The Best Jewelry Brands in the World (Complete Guide)

A powerful accessory piece can make even the most ordinary outfit look stunning. Famous fashion designer Giorgio Armani said, “A dress without accessories is always missing. When this is the case, fashion design is doing its best to reflect the splendor in the sense of jewelry and accessory design.

Let’s take a look at the 10 brands of this magnificence, both as a brand and as a value.

Top 10 Jewelry Brands in the World

1- Harry Winston

It’s not surprising that Harry Winston is at the top of our list, of course. So, let’s start talking about The Hope Diamond. The Hope Diamond, one of the most magnificent gemstones, has a very historical journey; It first appears in India, used by emperors like 14. Louis and 4. George then reached the wealthy high society names such as Thomas Hope and Pierre Cartier and finally donated to the Smithsonian Institute in 1958 after being kept 10 years by Harry Winston.

Famous Hollywood actresses appearing in Oscar’s Red Carpet every year, crowning their appearance by wearing quite expensive masterpieces of Harry Winston. Famed for his classic yet glamorous diamond jewelry, Harry Winston has been at the top of the industry since the beginning of his career. Founded in 1932, Winston uses only top quality and rare gemstones in its jewelry. The durability of each part is guaranteed and each jewelry is crafted with master workmanship. Among his customers, there are many world famous rich people.

Harry Winston’s designs are always classic but splendid. Most of the celebrities who walk on the red carpet know them as the best brand in the jewelry sector and are surely carrying a Harry Winston jewel. When you buy a Harry Winston jewel you get endless durability and guarantee, and this is an example of how perfect the brand is doing.

2- Cartier

The fact that Cartier produced products sold at the highest price in the auction led to an undeniable reputation for many years. The fact that his products produced for the royal families have a significant place in these auctions once again reveals the magnificence of the brand. Founded in 1847 by Louis-François Cartier, the brand is famous for its jewelry and watches. The Panter brooch, designed for Wallis Simpson in 1940, is one of the most known timeless pieces in jewelry history.

Cartier has a long history. Since Cartier began making his first jewelry in 1860; its quality and style have attracted the attention of distinguished customers. The brand has made efforts to add royal private pieces to its own jewelry collections. It is known that the Duchess of Windsor admired Cartier’s magnificent sculpture motifs and ordered several pieces. The Duchess of Windsor was so impressed by the brand’s signature product that she ordered many items with the Panther motif. The most famous one is the Panther bracelet, which is adorned with 6,5-carat diamonds, onyx, and emeralds and has a price of 7 million dollars.

The most famous of his jewelry is the 18 cm diamond, agate and emerald bracelet that has recently been sold over $ 7,000,000. Cartier jewelry believes in the designs that appeal to modern tastes but include old world elegance. Cartier only uses good materials in his jewelry. In addition, the brand’s watches that prepared with high-level craftsmanship are quite famous.

When you enter a Cartier store, the first thing you feel will be a concept that carries the old world elegance that remains loyal to its roots. Using the best stones in jewelry as a brand is an indispensable passion for Cartier. The product of this passion, jewelry, and watches enchants people. Cartier has also added an innovative style to the watch design, and you can see the panther motif as often as it is in jewelry.

3- Van Cleef & Arpels

The French brand was established by Alfred Van Cleef and his uncle Salomon Arpels in 1896. In addition to designing avant-garde pieces, it creates unique pieces of Old World’s distinguished lines. Originally headquartered in France, the office is now a global giant. Van Cleef and Arpels design jewelry models inspired by the simplicity of nature.

There are metaphoric elements and various animal motifs such as birds and insects. The brand perfectly describes the vitality of nature in its jewelry. The prestigious jewelry brand has made a name for itself with its success in the use of gemstones and stone-forming techniques that lead to admiration. They are known with their Mysterious Arranging method which includes stone arrangement where you can see all of the gemstones clearly. In addition, I don’t even need to say that their iconic piece is El Hambra.

Van Cleef & Arpels is a brand that means elegance and uses the naturalness of nature in its designs, so its stunning designs fascinate people. When you enter the website, you can watch the jewels animations in nature. Combining the perfect structure of nature with perfect natural stones, it presents a concept that can be put into practice.

Van Cleef & Arpels makes a concept by using every detail in nature. To give an example of this concept, you can see a lot of examples such as an Amatis stone and a jeweled bird (birds of paradise). Van Cleef & Arpels has always been a metaphorical brand.

4- Buccellati

Buccellati is known as the perfect Italian. In her designs, she reinterprets the Roman legacy by combining it with thin and soft lace figures. With the technique she uses in her designs, she gives the effect of the fabric underneath and uses silver and gold to mix the texture with light. Buccellati’s jewel is a distinctive feature that distinguishes it from other brands. Buccellati uses the Roman style in designs like lace carved cuffs and bracelets. It also gives the effect of fabric on the jewelry by brushing and using matte metal. The brand also often mixes silver and gold to enhance texture and light of the jewels.

Italian luxury brand Buccellati is remembered for its success in gold. By adhering to their past, they are masters of bringing the style of their Roman ancestors together with the high-quality jewels. The brand that turns its products into fine works, as well as fine lace, is also very ambitious in the use of silver and gold as well as in the texture and light games.

5- Tiffany & Co.

Thanks to the great Gatsby movie! Tiffany jewels are now known not only in America but in many parts of the world. Founded in 1837, the luxury brand has become popular with their unusual designs on diamonds, silver, and watches. With its diamond jewelry, multi-dimensional motifs, lock, and key design products that have become quite famous in recent years, they stand out amongst many brands.

We all are familiar with the brand color of Tiffany’s iconic water green color. In addition, a Tiffany ring comes to the minds when it comes to a marriage proposal. With such a large product range, it still has the iconic pieces that are unique in their class, which is proof of how powerful the brand is.

Tiffany offers men’s and women’s and even children’s jewelry that can be used throughout the day as well as in many activities. Quality is definitely a big part of Tiffany. The famous brand uses only the highest quality materials, including gold, silver, and perfect stones. Although Tiffany’s modernity is an integral part of the brand, it has been better selling classical models since its establishment in 1837. There are also multi-dimensional natural life designs of Tiffany.

6- Graff

Headquartered in London, Graff is a multi-partner diamond brand. Founded by Laurence Graff in 1960, the exclusive brand works with large-scale diamonds and creates very elegant works with large stones. Graff is a popular brand among the rich with its high-quality products and services. The feature that distinguishes the graff from other distinguished jewelers is the size of the stones used in the Graff sets.

Laurence Graff explained the reason why he used large stones in his jewelry items by indicating that there is more demand for stones of this size. Unlike other elite jewelers, Graff only makes jewelry that consists of large diamonds. Laurence Graff became a billionaire with the idea of global expansion that he took to meet the growing demand. You have the chance to see the legendary jewelry from the past to the present day in the book The Most Fabulous Jewels in the World which you can buy for $ 150.

7- Piaget

The Swedish luxury watch and jewelry brand was founded in 1874 by Georges Piaget and is now managed by the Swiss Richemont Group. Firstly, the highly qualified watch brand has become very popular in Europe among the elite. In this way, Piaget decided to expand its product range and became the top brands in the world and started to design high-quality products.

George Piaget has quickly become popular in Europe because he produces the best quality watches in the Jura region of Switzerland. In time, Piaget expanded his collection and included the exquisite jewelry that outlined the Old World Splendor that is still at the center of his vision in his collection. Many of the brand’s styles are reminiscent of old Hollywood’s sophisticated and fantasy gardens. Rose is one of the most popular signs of Piaget. In addition, roses have become an integral part of hundreds of designs.

Many of Piaget’s designs have strong angular lines, a sense of movement, and contain very modern elegance. The brand offers a variety of skillfully prepared hemstitches and wristwatch faces that can be adjusted and attached at different angles to their customers. Many Piaget designs have powerful angular lines and are characterized by modern elegance. At the same time, the brand’s luxury watch designs attract attention, the most prominent feature of these designs is the use of adjustable jewel-like cords.

8- Bvlgari

The center of the luxury brand founded by Sotirio Bulgari in 1884 is Rome. The popular brand with signature jewels also produces watches, perfumes and skin products. Since its founding, Bvlgari has been a leader in the world of fine jewelry. With its innovative pieces blended with traditional styles, the brand was founded in Rome. Bright color floral and fruity motifs, bold shapes, large pieces, capson stones are some of the most distinctive features of the Bvlgari brand. Bvlgari uses the best quality stones over 18-carat gold jewelery to equip its customers with luxury and magnificence.

Although Bvlgari, one of Italy’s legendary brands, has been publicly offered in 1995, Paolo brothers and Nicola Bulgari have a 61.8% share of the company. However, when the dates showed in March 2011, the LVMH (Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy) group became a major shareholder in the famous jewelry and luxury consumption brand Bvlgari. According to the New York Times, the sales of LVMH executives announced on March 6, 2011, are over € 3.7 billion or over $ 5 billion.

Apart from jewelry and other products, the brand also has 5-star hotels and resorts. Many famous names, especially Elisabeth Taylor, are among the regulars of the brand. The Serpenti (Snake) motif of Bvlgari is the icon design of the brand.

9- Mikimoto

Founded by Mikimoto Kokichi in 1893, the brand has greatly benefited from the first culturing of its founder. Kokichi Mikimoto started a jewelry business in Japan in 1893. Kokichi Mikimoto is known as the inventor of cultural pearls, which appear frequently in their collections. Mikimoto Jewelry uses only the best ocean pearls in its jewelry such as South Sea pearl, pink pearl, Titian pearl, and white pearl. It also uses fine silk thread to align all of the natural colored stones and pearls.

Every piece in the Mikimoto series is unique. Mikimoto features a unique design with simple elegance or a classic shape with new curves. A typical Mikimoto fragment is prepared using one or two stones. The pearl that represents purity is of utmost importance for the brand. Mikimoto jewelry is available in day and evening versions.

The company is very famous for its hosting and operation of the rarest Titan and pink shell pearls and the best quality South Sea pearls in the world. In addition to 8-carat gold or platinum in the production of jewelery, it produces excellent works using pearls with different colored gemstones. As each pearl is unique, there are no other products of Mikimoto.

10- Chopard

The Geneva-based brand was founded in 1860 by Louis-Ulysse Chopard and today is known worldwide for more than 100 chain stores. The brand is ranked among the most expensive and luxurious brands in the world. The brand, which presents its designs as watch and jewel again, combines gold and platinum with precious stones.

The luxury Swiss watchmaker and jeweler Chopard always uses the best materials for his collections. Everyday pieces are made of genuine stones and a thick layer of 18 karat gold. No matter how small the jewelry is, every detail is prepared with precision. For example, earrings are prepared with unique workmanship. The small Chopard signature added to each piece privileges the jewelry.

World’s Top 5 Jewelry Designers

Stylish jewelry reflecting the soul of women for hundreds of years continues to be an indispensable passion for women. Here are the five most pursued jewelry designers in the world.

Jewelry on which precious stones such as diamonds, rubies, sapphires, and emeralds are glittering continue to be the passionate dream of women for hundreds of years. The most precious stones come together in charming designs, with excellent craftsmanship and unlimited imagination. Some names and brands are particularly popular with luxury jewelry lovers. Here are the most fashionable jewelry designers in the world, who embellish the dream of women with their glamorous pieces of jewelry.

Joel Arthur Rosenthal

Joel Arthur Rosenthal (JAR), who has been designing jewelry for 40 years and becoming a world brand, is inspired by more colorful stones in handmade jewelry. In his jewelry, each of which resembles a statue, Rosenthal often places precious stones such as amethyst and sapphire on a metal blend of blackened gold and silver which he developed. Joel Arthur Rosenthal, who designs a maximum of 100 jewelry a year, sells his jewelry at very high prices.

One of the most prestigious jewelry designs in the world, the million-dollar JAR jewels, which can only be enjoyed in special auctions by the ones who are the champions in the jewelry auctions, impress everyone with their mysterious but so glamorous history. JAR jewels are named after designer Joel Arthur Rosenthal from New York. Rosenthal, a graduate of Harvard University, is moving to Paris in 1966 and the story begins with Swiss psychiatrist Pierre Jeannet, who helped him to decide founding JAR.

Joel Arthur Rosenthal returned to New York to work at Bulgari for 6 months, then returned to Paris in 1977 and entered the jewelry world with Pierre Jeannet, a small boutique in Paris Place Vendome 7 near the Ritz Hotel. The interesting part of the story of JAR Paris, which is now a giant boutique in the same place, is that since it opened, JAR does not have any signage, no showcases or boutiques, and opens its doors to only private customers. The few lucky customers who can enter the mysterious JAR boutique know that they have an invaluable experience as they leave the store with an original piece designed specifically for them.

Victoire De Castellane

At the age of 24, Victoire de Castellane worked for the famous fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld and served as the head of the costume jewelry design department at Chanel for a while. Among the most memorable creations of his work were the ear-rings that resembled Chanel’s iconic handbags. In 1998, she began working as creative director of Dior’s jewelry department. Nowadays, Castellane has made a name with the collection of the so-called Soi Dior collection, which resembles the resilience of the fabric it designed for Dior, and the colorful collection of precious stones, Cher Dior.

Victoire de Castellane, who started his design life as the jewelry director of Chanel alongside Karl Lagerfeld, was appointed as a chief designer to the ‘Dior Joaillerie’ jewel department by Bernard Arnault in January 1998 after working for 14 years in a row with her famous fashion house. Delivering a stunningly imaginative world in the private jewelry collections she has prepared for the brand every year, de Castellane has also signed numerous custom-made jewels for her individual customers. Another inspiration of de Castellane, which refers to nature and flower motifs intensively in her designs, is the pop culture of Walt Disney, Alice in Wonderland, Manga characters, Brothers Grimm, and Bollywood.

The Belladone Island Collection, in which Dior Joaillerie premiered with a special piece in the virtual world ‘Second Life’ created on the internet in 2007, she played a major role in making the name of Victoire de Castellane heard all over the world. Then, with an exhibition at the Orangerie Art Museum in Paris, the entire collection was introduced to the world. In 2009, Victoire de Castellane celebrated its 10th anniversary in Dior Joaillerie with a collection of “Rois et Reines” and a diamond-covered crown with stones like chrysolite, chalcedony, and jade. The three-dimensional dry-head-shaped rings adorned with collars gave the jewelry world an unconventional sense of aesthetics.

Viren Bhagat

Raised by the masters of this business for many years in a large jewelry store in Mumbai, Viren Bhagat is one of the most famous jewelry designers in the world, which modernizes traditional Indian culture motifs such as plain diamonds, historical stones, and delicate tassels with an Art Deco aesthetic.

After drawing his designs on paper with sharp pencils, Bhagat’s jewelry shop delivers handicrafts to craftsmen and draws nearly 60 new designs a year.

Stefan Hemmerle

First established in 1893 by the brothers Joseph and Anton Hemmerle, the brand got famous with the crowns and medals designed for the army and the German royal family. The secret of Hammerle, now led by the third generation of the Hemmerle family, lies in the combination of precious metals with unusual metals.

It is possible to see a highly innovative hand-workmanship among designs such as a copper ring created with a perfect diamond on it.

James Taffin de Givenchy

The nephew of Givenchy’s founder, Hubert de Givenchy, James Taffin de Givenchy opened his Taffin jewelry store in 1996 on Madison Avenue. The designs of the brand are unique by combining unusual materials. In Taffin’s designs, the colorful red ceramics with their own discoveries as well as the amazing compositions created by colorful antique Venetian beads are truly eye-catching and unique.

It is necessary to make an appointment in advance to buy the Givenchy jewels designed for up to 200 pieces each year.

The Glittering Stars of the Jewelry World

The shining star of luxury in the last few years is jewelry. In fact, famous clothing and accessory brands even successively sign jewelry collections. The competition of up to 100 years of jewelers and the new players of the sector, the luxury of clothing and accessories brands, is a sign that the coming days will be very colorful for jewelry enthusiasts. Fashion brands expanding their product range are also collecting jewelry collections. The jewel is the shining star of luxury again for the last two to three years.

The best address to see these collections is Paris. The world-famous jewelry brands in Paris, at Place Vendome, organize previews of “high jewels” that are custom produced or produced with limited availability and are the most expensive jewelry twice a year during the haute couture weeks. A very limited number of journalists and guests who can understand and buy only the most special jewels from all over the world are attending these invitations. I can summarize the main trends of the high jewelry world in 2019 as follows:

First of all, the colored stones are very fashionable, whose name not known except for those who are closely interested in jewelry. Stones like peridot, spinel, rubellite, and savorite give designers the chance to create glorious jewels and keep prices at a more reasonable level. In addition, since women get bored quicker than anything else, multi-use jewelry is favorite. The end of a necklace can also be used as a brooch, or the two bracelets can be joined together and turned into a gorgeous necklace.

With the increasing quality of workmanship and people feeling trapped in the big city, the infestation of flowers and animals on the world of jewelry is in question. Colorful butterflies, cute frogs take their place in the jewelry world as a wonder of design.

In September, Biennale des Antiquaires will be exhibiting very special pieces that created the history of Cartier. The works of Cartier reveal the beauty of all craftsmanship and design, as well as the cultures and the beauty of different geographies around the world: Sometimes the naughty panther of the forests appears as a three-dimensional ring, while the diamonds around a magnificent aquamarine turn into a necklace that tells the cold spring in the poles.

Last year Lorenz Baumer was known for the wedding crown he made for Princess Charlene of Monaco, and this time he was inspired by the simplicity of the Japanese gardens and the mysterious yet colorful world of birds. Baumer’s feature is the knowledge of ergonomics in engineering history. This insect brooches are inspired by Khepri, the insect god of Egypt.

Louis Vuitton is the most important player in the jewelry business. They opened up a jewelry store in Place Vendome, the center of the jewelry world, and drew all the attention. The store is home to the Traveling Spirit (L’Ame du Voyage), a collection of jewelry from the world cultures.

When Bulgari, the first brand that came to mind when it comes to the Italian jewel, was bought by LVMH, it woke up from hibernation. The success and courage of bringing together many different colors which are indispensable elements of the Bulgari style from the 1960s, designs bearing rounded contours, volume jewels, and cabochon cut stones that are the signature of Bulgari perfection stood out in the new collection.

The name of the new collection of the Van Cleef & Arpels who will be exhibiting an exhibition of the 400 most special designs in Les Arts Décoratifs museum in Paris in September is ‘Palais de la Chance’ meaning The Palace of Chance. The motto of the collection presented at Palais de Tokyo with a stage design like the dream world was “You must believe in luck to be lucky”. Van Cleef & Arpels was once again writing a fairy tale, transforming all imaginable talismans into designs that would bring creative imagination to life, from ladybirds to four-leaf clovers, to Japanese luck babies.

One of the most striking illustrations was the 80-piece designs inspired by Bijoux de Diamants, the first collection of Coco Chanel celebrating its 80th anniversary in jewelry. In addition to the ribbons and bows that are the indispensable elements of Chanel’s designs, the main themes of the collection referred to the year 1932 dedicated to the year the brand created its first jewels; stars, comets, sun, and moon. The most important feature of this dizzying collection was the fact that the jewelers were predominantly diamond-shaped instead of the colored stones that they preferred in recent years.

The new collection of Italy-based world brand Roberto Bravo is about a romantic love story in Swan Lake. “A white feather flew in the wind and fell into the water of the lake, which shone in daylight. An elegant swan washed her wings in this bright water. It was one of the days of the princess in the lake who turned into a swan as a result of a spell. All the lake, all creatures, water lilies, and lotus flowers reflected this eternal and clean love.” In the collection, the brand uses the warm enamel technique, which is worked with the harmonious transition of the colors reflecting the innocence of the graceful swan, with colored sapphires symbolizing diamond and loyalty.

Like all the successful jewelry brands, Roberto Bravo is also very troubled. He made newspaper advertisements which he had printed “imitations” on a condom but had trouble finding the media to press it: “Life starts with imitation, it is true. The child is born, grows, learns, speaks by imitating. Roberto Bravo, founded in 1948, is one of the most imitated brands in the world because imitation is not a bad thing in many countries, such as mischief, it is seen as a flawed act and is not taken very seriously, “he says.

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