Types and Example Styles of Jewelry Holders

Every person has a certain number of jewels, and these jewels must be protected from intertwining. People who see their necklaces and bracelets in an irreversible mess every time they open their jewelry box may choose to buy jewelry holders. And sometimes, people who keep their jewelry in a box and in an unmixed may want to display them, or just want special holders for their special jewelry. Whatever the reason, you are able to find jewelry holders in every color and shape on the market, and you will want to buy them immediately as you see them.

1) Necklace Holders

It is easier to organize your earrings, rings, and bracelets; but necklaces will always require a wider space to be placed. Almost every jewelry lover knows the pain of tangled necklaces, and how it takes hours to untangle them back. Therefore, when you want to organize your jewelry by their types, I would recommend a jewelry holder for your necklaces, rather than trying to put them in a box. Even one necklace itself can get tangled, and we do not want to have that headache, right?

You can find different types of necklace holders on the market you can find. They can be even very charming and decorative items. Some of them can be hanged on your wall, and some can be placed on your chiffonier.

For Your Wall:

Triangle Jewelry Holder ($49.99)

If you are into geometrical shapes when it comes to decorating your room, a triangle jewelry holder will fit right in. Due to its wooden material, it may also look great in any nature-inspired and hipster designs.

Even though this product is designed for all types of jewelry, as it has a stand and a holder to put your bracelets on, it covers a bigger area for your necklace placements. 

Ariana Ost Selenite Jewelry Hanger ($60.00)

Another type of jewelry holder for your necklaces is hanger-shaped ones. This one comes in many shapes and styles, as well as many DIY ideas.

Ariana Ost’s jewelry hanger is one of the best examples of it. If you have a classical room with many gold objects or decorations that can go great with the color gold, you may want to get one of these from Urban Outfitters’ website and complete your bedroom with cute extra decoration.

Chill Wall Hook ($12.00)

The word ‘cool’ fits well to this design. This jewelry holder on the wall of your modern room will increase the chill vibes around. Not to mention, it looks very elegant, too!  

Mirror Hook ($29.00)

If you want to keep it minimal, yet there are not many relatable designs to place on your wall, I think I found your piece. This mirror hook comes in a set of three, and does not cover a huge place at all!

They managed to design it very elegantly and in a modern way that it will light up your room and save you from the tangled mess.

Aimee Jewelry Storage Hanging Mirror ($29.00)

This is what you are looking for. It is a very convenient product. Not only you are getting a cute mirror on your wall, but also a necklace holder coming with it. 

Aimee jewelry storage hanging mirror looks very modern and useful, as it has numerous little hangers and very good design.

For Your Dresser Stand:

Not everyone has enough place on their wall, therefore some people prefer having a type of tableware-like jewelry holder. The good side of a tableware jewelry holder is that there are too many styles that can provide a great decorative touch to your bedroom or basically your home decor.

Here are some of my suggestions, if you consider buying this type of a necklace jewelry holder:

Acrylic Necklace Display ($21.99)

If you want something both decorative yet very simple, acrylic necklace displays are sold almost everywhere online! When you first look at it without any jewelry inside, it looks just like a transparent box; however, it becomes great as you put your colorful necklaces in it.

The only downside is that the necklaces are hanged very closely to each other, therefore the risk of tangling stays to some extent.

Whale Necklace Stand (£14.00)

There are many original designs when it comes to jewelry stands. This whale necklace stand will be adding an original vibe to your room.

Even though it does not have many hangers on it, it can still be very useful with its bottom tray.

Red Jewelry Tree ($90)

If you want a decor that looks like a wish tree and you expect it to be useful for hanging your jewelry, you can buy yourself a tree-shaped jewelry holder without any hesitations.

It fits perfectly in great with nature-inspired home decor. It can be adjusted to almost all styles and design types. Whether your room is very formal, modern or classical, trees are a part of life and they do not disturb or contrast any place. LEt’s say you didn’t like the color and the material. You don’t need to worry because there are metal and plastic types available as well.

Wooden Necklace Stand ($44.10)   

There are many different designs when it comes to wooden jewelry holders, yet I liked this one as it’s minimal, elegant and very useful.

If you are into jewelry holders that do not have too many details on them and want it to be useful and elegant at the same time, you can consider a model just like this one on Etsy: 

The customer reviews seem right as well 😊

Sass and Belle Gold Cactus Jewellery Stand ($76.96)

If you are trying to create cowboy-like room design, yet do not want it to be too savage with all-wooden decor; you can use gold figures shaped like cactus and other cowboyish symbols.

A gold cactus necklace stand would look great in such a room! Even though you are not going for a particular style, it will still look good in your fully modern room.

Not to mention, it is very useful and elegant in a wild way 😊

Minimalist Natural Wood Necklace Holders Set ($19.99)

You could be one of those who would like to display her best necklaces outside and keep the others in jewelry storage. In that case, you do not need a jewelry holder with many hangers, but something elegant to put your priceless jewelry onto.

These minimal holders are those you often see at fancy jewelry stores. I do not recommend them if your necklace on display is something casual. These holders will only look great with your elegant and pricey necklaces.

2) Bracelet Holders

Bracelets are commonly used by all genders and all ages.  The fact that bracelets are the indispensable pieces to your outfits, no matter the neckline and style, you will always want to buy more. Therefore, there is too much demand for them, and sometimes your jewelry box is only filled with bracelets.

Rather than locking them up, you may want to use bracelet displayers/holders to lighten up your room with more colors and easily reach your jewelry when you need them.

One of those that seems like a pipe and includes countless bracelets is the most popular type of bracelet holders, but there are other variants as well.

Classical Bracelet Holder ($17)

This is the most common type of bracelet holder. You don’t need to spend so much money. You can find around you some wooden tubes and you can organize your jewelry with those.

You will easily find this style, both for cheaper and more expensive prices and in many colors. The rest relies on your taste, I guess.

Whopper Wooden Bracelet Holder ($23.99)

If you are more into vintage stuff, you may consider wooden bracelet holders that looks like an old baby cradle.

They may look ‘too much’ for your modern room or classical ones with a lot of gold pieces. You can consider buying this one for your retro-designed rooms as well as nature-inspired ones.  

Industrial Pipe Jewelry Organizer ($35.95)

I know it looks weird at first sight, yet this design goes awesome if you have the decoration for it. Industrial pipe jewelry holders have become very popular these days, and people are trying to create one themselves at home. However, if you are as lazy as I am, you will want to buy one directly, without putting any efforts.

Pipe organizers do not only come in black, by the way. You can find them in copper, gold and white colors easily. Whatever works for you!

Solid Wood Bangle Bracelet Holder ($9)

Not everyone requires something to have the best design, they rather look for something useful and simple. If you are one of those, you can get one of the vertical bracelet holders to keep your bracelets, bangles and even hair ties.

These could go great with kids’ jewelry, as children are very impatient when it comes to organizing their stuff. With this simple solution, they just need to drop the bracelet above and it will be placed in the holder.

Triangle Shaped Bracelet Holder ($7)

Have you been looking for something cute, minimal and useful? In that case, you may want to buy a triangle-shaped bracelet holder. These are very simple, yet they become stylish due to their geometrical shape.

These are also very easy to create, you can ‘do it yourself’ easily. You just need a place to cut the wood and bingo!

DIY Ideas

There are many creative ideas for you to create your own jewelry holders, but the easiest and the best ones, in my opinion, are these:

You can just grab an empty bottle and do your magic! Rip off the brand name on paper and place your bracelets onto those old Coca Cola glass bottles. It looks as good as any bracelet holder you can buy for a cheap price. If you want to get more decorative, you can put them in a wooden box and place it on your wall. By doing this, you are going to create a jewelry holder and a wall at the same time. That’s why it is very useful.

3) Earring Holders

One of the easiest jobs in the world is to lose an earring. To avoid this, you can purchase earring holders and keep them in front of your eyes on a regular basis.

Honeycomb-Shaped Earring Holders ($19.99)

My favorite design of all is honeycomb-shaped earring holders. They are very cute products. They are very handy. They are very convenient. There are many holes that provide lots of organization.

Depending on the number of your pieces of jewelry, you may decide to get the bigger wooden one with a tray. Even though it is essentially a ring holder, you can put your necklaces, bracelets, watches or rings on the tray and save a bigger place. It could also be a great home present for someone else, on the occasion of a visit to a family’s new house. 

This one on Etsy can accommodate 36 rings and has 6 trays for your other jewelry. If you have color and material preferences, the seller offers this product in white, teak, palisander, mahogany and natural colors.

If you need something smaller and prettier, you can also get an earring holder shaped like a honeycomb and in the color of a real honeycomb. They look great and have approximately 30 holes to place your earrings in.

If you want to give it an even more live look, you can hang your earrings with furs so that it would look like there is an actual bee on it!

Stud Post Earring Holder ($7.73)

Do you remember all the battleships game that you used to play when you were a child? Well, stud earring holder will make you reminiscence those times, while helping you display your earrings.

These holders can either be hanged to the wall by its ribbon or be used on the dresser table. If you have to display your earrings to someone else and carry them with you on the way, these can also fit in an average purse.

Even though these are not the best-looking earring holders, they are still very useful and cute to some extent.

Wall Organizer For Earrings ($46.48)

If you do not have enough place for your earrings on your stand, a good looking wall organizer will do the job for you. This one looking like a geometrical mountain provides a creative look to your wall and is useful for displaying and holding your earrings as well as your necklaces.

It can take up to more than 20 pairs of earrings and has special places for you to hang your long necklaces without disrupting the order of your other jewelry. 

Framed Earring Holder ($16)

If you have lots of earrings, this is a perfect product for you. This is also the most common holders for all types of earrings. Even though most of these are designed as a lace piece stretched into a frame, there are also other types where you stick in your earrings to a puffy surface.

The good thing is that, as there are no numbered holes that are limiting you, you can insert as many earrings as possible to the puffy surface. Not to mention, if the holder gets damaged somehow, it will be very easy to fix the problem yourself.

Dangle Earring Organizer ($36.49)

Like I said right above, most of the framed earring holders have a type of lace or fishnet stressed into a frame. This is one of those.

You can insert as many earrings as possible to the available places until the fishnet is not seen anymore. It will look colorful, elegant due to the frame and be useful at all times.

If you do not want to pay 30ish dollars to such a piece, you can easily create one at home. Get one of your old frames, then get a thick lace or a fishnet to put inside. If the lace is too loose, try to stretch it further and stick them to the borderlines of the frame with the help of a stapler or something like that. The last step will be sticking your earrings on the lace. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.  

DIY Ideas

Lace Earring Holder

You have finally found a use for those laces your grandmother is throwing at you constantly. You wouldn’t want to put them on your television, right? Well then, you start jabbing your pair of earrings to it and hang them on your wall, or inside your cabinet door.

You can also do the same with old curtains and other pieces of fabric that you do not want to use anymore.

Grater as an Earring Holder

If you are a crafty person that does not like throwing old things out of your house, we have found a use for your old grater. The process is extremely easy. Clean the grater, and start hanging your earrings from the holes of the grater.

If it does not look very great, you can try to paint the grater or cut off the grater’s head to get rid of its original shape.

4) Watch Holders

Watch lovers love the elegance, richness, and posture of the watches they buy. If they have bought such watches, throwing them in a corner will damage the watch’s aesthetic value. That’s why a beautiful watch requires an elegant watch holder to be displayed on.

Docking Station ($39.95)

If you are looking for a perfect gift to your parents, who use wrist watches, I would recommend buying them a docking station for their accessories. These are categorized as a type of watch holders, yet they also have spaces to place your phone and bracelets.

As docking stations look very official and orderly, you can also use them at your workplace.

Watch Stand ($45.87)

Watch stands are the most typical type of watch holders, and they can only be used for your watches, unlike docking stations. Depending on the number of your watches, you can get a suitable watch stand for any price.

There are other versions up to holding 8 watches. If you have more than 8, I would definitely recommend getting a watch box instead. 

Vienna Bronze Cobra Pocket Watch Holder by Franz Bergman ($6500)

This is definitely not a traditional watch holder at all, as you can tell. If you have an exclusive taste, and enough money to afford this pocket watch holder, this piece could be perfect for displaying family heirlooms.

Imagine this on the counter of your living room: it is very provocative, catchy and looks amazing with all those details on it.

5) Ring Holders

Just like earrings, the loss of a ring is a common occurrence and can be very sad for the owner. In the event that a family heirloom or a wedding ring is lost, buying a ring holder will avoid these risks in advance.

They are available in crystal forms, cones, hands, animals and many more in unique colors, forms, and dimensions.

Animal-Shaped Ring Holders

The animal-shaped ring holders are presenting a quite sweet view to your room. There is so much variety on the market that it’s extremely easy to find the animal figure you want with a quick Google search. Depending on the animal you pick, you can hang your ring on its tail, neck and so on.

Dachshund Ring Holder ($10.00)

An example of animal-shaped ring holders is the white dog figure you see in the picture.

As you can see, they kept the tail long and created a space for you to place your rings, and they got a very sweet look.

Cone-Shaped Ring Holders

Cone-shaped ring holders are usually made of marble or similar materials to create a beautiful image. Although you try to place as many rings as possible, a holder will not be able to take more than one ring.

Snow Mountain Ring Cone ($40)

This product is a good example of cone-shaped ring holders. This holder is made of porcelain and given a snowy mountain shape.

Although it looks quite elegant, it will be difficult to place more than one ring over a cone, as shown in the photo. Therefore, I recommend you buy this only for your pricey pieces of jewelry to display on.

Crystal Ring Holders

One of the most beautiful models of ring holders is the crystal ones. As many designs can be made on the crystal, most of them look quite bright and fantastic.

Galaxy Crystal Ring Holder ($128)

Designers of this product made the most beautiful expression of the crystal with a galaxy appearance. It is made of 22-carat gold embroidery. It gives a rich and elegant touch to its amazing design.

Hand-Shaped Ring Holders

Just as the ring rests on your finger, it can also be shown in hand-shaped ring holders. In this way, it looks both realistic and interesting.   

Peace Sign Ring Holder ($12)

Is there anything better than a hand that makes a peace sign? Now, you can reinforce the beauty of it with your beautiful rings.


Sometimes it’s better to keep your jewelry on an elegant little tray than to buy a special holder. Especially if you don’t have too many rings, or if you want to show off a special ring like an engagement ring, you can get a nice looking tray.

Pink and Gold Oyster Shell Ring Dish ($9.99)

There is not much to say about this shell-looking ring tray, because it already proves itself with its appearance.

Antique Ring Holders

Most people are interested in antique objects and can try to buy them when they have enough budget. Although antique vases come to mind when we say antiques, ring holders have existed since the oldest times in history. Therefore, antique lovers should not overlook the ring holders, as there are many pretty items that can shock them.

Vintage Brass Ring Holder Shaped as an Umbrella ($29)

This small umbrella-shaped ring holder from the middle of the 20th century, which has just begun to enter the class of antiques, is sold at a very affordable price.

Austrian Bronze Mouse Ring Holder From 1940s ($585)

Yes, animal-shaped ring holders are not unique to this century. As you can see, the ring-shaped ring holders were used in Austria in the 1940s.

You can hang many rings on this mouse’s long tail.

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