Top Jewelry Brands Around the World

Jewelry is the most attractive accessory both men and women enjoy carrying on their bodies. They accompany outfits and support people who want to express themselves with their style. The signatures of jewelry brands are exclusive in a way that attracts even more attention; they form a unique prestige.

Gemstones have always been in the interest of craftsmen and people from the highest ranks of society. The most precious ones have always been worn by royals and aristocrats. Therefore, this sector created its pioneers from the highly-skilled craftsman of the past. We are talking about the craftsmen of the past as luxurious, high-end top jewelry brands around the world today.

Today, people with style follow the trends on jewelry, others with a more classical fashion sense follow the classics. The top jewelry brands create their seasonal works and display them for their best customers. The luxury of wearing top jewelry from the top brands became even more prestigious.

Top Jewelry Brands

Harry Winston

Harry Winston brand, which is well-known for its classic and glorious jewelry, has been on top of the jewelry brands lists since the brand was founded. Harry Winston was founded in 1932, since then they only use high quality and unique gemstones for their jewelry. Each one of the pieces is prepared with precise craftsmanship, with a quality and durability guarantee.

Harry Winston brand is known as the “King of Diamonds” because the expertise of the brand is mostly on this gemstone. Since he has been working with people of high society and influence, the prestige of the jewelry represents elegance. Other gemstones are also present in the collections of the brand as fine art pieces.

The brand became very well-known after Harry Winston possessed The Hope Diamond for 10 years after it emerged in India and was worn by emperors such as 14th Louis and 4th George, and high society people such as Thomas Hope and Pierre Cartier. Although the Diamond was given to Smithsonian Institute in 1058, its fame stuck with the people who possessed it, especially Harry Winston.

The clients of the brand include the most popular celebrities and very rich people around the world. Every year, celebrities who walk on the red carpet of the Oscars and other exclusive events and ceremonies wear the jewelry of Harry Winston Brand.   

Since 1932, Harry Winston created his brand and made high-quality jewelry for the crème de la crème of the society. He is known by celebrities and upper class all around the world. Harry Winston is no longer among us; however, his legacy of this prestigious brand continues to its consistent journey with the glorious and elegant sense of jewelry fashion he created.

You can find Harry Winston jewelry models at their website, In the website you can see the jewelry pieces. However they do not offer an online shopping option. Harry Winston has more than 50 shops around the world.

In store locator here ( you can enable your device’s location services and find the nearest Harry Winston shop. While it is possible to enter any one of the shops and browse the pieces, the website offers “schedule an appointment” and “request assistance” choices. You can schedule an appointment and access the services of the shop easily. Additionally, if you have any further questions, you can request assistance in various topics.


Cartier has been releasing the pieces which have been sold for the highest prices in auctions. The brand’s inevitable fame of many years comes from this popularity. Especially pieces the brand made for royalty, both have been taking a very big space in these auctions and created the fame of this high-end jewelry brand.

The magnificence of the jewelry pieces comes from the expertise of the brand. It made many high-end, timeless pieces which attracted the attention of both royalty and celebrities.

Cartier was founded by Louis-François Cartier in 1847. It is very well-known for its jewelry and expensive watches. The Panthere Brooch of Cartier, which was designed in 1940 for Wallis Simpson, became one of the most well-known timeless pieces of the history of jewelry.  

This signature piece of the brand attracted the attention of the Duchess of Windsor and she ordered many pieces with the panther pattern of this brooch. This is the starting point of the Panthere collection. The most famous piece of this collection is the Panthere bracelet which was made with a diamond of 6.5 carats, onyx, and emerald and sold for 7 million dollars.  

Cartier has a very long history full of appreciation from the upper-class people around the world. Since the brand started to make its own jewelry, it attracted the attention with its high-quality, very fashionable and elegant pieces. Especially royal jewelry has been on the focus of the brand.

Cartier uses only the high-quality materials in its pieces and craftsmanship is very important for the brand. Especially for the watches, they work with only the high-end watchmakers. The brand has the prestige of jewelry with a modern style and the elegance of vintage fashion.  

Each year Cartier releases its collections for the attention of royalty and upper class across the world. The brand is run by the family since 1847 and they spread their name far beyond Paris, France, where it was founded. Starting from their most famous piece, the Panthere, Cartier stepped up their fame with each collection released each year.

Cartier offers an online shop for some countries in different terms. Some products can be found in those online shops; however, you cannot order all the products there. Also, the online shop has a limit of 5 products to order at once. Although, some products cannot be bought online, you can request a price or request assistance regarding the pieces.

Additionally, you can book an appointment from the official website of Cartier ( With that appointment you can receive a high-quality assistance from one of the many shops of Cartier.

Van Cleef & Arpels

In 1896, Alfred Van Cleef and his wife-to-be Estelle Arpels founded the renowned brand Van Cleef & Arpels in France. The couple then married and the Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry brand was founded and run on the basis of love since then. The brand is known by its avant-garde pieces together with unique ones with styles from the Old World.  

The brand is mostly renowned for its techniques they use in its jewelry pieces. The admirable techniques they use for the placement of gemstones on the jewelry and their style of gemstone choice are what gave the brand its prestige.

The “Mystery Set” technique they developed and took the patent for in 1933 gives the brand its uniqueness. As stated in Van Cleef & Arpels website, “[t]he level of expertise required makes Mystery Set the exclusive realm of a very small number of master jewelers.” The technique requires hours and hours of work for the completion of just one piece.

This technique enables the gemstones to be seen at the highest level and does not allow any prongs to be seen. The brand specializes and owes its fame to the Mystery Set technique.

As for its themes, the brand was highly inspired by nature itself. The simplicity and amazing figures of nature form the structure of their jewelry pieces. Birds, bugs, flowers and other natural figures were metaphorically used in the pieces. With the Mystery Set technique, the vitality of nature is fairly represented in the jewelry of the brand.

The classy and elegant jewelry of the brand still amazes people from all classes today. Especially royals, upper-class family members and celebrities such as Grace Kelly and Jacqueline Kennedy chose the jewelry of this brand for their special days of engagement or marriage.

The timelessness of the pieces represents the commitment for everyone looking at these pieces. Moreover, the fact that the brand only releases a few new pieces a year, makes the jewelry more unique and high-end.

Van Cleef & Arpels has online shops for many countries. There are specific requirements and shipment terms for each country. Thus it is better to check for those online boutique guide before making a purchase. Additionally, Van Cleef & Arpels offers an online store locator ( for customers who want to physically go and browse the pieces.

Van Cleef & Arpels Vintage 18K Yellow Gold and Sapphire Cufflinks


Van Cleef & Arpels Yellow Gold Diamond and Emerald Butterfly Pendant Necklace



The Italian high-end jewelry brand Buccellati is famous for its impressive success in creating unique motifs on gold. The brand works on the gold material as if lacing, with a very detailed and high-quality craftsmanship. Another expertise of the brand is the pieces which involve gold and silver together.

Mario Buccellati opened his first jewelry shop in Milan in 1919, starting the journey of a brand which will be world-famous in years. The family business bloomed, and they became experts on gemstones in Italy. In 1973, Gianmaria Buccellati, son of Mario, founded the Italian Gemological Institute with his colleagues and acted as the president for 25 years.

Buccellati is associated with high-quality Italian gold. Inspired by their Roman history, the Italian brand uses the style of the Roman Empire era on their jewelry pieces. They boldly use detailed motifs on their designs, along with the precious materials of gold and in their matt states. The brand is very high-brow with the artistic usage of shades and textures in their jewelry pieces.  

The Italian brand generally works bracelets and cuffs with lace-like details in Roman style. Also, the brand has a unique technique of using materials in their matt shade and brushing, which gives the jewelry sense of fabric. These designs are made with a mixture of gold and silver.

Buccellati uses Italian gold in a very Italian-elegant way. The designs are often inspired by animals and insects, unlike other gold jewelers who use flowers. Dragonflies and beetles are the most popular inspirations of the brand.

The artsy works of the brand have been placed in many auctions and museums as pieces of art throughout the years. Especially the Roman-inspired pieces were considered as art pieces rather than jewelry. With the “Timeless Blue” project, which consists of 5 collections of jewelry inspired by impressionist and post-impressionist paintings, the brand still remains to be closer to an artistic perspective, rather than commercial jewelry making.

Buccellati does not offer an official online shop. You cannot buy any piece online from the brand itself. However, there are many online jewelry shops that offer Buccellati pieces.

The official website of Buccellati offers a store locator to find the closest Buccellati store (

Tiffany & Co.

Tiffany & Co. is undoubtedly the most renowned jewelry brands since it has its own movie: Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Holly Golightly fondly talks about Tiffany’s in the movie:

“It calms me down right away, the quietness and the proud look of it; nothing very bad could happen to you there, not with those kind men in their nice suits, and that lovely smell of silver and alligator wallets. If I could find a real-life place that made me feel like Tiffany’s, then I’d buy some furniture and give the cat a name.”

Another movie, Great Gatsby, made the brand famous not only in the USA but also across the world. Tiffany & Co. was founded in 1837 and became the most popular jewelry brand with their diamonds, silver pieces and extraordinary, yet classic, designs.

The diamond pieces of the brand are admirable with their multi-dimension motifs. Lately, their iconic lock and key inspired designs also attracted attention worldwide.  Also, the shade of the blue used in the logo became so associated with the brand that it is now known as the Tiffany Blue.

The strength of the brand can be understood by the wide diversity of the pieces it releases. Tiffany & Co. produces jewelry for common interests as well as iconic, unique pieces for men, women and even children. Tiffany ring became the symbol of the marriage proposals, which denotes the sentimental value of the brand.

Quality and being a part of everyday life are two strengths of the brand. They use gold, silver and flawless stones to produce jewelry which can be worn on any occasion throughout the day. The modern pieces become the parts of people’s lives readily, while classic pieces are preferred for special occasions.

Among the celebrities and public figures inspired and amazed by Tiffany &Co., Audrey Hepburn, Elizabeth Taylor, Greta Garbo and, Jacqueline Kennedy take the lead. Additionally, many young girls across the world, who grew up with Breakfast at Tiffany’s, dream of the pieces of this iconic jewelry brand.

The online shop of Tiffany & Co. only sends pieces to United States, Canada, Japan, Australia, United Kingdom, Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands and Spain. For other countries, you need to go to a physical shop to buy jewelry pieces.

Tiffany & Co.’s website offers information about the pieces and a size guide. You can also book an appointment from a shop for better assistance. Also, Tiffany & Co. offers personalized engravings, information about which can be found on the website of the brand (


Laurence Graff founded Graff jewelry brand in 1960. Now it is a great multi-partner brand renowned across the world. Graff is known by their delicate and elegant work with big gemstones. The brand specializes in giant diamonds.

Graff became a very popular brand among the upper class and rich people due to its high-quality jewelry pieces and services. The signature of Graff is giant gemstones, especially diamonds, used in jewelry. Laurence Graff started to use these giant gemstones because he thought the desire of people for these stones are much more than the others, and he wasn’t wrong.

The journey of this brand started when the jewelry store Laurence Graff was working at closed in 1960. Laurence Graff not only started this world-famous brand but also increased his fame by buying and resetting high-value, well-known diamonds such as Lesotho Promise and Wittelsbach-Graff.

The motto of the brand is to make big and beautiful stones into high-end jewelry pieces. The best and elaborate cuts on stones are what this brand promises and perfectly delivers to its customers. Graff has many jewelry sets with the glory and luxury of these big and perfectly cut gemstones.

Graff is also known by its humane contribution for declaring its commitment to Kimberley Process. The diamonds used by Graff are mined and produced in conflict-free areas and without exploitation of workers. While the world is terrified by the occurrences happening to local people while diamonds are originated, this pro-active commitment took Graff to a higher level in people’s hearts, not only with the jewels they design but also with their humane actions.

The loyal customers of the brand include royals such as Princess Diana and Charlene, Princess of Monaco, kings, presidents and cultural icons. It is known that the President of the USA, Donald Trump gave his 3rd wife a Graff ring for their engagement.

Graff does not offer an online shopping option on their website. You can browse the jewelry pieces and make online enquiries or find the shops where the pieces you like are present.

To purchase any of the jewelry pieces of Graff, you need to go to a store, whether you book an appointment or not. the website offers a store search that enables you to find the nearest Graff store to really see the pieces and browse.


Piaget is a luxurious Swiss watch and jewelry brand which was founded by Georges-Edouard Piaget in Jura, Switzerland, in 1874. Georges-Edouard Piaget started to make watch components at the farm of his family and very soon he was preferred by many renowned watchmakers. The company is now managed by Swiss Richemont Group.

Piaget was firstly known by its luxurious watches for the rich. It was very popular among the elite of Europe. In 1959, the brand decided to increase their scope of work and started producing jewelry pieces that can easily be considered as the most high-end ones across the world. They opened their first jewelry shop in Geneve.

The vision of the brand has been to reflect the glory of the old world from the beginning. The luxurious watches and elegant jewelry pieces represented this vision perfectly. Thus, Piaget became a popular choice for upper-class.

The inspiration of jewelry pieces of the brand mostly comes from old Hollywood’s sophisticated fantasy gardens. Roses, for example, is the most popular signature motif of Piaget, which is represented by the famous Piaget Rose collection. Most of the designs have strong angular lines and the sense of motion.

The modern and chic designs of Piaget also offer the practicality of adjustable watchbands. These are high-quality and prepared with delicate craftsmanship. The high-quality pieces of Piaget have been worn by celebrities and aristocrats since the brand was founded.

Piaget has a very well equipped online shopping system on their website. The information on the pieces and their prices can be seen. Also, you can browse pieces and prefer to book an appointment to try the pieces you liked.

The online shopping part of Piaget’s site offers complimentary shipping for US addresses. Also you can shop from the site and receive your piece from any US store you like. The site offers secured payment options. There is also a shop locator on the website.


Bvlgari was founded by Greek jeweler Sotirio Bulgaris in 1884 in Rome. The brand reflects the elegance and glory of Italian style with its signature jewelry pieces. The brand also produces watches, perfumes and skin products, and has 5-star hotels and resorts.

Many celebrities, including Elisabeth Taylor, have been among the admirers of the brand. As the Panthere of Cartier, Bvlgari’s iconic piece is the Serpent. The Serpent design is being used in many collections and pieces of the brand.  

Since it was founded in 1884, Bvlgari became the leader of the jewelry sector. The brand harmonizes new designs with traditional styles so well that, most of their pieces are considered timeless. The pieces of Bvlgari are generally shiny and well-defined.

Bvlgari has its iconic pieces and styles. Shiny and colorful flower and fruit motifs, thick shapes, big gemstones and, cabochon shaped stones are among the signature designs of the brand. Bvlgari enables the elegance of its pieces with their high-quality craftsmanship and the luxury of them with the highest-quality gemstones on 18-carat gold and steel details.

Bvlgari does not offer online shopping section on their website. You can browse the pieces and see the prices in Euros. Additionally, you can use the shop locator to find the nearest Bvlgari shop and make an appointment to receive a luxurious service (

BVLGARI B.Zero 1 18kt Pink and White Gold 4 Band Ring- Size 53 (U.S 6 1/2)



Mikimoto brand was founded by Mikimoto Kokichi in 1893 in Japan. Mikimoto Kikichi became renowned by the unique pearls he made. He is the first jeweler who used cultured pearls in jewelry pieces. Also, he is the first jeweler from his country, who became renowned across the world.

The brand is very famous for rare Titan and Pink pearls they use in jewels. Also, they process and use the highest quality South Sea pearls. Their perfect designs are made with 8-carat gold or platinum, colorful precious gemstones, and rarely-found pearls. Mikimoto’s each design is one of a kind because the pearls used are unique.

Kokichi Mikimoto, the discoverer of cultured pearls, used only the best pearls in his pieces. The natural gemstones and unique pearls are aligned only with thin silk threads. High-quality white pearls are also a signature of the brand.

Mikimoto characterizes a classic form with new curves and simplistic design in their jewelry. a typical Mikimoto piece is prepared with one or two stones. The pearls represent pureness for the brand and have a very high sentimental meaning.

The brand releases one of a kind pieces for day and nightgowns. Mikimoto mostly has simplistic designs to let the pureness of the pearls shine. However, occasionally they released more detailed and intense pieces that Miss Universe pageants wore.

Although Mikimoto does not offer an online shopping option on their website, you can see the prices of the jewelry pieces in Japanese yens. You can also book an appointment to browse the pieces in physical stores. The website offers a store locator for overseas Mikimoto stores. Additionally, the addresses of Mikimoto stores in Japan are present on the website, too.

Mikimoto Grade A Akoya Cultured Pearl Stud Earrings Akoya Pearl 7-7.5 mm



In 1860, Louis-Ulysse Chopard founded the Chopard brand in Geneva, after he started conquering the watchmaking profession in this little farm town, Jura, Switzerland. It is a well-known jewelry brand now, with more than 100 shops around the world. It is among the most expensive and luxurious brands in the world. Chopard, firstly, won the hearts of women with wristwatches and pocket watches specially designed for them.

Chopard presents its pieces as watches and jewelry collections. Gold, platinum and rarely-found precious gemstones are generally used in jewelry pieces of the brand. Luxurious Swiss watchmaker and jeweler Chopard always used only the best quality materials for his collections.

The brand has pieces to wear daily and special nights. Pieces are made with real gemstones and a thick layer of 18-carat gold. No matter how small the jewelry pieces are, all details are prepared with precision. Each piece has a tiny Chopard signature, which enables them uniqueness.

Chopard brand has been worn by many celebrities on the red carpet and other special events. The collections of the brand were chosen by the royalty and iconic people. Additionally, lately, the company is taking the leading role for a more sustainable production among jewelry companies with its green carpet collection.

Like many other high-end jewelry brands, Chopard also does not offer an online shopping option. You can see and browse the pieces and have information about the materials and histories of the pieces on their website. Also, you can use the shop locator to find the nearest Chopard store.

Chopard stores are open for any customer who wants to see the pieces. However, it is better to contact the brand and make an appointment before going to the stores.


As Mikimoto, Moussaieff is the pioneer of the region where the family lived, Middle East. Although the brand was founded in 1963, in London, the origins go back to Arabia. The foundation of the brand goes back nearly 160 years and legend says that the owner of the name Moussaieff was selling pearls from his camel on the trade routed of the era.

Thanks to its Middle Eastern origins, the brand has a different style than other European and American brands, maintaining the same precision in craftsmanship. The magnificence of the stones, flamboyancy of designs and precision of craftsmanship are the promises of the jewels of the brand. These promises are fully completed with the pieces.

Moussaieff brand has only five stores around the world, representing Middle Eastern style jewelry making. In addition to the jewelry collections, the brand owns the world’s most prized and rare gems such as the Moussaieff Red, which is the biggest red diamond on earth.

The company is now being run by Alisa Moussaieff who is an icon herself. The customers of the brand include royalty, celebrities, political figures, and iconic people.

Moussaieff does not offer an online shopping part on their site. They also do not require appointments for their high-quality services. Their very experienced and nice people are ready to welcome you anytime in their stores. You can use the store location on their site to look for the nearest of their 6 stores (


Boucheron is founded in Paris by Frederic Bucheron and continued through his jeweler family in 1858. The brand served mainly royal families of Europe and the Middle East at the time. Now it is owned by Kering Group along with many other high-end brands such as Gucci, Saint Laurent, Bottega, Balenciaga, and Alexander McQueen.

After making tiaras and royal jewelry, elite American families came to the brand for wealthy pieces. The most famous one of these jewelry pieces is the one made for Marie-Louise Mackay, which is a necklace set with a 159-carat Kashmir Sapphire.

The brand is renowned for its internationally inspired style. The customers are not limited to the Middle East, Europe, and America; they also include the wealthy families of Africa and Asia. The combination of elements they use and rarely-found gemstones attracted the attention of rich people across the world.

In addition to its universal fame and multicultural themes, the brand is famous for being the first jeweler to combine gold with bronze and ivory.

Boucheron does not offer online shopping. You can enter their website ( and browse the pieces. You can also see the prices of the pieces and find the shops where the pieces you liked are present.


The origins of Chaumet brand goes back to the famous French Queen, Marie Antoinette. The founder of the brand, Marie-Etienne Nitot, was an apprentice of Antoinette’s jeweler. Later, he started his own jewelry brand in 1780 in Paris.

Chaumet is the oldest jewelry brand on our list. Nitot Jewelry House became so popular among French aristocrats that, it became the official jewelry maker of Emperor Napoleon. After Nitot started his jewelry business and it ranked so high, the wealthy aristocrats of Europe admiringly followed the brand. He made the coronation crowns of many emperors and empresses.

The journey of the brand was interrupted with the bankruptcy in 1987. However after LVMH Group bought the company, it continued its historical legacy alongside other luxurious brands of the group such as Tag Heuer, Fred, Hublot, and Christian Dior.  

Chaumet does not offer an online shopping opportunity; but they have a Distance Selling Service available on their website. You can fill out the form for the piece you liked and an advisor calls you back shortly regarding your selection. You can also call an advisor to place an order or find the nearest store where your selected piece is available.

Chaumet 18K WG “All White” Dandy Large Auto. Chronograph. 3 Ct diamond. MOP dial



In 1890, David Mouawad left his hometown, Beirut, Lebanon for New York and Mexico to excel at making jewelry and watches, starting the journey of a renowned brand. In 1908, he came back to Beirut and opened his first shop where he was repairing watches and building his dream of making high-end watches and jewelry.

After David, his son Fayez continued to improve the company and went to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The brand had already amazed the wealthy people there and his father’s dream was coming through.

Fayez’s son is the one who opened the brand to the world. He started making jewelry for European and American aristocrats and upper class. He also took possession of famous and precious stones, mainly diamonds to increase the fame of the family brand. Now, the brand has customers all around the world including A-list celebrities, stars, and iconic people.

Mouawad has 11 shops in very luxurious locations around the world. The website of the brand does not offer any services other than the information about pieces and pdf formats of brochures. You can browse pieces on the website and record their reference numbers.

To shop a piece from Mouawad, you need to go to one of the 11 shops of the brand. You can find the locations of the stores on the website (

Asprey London

Asprey London was founded in 1781 by William Asprey and became one of the jewelry brands closest to British royalty. The high-end pieces of jewelry, watches, purses and house decors represent the luxury, timelessness, aristocracy, and highness of the British Royal Family.

Queens of England admired the brand throughout history. Even Queen Victoria awarded the brand a Royal Warrant in 1862. Asprey successfully represented new styles of the times. In the 20s and 30s, the brand’s collections were full of the cocktail trend. Even the humor in pieces was reflected. Now, the brand represents the simple elegance and upper-class beauty of the British.

Starting from Queen Victoria, all British royalty certified the Royal Warrant, and some other kingdoms, especially Wales, awarded the brand with a Warrant, too. Asprey is renown by its close relationships with the royal and wealthy families.

Asprey’s jewelry pieces are worked one by one and made by hand. The brand uses rarely-found gemstones and is not afraid to go out of style by mixing other materials into the picture such as silver and crystal. Asprey-cut diamonds represent refined beauty in every aspect, and they come in different colors.

Asprey has stores in only 4 locations: UK, USA, Switzerland and Japan. However, the brand offers online shopping opportunity from their website ( You can see the prices of the pieces on their website and order the ones you like.

On the website, you can choose US dollars or GBP currencies for the prices. The shipping fees differ by the currency and the country. There is also another option for shipment; you can call the agents of the brand and place an order.


Another British jeweler, Annoushka Ducas, represent another trait of the British. The emotions reflected on jewelry pieces. She has a very in-depth perspective of emotions, women’s emotions in particular, which can easily be seen on the jewels she makes.

This brand is rather a contemporary one compared to others. However, Annoushka Ducas’ works are worth being on this list. The engagement ring she designed for herself gives the clue about her talent and ambition to be among the historical jewelry brands of Britain and the World.

Annoushka is her second brand, after Links of London which she created with her husband. Links of London is more focused on translating emotions. However, Annoushka is unique with its style that focuses on women’s emotions and experiences.

The metaphors and motifs she uses in her collections are timeless and, of course, she uses the best materials with rare gemstones. Also, the craftsmanship of the pieces is worth the while. Overall, she manages to represent the glamor and elegance Britain reflects, together with the emotions and experiences of women. The use of materials and color gives the pieces the playfulness and colorfulness contemporary women desire.

Annoushka delivers any order given on their online shop with an insurance through FedEx. You can see the prices and delivery terms on their online shopping site (

There are Annoushka boutiques in many locations across the world. There is no need for an appointment; you can enter any shop and browse the pieces. There is a shop locator on their website to find the nearest Annoushka boutique for you.

The Meaning of The Jewelry

Jewelry pieces represent beauty and prestige. They seem like simple pieces to complete outfits and reflect people’s personality. The beauty of the pieces undoubtedly impresses people; the shine, materials, colors, gemstones represent the beauty of them. Many people wear jewelry pieces for these reasons.

On the other hand, the meaning of jewelry, or wearing a certain piece from a jewelry brand represents way more than beauty. The sentimental and social meanings of the pieces enable people to define their families, social status and wealth in many occasions. Especially, upper-class families, celebrities, royalty, and iconic people choose their jewelry accordingly.


It is a fact that the prestige of the brand and the piece must align with the person who wears it. While some brands are more contemporary, some are classy and preferred by royalty and aristocrats. Those brands are worn for their prestige, no matter how high their value is.

As we can see in the histories of famous jewelers, possessing particular prized and large diamonds or other gemstones is a way to put one’s name on history books. Many of the historical brands owe their fame to these gemstones.

The prestige of the jewelry comes from many parameters. However, the brand or the jeweler’s name is the most important one. Knowing that certain brands use certain high-quality diamonds, for example, people wearing those brands reflect their status in the society.


Commitment has a very big role in our lives, especially for a special occasion such as marriage proposal, engagement or wedding. Jewelry is the most important symbol of the value of these days.

You can see in collections of luxurious brands that many of them give a place especially for rings made for these days. For example, Tiffany & Co.’s proposal ring became a symbol and desire for young women from their prospective husbands.

The jewelry that accompanies these days play an important role and a very high sentimental value. People want to carry a precious piece to represent the happy days of their lives as a signature. Also, iconic people who gave their prospective spouses a proposal ring from a brand, make that brand prestigious, too.

Family Gifts

Birthdays of loved ones, wedding anniversaries, baby shower gifts and many more represent the love we have in our hearts to our family and friends. Jewelry is also a part of that. The sentimental value of the jewelry gifts becomes so much more than an expensive piece of stone and precious metals.

For example, the little bracelets given to babies become a great memory when that baby grows up. Also, anniversary gifts such as necklace and earring sets are in high value sentimentally when worn in such nice occasions.

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