapele, which can be found in Africa.

4- Azure Falls ($178)

Azure Falls is one of the greatest designs of the Secret Woods. Seems like they were inspired by the gorgeous Azure Lake located in east-central British Columbia, Canada.

The designers process enchanting waterfalls, flowing down a forest into the ring. When you look at the ring for a long time, you feel the light breeze coming from the falls, the chill air that relaxes the body. This feeling was given by foliage, covered by light blue resin and glowing material that is used for the waterfalls. Just like the Waltz of the Winds, the base was created by sapele wood.

5- Ember Spirit ($199)

There is a strange, artistic beauty in destruction, and they are mostly symbolized with fire and ashes. We have seen numerous times that a Hollywood star just moved out of the scene with fires behind, which symbolized power and victory. On the other hand, destruction also symbolizes transition, an object turning into something new. Therefore, maybe the feeling of beauty comes from change, a new leaf in life and intensified emotions.

Ember Spirit ring gives this feeling. Inside the ring, you can see trees that are covered by ash, and orange lines reminding you of fire and blaze. It looks like one of those expressions of hell that we see in fantastic movies. If you need to feel powerful, dangerous and capable of everything, I think this ring will be calling directly your soul.

6- Coral Reef ($168)

Some find peace underwater. This is because the water has a relaxing influence prompting you to dive into a calming state of mind.

With this ring with a coral reef figure, you can reach the calmness of the waters and natural vibes of tranquility. Creating a ring with coral reefs, while the coral reefs themselves are the jewelry of the oceans seems like a good idea, right? Having this ring will decrease your stress level and anxiety while increasing your overall mood and mental limpidity.

In order to create this masterpiece, the designers used light blue resin and coral reef figures that can glow in the dark. Just like in their other pieces of jewelry, they again used a special wood type coming from tropical Africa.

7- Autumn River ($173)

When you ask someone what the most romantic season of the year is, you will get the same answer from the most of the people which is autumn. Even though spring is known to be the season for love, autumn is not falling behind!

The forests and natural beauties look even better as the fall comes. All-green leaves turn into yellow, velvet, orange colors; and as they fall to the ground, they create a natural carpet that is enchanting to the humankind. Whether you are solo or with someone, walking on a road that is filled with fallen leaves and colorful trees will take you on a spiritual journey. I mean, the autumn touches your heart no matter where you are and whom you are with.

The designers, knowing the magical nature of the autumn, created a ring called the Autumn River. They have not only given the image of autumn trees but also added shiny rivers that are glowing in the dark. The ring looks like a huge forest living through the autumn season and having a great river running in between. As you look at the ring, you will feel the chilly air that that environment would have, as well as the voice of the crazy river. All in all, the view inside the ring will ease your soul.

8- Fuji (Limited Edition, $690)

Mount Fuji symbolizes many things in Japanese culture and history. In the ancient Shinto religion, the believers used to climb to the mountain as a type of pilgrimage. They thought that the summit of Fuji was as closest as it could get to heaven. Moreover, they believed that there were many gods and deities living on this mountain; and if the believer could reach the summit, his sins would be washed away forever.

Even though the word means abundance today, in the oldest recorded story of Japan, the word refers to immortality. According to this legend, the volcano was activated as the Emperor’s heart was broken because of a girl coming from the moon. Having inspired Japanese legends, Mount Fuji was also at the center of numerous poems and art pieces created in the 8th century.

The Secret Wood designers were also inspired by this magnificent mountain, centuries after. Even in the 21st century, therefore, the Mountain has the ability to awaken the artists. There must be something about this place that is feeding the soul of one, then.

If you want to carry this meaningful, soul-nourishing gift of nature on your finger, it is now sold online as a limited edition piece. The limited editions can only be bought by maximum of 100 people, therefore, you need to be quick to take your place in the line! Even though it is pricey comparing to other pieces of Secret Woods, this ring can be a precious gift to someone else, or to yourself as its meaning had grown over centuries.

Unlike the normal line of rings, this one needs a couple of weeks more to be crafted. It also comes with a digital certificate proving the authenticity of the product.

9- Ocean Oasis (Limited Edition, $589)

Ocean Oasis ring is one of the most mesmerizing works of the Secret Wood. It looks like an Aurora inside the ocean. It looks out of this world. If you want to hear the calming sound of the underwater, put your eyes and ears on this one. It is almost like if you look close enough, you may find the lost city Atlantis. Hypnotized by its beauty, the longer I look at this ring, the closer I become to start writing a fiction novel around it.

On the assumption that you are one of those people who find inner peace nearby the water, or under it, you may want to rush to their website to buy this beauty. Just like the Fuji piece, Ocean Oasis is a part of the limited edition that will no longer be available if sold to 100 people.

If I may give further information, this ring is created with teal-colored resin and seaweed to be used within. The fact that they used seaweed for the interior design proves the authentic feeling you will get each time as you look at it. Lastly, for the base, the designers used a tropical timber called wenge wood, that can be found in Africa.

Related Questions

How Long Do Resin Rings Last?

They can go a long time depending on the quality of the materials used. Luckily, the Secret Woods uses high-quality material and ensures longer durability than most of the brands. Yet, do not forget to take proper care of your jewelry like any other. Do not expose them to extreme heat or chemicals, take them off while washing your hands, etc.

Do Wooden Wedding Rings Last?

Unfortunately, a wooden ring will not be as durable as a metal ring. Eventually, it will be damaged, yet it also depends on the quality, the materials and the way you use it. If you take great care of them, they will go as long as possible, and it can take decades until it is totally destroyed.

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