The Jewelry Exchange (The Goldenwest Diamond Corporation)

The Jewelry Exchange is a diamond importer and manufacturer in the US. It has 15 locations across the United States, with its headquarters located in Tustin, California. It is one of the largest direct diamond importers in the U.S. and it is the largest worldwide customer of two of only five super site holders in the world. Because of this reason, they have first access to hard-to-find diamonds and import them at lower prices than most competitors.


The business was founded in 1977 by Bill Doddridge when he purchased Buena Park Loans & Jewelry, a pawnshop. In 1988, the company discontinued the pawnshop side of its business in order to focus on jewelry.
Bill Doddridge started his career working in his stepfather’s pawnshop. He wanted to go out on his own and found a location in order to open up a pawnshop, but he did not have the financing, so in the end, he opened it up for his stepfather. In 1977, after saving enough money, he finally went out on his own by buying Buena Park Loan & Jewelry, a pawnshop located in the next town over from his.

It was soon apparent that he was not getting enough used jewelry from pawn customers in order to meet the demand so Bill Doddridge began designing his own jewelry. He realized that in many cases he could make the jewelry for less and have more trendy designs than buying used jewelry from the pawn customers. At the same time, he also started advertising loose diamonds and was able to undercut everyone else’s prices by maintaining low margins. He had so many customers coming back with appraisals 3 to 4 times more than what they had paid, that in 1984 he decided to guarantee all of his jewelry to appraise for double.

In 1986 he decided to move his business to Main Street in Santa Ana, California and he brought jewelry manufacturing in-house. Previously, he used to send the jobs out for setting. Then, in 1987 he went to Israel and he started importing diamonds directly from there. This provided him with savings of 25-30% on both the cost of diamonds and the jewelry he was manufacturing. The event was important because of the fact that he was now both “Factory Direct” and a “Direct Diamond Importer.”

In 1988, he decided to discontinue to pawnshop operations and focus on the jewelry business because the jewelry business had grown so large. So, in 1991 he opened a second store in San Diego, California and in 1993 a third store in San Francisco, California. Although the San Diego store was eventually closed, the San Francisco store was a success and did better than he could ever imagine. Then, the company focused on the Santa Ana and San Francisco models for their future expansions.

In 1994 a competitor, which is 14k Jewelry Mart Exchange, moved right next door to their flagship store in Santa Ana, California, and posted a sign emphasizing the words “Jewelry Exchange”; the “14K” and “Mart” appearing in small letters. The customers found it difficult to distinguish between the two businesses. That forced them to move to their new headquarters to Tustin, California and seek legal action against this unscrupulous competitor.

After four years of preparation, and a two-month-long trial, the court upheld the validity of their federal trademark “The Jewelry Exchange”, granting a permanent injunction against 14K Jewelry Mart Exchange and awarded them damages in excess of two million dollars. However, by maintaining strict business ethics in the jewelry industry, and defending their highest quality and lowest price guarantee; the ultimate winner, in this case, is their valued customer. The only importance is their customers.


Nowadays, the company has 14 locations across the United States. They are more commonly known by their trade name: The Jewelry Exchange®. However, they also operate as The Jewelry Factory® in New York, Detroit, and Washington, DC.

In 2003 they became one of the top ten jewelry companies in the US and they were included in the “100 Million Dollar Super Sellers” list. Then, they continue to move up the ranks of this prestigious list of retail jewelry operations, however, it is their manufacturing process that keeps them ahead of the competition.

Most jewelry stores do not manufacture their own jewelry. Most jewelry stores are simply retailers who buy a product from a manufacturer that typically works on a 35 to 40% profit margin. Then, the jewelry store raises the prices again to sell the product to the customer. On the other hand, The Jewelry Exchange is different because they are one of the country’s leading jewelry manufacturers.

From rings and bracelets to pendants and earrings, the Jewelry Exchange crafts most of the items that they sell, eliminating the manufacturer mark-up and passing the savings on to you. At the Jewelry Exchange, you are buying factory-direct, so you save. In order to support their manufacturing retail business model, they doubled the size of our headquarters facility in January of 2002. They continued renovations through August of 2005, and have since developed their dedicated internet department.

Since launching their website they have been delivering information, education, and value pricing to customers all over the nation. The Jewelry Exchange is positioned to be the leader of the online jewelry business, more than 30 years of jewelry experience puts them miles ahead of their current online competitors. Unlike many of their competitors, they maintain their own imported loose diamond inventory, the company designs and makes their own jewelry, and they do not drop ship from a supplier’s warehouse. As with all Jewelry Exchange locations, they are the supplier!

Along with technological advances in operations that they use, and conducting business online, they continue investing in equipment that lowers the cost of manufacturing jewelry, which they pass on to their valuable customers.

They are constantly seeking the latest technology. One of the latest additions is their Power Laser Welder which allows them to repair prongs without removing the stones and to size and repair platinum. The Power Laser also has a camera inside that allows the repair process in order to be viewed on a remote screen located on their retail sales floor.

Another state-of-the-art piece of equipment is their newest casting machine which allows them to create, or cast higher quality jewelry more efficiently. The vacuum casting process used in machine produces more jewelry per hour, with a marked improvement in precious metal quality. The vacuum casting system removes oxygen from the casting flask, which makes their jewelry minimally free from porosity, and other imperfections found in outdated casting processes.

The biggest advantage of this casting machine is the ability to achieve “Stone-In-Wax Casting.” It allows them to set diamonds, and some precious gemstones into their wax designs before they are turned into gold or platinum pieces. This is yet another way The Jewelry Exchange is finding ways in order to pass savings on to their valuable customers!

In addition to those, they are also finding new ways in order to lower their costs of raw materials such as gold, diamonds, colored stones, etc. Today the company has the lowest production costs of any jewelry manufacturer in the United States. As a result, their diamond and jewelry prices have continued to become more and more competitive. With the combination of talented people, a solid infrastructure, and state-of-the-art technology, The Jewelry Exchange is positioned to continue growing while offering their customers the highest quality fine jewelry at the lowest prices.


They are famous for their diamond. They offer amazing products that you can choose according to your taste, design, and need. They offer you to choose the shape, carat, and color. According to your preferences, they provide you a price. They are proud of offering quality loose natural diamonds without the manufacturer’s markup. They have the lowest priced eco-friendly lab diamond on the market. For colored diamonds, you can but factory-direct colored diamonds. They carry almost every color imaginable, sized and priced to fit your budget.

One of the most classic engagement ring styles is the solitaire. Diamond solitaires get their namesake for showcasing a singular stone as the ring’s centerpiece. The solitaire offers the opportunity to use a very high-quality diamond that needs no side stone support. With so many options to choose from in the collection, you may not be sure where to start. Luckily, they have organized their offering by price, shape, certification, and specials. Their rings are features in white, yellow, and rose gold. Searching by price is an extremely efficient way to see available options that best suit your particular budget.

The diamond stud earrings are set in your choice of white gold or yellow gold matched for quality and brilliance. The company carries all qualities and price points in diamond stud earrings. You may want to check out the selection of Diamond Studs priced $0-$500!

In addition, you can create your own ring and your own solitaire. There are lots of diamond specials you can choose.

1 1/2 Carat Diamond Solitaire Ring in 14k Gold ZXX01

1/2 Carat Marquise Diamond Ring in 10k Gold ZX201

CERTIFIED 3/4 Carat Princess Diamond Solitaire in 14k Gold ZX301

3/8 Carat Oval Diamond Solitaire Ring in 10k Gold ZX201

Diamond Studs in Silver S4X


They offer engagement rings, anniversary rings, diamond rings, wedding bands, hola diamond rings, three stone rings, ring wraps and guards, colored diamond rings, promise rings, and fashion rings. Other than those, you can create your own ring and solitaire.

1/2 Carat Diamond Halo Engagement Ring in 14k Gold MO117

1/4 Carat Diamond Halo Ring in 14k Gold MO199

EGL-USA 7/8 Carat Diamond Halo Engagement Ring in 14k Gold S1039

CERTIFIED 1 Carat Diamond Halo Engagement Ring in 14k Gold 69-16

EGL-USA 1 1/2 Carat Diamond Engagement Ring in 14k Gold 69-13

4 5/8 Carat Tanzanite – Diamond Three Stone Ring in 18k Gold RXX01

CERTIFIED 1 3/8 Carat Diamond Halo Engagement Ring in Gold S1067

1/5 Carat Diamond Three Stone Ring in 10k Gold AT124

3/8 Carat Diamond Engagement Ring in 14k Gold MT183

1/2 Carat Diamond Ring Guard in 14k Gold Rose RW246

1/2 Carat Diamond Ring Guard in 14k Gold RW246

1/4 Carat Diamond Ring Wrap in 10k Gold RW182

1/4 Carat Diamond Ring Wrap in 10k Gold RW227

1/2 Carat Diamond Ring Wrap in 10k Gold RW403

1 1/4 Carat Cushion Diamond Solitaire Ring in 14k Gold ZXX01

1/2 Carat Black – White Diamond Ladies’ Ring in Gold AF214

1 3/8 Carat Diamond Halo Luxury Ring in 14k Gold RF615

Diamond Heart Ring in 10k Gold R7102

GLG 1/3 Carat Lab Diamond Infinity Ring in 10k Gold 4R102

Diamond Anniversary Ring in 10k Gold RF141

5 1/4 Carat Diamond – Multi-Colored Stone Ring in 14k Gold RXX01

1/5 Carat Diamond Anniversary Ring in 10k Gold RF147

Pearl Jewelry

For many women, there is nothing that says class and sophistication like a pearl does. In fact, this hard glistening object that comes from the water can be exceptionally valuable and are as valued as gemstones. While natural pearls are exceptionally rare, cultured pearls are still sought out for their beauty and value, representing quality. No matter which kind of pearl, they always offer an iridescence, which helps add to the beauty of them in the jewelry piece.

Pearl jewelry comes in many forms, from earrings to necklaces to bracelets, ensuring that no matter which type of piece you prefer to wear, you are sure to find something in this selection. There are many different styles of pearl jewelry. You may be searching for a simple pair of pearl earrings, something that is a classic look for every day, while other nights may call for more elegance, in which one of the pieces that also features diamonds is a wonderful option.

Diamond & Pearl Ring 14K Gold OR201

Pearl & Diamond Pendant in 14k Gold OPE01

8MM Akoya Pearl Strand in 14k Gold OXX01

Gemstone Jewelry

Rubies are red gemstones that can range from a pinkish hue to very darkly colored reds. Made of corundum, rubies are extremely strong and almost as hard as diamonds. They are the birthstone of July, the perfect color for the summer month.

5/8 Carat Ruby – Diamond Halo Ring in 14k Gold R9336

As the official birthstone for January, garnet is a highly sought after gemstone for its fire and color. Frequently seen in the traditional red hue, garnets are also available in oranges, greens, dark magentas, and even blues.

2 Carat Garnet – Diamond Heart Pendant in Silver 8P803

It is not just the wonderful land of Oz that values emeralds. While you may not be able to live in the Emerald City, with this selection of emerald jewelry pieces, you can easily bring your love of green into your life.

1/2 Carat Diamond Fashion Ring in 10k Gold R3317

Sapphires are a beautiful and versatile gemstone that is best known for their dark blue color but also come in a variety of other color options. Sapphires can actually come in as many as 10 different colors, including yellow, purple, pink, black, white, and even brown. The associated month with this birthstone is September, and more traditionally, when one refers to a sapphire, they are referring to a dark blue colored stone.

GLG 5 1/2 Carat Lab Sapphire – Diamond Halo Ring in 14k Gold 4XX01

Blue has often been the color of royalty, as is purple. Essentially, any color that used the Indigo dye was more commonly seen among royals rather than commoners due to the increased prices back in early civilization. Now, it is much more common to see these dark blues and purples worn every day, and most certainly not only by royals.

11 Carat Tanzanite – Diamond Necklace in 14k Gold PXX01

Some colors just evoke thoughts of royalty and splendor. This amethyst jewelry collection is no exception, and all of the pieces featured are fit for royalty. With their deep purple hue, there are earrings, necklaces, rings, pendants, and more available for you to choose from.

3/8 Diamond & Amethyst Pendant in 10k Gold P9207

While many of us picture one specific color when a certain gemstone is mentioned, there are several that offer a variety of colors in the same stone. One of these is the topaz. In the past, topaz jewelry has been associated with the month of November and was its birthstone up until a few years ago. Now, it is a secondary birthstone for the month of December, and Citrine is the official birthstone for the month of November. Topaz can come in a variety of colors from yellow to blue and even dark green.

1 3/4 Carat Blue Topaz And Diamond Pendant in Silver 8P804

The birthstone for the month of November, citrine is a stunning gem that is most often seen in a yellow/gold hue. It is a form of quartz, and the name is derived from the word lemon, which is very fitting given its coloring.

5/8 Carat Diamond & Citrine Halo Ring in 10k Gold R9247

A variety of Olivine, peridot is a green semi-precious mineral that makes a stunning gemstone for jewelry pieces. This beautifully hued stone is the birthstone for August, but this stone is actually rather rare, especially in larger stones, so you will most likely see this in smaller stones. Similar to diamonds, this stone is formed in molten rock of the upper mantle and brought to the surface by earthquakes and volcanos.

Latin for “seawater”, the blue aquamarine was once said to calm waves and keep sailors safe while out at sea. Aquamarine is mined in Pakistan, Brazil, Africa, Australia, and other countries. They offer the official birthstone of March in a number of pieces, including rings, pendants, and earrings.

1/2 Carat Diamond – Aquamarine Ladies’ Ring in Gold R9323

Jewelry for Men

From traditional men’s jewelry to contemporary jewelry designs from around the world, The Jewelry Exchange is your one-stop for fine jewelry with a masculine design. They offer rings, bands, bracelets, and chains for men.

The times of men only wearing polished gold wedding bands is long past. While they are still a very popular choice, many men are opting for rings that better fit their personal tastes. They offer men gold rings in white and rose gold, as well as the traditional yellow. They also feature bands in smooth and textured finishes. With over 40 rings in traditional and contemporary styles, you will easily find the perfect one for you.

1/8 Carat Diamond Men’s Ring in 14k Gold GG106

2 7/8 Carat Diamond Gents Band In 18k Gold GXX01

1/2 Carat Diamond Gent’s Band in 14k Gold GXX01

4 Millimeter Wedding Band in 10k Gold J1408

Men’s Fancy Wedding Band in 14k Gold J2X35

Men’s Fancy Wedding Band in 14k Gold J2X63

Men’s bracelets are a great option for those who want to accessorize their outfits with a piece other than a ring or necklace. These have a more substantial, wider make in white and yellow gold. If your significant other enjoys wearing jewelry, he will love one of these high-quality bracelets for men. Even if he doesn’t, these will change his mind!

Men’s I.D. Bracelet in 14k Gold INB

1 1/2 Carat Diamond Men’s Bracelet in 14k Gold GB501


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