Which Jewelry to Wear with a Red Dress?

There is a shade of red for every woman.

Audrey Hepburn

At least once in life, every woman has decided to wear a red dress, probably for a special occasion or just for the sake of it. Now, you are most probably thinking about how to combine your dress with accessories.

First of all, let’s take a quick look at the power of wearing a red dress and endorse your choice even further! For many researchers, wearing a red outfit makes one seem more attractive and charming, and even more sexually appealing. Moreover, as it is the color of love, it is believed that the person who bears this outfit will get more attraction than others with less vivid colors. In fact, there is a phenomenon called ‘the red dress effect’ which suggests that those who wear red clothing are more appealing than other people wearing other colors. This phenomenon was further supported by some studies proving that the color red subconsciously signaled female fertility.

Another effect could be that the color itself is associated with fire and warmth (think about the fire trucks and their color), and therefore, again subconsciously, it may signal a possible danger, a threat. Subsequently, the red color gets more attention from the crowd and makes one more recognizable in an environment.

A rumor has it that during the Tudor reign in England, the monarchs chose particular colors to use in their clothes, as they would define one’s social status. Back in that time, red dye was one of the most expensive ones to use in clothes while velvet color was the most expensive one. Those who ranked lover than a knight were not able to wear velvet in their clothes or any part of their clothes. The red velvet color could also be seen in the portraits of Henry the 8th, where he wore his parliament robes.

Long story short, you made a great choice by choosing to wear a red dress! Now, let’s try to help it with accessories, shall we?

Classy and Sophisticated Look

Use Red Gemstones with Your Dress

This one is the riskiest one among all. One really needs to find a piece of worthy red ornaments to combine the dress, otherwise, it would look so cheap and ‘chavette.’ In this look, you can try to find a really iconic dress, maybe even silk, so that it could carry the jewelry of the same color.

GemStar USA Sterling Silver Solitaire Choker Necklace for Women Girls Made with Swarovski Crystal

This is one of the most recommended products that you can find on Amazon. Customers are very satisfied with this product. The stones shine and make it all the more beautiful. The red is so bright and it gets attention. This attractive necklace consists of a 6mm red crystal from Swarovski. For this reasonable price, it is definitely worth it. It is nice and dainty. 

You can wear them with just about anything. It is suitable for any occasion you want to be more charming and get more compliments. For example, wedding, engagement, prom, birthday, weekend parties, dinner party, formal dress, and so on. Other than those, it is perfect for daily wearing.


You would want to keep it as minimalistic as possible with a red color. It looks both sophisticated, shiny and it certainly does not tire the eyes. If you are looking for something more splendent look and do not want to keep it minimalistic, gold pieces of jewelry with red stones could be what you are looking for.

Touchstone Hollywood Glamour Grand Wedding Evening wear Jewelry Necklace for Women 

It is an absolutely gorgeous necklace that you can find on Amazon! This is a beautiful set. The set is very well made, very shinny and delicate at the same time. The red and gold look royal. The shine is so bright. It looks stunning. The necklace has separate “hinges” so it bends to accommodate wherever your collar bones are. The tikka is so cute with a little flower embellishment! The only problem could be that the weight of the earrings may be an issue after a long night of wearing.  

This has an antique look with special dark gold plating. It will add luster when worn for a wedding, engagement, party, prom, and any special occasion. Also, it will enhance special days like Christmas, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, and Mother’s Day. It is a beautiful and memorable gift for all occasions.


With this one, you can seem more loyal or look like an Egyptian queen. Still, do not try to have this look if your dress cannot reach up to the level of your pieces of jewelry. Not to mention, overuse of this type of jewelry may make you look older if you are under the age of 30.

Belinda Jewelz 14k White Or Yellow Gold Round Cut Gemstone Solitaire Pendant Necklace

It is one of the most elegant red gemstone necklace that you can find on Amazon. It has elegant and graceful fine cut round pendant. The stone reflects and refracts light beautifully. The chain is like most jewelry in that is it very tiny links and a little on the short length range, but the pendant itself is wonderful.

It is timeless jewelry for daily everyday wear or for any occasion. For example, it could be worn as dressy chains for a semi-formal cocktail party dinner date, delicate dainty eternal pendants or precious gemstone beautiful necklaces for parties.


What Not to Do

If you want a sophisticated look, do not use pieces of jewelry with a casual look. It will look like you are super confused and truly have no fashion sense. Here is an example of casual jewelry I’m talking about:

Finally, you may want to combine your dress and pieces of jewelry with a cocktail ring, which should be also harmonious with your other pieces of jewelry.

JewelryPalace Natural Gemstones Garnet Peridot Amethyst Citrine Blue Topaz Birthstone Solitaire Rings For Women For Girls 925 Sterling Silver 

The ring is beautiful and seems very well made. For the price, it seems way too good to be true. The stone is very sparkly. The gem had such a bright fire and the band is so delicate. It’s a wonderful contrast. It is pretty, nice and cleanly shaped, the stone sparkles and color are nice. It is super giftable itself but not necessarily in the package, it comes in. It is nicely packed up and has a tiny little blue soft bag in a vacuum-sealed type baggy.

They are handcrafted in a very artistic way. They have individual designs that lead to a different variation of the fashion atmosphere. Due to its material, it adds hardness and durability. Also, plating which is rhodium provides long-lasting use. Labeled as “S925” to make sure it is not just plated in silver. Strict health standards guarantee your daily wearing. They are tarnish-free, nickel-free, lead-free, and cadmium-free, which is not harmful to your health. Tarnish-resistant and will not easily change color.

It is comfortable and practical to wear every day. This style is an ideal considerate present for your friends and family members. Natural Garnet, excellent diamond level cut to great clarity. It has a very elegant and romantic design. It shines and sparkles a lot. It looks like a rainbow.


Increase Your Shine with White & Silver Accessories

Another suggestion could be combining your dress with white accessories to lighten up your look a little bit. Normally, it may work with more retro and casual looks, however, if you know what to buy, you can easily look sophisticated and glamorous with them.

As you can see on Bella Hadid and Rita Ora, it is highly advised to keep it simple and minimal, so that the jewelry would not ruin your dress. If you look closely, you will see that Bella Hadid cut off the necklace and just went for the bracelet and earrings, whereas Rita Ora decided not to use a bracelet. In other words, in order not to overdo it, they reduced the number of their pieces of jewelry. So, you should also not overdo it!

The Pearl is the Queen of Gems and the Gem of Queens

Pearls are favorites of most people! They bring sophistication and royalty to every dress combined. In being, if you share the same mind, you directly thought about these iconic figures who are Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe.

Femtindo Faux Pearl Necklace Set Strand Pearl Stud Earring for Women Wedding

It is one of the most sophisticated and the cheapest necklaces you can find on Amazon. It is one of Amazon’s choices as well. You can add an elegant touch to your outfit with these little accessories. Heavy feeling, seems good quality. Elegant and great quality. 

All the pearls are in AAA quality. Beads are custom made in Qingdao. All fashion jewelry is made in the company’s own factory. They are checked strictly. It has a vintage style faux pearl necklace. Pearls never lose its elegance. It adds a retro touch to any outfit. This simple style jewelry set is a great and very chic gift for you, your family, and your friend. 


Therefore, you can wear a pearl necklace and combine it with small pearl earrings to create a classy, sophisticated look. You may also want to wear shoes whose color is close to the color of your pearls. If you are one of those who do not feel right without adding a ring, find one pearl ring too.

Use Black Gemstones or Black Pearls

The color red mostly goes great with the color black. Therefore, black pieces of jewelry are highly suitable for a red dress. Just like in my other suggestions, I believe it is important to keep it simple here, too. Pick a simple necklace and use earrings and cocktail rings that can match your necklace. Do not use different black stones in different pieces of jewelry, because it will look weird and not so fashionable.

Gem Stone King Black Onyx 925 Sterling Silver Gemstone Pendant Necklace (3.40 Ct Oval, with 18 Inch Silver Chain)  

This company is one of the best in the business. Products sparkle very well. They shine with exceptional brilliance. This is an absolutely gorgeous necklace and highly matched pendant! You will see when you get it that it is of high excellent quality. It is made in 925 Sterling Silver with 925 stamps. It includes a complimentary 18″ cable chain so that it’s ready for gift giving upon arrival. It is an excellent gift for birthday, anniversary, holidays, stocking stuffers, graduation, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Thank You or simply ”Thinking of You”. 


Gold and Red Go Great Together

Gold is the most common choice of color when trying to combine a red dress. The color gold looks great with red and adds up a little bit of royalty to those wearing it. However, there should be a balance that you keep. For example, if your dress is remarkably vivid and has the capability of grabbing attention even if you wear it without any pieces of jewelry; then try not to spoil with too much gold. However, if your dress is not shouting ‘I’m here’, gold pieces of jewelry will make you pop up in the crowd.

Mash-Up Two Different Colors

If you are careful enough, mixing two colors can create great results. In this look, the wisest choice seems to be combining silver and gold. If your shoes and handbag also match the look, you may shine within the crowd.

Shine Bright Like a Diamond

Diamonds. Of course. What is a better way than saying that you are rich and glamorous? Not only it is elegant, but also it is a symbol of purity. Therefore, diamonds will soften your artsy dress; yet, they will not take down any value of your dress, they will also empower it. Just add small details of a diamond to your dress, enough to not kill the shine of your dress to have this balance.

JewelExclusive Sterling Silver 1/2 CTTW Diamond Oval X/O 17″ Necklace 

It is one of the most elegant and chic diamond necklaces that you can find on Amazon. It has a reasonable price. There are elegant and chic details on the product. It has half natural round cut diamonds. It is made of .925 sterling silver. It has a lobster claw closure. The chain is a 17.00 inch in length.


Casual, Romantic and Bohemian Look

Not every red dress is made for classy events where you get your royalty on. There are also red dresses to be worn outside, mostly in spring and summer, and you can wear them for a casual, romantic look. These seasons are already the best for falling in love, and wearing red will get the attention of those possible love interests! 😊

So, how can you combine your casual red dress for such occasions? You can either go fully bohemian-hipster or keep a little bit of class with simple jewelry. If you want to go for the bohemian look, it would be suggested some long rocking earrings, preferably with feathers.

EOUQ Bohemian Big Feather Earrings – Vintage Long Tassel Feather Earrings – Boho Ethnic Style for Women, Girls, Mom, Sister, Daughter, Teens

They are unique Bohemian feather earrings crafted by artisans. After high-temperature feather sterilization, professional fumigation and dyed with environment-friendly dyes, the company combines vintage metal hoop and fashionable feather elements into long tassel feather earrings by handmade. 

They are light weighted and elegant options. Big feather earrings, unique fashionable appearance, free wild style, it is not only a concrete expression of the concept of fashion but also a natural manifestation of noble temperament. Boho ethnic feather earrings will make you chic, elegant and eye-catching in the crowd. 

There are many colors for your choice, such as red feather earrings, pink feather earrings, blue feather earrings, white feather earrings, black feather earrings, yellow feather earrings and so on. These big feather earrings are ready for giving as a present. It is suitable for party, date, beach, concert, banquet, Masquerade, wedding, shopping and other occasions. 


You may also want to use long necklaces with different colors blended with red, such as turquoise or different shades of velvet. I believe that all of these would add some movement and chill vibe to your look.

If you do not want to go for the bohemian look, yet you want to look casual, you can use little gold necklaces or any other minimal necklace with the right color. This is the most common use of casual red dresses.

Extra Help-Out with Other Combinations

Other than jewelry, you may want to use some of these recommendations on how to look even better with a red dress.

Going All Red

If you want to blend in red and do not want to create contrast, you can use a belt and a purse with the same red color as your dress. It is advised that you use small accessories so that your dress could still be on the scene and not drown with all the red. If you are worried that using the same red color would be too much, you can go for less-red shades so that your dress can pop up.

Wear Primary Colors and Increase Your Shine

Unlike the first advise, if you want to create some kind of contrast and look more vivid, you can go for the main colors such as yellow or blue, and look funky! However, it could be too much if you are attending a serious event; therefore, it is better to take this risk if you are doing something casual.

Find the Friendly Colors That Go Great with Red

Make your own research! What goes best with red color? I will save you the trouble. Here are some colors that would go great with red: This works especially well if the shade of red matches the shade of your dress closely. You could wear a scarf with red and violet stripes, or a sash with an abstract print in red and orange. For a retro vibe, look for polka-dotted or paisley patterns with red in them.

Add More Glamour with Metallic Accessories

If you are wearing a classic orderly dress, you can blend it with metallic shoes and purse. It will add more glamour and shine to your look and you may desire to wear a simple necklace or earrings with it.

Casual Fusion with Red and White

If you are wearing a casual red dress for the summer, you can wear white sneakers and make it more sporty. If you want to go for the nostalgic vibe, you can again wear white bracelets and white sunglasses with it.

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