Trinket Trays: Jewelry Dishes

Little trinket trays/jewelry dishes are just upcycled plant saucers and planters. You can buy already made ones or you can add personality to terra cotta with colored pencils or chalk and repurpose them as stylish containers for everyday items such as jewelry, keys, office items like pushpins and paperclips, candle holders, and so on. Lots of uses for these little guys! And so many patterns and drawing options as well. The thing that makes them look the coolest is starting with the right shape.

Trinket dishes are more than just a means to take up space. They can be quite stylish and they have several funny and functional ways of using them for more than just decor. From the craft room to the kitchen, these little beauties, cuties and thrifty finds can really spruce up multiple unsuspecting spots. Style the tops of counters, tables, and desks with some of your lovely, favorite trinket dishes.

7 Ways to Use Trinket Trays/ Jewelry Dish

  1. Jewelry – It is the intended use of these dishes. Find some beautiful, vintage pieces to hold your favorite, everyday jewelry pieces. Place them on your chest of drawers and keep your earrings, rings, bracelets, and necklaces there for the day ahead. They are also great for displaying ornate brooches or antique pieces.
  2. Money – Everyone has loose change and we all need a way to keep it in one place. That’s where these little pieces come in handy. On the kitchen counter, on top of a dresser or on top of the desk, put down a dish and start collecting your loose change there!
  3. Keys – Have you ever spent hours looking for your keys, swearing you had placed them on the table when you walked in the door? Place your keys in trinket trays in order to ensure they never get lost!
  4. Candies – This might be a little old school, but jewelry dishes make excellent candy dishes as well! Of course, you can always use them to store some candy. Put your favorites in a cute bowl or dish and leave them in the living room next to the sofa so you can snatch a piece during your favorite movie or place one in the foyer with mints for your guests to snag on the way in or out.
  5. Nightstand catchall – Does your nightstand ever get overcrowded with hair ties, hand cream, and other miscellaneous items? Place one of the jewelry dishes on your nightstand in order to hold your nighttime essentials.
  6. Soaps – Find some wonderful trinket dishes in order to hold your soaps in all your bathrooms. It is a more dainty, stylish way to display the soap while still being a functional way of the space. Of course, you can find ones that fit the theme of the bathroom for all your guests to enjoy, including yourself. Then make sure to put a great hand soap atop, heart-shaped, olive oil infused, get creative and make it all apart of the room’s experience.
  7. Stationery Essentials – A pretty trinket dish on your desk in order to hold all of the pretties is such a clever way to use one of the trinket dishes in a unique way! Trinket dishes of all sizes can easily be used to organize all of your small office supplies. Rubber bands, paper clips, erasers, and push pins, they can all be confined to one of these plates or bowls. Find fun pieces at the local thrift store or buy a set so you’re nicely matched with the rest of the space. It is a fun, inexpensive way to stay neat and stylish at the same time.

DIY Projects for Trinket Trays/ Jewelry Dish

Materials Needed

• small terra cotta planters and saucers
• high quality colored pencils or chalk
• matte medium or sealant, if desired
• gorilla glue or similar (optional)

If you want a non-permanent option for your jewelry dish, you should use chalk. You can use regular chalk, colored chalk, even chalk pencils for more detailed doodles and patterns. And for a more permanent option, you can use a high quality colored pencil. The ones you can buy at an art store work great. For extra protection to your drawings, you can add a layer of matte medium or sealant.

How To Do It

You may want to start to test out the colors or practice patterns on the underside of the piece first. Then, flip over and use colored pencils or chalk in order to create a pattern or drawing directly onto the surface. Add a sealant if it is desired. It is only to be used if you used a high-quality colored pencil, otherwise, it would not be recommended to use chalk.

And in order to create an elevated tray, once the drawings have been completed, attach a generous amount of heavy-duty glue (like Gorilla Glue or something similar) to the underside of the terra cotta pot and then attach the saucer to the pot in order to create an elevated surface for trinkets. Then it is ready to use.

It is a really simple and cute project to do. It is easy to follow. A quick fix for simple jewelry storage.

Amazon Products

Umbra Prisma Tray, Geometric Plated Jewelry Storage, 11″ Length x 7.25″ Height x 1.5” Width, Matte Brass

This jewelry stand is absolutely perfect. The base is lined in a beautiful natural-colored linen material, so you can lay jewelry down on it without fear of scratching the stand. It’s able to accommodate a lot of jewelry, but it looks better with just a few necklaces and a couple of bracelets: you don’t want to hide simply beauty of this jewelry dish with tons of jewelry! Good quality and texture on the details even if you look very close. It holds more stuff than you imagine. Plus adding an air plant to it just takes it to the next level. This is a great size and has a good weight.

It’s made of metal so it will last a long time. The trim is a matte gold color and the pad inside is a light beige. The pad is not removable so it is recommended to you do your best to keep it dust and stain free. The tray is great overall except for one slight issue. The pad inside is not evenly placed on all sides so there’s a bit of a gap where you can see the metal under it on two of the sides. Small items like stud earrings perhaps may get lodged in this crevice and you may find them difficult to remove. Other than that is pretty awesome, especially for the price.

Kate Aspen XOXO Trinket Dish

Cutest little catch-all tray. The bottom is cream-colored. The pink is just a stripe of pink around the rim. In a long rectangular shape, this trinket dish is made from mint colored ceramic with gold foil details. The perfect bridesmaid gift or holiday gift for your best girls, this mint trinket dish looks beautiful while in use holding small items or sitting on a tabletop as a display piece. For bridal parties, the XOXO Trinket Dish makes an excellent standalone gift or addition to gift bags!

Kate Aspen Love Trinket Dish

Studio Oh! Small Metal Catchall Tray, Justina Blakeney Good Vibes

The product is really cute. It seems to be of good quality. It’s heavy. A pretty good quality. It is small but still useful for a small piece of jewelry or a tea light dish. It would be great for maybe one watch, or a couple of rings, or some earrings. Anything bigger and probably not. They are beautiful but not magnetic. You could hot glue a magnet on the back though!

This versatile little metal tray is the perfect place to organize all your trinkets and treasures, from keys and coins to jewelry and other loose items. Its delightful artwork is printed using a unique four-color technique, and the metallic copper-colored coating on the bottom adds just the right amount of shimmer.

Studio Oh! Small Metal Catchall Tray, Justina Blakeney Find the Magic

Studio Oh! Small Metal Catchall Tray, Eli Halpin Bunny Friends

Studio Oh! Small Metal Catchall Tray, Eli Halpin Elephant

Studio Oh! Small Metal Catchall Tray, Eli Halpin Majestic Lion

Studio Oh! Small Metal Catchall Tray, Eli Halpin Alpaca

Studio Oh! Small Metal Catchall Tray, Mia Charro Life Is Good Succulents

Studio Oh! Small Metal Catchall Tray, Pineapple Delight

Studio Oh! Small Metal Catchall Tray, Succulent Garden

Studio Oh! Small Metal Catchall Tray, Steph Baxter Bobby Pins

Studio Oh! Small Metal Catchall Tray, Steph Baxter Someone You Want to Be Around

PUDDING CABIN Trinket Dish, Hamsa Ring Dish Holder Small Jewelry Tray Decorative Plate

Super cute the quality of this product is great. Must buy it a small addition you could set on a night table or dresser. The mouth guard fits, and the dish is washable, so it works well. And when the mouth guard isn’t on it, the dish is attractive. It is ideal for holding jewelry, keys, change, paperclips, trinkets, and treasures. It can also be used as a decorative piece.

PUDDING CABIN Trinket Dish, Cactus Ring Dish Holder Green Jewelry Dish Decorative Plate

This cactus catch plate is adorable. The pink, green, and gold are very pleasantly colored and the rim is not so shallow or tall as to make it more decorative than usable, although if you wanted to hang it on a wall as a decoration it would look adorable that way too.

Umbra Tesora Jewelry Box, Two-Tier Resin Storage Container with Removable Lid, Concrete/Copper

The cover is very solid and has some weight to it. The cover is more copper than rose gold in appearance, and the concrete body is a dark grey instead of the light brushed concrete look. The material looks and feels good. Tesora’s lid doubles as a ring dish and has a perfect brushed finish to ensure aesthetic longevity. Tesora’s two tiers make this jewelry box unique. Have fun – stack them, separate them, place the lid across two bowls.

Sweet Water Décor, She Believed She Could Jewelry Dish | Square Gold Ring Trinket Tray

It is exquisite and unique. It is made of great material. The wording is beautiful as well. It is a 4 x 4 inch white square ceramic jewelry dish with a unique design and gold foil details. Chic holder for rings, earrings, accessories, or trinkets in your home next to a nightstand, in the office or the kitchen. It holds keys, paperclips, and hair ties on your desk, in your cubical, or in your dorm.

MyGift Decorative Raised Heart Design White Ceramic Ring Dish/Dresser Top Jewelry Holder/Trinket Tray

This is a cute little ring holder and looks nice. It fell and didn’t break so there’s an added bonus! It fits quite a few anklets on the plate part easily so it is basically a great way to stylishly organize some of our favorite jewelry. It is a nice and easy place to put your rings when doing the dishes so you don’t lose them. The quality and elegant look of the ring holder more than makes up for the plain packaging though. This is a white ceramic ring dish. No silver or silver color at all.

Christian Art Gifts Do All Things in Love Glass Trinket Tray in Rose Gold, Sparkle Collection

This is a great trinket dish! It is a really pretty and low profile so it won’t take up much room on a kitchen or bathroom counter. They are big enough to hold plenty of jewelry. This item is designed to be a display dish, and although it is meant to hold items, it is not intended to hold high-temperature items.

This delicate glass tray is the perfect little gem to place on your nightstand to keep all those trinkets you love safe. It is a lovely combination of rose gold dotted with little gold and pink scribbled hearts. This little tray is a sweet way to display Valentine’s Day candy or to give as a gift to a girl whose favorite color is sparkles. It’s just the right size for keys or coins or rings and comes with a reminder to act in a loving way.

Christian Art Gifts Let Your Light Shine Glass Trinket Tray in Teal, Sparkle Collection

HOME SMILE Leaf Trinket Dish Decorative Ring Dish Holder for Jewelry
This leaf dish is absolutely perfect! The glaze over the paint is very well done and it is such a beautiful piece. This is a perfect size that you need. It is not too big or too small. Everything fits perfectly in this little leaf. And it looks very stylish. It is very aesthetically pleasing and nice to the touch, but definitely will break if you drop it, so keep it in a safe area. It is the perfect size to display your special jewelry. It is very nicely made and is perfect for someone that loves that natural aesthetic.

ELBY Pink Ceramic Jewelry Dish with Gold Rim | Circle Trinket Tray Home Decor

The dish is cute but it is pinker in real life than the picture shows. It is also tiny – more like a ring dish than jewelry. It is cute but small. This ring dish for jewelry is the perfect decorative dish for your nightstand or dresser and will hold all your most important jewelry. Great as a wedding ring dish, you can also use this ceramic ring dish to hold your most precious diamonds. If you’re looking for a great nightstand tray, this catch-all tray is also great to hold your spare change and other items.

Tenforie Jewelry Dish Ceramic Ring Holder Constellation Trinket Tray – Pisces

Set it up with your necklaces, rings, and earrings last night. It looks pretty. Very pretty dish. The quality is not amazing. The gold edge had a few little scratches. But for the price. The color is beautiful!

The perfect constellation jewelry organizer store all your tiny trinkets such as rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets at your dressing table or makeup vanity, which can also be used as temporary storage when washing hands or in the kitchen while cooking, it is absolutely a shiny home decorations.

Tenforie Jewelry Dish Ceramic Ring Holder Constellation Trinket Tray – Orange/ Leo

Tenforie Jewelry Dish Ceramic Ring Holder Constellation Trinket Tray – Apricot/ Sagittarius

Tenforie Jewelry Dish Ceramic Ring Holder Constellation Trinket Tray – Pink/ Cancer

Tenforie Jewelry Dish Ceramic Ring Holder Constellation Trinket Tray – Nude Color/ Libra

Avenue 9 Ceramic Square Jewelry Dish Set of 3

Great for holding necklaces, jewelry, keys, earrings for safekeeping. You can add some glam to your desk or nightstand with our beautiful jewelry and trinket dishes. They are perfect for holding your wedding ring or earrings to keep them in a safe place. The eye-catching gold-trimmed edges on each plate add a layer of elegance, perfect for your office or bedroom!

Jojuno Ceramic Ring Jewelry Holder Decor Dish Organizer, Jewelry Tray, Pink Pineapple Jewelry Plate

The jewelry holder is a very good size with beautiful coloring and sheen. Such a pretty item and small enough to fit on a counter or dresser and not be in the way. Great for storage or display ring necklace and other jewelry. It also can be used as decorations. They are a beautiful, affordable and useful acquisition for home decoration, preschool education, festive gift and any place you can imagine.

Warmtree Stainless Steel Towel Tray Storage Tray Dish Plate Tea Tray Fruit Trays Cosmetics Jewelry Organizer, Gold, Oval

It is really shiny, simple but elegant. Just a piece of gorgeous vanity plate. The small footprint works well to keep on a powder room sink countertop. This tray organizer is perfect for neatly arranging your guest towels, jewelry, perfume bottles, hairbrushes, and cosmetics. Widely used for dining table, kitchen, bathroom vanity, countertop, and other places.

MCleanPin Trinket Dish, Unbreakable Geometric Vanity Tray

They look pretty, simple but elegant. They are heavy enough to not flip over easily and they fit nicely in the drawer. This product is great. It has great durability, really pretty pastel color and definitely a steal for below $10. It doesn’t look cheap or anything, the colors are very cute, and it is inexpensive.

Simple line design, which can DIY many combinations for your needs. You would not afraid of break it like other porcelain trinket tray, they are unbreakable and easy to clean. Perfect trinket dish for your rings, bracelets, necklace and other stuff. It is more than a jewelry holder. These colorful plates could be a vanity tray for table storage, office accessories, coffee table tray, food serving platter. You can put it in the bathroom to keep your ring, watch, bracelet and other belongings untouched by the water when you wash hands or take a shower.

Funly Mee Antique Trinket Tray Vintage Gold Jewelry Dish Ring Holder

This is super cute. It is heavy and not cheaply made. It does have an antique feel and look to it and could pass off. Super vintage and cute!! Very pleased with this purchase. The unique style with a distressed finish. It is perfect for use as a jewelry holder or rings organizer.

Cathedral Art Love Trinket Dish, 2-1/2-Inch

This one is very, very nice. The weight of it feels like it was expensive but it wasn’t! It is just large enough to fit a ring. This adorable trinket dish is not large enough for mints unless you are thinking tic tacs. It would hold about 3 Hershey’s kisses. Perfect for an engagement ring by the sink, but that’s about all.

C.R. Gibson Bright Stacked Ceramic Trinket Dish

This is a cute jewelry holder. It’s a bit small but nice for your bedside table. Good size for very small trinkets. C.R. Gibson 3 piece ceramic dish with gold rim and fun designs: pineapple – life is sweet, Palm trees – beach please, and flamingo – sitting pretty.

Streamline Cute Petite Unicorn Face Ceramic Trinket Ring Dish

What better way to keep up with rings, earrings or hair bows! Set on the windowsill near the sink, on the bedside table or bathroom vanity and quickly find your little treasures.

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