Where to Buy Jewelry Online?

It sounds perfect to go to a jewelry store, touch the pieces and see the shines of precious gems. However, sometimes it is not possible due to limited time, or problems related to location; you may not be able to find the store of the wanted brand in your area. In those cases, online jewelry stores and beautiful websites of jewelry brands come in handy.

Online jewelry stores and jewelry websites offer many advantages, which covers up the disadvantage of touching the actual piece. However, we need to be careful about scams and misleadings presented on internet commerce. The websites of the brands offer amazing platforms to securely shop for the pieces. Moreover, there are reliable and more affordable choices you may want to take a look at.

As the new shopping behavior, we check everything online before we buy it. These amazing jewelry websites offer a wide selection of pieces to browse, from the affordable to the expensive and prestigious ones. Before buying a gift to spoil yourself or a loved one, take a look at the selection of online stores below.

Browse Jewelry Online

High-End Online Jewelry Stores

–          Ross and Simons

Ross and Simons offer a wide variety of selections in terms of materials, gems, and styles. The website has many different sections where you can choose the best pieces from. They bring together the unique, high-end and high-quality pieces from many brands and designers all around the world.

They always have a group of at least 1000 pieces with good deals and discounts. They also offer a daily deal for a different diamond piece.

Ross and Simons also present the opportunity to sell your pieces to them. If you have any unique pieces or broken jewelry with value and style, you can contact them and request their expert team of buyers to examine your piece.

The online jewelry store has a 100% satisfaction guarantee, which allows you to return any unused pieces within the 30-day period after your purchase. They guarantee customer satisfaction 100% and they offer a very easy return and refund policy. Returns can be made as refunds, credits or exchanges.

Ross and Simons is a US-based website. They offer free shipping for orders more than 150 $ within the United States, and delivery within 5-7 business days. For international orders, there is no free shipping option. The amount of shipping and insurance fees varies between 35$ – 50$ depending on your location.


–          Kay Jewelers

Kay Jewelry is part of the company, Signet Jewelers Limited. They claim to be the world’s largest diamond retailer. They present many different pieces to go with various styles, all are stylish and prestigious. They use diamonds of many kinds in the jewelry of many types.

They offer a wide variety of choices in jewelry and watches. They also have personalized and engagement sections, both of which are exclusively designed. Personalized jewelry pieces are perfect for meaningful and expensive gifts. Engagement diamonds will shine as bright as your future with your significant other.

Kay Jewelers offer coupons and discounts. They also make seasonal sales for good deals of these precious jewelry pieces. Coupons come with a time limitation. If you have already chosen the piece you want to buy, it is better to follow the coupons section of the website and make your purchase with a good deal.  Additionally, the outlet section of the website offers chic pieces.

As the engagement section of the site demonstrates, Kay Jewelry works for your engagement and wedding day. Their bridal collections are also worth your time and money. In addition to their pieces, the money you spend in Kay Jewelry has sentimental value, too. They donate to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and Diamond Empowerment Fund. They are making your promises even more meaningful.


–          The Jewelry Exchange

The jewelry exchange started as a pawn shop and become a very popular diamond retail chain within the USA. They have many stores in addition to a reliable and easy online store. They specifically work on diamonds. Their pieces are their own designs and they carry the responsibility of this perfectly.

They are within the Kimberley Process Certification System. They do not accept or purchase diamonds from any suppliers who sell conflict diamonds. Most of their products and materials are eco-friendly. Therefore, you can shop from their online store without hesitation.

The Jewelry Exchange is limited to the USA in terms of shipping.  For customers within USA, they offer their easy and customer-friendly shopping experience, shipping and guarantee services. They also offer a layaway plan for customers who strictly follow the rules.

They have a 30-day exchange and refund policy for online purchases. However, you need to follow the instructions in order for your full refund not to become a partial one. Moreover, The Jewelry Exchange has a low-price guarantee. Within the 30 days following your purchase, if you find the equivalent of the piece in an online store for a better price, they take the piece back and give you a full refund.


–          Jawa Jewelers

Jawa Jewelers has exclusive and high-quality pieces on their website. There are a limited number of choices. However, they all are unique and stylish. They have gold, diamond and silver material options.

Their 100% gold charm pendant necklaces look elegant and prestigious. Also, they make customized nameplate pendant necklaces. The golden chains are one of the most preferred pieces of their collection. They are bold and glamorous.

They offer a lay-buy system if you don’t want to pay the full price immediately. The steps of the lay-buy system procedure must be followed strictly. The site accepts online purchases and delivers them to the entire world – no location limitations. The shipment fees change depending on the country. Also, if you want a next day shipment, the prices vary.

Jawa Jewelers offer engravement, too. Engravement is done by laser and hand. The engraved and customized orders need 1-2 extra days to be shipped. If your purchased piece needs to be repaired, the online store offers free shipping for the repairment services. The return of the piece must be made within a period of 30 days after the purchase.


–          The Jewelry Room

The Jewelry Room is founded by sisters Pernille & Charlotte Møbjerg. They make their amazing jewelry designs and offer them to the world. They precisely and carefully work on each piece to make sure they represent their brand perfectly.

The Jewelry Room also brings together numerous jewelry designers. You can browse the pieces according to the designer you like. The pieces are carefully selected and all of them represent the culture and elegance of the North.

They make engraved pieces; also, they have a collection of pieces for zodiac signs. You can find inspirations and design recommendations on how to wear your jewelry and how to combine them with your fabulous outfits.

The Jewelry Room offers free shipping for most destinations around the world, where they operate, for orders more than $150. For orders more than $150, they charge a little fee to cover the delivery cost. All the pieces ordered from this website are sent out with liability cover.

We don’t imagine that would happen; however, in case you are not satisfied with the product you received from the website, The Jewelry Room accepts returns within the 14 days after your purchase. The shipment of the return is not reimbursed.


–          Jewelry Outlet

Jewelry Outlet is a US-based jewelry retailer store with authentic and original materials and gems. They bring together unique and chick designs. They are specialized in diamonds and pieces with high-quality craftsmanship.

You can place your order anytime in a day. If you order your pieces before 2.00 p.m. (CST), your order will be shipped within the same business day. If you place the order after that specified time, it will be shipped on the next one. Additionally, if you request and custom jewelry or adjustments, you need to add 1-3 days to the shipment period.

The order placement and shipment periods are valid for the USA and Canada. For international orders, you need to add 3-5 business days for your shipment to be processed. The delivery period for international orders varies between 4 and 21 days according to the country.

To purchase a piece from Jewelry Outlet, there are several payment options. Of course, you can pay in cash or credit cards generally. You can also use financing by Klarna and divide your payments. When you choose to make a purchase with Klarna, you will make a contract with them and be aware of all the payment amounts and, terms and conditions.

They have a 14-day refund policy. You need to request a refund and ship back the piece within a period of 14 days after your delivery. You cannot receive a refund by cash; however, refunds with store credit or gift cards are possible. The shipping costs of the returns are not reimbursed.


–          Ice

Matt Wilkinson, the founder of Ice jewelry online store, explains the mission of the company as to be the sign of celebration of love. They mostly work on engagement, wedding, anniversary and gift pieces. Their selection of products goes from the minimalistic ones to the glorious colorful ones.

Ice accepts payments in the following ways: all major credit cards, Amazon pay, PayPal, Affirm and Sezzle. Sezzle is an interest-free payment plan you can make with the company. You need to be qualified for the plan and follow their instructions. If you want to use Affirm, you can divide your payment into 3, 6 and 12 months plans with interest rates of 10-30%. Affirm will require your personal information and decide if you are qualified for the loan or not.

You need to make a refund request within the 7 days after your purchase for issues related to non-cleared or non-customized products if you want a full return. You can also make a return request within the 30-day period after your purchase for returns in-store credit or exchange for the size. Payment plans from Sezzle and Affirm cannot be accepted for return.

Ice also offers repairs for the pieces. Of you damaged your product in any way after you had it for 30 days, you can request a repair and send the piece back to them. They will happily repair it and send it back.


–          Government Auction Luxury

Government Auction Luxury offers the unique opportunity to attend auctions to buy jewelry. they have the claim that their pieces are one of a kind and 100% authentic. You can find many vintage pieces in this online store, too.

The website is determined and successful at making you experience the joy of an auction online, as much as possible. They guarantee the lowest price possible and a secure bidding process. They triple check the authenticity of the pieces before they put them up for auction. you can trust them with your bids and the quality of the product you are buying. You can rely on them and give your old jewelry to sell, too.

The auctions are happening live. You can place an absentee bid before an auction starts to secure your chances of buying the piece you want. After the live auction starts, you can change your bid and experience real time excitement. After you are the best bidder and it is certain that you will buy the piece, the website will take a 15% buyer’s premium for the services of the site. All auctions start with 1$.

If you want, you can watch the auction without bidding on any piece.  However, if you actively participated in the auction and purchased a piece, you need to make your payment within the period of 72 hours after the auction closes. After you make your payment, your piece will be shipped to any location you want, internationally, and it will take 5-7 business days for it to arrive. The shipping fee is 14.99$ for US locations and 63.95$ for other locations.

The site accepts only major credit cards and you cannot make any returns or exchanges.


–          Blue Nile

The Blue Nile was founded in 1999. The online store specializes in engagement rings with diamonds. You can find countless options for all styles and budgets. You can also make your custom engagement ring and enjoy a unique piece as the symbol of your most precious day.

Blue Nile is also a proud member of the community which supports conflict-free diamonds. They completely follow the Kimberley Process. They only buy diamond from suppliers who work with responsible mining processes. They stand by their products from the mining step towards the end. They have secure shipping and a lifetime warranty for manufacturing defects.

The Blue Nile offers free shipping depending on the total cost of your purchase. The shipping process takes 1-10 business days depending on the location. They offer a wide selection of shipment options. Therefore, check the free shipment section of the online store before you make purchases and decide which one is the best for you.

You can make a return request and start the free return process within the 30-day period after shipping. When you request a return, you will be emailed a free shipment code. Thus, you will not need to pay for shipping if you decide to return your piece.


Both Affordable and Chick Choices

–          Baublebar

Baublebar offers a wide selection of affordable jewelry to go with your style. They are made of precious metals and gems and have affordable prices. You can find accessories to go with your daily outfits, cocktail parties, and night events.

On the online store, you can find 18k gold vermeil jewelry under 100$ and they give promotion codes of 15-30% discounts. You need to check their website for daily deals, coupons, promotion codes and discounts in many pieces.

They are established in New Jersey, USA. The shipping for the US is free under 25$. Your order is shipped in 2-3 business. You can return and purchase within a period of 30 days after the purchase for free. You don’t need to worry about shipment fee when you want to return a piece. However, final sale products and customized pieces cannot be returned. 


–          Madewell

Madewell’s pieces of jewelry are always trendy and fashionable. If you want to follow the trends immediately, change your style according to them and do not want to spend a fortune, Madewell is perfect for you. Their jewelry is affordable and chick.

Madewell’s jewelry does not contain precious metals an gems, mostly plated brass, and colorful beads. On the other hand, they are very trendy and affordable. They have a very good quality considering the prices.

They ship their products worldwide. They have a specific chart for each country regarding the shipping fees and periods. Therefore, you may want to check the shipping & handling section of the website before you place an order.

You can make a return request within a period of 30 days after the actual purchase. They accept returns from international orders. However, you will not be sent a free shipping code or your shipment expenses will not be reimbursed. You need to consider the payment of shipping before you make a return request.


–          Kendra Scott

Kendra Scott is a brilliant and talented jewelry designer who attracted the attention of many. The brand offers modern and chick designs at affordable prices. They have gifts sections for specific prices. The pieces generally take young girls and young adults at aim. There are pieces for daywear and more glamorous ones for nightwear.

The online store offers quality customer service and puts customer satisfaction upfront. If you make your order on a business day before 12 pm CST, your order will be shipped immediately. If you place an order after 12 pm CST, on Saturday or Sunday, your order will be shipped on the next business day.

For international orders, the shipping fees change depending on the country. Most countries will present additional charges such as customs, tariffs, taxes, duties, etc. at the payment stage, therefore you will not need to pay at the delivery. However, the store warns that, depending on the laws and regulations of the country, you may need to make a payment at the delivery. Kendra Scott makes deliveries nearly all countries worldwide.

You can ask for a refund within a period of 30 days after the receipt of the product. For US only, the shipping fee will be reimbursed for returns. There is no other case that Kendra Scott will cover the shipping fee. They also do not accept returns from international orders and final sale products.


–          Cost Plus World Market

World Market has a wide range of products from home décor to stylish clothing. Their jewelry section is also worth noting here. They have a bohemian style with chic designs. The pieces are more boho-chic than elegant and stylish. They are all trendy pieces and perfect for everyday outfits and occasions such as daily events and festivals.

World Market offers daily deals and discounts. You may want to check their website often to catch up on the sales. You can purchase fine jewelry at affordable prices. World Market also has physical stores. Therefore, product availability can vary. You should check before you place an order.

The online store does not make international shipments. They only deliver products to the contiguous US. The shipment period and fees vary depending on the location. You should check the shipment options before you make your order.

If you are not satisfied with your piece, you can return it within a period of 60 days after the online purchase. You have the option to return a product purchased online to a physical store. The returns can be store credit or can be returned as the original payment method.


–          Gorjana

Gorjana offers the perfect match for jewelry: timeless and affordable. Their mission is to make jewelry that can be worn by generations of women confidently. They have a minimalistic style that looks simple yet elegant. The pieces can be worn in many events from work meetings to beautiful nights with the power of simplicity and modernity.

The products represent femininity and elegance. You can select the perfect layered necklace for your workday and combine it with a nightgown for the later events. Moreover, the versatility of the pieces allows you to combine them with each other and make your own creations.

Gorjana ships your orders within 1-3 business days after the order is placed. They offer standard shipping methods and fees for locations in US and Puerto Rico. Their standard shipping method is free and takes 3-5 days to arrive. If you need your product sooner, the shipping period can be shortened up to 1 business day, charging you an extra fee. For international orders, the shipping fee is 15$ and the order id delivered within 14-30 business days.

You can make a return request within a period of 30 days after the receipt of the product. Your return request will be investigated within 1-2 business days and if it is accepted you will receive a prepaid shipping label. You can send your product back for a return with this shipping label for free. Only sale and final sale items cannot be returned.


–          & Other Stories

& Other Stories is based on Europe but became popular in the US immediately. They have cool-girl attitude and bold designs. They offer young girls and women the opportunity to make their own fashion trends. The bold designs and high-quality materials are popular internationally. Their collections mostly consist of geometrical shapes and big, bold statement pieces.

& Other Stories accept payments with major credit cards and debit cards. They also accept PayPal. Another fabulous option for payment is Klarna. Depending on your country and eligibility, you can buy now and delay your payment, or buy now and slice the payments with a contract. You can check your options at the checkout stage of your purchase. If you are a student in the UK, & Other Stories offer a 10% discount.

& Other Stories deliver to most of Europe. Each country has a different set of rules and conditions for shipping fees and periods. You should check your country’s shipping details before making a purchase.

You can return any item you are not satisfied with, within the period of 30 days after your purchase. For customer satisfaction’s sake, & Other Stories accept returns for free. You do not need to pay for the shipment for your return. When you return a product, you can receive the amount via the method you made the payment with.


–          Etsy

As many of us know, Etsy is where you can find unique and crafty products of all kinds. The makers present their products of hundreds of kinds and it becomes a large marketplace for people who love finding unique stuff. Similarly, Etsy’s jewelry section offers plenty of finds with beautiful designs and affordable prices. You can shop for one of a kind pieces of independent designers on Etsy.

Each store in Etsy has different terms and conditions for shipping, delivery and return. You need to check these terms and conditions before you make a purchase. Etsy enables a secure shopping experience online. However, the website allows designers and store owners to be independent in many ways.

Etsy shops make sales and discounts often. You should be aware of these discounts and follow the sales to buy beautiful jewelry for affordable prices. When you purchase an item, you need to check the delivery range of the store, too. Not all stores deliver to all locations worldwide. You can make amazing finds in Etsy from the amazing designers. You can follow deals and also the stores offer free shipments from time to time.


–          Mejuri

Mejuri offers very elegant and feminine jewelry pieces. They adore minimalism and small pieces with unique details. Thus, they are experts in craftsmanship. You can find minimalistic small earrings with a lot of shine and more colorful flower-patterned necklaces. They are a luxury brand that wants to make luxury affordable for everyone. It is a perfect store for women with a smart casual style.

Mejuri delivers its products worldwide. The shipping costs vary from country to country. The period, however, is set as 1-3 business days for USA and Canada and 3-5 business days for other countries. For USA and Canada, orders more than 100$ do not require a shipping fee. For purchases under 100$, shipping is 10$. For other countries, shipping fees vary. You may want to check that before making a purchase.

You can make a return request within a period of 30 days after your purchase from Mejuri. Your returns may be paid back by exchange, store credit or a refund. For the USA, Canada, and Australia, you do not need to pay a shipping fee for the returns. However, 20$ for Europe and 30$ for other countries will be deducted from your refund.


–          H&M

H&M has the best prices you can find. However, this applies if you want to purchase a short-term piece. This store is the best to test out new trends, have the latest trend jewelry immediately and change styles from time to time. The quality of the products is not as high as the others. However, you can experiment or mix and match with H&M.

You can quickly and securely pay for your purchase via credit card or PayPal in H&M. Also, you can use gift cards on their online store. H&M offers free shipping for orders more than 40$. Less than that amount will be subject to shipping fees. The period of shipping changes due to the selected shipment method. If you want your product to be delivered to you sooner, you need to pay more.

The return request is easy with H&M. You can return any item you want within a period of 30 days after the purchase. The refunds are made directly via the method you used to pay for your order. H&M does not reimburse any shipping fees for returns.  


–          J. Crew

J. Crew represents the style of young women elegantly. They have stylish and affordable jewelry pieces. They have bold designs with lots of color and shine. They also like to go beyond the classics and make marginal pieces. You can find one of a kind pieces and change the classic looks a little.

You can find many pieces with affordable prices on J. Crew. They also make discounts very often. You can follow seasonal sales and look for coupons. The online store has them all. They deliver their products to more than 100 countries worldwide and this number keeps increasing. J. Crew is a growing business with the priority of customer care.

The shipment fees and periods change depending on the country. You can see them on a table on their website. You may want to check that before making a purchase. You can return any product you want by making a return request within a period of 30 days after the purchase. The shipping cost for your return is 7.50$ for any number of pieces. The return process takes up to two weeks and your refund will be paid back to you via the method you used for the purchase after the shipment fee is deducted.


Amazon Jewelry Shops

Amazon has numerous nice and chick jewelry shops ranging from the expensive, prestigious brands to affordable choices. Each of them is unique in their styles and prices. You can filter your choices and set limits for your search to find the perfect piece for you.

Amazon shops have their own sales, deals and coupons. You can also use Amazon coupons for jewelry. for sales, discounts and deals, you should check the site often to make affordable and nice findings. Amazon also sells second-hand jewelry.

Amazon has a very detailed shipment procedure. The shipment and delivery section on their website is divided by the continent, country and the type of the product. Jewelry pieces are together with clothing and accessories. Before you make a purchase, it is better to check the shipment fees for your country. Be careful, since Amazon has the widest shipment network on Earth, you must be exact with the location.

You can make returns in many products on Amazon. For jewelry this changes due to the nature of the piece and the policy of the shop. You should read the guidelines of Amazon before starting a return process.

Jewelry Affairs

Jewelry Affairs is a chick and stylish Amazon shop with jewelry choices for both men and women. Their golden chains are worth looking at. It is an Amazon Prime shop. You can try out their pieces and return the ones you do not want before making your payment. They often offer good deals.


Amazon Essentials

Amazon’s own shop, Amazon Essentials has very nice jewelry pieces. You can check this shop for small earrings for everyday wear. Most of them are suitable for everyday events and daily usage. They are high-quality and stylish. Silver and golden chains are their mostly purchased products. They offer deals and make sales often. This shop is also an Amazon Prime member.


Gem Stone King

Gem stone King offers a wide variety of high-quality pieces, especially engagement rings. Their seasonal new collections are worth looking at. They have a classic and bold style. You can find the shiny piece you are looking for in this shop. You can choose your birth month and the gem associated with it. Then you can choose the piece perfect for you or your loved ones.


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