What Jewelry Can Be Worn With A Uniform? (In Army)

Soldiers on duty should maintain a high standard of appearance. Their uniform should fit perfectly. They should keep them clean. They should wear anything without ironing. They shouldn’t wear any eye-catching jewelry neither. They have to look like they are responsible for discipline. They should show this to people with their appearance.

Even though there are not many jewelry options offered to soldiers, still there are some for them to wear with their uniforms. It should be something basic and simple, not eye-catching and, if it is possible, something convenient. Most kinds of jewelry are prohibited due to safety or health reasons.

Soldiers are not allowed to wear any jewelry if it is not prescribed by professionals or commanders. If the commander says they can carry, they can take keys, key chains, and those kinds of basic and useful things with them. It can happen only because it is a job necessity. The only thing is they shouldn’t be attached to the uniform.

Besides jewelry, they are not allowed to take electronic devices with them as well. Even in this case, they are allowed to take only one device with themselves. It can be a pager or a mobile phone. They cannot carry both of them at the same time. Still, there are rules to carry them which are they should be small and in black. If only commanders say that it is a duty issue, then they are allowed to carry them in their pocket, briefcase, purse, bag, or any other proper carrying container. Soldiers are not allowed to show these devices. These devices shouldn’t be seen from their outlook.

Soldiers are allowed to keep their uniforms buttoned, zipped, and snapped instead of placing their hands in their pockets. Their shoes should be clean and shiny. Everything about soldier uniform is related to safety and health. There shouldn’t be anything on the uniform that causes attraction and makes them remembered easily.

Soldiers can wear a wristwatch, a wedding ring, and an identification bracelet with their army uniforms. They are allowed to wear these doesn’t mean that they can wear those like in their daily life. No. They should be something simple and not attractive. That jewelry should be conservative. A soldier can wear those but they can wear only one. For example, if they wear a wedding ring, they cannot wear another ring. Each item should be only one.

It is not allowed to wear any other kind of jewelry. Even though it is allowed to, they shouldn’t be obvious. Soldiers can carry watch chains, pens, and pencils, however, they should keep them hidden. When you look at them, you shouldn’t see those items with their army uniforms. Nevertheless, there is one exception in this case. That exception is religious items. Moreover, also a soldier is working in a different section in the army, for example in the hospital or food service, they are allowed to wear the tie tack or tie clasp.

Religious Items

Religious items are exceptions for a soldier to wear. The religious items that are allowed to wear are medallions, small booklets, pictures, and religious symbols. If these don’t interfere with their duties, they are acceptable at some point.

There is a very important detail to pay attention to while wearing religious jewelry. When they are worn, there wouldn’t be any big change in the uniform. It should meet the same standards. Even though the soldier wears a religious item, when you look at him you need to see a soldier on duty with a proper uniform.

In the army, soldiers are allowed to wear religious headgear with specific criteria. These headgears should meet some specific criteria. These headgears should be in certain colors which are black, brown, green, dark blue, and navy blue. They should be in a specific style and size. They shouldn’t interfere with their duties. There shouldn’t be any engravings on them. If a soldier has to wear military headgear, they cannot wear religious headgear at the same time.

Body Piercing

Soldiers are not allowed to wear any jewelry item attach to their bodies mostly due to safety reasons. There shouldn’t be anything attach to their skins when they are on duty with their army uniforms. They are not allowed to wear even an erring. There are some exceptions for female soldiers. They are still not allowed to wear a piece of jewelry attached to their skin. However, this “skin” means internal skin in this context. Internal skin is, for example, tongue, lips, mouth, and any other part of the body not directly visible).

A female soldier is allowed to wear prescribed earrings. They can wear more or less any kind of earrings. The only thing they need to pay attention to is the size of the earrings. They shouldn’t be enormous. Even more, these earrings should be simple, without adorn and stones. They are not allowed to wear more than one earring in one ear at the same time. The earring should fit perfectly on to ear. And, of course, if they are not on duty, they are allowed to wear what kind of jewelry they want to wear. There is no restriction if they are not in their army uniforms.

Let’s say soldiers are in civilian clothes but still on duty, it means still they are not allowed to wear any kind of jewelry. Ankles, bracelets, necklaces, medallions, amulets, and so on are definitely prohibited to wear in the army. The reason behind this rule is these jewelry items shouldn’t interfere and disrupt soldiers’ performance. Soldiers are not prohibited from wearing religious items because of the fact that religion is in nature.

Eyeglasses and Sunglasses

Prescription eyeglasses are allowed to wear with all uniforms. Prescription sunglasses are also allowed to wear if the duty is outdoor. If wearing is related to health issues, there are allowed to wear. If it is for aesthetic understanding, of course, they are not allowed to wear any glasses. There should be a health requirement behind it. Moreover, sunglasses can be acceptable in terms of safety reasons. If the commander says so, the soldier will be allowed to wear sunglasses.

Eyeglasses and sunglasses with different and colorful frames with engravings and different designs are absolutely prohibited in the army. Soldiers cannot wear something eye-catching and attractive. Let’s say, they want to use lenses in order not to wear glasses. Again, there are some restrictions. They cannot be in different colors. They need to be in traditional colors, such as gray, brown, or black. Soldiers are not allowed to wear anything they can be detected easily from the appearance. There should be any chains, bands, and ribbons attached to their eyeglasses and sunglasses.

Contact Lenses

As we mentioned above, it is not allowed to wear very different and very colorful contact lenses in the army. The reason behind it is mostly safety. They shouldn’t be attractive and people shouldn’t mark and remember those soldiers easily. If they have a very vibrant color contact lenses, they can be remembered easily.

While wearing contact lessons, the only exception is health. If it is prescribed by the professional, it can be worn but should be opaque. Moreover, there are some lenses that have interesting designs on them. They are not allowed to wear with the uniform in the army because they change the contour of the iris.

Belts and Buckles

Belts that are allowed in the army should be in black, plain, simple, oval-shaped, and made of solid grass. These belts are allowed only with certain buckles. These buckles should be attractive. There are certain rules to follow in order to wear belts and buckles. Soldiers cannot choose the ones they want to wear.


As we mentioned above, soldiers are not allowed to wear attractive and eye-catching clothes. Army uniforms should be standardized. There are guidelines for them. They need to follow these instructions.

  • Skirts, trousers, slacks, shirts, and blouses should be ironed.
  • All-weather coats are allowed to be worn if they are in black. There are different length instructions for males and females.
  • Both male and females soldiers should wear their uniform coats and jackets at a certain length.
  • The trousers should be fitted. There shouldn’t be different design belts and big buckles on it. The length of the trousers should be certain.
  • They are not allowed to use different shoelaces. They should be black and not very long. The trousers should touch them, not cover them.
  • Skirts should be neither very long nor very short. They should be a little bit lower than knee level.
  • Long-sleeved shirts shouldn’t be very long. There shouldn’t be any need to fold them on the wrist.
  • It is important to wear proper underwear under the uniform.

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