What Jewelry Should I Wear: Jewelry Selection Guide

Jewelry is one of the essentials of every woman. Every woman chooses the most suitable one for herself and her outfit from various jewelry options in order to have a more beautiful and stylish look. Today, it is possible to talk about the existence of jewelry with different features and elegance. In this context, we can talk about the existence of thousands of jewels that people can choose from. However, individuals experience various difficulties when choosing the jewelry in question. So how you are going to decide what jewelry you should wear?

The answer to the question “What jewelry should I wear?” lies in your hair color and face shape. For blonde hair, earrings or necklaces made of stones such as sapphire and blue topaz look enchanting. Neutral-toned jewelry looks great on red-haired women. Stones such as red and purple make auburn look more striking. Silver necklaces, earrings, and other jewelry are recommended for brunette women with cool tones. Apart from these, if you have an oval-shaped face, you can usually wear all kinds of jewelry and look amazing. Round-faced women can choose large hoop earrings or drooping earrings that go all the way down to the chin. Women with a square face, on the other hand, go better with shapes such as large oval rings, leaves, or teardrops.

Deciding What Jewelry You Should Wear

When deciding which jewelry to wear, you should consider your lifestyle, body type and face shape, and even your skin color. Jewelry that adapts to all of these will be available to you throughout your life. Also, don’t obsess about size. When it comes to a single stone ring, each stone size and each type of mounting will look different on everyone. A piece of jewelry that is chosen correctly, considering the usage, habits, and physical characteristics, may look much better than a design with a larger stone and can be used for many years with admiration.

The jewelry you choose should fit your lifestyle. If you do not attend night parties often, an eye-catching diamond set with a large stone is waiting in its box to be worn only on special occasions. Instead, you can choose a more modest, less diamond-mounted design that suits your daily habits. Thus, you can often use the valuables that you bought by allocating a serious budget. After all, those coins are not given to keep your jewels in the closet, but to carry them and feel good and happy.

Your body type has a great influence on your jewelry selection! You have to think about the length and shortness of your height, your bone structure, your weight, your neck and shoulder structure, and even the shape of your ears. Larger designs and long necklaces are recommended for tall people. If you are tall but very thin, large jewelry can get in front of you and look exaggerated. For shorter people, necklaces closer to the neck are recommended. If your ears are small, very large earrings will be very noticeable. Again, if your ears are inclined towards the lover, it would be better not to prefer dangly earrings.

It will be beneficial for you, in the long run, to consider your skin color when choosing your jewelry. You will be profitable if you take into account your skin color and the make-up and outfit tones you prefer in daily life. If you are blonde or light brown, you can choose models where diamond meets white gold. In colored stones, the red color of the ruby ​​or the pink-toned stones harmonize with this skin color. For wheat-skinned or brunettes, rose gold designs and diamond, as well as emerald and ruby ​​models, can be preferred.

Almost any model is suitable for an oval face. Round or flower-shaped earrings, necklaces that are not too long are the right choices. Circular or spherical earrings should not be preferred for a round face. Thin, long, or geometric-shaped earrings are more suitable. The aim is to make the face appear longer; Elegant long necklaces or necklaces with a single dangle from neck to chest can be used to draw attention downwards. Choker (leash) style necklaces should be avoided, which will make the neck shorter and the face rounder.

Those with a square or rectangular face structure should prefer the opposite of the models suitable for round faces. The aim is to soften facial features. Necklaces close to the face, earrings in the form of buttons or circles, and loose hanging earrings should be preferred. Those with a heart-shaped face should choose short, non-dangle necklaces closer to the face, such as those with a square/rectangular face shape, or even short necklaces consisting of many chains and worn together to soften the sharp lines on the chin. In earrings, the preference should be towards designs that will help narrow the cheekbones rather than soften them. Earrings in the form of drops or inverted triangles can be suitable for this.

How to Choose the Right Jewelry to Wear?

The choice of jewelry is one of the most important elements of looking beautiful and stylish, thanks to the right accessory selection, it is possible to look seductive even with the simplest outfits. So how to choose the right jewelry? If you consider the suggestions below, it is inevitable to have an eye-catching style with the right jewelry selection. It is necessary to be careful and selective in the selection of jewelry.

There are very fine details in making this choice; should mention important points such as clothing style, hair model, body type, and where they will be used. Above all, you need to know your style and body well. Fashion changes every year. It would not be the right choice to use large earrings that are not suitable for small face structure, or to wear a large and ostentatious jewelry necklace on a thick neck, worrying about keeping up with the fashion.

If the necklace and earrings are flashy, choose earrings and bracelets together instead of using them together, or the flashy necklace, earrings, and ring should be a collection (set) by using them together so that they don’t look exaggerated. The watch that you will combine with the evening dress should also be an evening dress, if you do not have such a watch, it is better not to use it at all.

The most important element that completes the outfit and the style of a woman is, of course, the accessory. Jewelry highlights the place where it is used, so do not wear flashy jewelry on parts of your body that you do not like. If you think you have a thin and elegant neck, you can complete your outfits with stylish and flashy necklaces with peace of mind, of course, by choosing simple clothes when choosing clothes.

  • If you have a full upper body, you should use semi-long or short chains to direct the gaze to your face.
  • Tall women are lucky! You can wear any chain easily, but the size of your jewelry should be in harmony with your body size.
  • Large women should give up fine chains and small jewelry. These will appear to be lost in the body.
  • It is possible for women with outward collarbones to hide this with loose jewelry.

A working woman’s daily jewelry should be simple and understated. By adding a very light movement with a thin necklace that does not strain the eyes, you get an elegant office style. Black is always noble and always offers a wide selection. You can use emerald or diamond accessories with a black dress. It would be appropriate to use ruby ​​jewelry with a burgundy, beige, or dark gray dress. You will make the right choice by choosing diamond jewelry in dark brown clothes.

  • It is the right choice to use medium size rings for strong hands.
  • The stone of the ring worn on short fingers should be longitudinal and of a very unobtrusive color. This selection will make the hand look longer.
  • Decorative designed rings are very suitable for thin fingers.

Earrings are an accessory that should be chosen very carefully as it focuses the gaze on the face. Women with elegant faces should be careful that the earrings they choose are just as elegant. Women with a round face structure should wear small earrings, of course, not every round face can handle ear jewelry, so this factor should also be considered, as style and style also come into play. Hanging jewelry should not be used on the long face type. Otherwise, they will make the face appear even longer.

Important Factors You Need to Consider When Choosing Jewelry

Here are all the tips you will need in your jewelry selection. When choosing your jewelry, it is very important that it is suitable for some technical conditions as well as being suitable for your taste. Because although the choice of wedding rings and jewelry is one-time use, it requires attention because it has a lifetime value. Don’t forget to take note of the tips before you do your jewelry shopping.

Consider these when choosing your company:

  • The trust and continuity of the jewelry company you have chosen.
  • The company has corporate and customer satisfaction-oriented policies.
  • The sales consultant must have sufficient knowledge and experience in jewelry. Ability to respond well to your questions about the product.
  • Have a warranty certificate issued in your name and containing all the details of the product you have purchased.
  • In the store where you shop; it is important that there are product maintenance, repair, return, and replacement procedures.

Pay attention to these when choosing a model:

  • Having a rich product variety in terms of wedding ring models and stone sizes.
  • Buying your jewelry knowing your wedding dress model will ensure that you are satisfied with the jewelry you buy.
  • Swinging sparkly earrings with bridal bun models are the most ideal. With a short hairstyle, a model with less wobble will be appropriate, for example, earrings such as solitaire and tria. Earrings should be in the background in long hairstyles. In this case, a stylish necklace will undoubtedly add beauty to the bride.
  • It is appropriate to wear neck collar jewelry in high collar wedding dresses, but necklaces should not be worn on half and high collars.
  • For bridal gowns that leave the neck open, elegant necklaces will enhance a beautiful neck even more.
  • The sexiest jewelry models are undoubtedly bracelets and bracelets. Of course, it would be best to stay away from exaggerated models.
  • You can use colorful jewelry with your wedding dress, and you can even mix a few colored jewelry to create a nice riot of colors.
  • As well as the quality of the stone of the jewelry, you should pay attention to the fact that the gold is not damaged.
  • Look at the color scale of the diamond you will buy and try to make sure that the true color is correct by comparing it with stones of other colors.

What Jewelry You Should Wear According to Your Face Shape

Jewelry is the passion of almost every woman, but unfortunately few people know about choosing the right jewelry for the right face. When the choice of jewelry according to the face shape becomes widespread, you will witness that everyone finds the jewelry they are looking for more easily! For the right jewelry selection, the first thing to do is to determine your face shape. There are 4 types of face shapes. They are oval, round, square, and heart-shaped. In order to find your face shape, you will need one mirror and one pencil or lipstick that you will use on the mirror.

Stand in front of the mirror and draw a playful oval. Oval is enough if it is the size of your face. You can recognize your face shape by looking at whether your face overflows from the oval you have drawn on the mirror. If your face overflows oval in shape, your face is round. If it does not overflow from the oval, it is oval-shaped. If your face fits in an oval but your chin protrudes from the oval, you have a heart-shaped face. If the corners of your face are outside the oval with your chin, you have a square face.

You can easily find your face shape with this simple method, and you can make more precise and accurate choices in your next jewelry choices. Depending on the face shape of the person, some jewelry may be too big or too small. You should definitely find your face shape with this simple method and choose your jewelry accordingly in order not to be under the jewelry or look as if you are not wearing it.

There is a jewelry design for every face type. So there are designs that fit perfectly for every face type. Therefore, there is no need for you to make unnecessary delusions such as your face being too long or too round. If you carefully read the content about choosing jewelry according to your face shape and follow the letter, you can easily find jewelry that can balance your face shape and get a stylish look. All you have to do is read the jewelry types for your face shape!

If you have an oval face line, first of all, it should be stated that you are luckier than other facial features. The reason for this is that all kinds of necklaces and earrings suit people with oval face shapes. Especially heart-shaped earrings with stones and flower-shaped designs are excellent choices for people with oval face shapes. If we come to the choice of necklaces for people with oval face shapes, it would be better to choose necklaces that are not too long.

Since your face shape is an ideal face line, it will be inevitable for you to gain a more elegant look with normal or short necklaces. In addition to all these, when it comes to choosing earrings, instead of short and ball earrings, slightly dangling but not very long earrings will be a savior for people with oval face shapes. If you also have an oval face shape, you will make a more accurate and, of course, more efficient shopping by heeding these suggestions when it comes to choosing your jewelry.

The place that people with a round face line should pay the most attention to is definitely the choice of earrings. When it comes to choosing earrings, it is useful to stay away from circular earrings. Round designs with balls inside or intertwined will be a very bad choice for people with a round face line. By staying away from hoop earrings and large intertwined rings, you will get a more stylish look. The earring shape that is suitable for people with a round face shape is definitely either drop or marquise cut earrings.

Since your face line is round, choosing long and thin designs will put your face line and your jewelry in a very good balance. When it comes to choosing a necklace, it is very important to make choices that will balance the face line and the jewelry. Instead of short or normal-sized necklaces like the oval face line, it is useful to turn to long designs. Especially necklaces with a single dangling from the neck to the chest will be an indispensable jewel for people with a round face line. For a balanced and stylish look, people with a round face shape should definitely follow these recommendations.

If you have a square-shaped face, it can be said that you have a masculine appearance rather than a feminine one. When this is the case, it will be necessary to soften your image a little more by stripping it of masculinity. It would be a very right choice if you prefer interlocking circle earrings or dangling earrings to give your square face line a slightly more feminine look. In fact, the only thing that can be recommended for those with a square face line would be to prefer “chicken” jewelry. This is because people with square face lines are more prone to a tough and masculine appearance.

The more exaggerated and stylish the jewelry choices are, the more feminine they display and they avoid masculinity. Of course, women with many square facial features are satisfied with this masculine stance and may not want to make assertive choices in jewelry choices. In such cases, the desired jewelry can be preferred according to the square face shape that can remove all kinds of jewelry. However, special attention should be paid to the long and dangling jewelry selected.

Although the name warms our hearts, people with the heart-shaped face should not be overjoyed! If your face is heart-shaped, unfortunately, your chin is a little long. This immediately reveals that your facial line is a bit harsh. People with a heart face shape need to soften their hard temperament a little bit. Therefore, when it comes to choosing earrings, it is recommended to get one drop cut earrings immediately.

In the selection of necklaces, it will provide a more accurate appearance if you prefer thick and sticky necklace types instead of dangling and long pieces. With these jewelry choices, your hard face line becomes softer and gains a more feminine stance. At the same time, with the right jewelry choice, the long face line will have a softer shape.

After choosing the right jewelry for your face shape, another point you should pay attention to is the color of the jewelry you will choose and the type of gemstone, if any. While jewelry with diamonds will suit many face shapes, only a few face shapes of stones such as rubies or emeralds will suit them.

When this is the case, you should do some research on the most suitable gemstone and gem color for your face shape, and find the gemstone type just as you find the most suitable jewelry type for your face shape. If you are in a structure that likes to use jewelry made of precious stones, you should not neglect to dwell on this issue and take action immediately.

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